2 February 2017

An Analysis of Self Proclaimed Psychic Lisa Williams - Live in Adelaide - June 19th 2013

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I am back again with some more analysis of pretend Psychic Lisa Williams.

Why? I hear you ask, well after I thoroughly debunked her readings performed as a guest on a chat show, I had her fans moaning at me. Excuses ranged from her being rushed because of time constraints, to her not being ready, one fan even said that she is much better than that in live shows, so here I am again, and as usual I am prepared to put my self on the line, so I found a ten minute clip from a Live show she performed in Adelaide from June 19th 2013. This is from her own show and filmed by someone in the audience.

Now unfortunately this is just random readings cobbled together, so not the pure raw unedited footage I would prefer, but we do what we can here.

I got the video transcribed, so as before watch the video first, and then after scroll down to see my analysis of each reading. Keep in mind usually after I expose a psychic, and debunk their methods, the video soon gets removed so they can hide it, but the transcript will remain as an accurate account of the reading.

I will interject my opinions in BOLD type, please leave your own comments and opinions in the comments section.

Readings start at 1 minute.

Transcript Key:
Lisa Williams

Before we start remember the techniques she did in the last reading I exposed, they usually go along the line of "ask question, get answer, repeat back to victim"

And you talk to your son in the car, correct?

All the time!

All right, because he keeps talking about you talking to him in the car now he is giving you the paper in some aspect so there is something about the newspaper, and I feel like its rolled up almost like the old you know throw the newspaper and stuff, whether he was a paper boy I don't know but I just keep being shown the newspaper for some reason. Would that make any sense? 

No not at the moment!

Do you always have the newspaper in your car?


Ok so we start off with her usual technique, ask a question, then repeat back to victim with added detail, this is classic and pretty obvious cold reading.

The funny thing she started off well with the talking in the car thing, which is a pretty easy thing to get a hit off, most people will talk to a dead loved one when in private, its part of the grieving process, but then Lisa Williams completely bombs, she even tried to twist what she said when she got it wrong from claiming the dead son was a paper boy, to there being a rolled up paper in the car.

Both totally wrong.

I'm going to leave it with you because I cant make it change. What I'm seeing is what I'm seeing don't worry about it.  Now he is just said dad I'm ok, he's absolutely ok - is his name followed on after you?


Alright because he is showing there is a following on with the name and I have to tell, sorry mum and sister I will deal with you in a minute alright, but this about dad - dad you may have sat on the fence and been a sceptic for a little bit of a time ok which is fine but he is showing me that you have a belief now, do you understand? 

Yes I do

thank you...And what he is actually telling me, and he comes in a dream.......

So she gets a hit on the question of if the child has taken his fathers name, notice the way in which she said it "followed on after you", now a normal person would say "he has your name" but of course that leaves things too specific, so by saying it the way she has, it leaves open the dead child having his fathers name as his first name, his middle name, hell it could even mean his surname!

My first name is also my dads middle name and my grandfathers first name, and my middle name is my dads first name, my surname is my great grandfathers first name, as well as my name day name.

I think you get my point when it comes to names.

Lisa Williams also has the cheek to tell this poor grieving man that he may have been a skeptic etc, well if he wasn't before he sure is now if he has any sense!

Lisa Williams is aggressive and unkind in her delivery, which is a common tactic of a failing medium, it puts the guilt on the person being read, which really is cruel.

Onto the next reading.


And he is not actually happy about the change of the dynamics in the family

I'm sure both of them aren't!

They're not, your mother is more vocal about it than your father. 

Remember the routine, ask a question, get an answer and repeat back what you have been told.

She clearly states "he is not happy", the victim replies that "both of them aren't" and Lisa's next line is "They're not..."

This is cold reading folks, she starts off with a small gold nugget, and with the feedback from the victim she turns it into a gold bar! Pretty much all of Lisa Williams readings I have seen go along this simple formula.

Ok, she is showing me that this needs to change and would this be between one of the brothers or two of the brothers?

Its between me and the disagreements we've got now between both brothers; I've decided that we don't see eye to eye at the moment so I don't want to see them and I told them that so, and I know my parents wouldn't be happy about that. 

