30 September 2013

Psychic Fraud News - Episode 7 - conartists?

I think the psychics fit into three types, the faithfully deluded, the faithless trickster, and the tricksters who believes to some degree in their practices, back when I was into this crap I was like most followers, the first kind, deluded. I was a trainee healer & mediums, and I got to that point due to sadness over a few deaths in my family, depression, and so I was perfect for conversion, if my friend at the time, the guy who got me into spiritualism and new age, was a Catholic or Muslim instead of a spiritualist then my life would have been very different. I used to read the books for the famous psychics, I believed most of it, I often shared them in my local spiritualist church, but after my depression was less pronounced I realised the contradictions between psychics, mediums, and new age channellers, my rationality started to rise, but it took a while to get back to reality.
By Robert W Lester

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