21 January 2009

Jon On The BBC

A while back someone contacted me from the BBC, they told me they were making a documentary on Gary Mannion and wanted my help.

Why did they ask me I hear you ask? Well not only do I run the UKs most popular sceptical website in BadPsychics, I also happen to have a website dedicated to Gary Mannion, that site being www.badpsychicsgarymannion.co.uk, we started that site in the latter half of 2007 as we realised that this young man was about to start a journey that would propel him into infamy, and we wanted to make sure we exposed him every step of the way.

Now over a year later, and Mannion finds himself the subject of a documentary about him and his claims, I admit I wish that this documentary was not being made, but I also admit I am not surprised.

Over the past year Mannion has conned many many people, and I can only hope that this latest project will blow up in his face.

We have to trust the program makers to do the right thing, ok so history tells us they will fuck it up as usual, and we will end up with Mannion sticking an "as seen on BBC" logo on his website, but you never know.

Anyway last night at the monthly Skeptics in the Pub meeting in Leicester, I met with the program maker and was filmed giving my opinions on Mannion as well as psychics in general.

I was filmed for over 20 minutes, however I expect my on screen time in the final documentary will be very brief, either way I hope they show the best of me, especially when you think of how much material and help I have given them with the documentary.

The show is due to air on BBC 3, 26th February 2009.
Here is the official BBC synopsis for the show.

"In Young, Psychic And Possessed, film-maker Emeka Onono follows Gary as he tries to prove that he really does have the power to heal.

It's a journey that is likely to confound sceptics and true believers.

Emeka hears stories of miracle cures, takes part in seances and even speaks to "Abraham", before turning to science and psychiatry to try to separate fact from fiction. "

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