Again Lisa is asking a question here, the victim gives all of the info. At the start all Lisa said was "he" was unhappy with the change of dynamics in the family, that's it! EVERYTHING else the victim has told Lisa which she has just repeated back, and added too.

No they're not. However, is there a disagreement over a house or a property?

There was, ermmm...

So Lisa asks a question, gets a reply, so we all know what comes next!
And you tell me who hasn't had disagreements about property when someone dies, or in life in general, this is one of the most common disagreements between family members anywhere!

Again The only thing Lisa actually said as far as this reading shows, from her own mouth was that the dead father was "not actually happy about the change of the dynamics in the family", everything else has come from the person being read, everything! It was both parents unhappy, and not just the father, the fact that brothers are disagreeing and arguing, all from the person being read.

All Lisa has done is ask very vague open ended questions and then repeated back the info given to her, how is this proof of mediumship? How is this real?

It's a joke, its really pathetic when you really look at what is going on, anyway back to the reading, and its the bit where she repeats back to him again!

Ok they're showing me the disagreement over the property and this may have started it or whatever but what they are showing me is that they would love it to come back together because they are telling me that this is something that needs to, well in their minds needs to happen. You're obviously a grown man you can make your own decisions but that's their side, ok, however your youngest brother the younger one of the two doesn't listen. 

No that's right!

So a younger brother doesn't listen! Wow! Ground breaking stuff! The man already told Lisa he was disagreeing and arguing with his brothers! 

and your mum is pretty much aware of this ok and they are actually aware of the fact that he doesn't listen, so he is the headstrong one not the other one!


ok and that's where the difficulties may lie.

So another terrible reading whereby she never actually gave any information of interest across, she repeated back everything she was told after she asked a question. This is no mediumship, this is fakery people!


That's alright but its just like he would wind you up, do you understand that, and often when they wind you up its because they like you, this is how they show me, but he really thinks the world of you, now were you not there at the funeral, 

Yes I was

Who wasn't there at the funeral then There's someone who wasn't there at the funeral

yeah 2 of his children

So she ASKS a question, that being if the woman was not at the funeral, Lisa Williams gets this totally wrong, so to fix this she then asks another question, so she can shift the target of the original question elsewhere, pretty much every funeral will have someone who cannot attend for various reasons, Lisa has simply asked two questions here, now can you guess what is coming next? Yep its Lisa now repeating back info she has just been fed from the victim! EVERY reading Lisa does is like this, yet people keep telling me she is the real deal! I am not hand picking these you know, they are ALL the same!

Ok because he keeps acknowledging the fact someone wasn’t there who should have been there who wasn’t but should have been there it doesn’t matter.

Has your mum crossed?


At a quick look the woman in the video seems to be in her early 50s I would guess, and going to see a medium, so its a pretty safe guess that a parent will have died, so Lisa does her classic ask a question routine, and again gets it wrong, next up Lisa will twist this negative answer from the victim, and use it as part of the message supposedly from the other side!

alright, in that case, he is saying …..

ah hang on I need more info about the mother,

Let me explain this, he actually wants to acknowledge your mum alright but its like he wants to say hi to mum. 

But the spirit thought she was dead a second ago, now he wants to say hi? Make your mind up Lisa

That's what he was acknowledging here, now Im going to come back to the mother figure in a minute ok cos I do feel as though there is a female thats actually wandering in on this little jaunt thats going on. 

Lisa has now switched to a Mother figure, remember from the other reading how I explained that Mother figure is a term used by fakes, as it allows them to widen the net in the search for a dead person! So Mother figure could be, Mother, Mother in law, Grandmother, Grandmother in law, Aunty, Older Sister, work colleague, friend, and on and on and on.

Basically mother figure covers any woman older than you!

Now he is giving me a birthday but theres a feeling around a birthday but is obviously my birthday so I will take all the happy birthdays I can get even if they are dead but they always do they are like hey happy birthday! Do you want to eat the chocolate ive been given because trust me I'm going to be this wide otherwise! 

But what he is showing me is that there is a connection to a birthday either it someone’s birthday now or then eh passed it was around someone birthday 

It was when he passed it was around his daughters birthday

Because he is acknowledging the fact of the birthday Very important to acknowledge he wants you to know he know he is ok and can you tell my mum Im sorry...

