22 April 2015

Colin Fry Has Terminal Lung Cancer

UPDATE 25/08/15
Colin Fry has died - Read more at http://www.badpsychics.com/2015/08/colin-fry-dead.html

UPDATE 22/04/15:
I spoke directly to Colin Fry whereby I put a lot of the points I made below to him straight, I spoke in depth with him. I am getting a lot of abuse for what I have wrote below, which is to be expected, however I want to quote Colin directly.

"I have no fear of death what so ever" - Colin Fry

He said that directly to me, he does not consider himself to be dying in the same way perhaps I would. Therefore although my comments below seem harsh, if you are a true believer/spiritualist, then you should have no problem with discussing death, or taking peoples opinions about what you should do before you die, however harsh they may sound. I would never say anything unless I was prepared to say them directly to Colin, which I did. So the more abuse you send me, the more you prove that deep down you do not truly believe. I stand by everything I say below, and if you don't agree, there are two things you can do about. 1. Nothing - 2. Like it. - Jon Donnis

On Colin Frys website, earlier today a post was made revealing that Colin has been diagnosed with Terminal Lung Cancer.

He has also revealed he will continue touring as "the show must go on".

I have emailed Colin personally but I also wanted to say a few things in public as well.

Over the years I have exposed Colin Fry as a fraud, I have dissected his readings, exposed his stage shows, dug up old stories of him getting caught cheating in a seance. You name it I have done it.
I exposed Colin as it was the right thing to do since he was in my opinion doing a bad thing and I wanted as many people to know the truth as could tell.

However cancer is a terrible disease, I have lost many close relatives to this disease, so I know first hand how horrible it can be.

But one thing in Colins statement really disappointed me, the whole "the show must go on" thing.

Colin you have time to make things right, you have time to clear your conscience, to die a honest man. Mortality is man's greatest fear, but it can also bring out the strength in us all.

It wasn't spirit that told you you had cancer, it was doctors. It isn't Reiki or spiritual healing that will help you deal with the pain, or help you live that little bit longer, it's science. Medicine will take away the pain and help you cope.

If you do not come clean now, while you can, then your name will forever be sullied and used by others. Every fake psychic Tom, Dick and Harry will claim to be in contact with you, and claim to pass on your message, and you know it will all be a lie.

Whether you have true faith in an afterlife or not, doesn't matter, what does matter is dying with dignity, and allowing those around you to get away from this disgusting business of spiritualism.

I want you to fight every day Colin, fight to live longer, but fight for right, fight for honesty, speak out against those you know are frauds, hell what can they do? NOTHING.

You truly have nothing to lose now, and everything to gain.

Don't die a villain, Die reformed, Die honest. There's still time.

Tell the truth die a hero.

Jon Donnis

You can read the press release from Colin Fry at the link below.
Read the release here


Maxine Dark said...

Jon donnis you have no respect what so ever your nasty remark his not fake his a blessing an wonderful person who has believe in his faith his choice not ur right to disrespect a dying man your a true pig

JD said...

I spoke in person to Colin today and said what i written above directly to him.

Firstly as Colin himself told me he does not fear death as for him it is not death.

so if you are a believer then you accept he is not really dying therefore i have not been disrespectful to a dying man.

Also remember he has been caught cheating and exposed by his peers back in the 90s. The Trumpet incident!! google it!

Anonymous said...

You are unbelievable. Whether you think you've 'exposed' him or not, whether you believe or not, this is a dying man. Show some damn respect for him and his fans. Think before you speak.

Pebbles said...

You are the most dispicable man that I have ever had the misfortune to come across!!!!!!

JD said...

In his own words he does not fear death, and is only transitioning from this life to another.

I respect Colin the person, I do not respect Colin the fake psychic.

Why on earth would I fake an opinion, or just be nice because he is dying?
WE ARE ALL DYING! One way or another.

I am just encouraging him to die a hero and not a villain.

JD said...

So the person who lies, cheats and steals from vunerable people, you like, and the person who exposes that fraud, fights to get peoples money back, and genuinely help people you find dispicible! Wow, you have your priorities mixed up.

Just because the man is dying, does not make his crimes any less evil

Anonymous said...

I couldn't have said it any better.

Unknown said...

I would like to point out that I myself have seen colin fry and had msgs from my grandad. Everything he said was true and in detail and he knew so much that there Is noway he could of known.
I have seen sally Morgan and in my opinion she was fake as didn't get one thing right for anyone where as colin was able to do something amazing for everyone in the room and everyone received correct msgs. So one thing back in the 90s! Get over it, maybe you should have something better to do with your life, it's extremely sad that you have spent so much time trying to prove your right when your not..