No hit off the mother figure at all, so now she starts babbling on about birthdays, and then Lisa asks the question, is it someones birthday now, or then. It is always someones birthday now or then! Birthdays are a classic tactic used by fakes, because they sound specific but in reality are insanely easy to get a hit off.

Just look what Lisa has done, she has ASKED if there is a Birthday of ANYONE related to this person now, and also if there was a Birthday of ANYONE related to this woman near to the time of death! I don't need to point out the sheer number of people this question could fit, in fact if there wasn't a birthday in this time period, I would be more shocked!

So another terrible reading from Lisa Williams here, I hope her fans who are reading this and getting ready to send me angry tweets @JonDonnis are starting to see a a trend here in what she says, because once you are aware of her routine it really is so very easy to spot.


And he passed after your grandfather and there was a big gap and it was on your father's side 


Now in that case was your grandfather, sorry grandmother, on your mother's, sorry father's side, difficult when your grandfather passed.


Even I am confused listening to that, she throws out these things, makes deliberate little mistakes, so that she can easily twist any reply she gets.
All I can figure out from that is that someone was difficult when someone died!

Ok because what she is showing me is that she was more difficult once your grandfather passed and she was just hard work

Yes she was very sad and very alone and she would drink a lot

So Lisa is pointing out that a widow struggled and was difficult once her life partner and husband died! Maybe Lisa would also like to point out that The Pope is a Catholic, and that a Bear just did a poo in the woods! Just incase people didn't know of course!

It was heavy duty you know, I just keep seeing it as like hard work, she is laughing actually because she saw what she was like and she is saying that she is sorry and I feel as though she would talk the hind legs off a donkey and she would just talk talk talk. 

and my dads inherited that trait too 

Yeh right and this is how it is coming across, now let me go with this, the four of them in that case are actually quite friendly so they all knew each other there is a lot fun here. Ok now is your mum still with us?

Yeh yeh

Again repeating back what the victim has just revealed and then expanding on it so it seems like Lisa said it originally!

She finishes by asking another question, we saw in the earlier reading that regardless of a yes or no answer, Lisa can control and twist the reading any way she likes.

Why would any medium need to ASK if someones mother is still alive or not? Why wouldn't the medium already know if they were really communicating with the dead.

Alright who has had the cancer or who was.....

My auntie Ann that would be nanna's sister but she was actually 3 years younger than my mum so like sisters

Ann is she still with us or has she crossed.

No she's crossed so has nanna's other sister norma they both had lung cancer. 

Lisa asks question, victim answers, the victim gives Lisa all the information.

Ok I felt as though it was connected to someone like your mother that crossed through the cancer and I wasn't sure where this was where this was, ok 

That would be Ann 

That would be Ann its funny how the names if you notice the names sort of like come through and it all interlinks

It only interlinks because that is how a medium uses cold reading to give the appearance of speaking the dead, I think I have shown pretty clearly Lisa Williams methods here, and they are clear to see, she asks questions a lot of them, she repeats back answers that the people being read have given, she twists and turns readings to try and make things fit, and when she cant do that she just blames the spirits, leaves the victim feeling guilty and moves on.

Ok one more reading as truly this is a mind numbing experience, when it is the same thing she is doing over and over again!


I've got 2 son in laws that run their own businesses – oh, I had a business of my own

Right, and you no longer have that business do you


In the trade this is known as an open ended QUESTION, (What Lisa asked another question? Who'd have thunk it)

We know Lisa can react to a negative or positive reply to almost any question. This is why if you ever here any psychic/medium tell a victim to only reply yes or no, you know instantly that they are 100% a fraud, it is all about control, and if you can control the answers of your victim, you control the reading and can manipulate it in any way you want! This is what Lisa Williams does.

You don't have it any more because what he is showing me is that someone used to run their own business at this period of time, so it was you, and he showing me that you were very firm in what you believed and its like it was your way or the highway, it was your way or the highway in many respects. There is a lot of laughter over I have tell you , a lot of laughter,

So Lisa asked a question, got a reply from the victim, and now repeats it back while expanding and adding some extra bits that are guaranteed to hit.

Now is there also another gentleman, there is a lot of heartfelt emotion here I don't know whether there’s a husband or partner or someone

My husband

Another question from Lisa, asking if a Husband, a Partner or SOMEONE has passed recently! Husband is specific, Partner could be love interest or a business partner, or even a partner to the gym, to the coffee shop, and "someone" well that could mean anyone, Lisa has literally just asked her victim if ANYONE has died!

Whose crossed, yeah?

Just recently

She just has to make sure he is dead, again by asking the victim! Why wouldn't Lisa already know, why does she keep have to ask questions?

He's coming in and I tell you I love you and the emotion he is giving me is like this (sighs), the emotion of love and he has just walked in like this, ever so proud ever so proud, and like I cant explain it just this he said it broke his heart to leave you, 

Again keep in mind Lisa asked the question if someone had died, the victim revealed it was her husband, Lisa NEVER told her, her husband had died, the victim revealed that, Lisa then just tells the woman what anyone who had just lost a husband would want to be told.

that would be right

it broke his heart to leave you he said and you were his world. There was often talk actually in many respects about who was going to go first,

Yes that’s right we were both sick at the same time

Just think about this for a second, Lisa Williams is talking to a clearly very old woman, who has recently lost her husband, and she comes out with that, really sickening to me!

Who was going to go first and he is saying look at you fighting fit now, alright and he is showing me but he couldn't …. but you knew he was going to go somehow, there was something about it you just thought he is not going to do it he is not going to come through with this.


Ok thats fine, he is bringing me in a red rose here, now a red rose can often signify a birthday or anniversary it but I do feel as though the red rose was significant to you

It was an anniversary...

And that's the end of that. Now you have read my analysis, please go back and watch the video again, now you have a clear head and understand the techniques used by Lisa Williams, you should find it much easier to spot.

Remember, her method is simple.
Ask a question.
Get an answer
repeat back the answer adding some filler.

And that's it.

I honestly think I have now categorically proven Lisa Williams is not a medium, or psychic or anything, her methods are very clear once you know what to look for, so next time you see her on Youtube, you know what to look out for.

Remember her TV shows are HEAVILY edited, what you see on her TV show is not a true reflection of what she does. I have done my best to show you how she performs her tricks, if you still believe she has magical powers, and can communicate with the dead, well there is no more I can do for you.

If what I have written has helped open your eyes then please share your experiences and thoughts either on the comments below, or on our forum we would love to hear from you.

Feel free to send your usual abuse to me on my Twitter account @JonDonnis or perhaps if I helped you understand better, maybe a little thank you would be nice.


  1. Lisa is a fraud. I saw her today, Sunday March 6th 2016 on Tv and found my way here. She makes me ill. She preys on the gullible to make money. Just like John Edward

    1. I hope that you will not watch her again, and avoid anything mediumship based in your life.
      Do not buy from sponsors of her show or tour.

    2. I think he's referring to this video on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Studio10au/videos/769728493161064/

      This woman is a charlatan and fraudster! I'd love to see you rip her apart, this "reading" was an epic fail :)

    3. If you prepared to do a transcript of the readings, I can debunk them

    4. I am aware that she is charlatan,I must admit I am a Medium.and used to be member of Bad psychic forum before Jon Donnie gave up because of threats.which was disgraceful.because if you cannot speak of what you see! I know there are Genuine Mediums out there who do not want to be famous,but do help those grieving I have watched Lisa Williams for a while on you tube.I know fro
      My experience that Mediumship is not matter of immediately contacting Spirit as she does I have said this on many videos That the Spirit world communicates not the OTHER way around,that is why I know she is not a Medium Genuine would have had most of their lives have experience of that happening!!All Genuine Mediums know of this we never know who is coming through until they connect with the energy field of the Medium. It is direct conversations not signs and symbols on that video she is not in direct contact with a Spirit person either compressing or the psychic element picking up from the aura and filling in blanks. In a communication there should be the characteristic,personality and idiosyncrasies of the Spirit person mongers only vague statements. By the way I have been slated on some vids about mediumship but to me it is not a game or pastime ,it is a sacred calling !There are a lot of so called "Mediums" who have financial rewards in mind!!

    5. You are a fraud, you do not speak to the dead in any way.
      How about you prove me wrong? Cant? Ok, good bye then.