JD said...

Its a trick, they use cold reading. The fact he has been caught cheating tells you all you need to know about his honour.

Do you know how every magic trick is performed just by watching it? Of course not. So why do you think you are more qualified than someone else to know whats real?

You were convinced by a clever manipulation.

The funny thing is regarding psychics I have never once been proven wrong.
I have taken on all of the big names and won every single time.

I am confident that Colin will expose his methods before he goes.

posh paul said...

Loraine Rees once said, I am a money maker first and if you wish to think your dead cat is talking to you its your loss and my gain

JD said...

Sadly she is right

bertykat said...

Oh for pete sake......nothing above is disrespectful........wouldn't wish this on Colin Fry but better to be an honest man than a questionable one

JD said...

Totally agree, I have told him to fight the cancer, I want him to survive. But i also want him to be an honest man

Unknown said...

Hi everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but Colin is not a fake, your wording Jon is disgusting and you shouldn't be thinking oh what or who can I slate now karma work s in mysterious ways

Unknown said...

At the end of the day this man is unwell and shouldn't be attacked like this, he has enough to deal with without this plus is there any proof he's a fake

JD said...

Well if you believe in Karma then why would he have terminal lung cancer?

JD said...

Yes plenty of proof he is a fake.
See this page

100% catagoric proof he is a fraud, and he was exposed by fellow psychics, not skeptics with a grudge!

And then there is this photo

Unknown said...

Maybe its just his time to go, or its hereditary

JD said...

Its actually from a lifetime of smoking.

You have been conned into believing in him.
I just want him to admit his fraud so he can die with a clear conscience

Unknown said...

That still doesn't justify why u need to give this man a hellish time

JD said...

So you admit he is a proven fake and have no problem with that?
So why is me asking him to admit the truth before he dies, giving him a hellish time?

I am asking him to die an honest man. Why is that bad?

Bulldog said...

If you seriously do not understand WHY it is WRONG to have a go at someone suffering terminal lung cancer I pity you for your lack of humanity and compassion, I sincerely hope you or your loved ones are never afflicted with this terrible illness which wrecks lives.

JD said...

How am I having a go at anyone?
I am asking a criminal to come clean before he dies, so he can die an honest man! How is that having a go at him?

As for this terrible disease, I have lost MANY close relatives and friends to cancer, I have seen how devastating it is first hand.

My words to Colin regarding his cancer was to.. And I quote myself...
"I want you to fight every day Colin, fight to live longer,"

I only want Colin to LIVE and fight the cancer for as long as possible!~

You see this is what happens when people like you do not read an article properly, you just skim read it, and rush to write a comment attacking me, without ever understanding what it is I have asked and written.

Bulldog said...

Firstly criminal? has he been tried and found guilty in a court of Law or is this trial by you? As far as I know Mr fry has not been convicted of ANY criminal offence, libeling someone a "criminal" you tread on thin ice. Just because YOU think he is a fraud does not mean he is, I have actually met Colin personally and had a private reading at his house, to be totally honest it was not a great reading, and no it was not cold reading before you bring that old chestnut up. He asked NO questions and received no communication from me verbal or non verbal, but correctly described something highly personal in great detail. No doubt you will still say fake/fraud as it does not fit your narrow mindset that all Psychics are fake unless proved otherwise. I would say to you Mr Donnis prove Psychic powers DO NOT EXIST! .

JD said...

If a thief goes into a convenience store and steals something, is he not a criminal? Or is he only a criminal if he gets caught?

It is my OPINION that based on the evidence, Colin Fry engages in criminal acts whenever he takes money from someone under the false pretence that he can communicate with their dead loved one, unless he makes it very clear he is not psychic and what he is doing is no more than an act, then in my eyes, and the eyes of the consumer protection laws that makes it a criminal action.

As for me only thinking he is a fraud, well the trumpet incident is an example of whereby he was caught red handed by his own peers, and was exposed as a fraud by them. And it is something he has never denied doing, and actually when asked about it he either keeps quiet or is very vague about it.

As for your reading from him, ok let me here a recording of it, and I 100% guarantee you I can show you exactly how he did it.

Cold reading is a blanket term, one you clearly do not understand, I completed a mediumship course, and finished as the highest ranking and most successful member of the group, yet I never once cheated, nor do I posses any magical powers.

Do not confuse terms you do not understand with how mediumship actually works on a psychological level.

Now do I suspect Colin cheated in his reading of you, perhaps, but unless I can analyse it, the exact methods he used or the psychology present in the reading, I cannot say.

Bit like someone fixing a car and then asking me how they fixed it, without showing me what was wrong in the first place.

Remember just because YOU do not know how a trick was done, does not make it any less of a trick, just means you were fooled.

Think of any magic trick, can you watch and instantly know how it was done? Of course not, but does that make the magic trick real? Of course not again, the only reason you dont believe it was real was because you were clearly told the magic trick was just that a trick.
Now in mediumship you believe it is real, so when YOU cant explain something, your default setting is to just accept it as real, as it serves your own purposes to do so.

And finally you ask me to prove that psychic powers do not exist, firstly I would suggest you look up "proving a negative".

Secondly, you SHOW me a psychic reading you 100% believe is real, and i will show you step by step how it was done. That is the best I can do with regards to proving psychic powers do not exist.

Because the claim is made by the psychic, you cannot ask someone to blindly prove something false without giving him an actual thing to examine and prove is false.

It is this kind of backwards reasoning a lot of believers use, let me give you a ridiculous example to prove the point.

Can you prove that an invisible flying loch ness monster did NOT just fly past my window smoking a cigar while humming the theme tune to Magnum PI? And if you CANT prove that it did NOT happen, then it must be true!

That is literally your reasoning. And the fact of the matter is that there is as much credible real life evidence for an invisible flying loch ness monster etc than there is for psychic abilities, that being absolutely zero!

Just because a lot of people believe in something does NOT make it true, however much you stamp your feet!

Now I hope you will understand everything I have said as I know it is a lot to take in and understand, and you probably have a lot of homework to do, but please try and make time. Then get back to me!

Bulldog said...

I will get back to you. As I am a member of the magic circle Gold star) and a trained clinical psychologist! I know full well ALL about cold reading and Psychology plus magical methods. Yes I have read the full facts on Cold reading by Ian Rowland and I know all about the conman Randi! and I know how generalised statements work!

JD said...

Who was it who once said "The smarter someone thinks they are, the easier they are to fool?"

Do you mind if I ask what your name is so I can just confirm you really are a magic circle gold star member and trained clinical psychologist?

I have never read In Rowlands book, I hear it is good, but when I interviewed Ian he rubbed me up the wrong way to be honest.

Anyway if what you say is true, this does make things interesting, so again I ask you, you show me a reading that you cant example, and I will show you exactly how they did it!

And since you are a magician and are defending Colin Fry, how do you defend him using magic tricks and getting caught in a physical seance?

Oh and finally, areyou one of Zammitts mob? If so, dont waste your time on me. Zammitt been trying for years, and he has been caught out and failed so many times, it is almost laughable when he tries to take me on these days!

Bulldog said...

No I am not one of "Zammitts" mob :-) You will have to take on trust I am in my 60s very experienced in Magic, and not easily fooled. I have seen enough fake mediums, and I do agree with you on this point fakes are out there, but, not everyone is fake. I'm not defending Mr Fry I am saying it is in extremely bad taste and quite objectionable to attack someone dying from Cancer. If you don't get it, you don't get it, hopefully when you are spiritually more aware you will. If you see it as your life's task to expose fake mediums your time and intention will be better focused on Scott Milligan, Warren Caylor and Kai Muegge! not a dying man that is an easy target and has enough to worry about without being hounded by you.

JD said...

So why not tell me your name just so i can confirm your credentials.

The problem I have is that you are a believer in psychics, yet you refuse quite clearly to put any of those beliefs up for analysis by someone quite clearly more knowledgeable on the subject than yourself, that leads me to believe that either you claim psychic abilities yourself, and need to cover up certain aspects of your own con, or deep down you know you have been conned but as so far along to admit it would be counter productive to various things you do.

Now why dont you expose the mediums you mention? You claim to be this expert master magician, surely the tricks they perform would be easy for you to expose.

Oh and if you keep ignoring questions, you just make yourself look like a bit of a noob, so probably best to go back and re-read my posts and actually answer my questions, otherwise there is no point in me responding to you.

As for Colins cancer, I couldn't care less, all I am interested in is helping him become an honest man before it is too late.

Is it wrong to ask a man I know 100% is a fraud, to die a hero and not a villain?

And if you didn't already know, I am the UK's most knowledgeable & experienced skeptic when it comes to mediumship, no one and i mean no one in teh UK has come close to doing what I have done.

Not a brag, just the truth

Bulldog said...