    6. I am aware that she is charlatan,I must admit I am a Medium.and used to be member of Bad psychic forum before Jon Donnie gave up because of threats.which was disgraceful.because if you cannot speak of what you see! I know there are Genuine Mediums out there who do not want to be famous,but do help those grieving I have watched Lisa Williams for a while on you tube.I know fro
      My experience that Mediumship is not matter of immediately contacting Spirit as she does I have said this on many videos That the Spirit world communicates not the OTHER way around,that is why I know she is not a Medium Genuine would have had most of their lives have experience of that happening!!All Genuine Mediums know of this we never know who is coming through until they connect with the energy field of the Medium. It is direct conversations not signs and symbols on that video she is not in direct contact with a Spirit person either compressing or the psychic element picking up from the aura and filling in blanks. In a communication there should be the characteristic,personality and idiosyncrasies of the Spirit person mongers only vague statements. By the way I have been slated on some vids about mediumship but to me it is not a game or pastime ,it is a sacred calling !There are a lot of so called "Mediums" who have financial rewards in mind!!

    7. Hi
      I am Jon Donnis, and I never gave up anything, I just took a break for a few years to do some undercover work.
      The site is still going clearly since you are on it right now, and the forum still exists.

      As for ANY claims of mediumship, yours included, they are all bogus

  2. hi Jon
    Why would anyone want to send abusive messages? For the life of me I cannot figure out how that would benefit anyone? I can understand if people wish to share that they may not agree with you, no harm with having different views. BUT not coming across in an abusive manner.

    1. I find that there are 2 types of people who send abusive messages.
      First type know its a scam and are trying to scare me off, and second type are people who believe but deep down have doubts and are scared that I am right

  3. PART A -I found it very interesting to read all your comments and views, on the pattern used - ask question, get answer, repeat back... you must have spent some time analysing the patters of mediums. I can understand asking questions to seek clarification but you make a really good point, ( continued)

    1. A lot of people miss this tricks because they are done very well, and if you are not aware of them, then you dont know to look for them.

      I have spent a long time analysing readings and learning the tricks they use.

  4. PART B - it's very interesting how she uses that information to actually completely change what she is saying, so to correct herself so that it appears she had a hit all along. Another point that you make that I found very interesting, why she needs to ask if someone is living or passed. Thankyou for sharing your interesting views, Dianne( moonshadow)

  5. Oh and one more thing - People who supposedly have this wonderful gift, are MEANT TO SHARE IT TO HELP OTHERS, NOT use their gift to make money. Lisa Williams herself proclaimed ( that she needed to make a living but did not abuse her gift to make money).. continued

    1. People who have gifts should always charge for their time and energy
      Comedians lawyers entertainers all charge for theit time there are actually some really great mediums and psychics out there but when people are always trying to attack them and make them look bad why bother do we analyze attorney mediums actors etc .

      Do u get paid to go around discrediting people is that a real career? Nothing and no one else is perfect.everyone needs to use their own discretion for everything

    2. People who are honest about what it is they are doing should charge I agree. The problem is that mediums are not honest, they are performing an act, and trying to convince people it is real. This makes what they do fraudulent. Simple

      And no, I do not get paid for EXPOSING fake mediums. I do it because it is the right and honourable thing to do.

  6. looking at Lisa William's website, charging $850 for ONE HOUR, $550 for HALF HOUR private reading is one HECK OF A LIVING ....definitely not abusing her gift to make money out of people there !!!

  7. Brilliant analysis of her fakery! In a private reading with my mum, she told her that my partner would die in 10 years time! I think that's pretty despicable. This was before she was famous and charging $850 dollars a pop!

    1. That should never happened,no grin be Exponent of Mediumship would or say that ,that is a disgrace and completely wrong. I am sorry you suffered that anxiety !! I do know she will overstep her mark and she will be caught out.

    2. OMG !! I know that exclamation is over done but I mean it Those who are Claiming to be Mediums will not be tolerated either here or on other(There is a Spirit Dimension wether you care to know it or not) That amount is obscene, fees should be reasonable not extortion.

  8. I noticed her along with others give the same patterns. I just laugh at their "scammed routine". They repeat the same words over and over. I caught on rather quickly. One medium repeatedly says I am getting a j or m. Lol.another well known one states I am getting something wrong with the leg. Sorry but mediums are for gullible and naive. They all seem phony to me

  9. You people that come on this site and start judging her for her profession makes me sick. You come on here and complain about the fees that are charged by all mediums. If you don't like it read a book and learn how to be a psychic your self! Wow are all you quick to judge go play on some other site.