I didnt say I was an expert master magician, I said I am a member (now retired) Because like you I am a researcher of the paranormal, I cannot expose frauds If I am publicly known as I would be unable to attend any circles or seances. Ok, I met Mr Fry about a year ago we exchanged pleasantry's and sat in his conservatory, I said nothing he said my father was interested in xxxx (he wasn't) he described my fathers character (he was wrong) he described other aspects of my father (wrong) he described my mother and parents relationship (wrong) I did not confirm nor deny anything nor did I nod, twitch wink or give off any tells or non verbal signs. At the end of the reading he asked me something about a member of my family that was having very personal "issues" he was 100% correct in his ailment and his issues - explain that one UKs more knowledgeable and experienced Skeptic!

Bulldog said...

"Is it wrong to ask a man I know 100% is a fraud, to die a hero and not a villain?" PROVE IT! you cant can you its just your view

JD said...

Ok, He got caught cheating by his own peers in a seance, so fraud.
EVERY unedited reading I have ever seen and then analysed that he has performed, I can see through the methods he uses and can explain step by step how he did it.

I have spoken with people who have worked closely with him, who have revealed other methods he has used.

So looking at his history of cheating, the fact he has never done a single reading I couldn't explain, and the fact that I have coroborating stories of methods his uses, it leaves me with no doubt that he is a fraud.

For me to accept that he committs fraud some of the time, but in the occasions I have not seen and analysed he is real, seems ridiculous and foolhardy, and that is exactly what you are asking me to do.

And I CAN prove he is a fraud, give me a reading by him, you are convinced is legit, and i will show you how he does it!

So YES I CAN PROVE IT! But you have to do a bit of work too!

JD said...

I was under the impression you had to be pretty damn good to get into the magic circle and extra good to get in the gold bit!

As for your little Colin Fry story, he got a lot wrong, which suggests he was fishing and using cold reading, he got something right, and suddenly you are amazed!

As a "researcher" of the paranormal, you are bloody useless! For a start you would have a recording of the reading! YOU DONT, therefore your story is evidentially worthless, as any good researcher would know!

You cannot throw an anecdote and then ask me to explain it away!

Your failures are so blindingly obvious, you are making me laugh here!

GIVE ME SOME EVIDENCE and I will happily put my rep on the line!

But dont throw stories at me, as they are ridiculous!

Anyway since I get the feeling you are taking the piss here, and trying to wind me up, I will invite you to continue this conversation on my forum at http://moh2005.proboards.com, as it is easy there for you to provide links, video, audio and so on.

Of course if you have no interest in backing up a single thing you say, then probably best you go back and play on Reddit with the other kids.

I can 100% back up everything I say, so far you have made a load of claims, backed non of them up, and made to look a bit of a fool by someone WAY more experienced and knowledgeable than you!

Again being the UKs most knowledgeable and experienced skeptic when it comes to mediumship, is not some armchair bullshit claim, it is a stonewall fact, which I can back up every part of the way.

So again, end of the conversation here, as you starting to look like a troll.

AGAIN one last time, you give me any reading of ANY psychic, unedited, and I 100% guarantee you I can explain exactly how it was done!

Ball is in your court, if you genuinely a researcher you will join the forum and destroy me with evidence, if you are a 15 year old kid (as I suspect from the way you talk) you will moan a few more times on here, then disappear into the ether, Whats the better I am right once again.

PS. No more posts of yours will be approved on this site, unless it is a direct response to an article posted

Bulldog said...

You really do have a massive Ego don't you, never mind sonny shows how immature you are, one day you may grow into a real man, goodbye!

Unknown said...

Jon can I please ask how you can prove he is a fake? I think you are a very disgusting man. You life must be pretty sad when you feel the need to bad mouth a dying man and is disrespectful. Where do you get of judging people who give you that right? That is what is wrong with some people to busy worrying about other people's lives. I agree that there are fake mediums out there but Colin Fry is certainly not one of them. I am a medium myself, and just for the RECORD I DO NOT CHARGE for any readings I do. If the person I read wants to pay, they give it to there local charity its up to them. I agree with bulldog you have a massive EGO and think you have God given right to judge people. There's I thought that it was only GOD himeself that could judge not sad little men like you. I think you should show some respect and leave him alone. There are bigger problems in the world like young kids starving how about you expose that instead????

JD said...

Ok, happy to answer your points.
How can I prove he is a fake, well for a start i dont need too since he got caught cheating red handed by his own peers once

Also every unedited reading by him I have ever looked at I could clearly and easily see the methods he was using.

Its a bit like asking a magician to watch another magician, and then you (the uneducated) telling the magician that the other magician is real because YOU cant explain the trick.

Also I have not bad mouthed Colin Fry, I have stated facts, and called on him to not only admit the truth about himself, but to also take down as many other frauds as he can before he dies, thus he would die a hero and not a villain.

So yeah, Colin Fry is 100% a fake medium, just because you dont know how a trick is performed doesnt make it any less of a trick.

now surprise surprise you are claiming to be a medium too.
And you dont charge, so therefore you would be willing to prove your claims and give me a reading right? Afterall I have backed up everything I have said and never run away.

But let me guess your response "I dont have to prove anything to you, a ghost could be stood in front of you and you would still say it wasn't real" and so on. Heard every excuse imaginable, so go on, surprise me and the world and give me a reading. Whats the worse that could happen? I could see through the reading and show people exactly step by step how you did it, and expose your methods of fakery?

Afterall only a REAL medium will ever be able to convince me.

So if you accept to give me a reading at least that shows you believe in yourself. If you refuse, then you clearly a fake just like Colin.

As for me being a sad little man. I am 6 foot 1", so not little. Follow me on Twitter @JonDonnis and you will see how "sad" my life is, as I drink cocktails by the see, without a care in the world!

Anonymous said...

I don't see anything wrong with what you've said, refreshingly honest if anything..

Unfortunately ignorance only breeds more ignorance

Keep up the good work!

JD said...

Thanks Ryan, I appreciate your words

Unknown said...

I have absolutely no sympathy for Colin Fry. This extract from a 2003 Metro article will tell you why...

"Interviewer: Have the spirits not told you to stop smoking?
Colin: I was at a spiritualist session years ago and this old love said to me: ‘That’ll kill you, you know.’ I replied: ‘My love, do you honestly think that bothers me? I know where I’m going.’ I have no fear of death whatsoever."

He saw it coming. He brought it upon himself. Man doesn't give a shit.

peacebreacher said...

nah, hes a psychopath, no remorse, no conscience, preternaturally biologically predisposed to emotional deceit, im watching his show right now and there is a murder detective who is falling for his schtick,,,,seriously.
its fucking unreal with what we know about conmen, fraudsters and emotional decievers.
He is doing the cold reading on a murder detective...its like the ultimate achievment for a psychopath...
I cannot believe this man is able to pull consent from a man tasked with investigating crime.
For a start you are naive in trying to appeal to a good nature colin cannot have.
Colins victims are highly naive and susceptible to his manipulations but you are all guilty of a misplaced faith in your fellow man.
To watch him con that murder detective is shamefully painful to watch...
how many murderers slipped him by if hes willing to be convinced his dead grandads on yhe space phone.
look heres a picture of a brain like colins...
no amygdalae....its why his eyes are always flitting the way they do, he is literally sniffing emotion out and then playing it, its the same soft voiced convincing tactic a rapist might use to ge close to you, reading, guiding and controlling emotion.
neurodeveopmental emotional retards...asking , expecting or challenging one to become honest?
noble , granted...but stupid and contrary to science.
do not wish his continued life on me either.
i hope he dies in great pain for all that he has caused.
the psychopath, morally insane, shallow affect, manipulative, pathologically lyig, untreatable, incurable, emotionally predatory, impulsive, conning, adaptable.
and this one is dying of lung cancer.
thats a good thing, fuck off to the netherworld colin fry, you cant come back as humanity is evolving and you are not needed.

JD said...

What you say I what I fear of people like him.
Clearly there is a lack of empathy in these people, which would indicate psychopathic tendencies. I think that is the only way you could survive being a conman, because otherwise the guilt would destroy you.

Although I have come across mediums who justify their crimes by the false notion they are helping people, the old ends justifies the means argument. There is a lot of alcoholism I have noticed with a lot of mediums, and I tend to believe those are the ones who fight a constant battle with their moral compass, which creates the self destructive personalities we so often see.

People like Craig Shell who took his own life is one example I believe of a "psychic" who could no longer deal with what they had become.

Unknown said...

You are despicable. I watch the Sixth Sense and although there are some messages that may be deemed as being a bit vague these are outnumbered by extremely personal ones. Remember the episode with the lady and Spanish Fly and playing cards with pictures of nudes on them - what's your explanation for that then clever clogs?

JD said...

Erm you do realise you are watching a highly edited show.
Each 30 minute episode in reality takes over 3 hours to film.
Everything from reaction shots, to things that are wrong etc are edited.
Understand he might talk to someone for 20 minutes, and from that reading maybe 3 minutes are used, so imagine all the crap which is left out!

Watch his unedited shows and you will see more the methods he uses, if you have any clue (which i doubt) about the methods of fake psychics.

Colin Fry is 100% fake, he was exposed by his own peers as a fraud back in the early 90s, he then changed his name and teh SNU did their best to cover up and twist things to protect their rising star.