    1. Hi Paula
      Why does it make you sick that people call her out and expose her as a fraud?
      I am willing to back up everything I say.
      So if you have had a reading from Lisa Williams that you are convinced 100% is legit, let me see the recording and I guarantee you I can show you step by step how it was done, and if I cant I will delete this article and any other on her from the site.

      You can screengrab this message to make sure I dont go back on it.

      So what do you say, are you prepared to prove your side is right? Or will you make an excuse?

      Mediums simply cannot do what they claim when the chance to cheat is removed. Lisa Williams is a provable fraud.

      And yeah I learnt how to be a medium, I have stood on platform and given readings, I have a training lineage that goes back to Gordon Higginson, so yeah I really do know what I am talking about, I am not some armchair skeptic. I know how the tricks are performed!
      And I will back up every claim I make every time.

  10. Why would I have to prove anything! So you had a bad reading or you don't get along with her deal with it.

    1. Well you came on my site moaning and attacking me and other people sharing an opinion, I challenge you and offer to prove everything I claim and back up everything I say, and now as expected you go all defensive.

  11. I myself personally do think you are an armchair skeptic!

    1. You can think that, you would be provably wrong of course, just like your belief in Lisa Williams is proveably wrong!

      Anyway you are starting to troll the site now, so no more comments will be approved. If you want a conversation you can do it on the forum

  12. Jon, get a job and go to work..... Good day!!!

    1. Yes I have got a job. And I dont need to con anyone to make a living, unlike your hero Lisa Williams.

      Oh and by the way, she has fooled you, therefore you are a fool.

  13. One more thing Jon, sorry for all the screens... why are you so hell-bent on destroying this woman?

    1. I am not, I havent wrote about her in years! Where does your "hell bent" comment come from?

      She is a fraud, I have exposed her. I have told the truth about her and educated people about her trickery. She has not sued me. That is all you need to know.

      Also why havent you replied to my previous message?

  14. She hasn't sued you because it's probably not worth it. Life is too short my friend.

    1. You tell yourself that, but ask yourself how you found this article that is 3 years old!
      I am guessing google right?
      Now think how many thousands of people who have also found this article and then changed their mind about booking her!
      Its cost her thousands!

      On Google if you search for Psychic Lisa Williams. This article is 2nd! Right below her website!

      Still think its not worth it?

      She wont sue me because she knows she would lose, just like the thousands of other mediums we have exposed.

      Even you, look how I challenged you, look how I offered to show you step by step how she does it, and you refuse! You refuse to learn the truth! That doubt in your head, that doubt is me and people like me who expose people like Lisa Williams!

      And as long as you refuse, then that gives me hope, because deep down you know she is a fake, but you have deluded yourself, you have put all your balls in one basket, but one day the basket will break, and you will remember me. You wont be the first or the last, but the time will come when you will say "Damn that Jon Donnis was right, why didnt i listen to him, I could have saved myself a hell of a lot of money"

      And if you come back to me, and admit that you were conned, I will welcome you with open arms, and I will even forget the nasty things you said about me, and I will HELP you get your money back from Lisa and people like her, Because that is what I do, I fight for the underdog, I fight for what is right, and I help victims of people who have been conned by mediums!

  15. another great debunk, they all have the same lame routine, if a spirit is talking to you then they are capable of saying who they are and what they want, simple as that.

  16. I have had spirits talking to me my whole life, questions to ascertain who lost who or who is who is totally not needed when the dead talk they love to give you tons of info to prove it who they are and that its really them and try to get me to give messages to their living family or friends. I wont pass on messages without heaps of personal info as proof before I am prepared to o
    say any thing to the living otherwise you just sound like a crack pot. And thanks for pointing out L.W. tricks so obvious once you know what to look for. plus her audience payed to be there so dah there interested. I deal with people not even asking to speak to the dead its the other way around the dead pestering me to say something to the living, if they give me enough info sometimes I will speak for them.

    1. Any chance you would like to prove any of your claims? Perhaps by giving me a reading?