You call me despicable, well I call pretending to talk to the dead and taking money for it despicable, and best of all I can prove 100% what he does, or what any other medium does is fraud, which is why I dont get sued!

Now how you explain that clever clogs!

Unknown said...

Your some boy Jon. You certainly give as much as you take. Have you noticed the replies get less and less as the conversation goes on. That's cos they've admitted defeat 😂😂😂😂. Good on you mate.

JD said...

Thanks mate

JD said...

i answered you. but to be specific give me link to video and ill explain it further

Tina said...

Oh my god John, have you no morals. I think your obsessed and have some terrible issues.if you feel that strongly why not go on tv and expose every medium. ?
You just enjoy the attention while attacking a dying man.
Why don't you go into prisons and ask all murderers to confess and clean there souls.

Unknown said...

Hello Jon! Long time no speak.... I see you're still at it! :-)

Just heard the news about Colin so wanted to offer my condolences - next time (if there is a next time) you speak to Colin, pass them on for me would you?

I'm afraid I've been out of the 'loop' since shutting down NotPsychic and being a family man now, my times has been pretty much filled up so no extra time for exposing these frauds. I see nothing in your original post that is in anyway disrespectful Jon so probably best to ignore those trying to portray it to be so - remember what M. Lamar Keene said about those who believe in psychics and how we need to treat them? :-)

I just wanted to comment on Colin coming clean. Never going to happen. For several reasons really, but mostly because I think he think's he can do it. I remember conversing with Colin about me thinking he was a fraud and he got quite angry. The alternative, I proposed, is that he is delusional. Truth is, I think he's a bit of both.
IF, and it's a big IF, Colin came clean, his estate would be sued the hell out of. I don't think even a morally deranged individual like Colin would leave Mikey and his close people to deal with that.
So no, he'll keep quite.

You and I both that Colin and his sycophantic tendencies will fuel his desire for some kind of martyrdom. Kind of like Obi Wan Kenobi's final words; "“IF YOU STRIKE ME DOWN, I SHALL BECOME MORE POWERFUL THAN YOU CAN POSSIBLY IMAGINE.” I think that's what he's hoping for.

Anyway, I wish him no pain and he has my condolences as a human being. Just not a very nice one.

Cheers Jon.

JD said...

Hi Jon! Good to hear from you!!

I do agree that it is highly unlikely he will come clean, but I felt I had to plead with him to do so, as he more than most could take down so many frauds, and deal a blow to the SNU like no other.

Regarding being sued, there is nothing stopping Colin from signing all his assets over to Mikey, and basically leaving his own estate empty or bankrupt, therefore suing him would do no good. Plus he will be dead, so would be hard for anyone to prove anything.

For me its more a matter of honour, and I still hope that before he dies, if deep down he does believe in a God or afterlife (of which I doubt) but if he does, if he realises that he has lead an evil life, that the only way to die in peace is to admit his crimes and do as much good as he can.

Again I doubt it will happen, but I hear he is setting up Mikey in Spain with some kind of animal sanctuary thingy, not exactly sure but it sounds a bit dodgy to me anyway.

So maybe just maybe he will release a video after his death, whereby he exposes it all!

And what better place to publish such a video than BadPsychics.com!

Unknown said...

Ha, ha - he might if try and communicate with you after he's gone?

Just out of interest, do you know how Colin got ordained? Was it done properly over here with years of study or was it an poxy US online form?

JD said...

Ordained from the spiritualist church as far as i know, so a currupt church is hardly gonna be a hard thing get ordained by. Guess you just pay them some money and job done.

Unknown said...

At 4.15 this morning Friday 25th July 2015 the episode of the 6ixth Sense broadcast on Real Lives Virgin Media channel 122 finished. Colin did a private reading for Dr David Bull who is a medical doctor and has also been involved with Watchdog and a lot of work with paranormal programmes. Please watch this episode and explain how that and the 2 studio readings were fixed, I want fact not speculation. What is your opinion of Sally Morgan?

JD said...

Ok thats great, luckily i managed to find the video on Google at https://vimeo.com/39734211
Since you didn't bother to include a link, and just expect me to magically go back in time 10+ years to when the reading was given.

Also worth noting I have interviewed David in the past, he is a skeptic and does NOT believe in psychics whatsoever.

I will try and break down the video a little later on when I have time and give my opinion of it, again I remind you it will be a highly EDITED video, so whereas the reading may have been over an hour long, I will have an edited 15 minute video to expose, please understand why that might be a bit harder, but I will try.

As for Sally Morgan, USE GOOGLE, plenty of sites includin this one have exposed her and her methods.
In fact I once PROVED she had lied on her show, and she had to admit in an interview she lied, and then tried to blame a producer for making her lie!

So yeah another 100% proven fraud.

Please keep an eye on the forum and I will try to expose the David Bull reading best I can.

JD said...

PS. there is an issue of credibility regarding David Bull, simply cause we caught him lying in the past


Unknown said...

It didn't give any info such as a series and episode and didn't even state the date first aired.

JD said...

Ok so i am waiting for someone to do me a transcript of the reading then I will get it analysed.

Again you do understand the reading is HIGHLY EDITED, and that David Bull has been caught lying before and has no credibility right?

Nicky, get yourself on my forum, much easier for me to reply to you there.

Unknown said...

What are you afraid of Jon Donnis? When I watch Colin Fry, I see a genuine, gentle soul who is not a cheat. He gives people loving, humourous, and sometimes life-changing messages that uplift them. Some of the messages relate to thoughts the receivers confirm they haven't even shared with anyone else, so how could Colin possibly have cheated? I don't care what you think you've uncovered, I wouldn't trust someone like you who is obviously afraid to accept we are immortal, over what I can see in Colin with my own eyes. Just back off and leave this wonderful man alone. You are not going to convince anyone otherwise unless they too are afraid of proof of life after death.

JD said...

Oh I am not afraid of anything, have you seen all the abuse i have received for writing this article? The death threats I received and so on! If I was afraid I wouldnt take these criminals on would I!

When you see Colin Fry you are being fooled, it is obvious when you know how the trick is done, you do not know, therefore you are fooled.

You state that Colin is not a cheat, yet he has been exposed as such by his own peers.

You can read more about that at http://www.badpsychics.com/2013/02/colin-fry-trumpet-incident-news-report.html

So for you to say he is not a cheat, well there is documented evidence by his OWN peers that shows he IS a proven and exposed cheat.

I will make you the same offer I make everyone, you share with me a reading from ANY medium that you are 100% convinced is real, and I 100% guarantee you I can show you how they did it!

So what do you say? Ready to put your beliefs up to scrutiny? Or are you AFRAID of the the big bad skeptic who will expose your beliefs as no more than delusion?

Ask yourself, who is really afraid here!

Unknown said...

Jon, you are receiving abuse because you are aiming such extremely aggressive abuse at someone many of us like and admire. Why do you care SO MUCH whether we believe Colin is giving us genuine messages from our loved ones or not? We should be grateful for anyone who uplifts those who are suffering. I should think most of us have made mistakes in our youth that we would rather forget, Colin and you included. We're only human and we are all struggling with something. As Christ said, "Let he who hath not sinned cast the first stone." You would do yourself a favour if you would stop focusing on the mistakes someone else made in the past and worry about your own sins - like anger and ego. This man is not a threat to you.

JD said...

Ok, show me one thing in the original article that is "extremely aggressive abuse" towards Colin?

As I stated I put ALL of the points to him directly one to one, and he personally had no problems with ANYTHING I said.

Also interesting that you totally ignore everything else I said, every point I made, guess the truth hurts! Did you even know before I told you that his entire career started with him getting caught committing one of the worse crimes in spiritualism? Or did I smarten you up to that fact?

I also see you ignored my challenge too!

I CARE about the fact that people are PRETENDING to speak to the dead and pass messages on.

When someone dies one of the most important things you have for them are your memories of them, and when a fake medium like Colin is making up stuff pretending to have been said from your dead relative, this is a direct violation of your own memories, it is creating new memories of your loved one that are simply false, and worse still they take money for doing it.

It is a crime, morally, ethically and legally in many cases, so yeah that is why I care.

As for what Jesus apparently said, firstly I didn't realise he spoke in English! I am guessing you have NEVER actually read the New Testament right? Actually I guarantee you, that you have never read it!

You know what my favourite part of the Bible is since you brought it up?
Its the bit where Jesus is alone and talking to God who is actually himself, and someone who wasn't even there is writing about that conversation over 100 years later!

JD said...

Also how dare you accuse me of being a sinner, you do not even know me. I take offence at that comment.

As for Colin being a threat to me, of course he is not a threat to me! I have taken him on many times and I won every single time, as I have done so against every psychic who has ever dared to try and take me on.

All I ask is that before he dies, he admit his crimes, and take down the thousands of other fake mediums in the psychic industry and in doing so die a hero and not a villain.

Right now he dies a villain, a fraud, a bad man, a SINNER to use your own words.
If there is an afterlife, then the place he is going right now he will need factor 200 as it is bloody hot down there thats for sure.

Unknown said...

Cocktails by the sea eh. Next time why don't you have them in the sea instead so you drown and Colin can pass on a message from you admitting you talk through your butt cheeks.

JD said...

How lovely. I do always enjoy when a believer is so annoyed with me for exposing the truth about their heroes that they feel the need to wish death upon me.

But dont worry, not gonna report you, instead i will leave your comment as an example of the insanity of Colin Frys believer fanbase

Unknown said...

Grow up and stop behaving like a 2 year old. You have your opinion and I have mine as do the rest of Colin's fans. Report me? For what? I could counter by stating that you are trying to coerce me into changing my opinion of a man who has brought comfort to so many people. You're not going to change the minds of Colin's fans so why continue to try and blacken his character as it's a no-brainer. If I was able to afford a private reading from Colin I would invite you to attend.

JD said...

How am I behaving like a 2 year old? You are the one who wants me to die through drowning!

Also not trying to coerce you into doing anything.
I am presenting evidence which proves your beliefs are wrong, and that Colin Fry is not a medium.

SO whereas there is plenty of evidence to show his claims are wrong, there exists not a single piece of evidence to show he is legit.

His whole career has been about money, which in turn is proven by your admittence that you cant even afford to get a reading from him.

So where does your belief come from? From highly edited TV shows!?

Or do you pretend to have magic powers too?

Remember Colin Fry has already been 100% caught cheating by his own peers, NOT SKEPTICS but believers caught him cheating!

Unknown said...

My dire financial circumstances are because since my divorce I have been a single parent to 3 children now in their 20's. I am disabled and the elder of my boys is my full time carer so his income is very low so out of my pip I am providing for the pair of us. My daughter is unable to work due to mental health issues and my younger son was made redundant 3 days ago. I have no idea what a private reading would cost so I can't say what I would have to do without in order to proceed.

JD said...

I am sorry to hear about your financial problems. Why on earth would you want to seek the help of a medium? These people are criminals. They have never helped you, only taken your money. I know you think that they can give you guidance, but realistically they only care about getting more money out of you.

My advice is to stop seeing them, stop talking to them online, and get on with your life, your kids and work etc.

Psychics are not the answer, and attacking people like me, who in fact are the real people who are helping you and dont ask for a penny in return, AND get abused for it, is not teh answer either.

Unknown said...

Colin allowed me (in my early days of becoming a Spiritualist) to be on stage with him . . . the whole experience was nerve racking (to say the least) but it gave me a step up and that I am forever grateful to Colin.

I am not going to enter this charade of who's right and who's wrong suffice to say that Colin has had no need to accept 'assistance' from others, because he is very much capable of placating his fans in his own inimitable way. There are times when we all (myself included) can fall by the wayside and we reach out for help . . . and when 'performing' for the general public we fear not being able to perform true to the way the public know of and expect of you for your fans. Jon you did what you felt you had to do and now with regards to Colin give some praise for what Colin achieved . . . that wouldn't hurt would it?

Lorraine said...

He is totally right to say what he did. If I could ban the fakeness of spiritualism tomorrow I would. The fact they use the word psychic anyway is a dead giveaway they don't even understand the difference between psychic energy and mediumship, which is allegedly connecting to a world beyond ours that cannot be proven, despite them always claiming they do. I have met thousands of these so-called mediums in my time and not one is genuinely gifted and even if they were, they sell their souls to make money. If they cared about people, they wouldn't charge a penny. This crap of 'exchange of energies' is a man made nonsense to excuse trying to get rich from the vulnerable and gullible. No person needing classes to do anything parrot fashion with certificates given by man is a genuine medium or healer. Also, Colin's creepy photo's wearing the clothes of a Christian priest creep me and all other God loving folk out. I feel sad for his condition, but have to agree, repent while he has a chance. If eh and other spiritualists are so against Christianity and Jesus, why copy how they dress and why copy all their names and terminology for something that is from Satan rather than God?

JD said...

Hang on. Colin 100% got caught cheating, by his own peers! By other mediums, he was exposed, and then changed his name, as the SNU began the cover up.

I will not give Colin any praise, why would I? The only thing he has achieved is to pull the wool over the eyes of people like you who are totally uneducated as to the tricks of the trade.

I can expose 100% of colin frys readings, i KNOW how he does it! I know the method of the trickery, therefore his tricks do not fool me.

So I repeat, before he dies, I plead with him to admit the fraud he has committed, try to do something to compensate the thousands of people he has conned, and to expose every other medium in the SNU.

He can die a villain, or a hero, I hope he chooses to die a hero and take down the SNU

Bluejeanwearer said...

Quote " admit his fraud so he can die with a clear conscience "..That bothers you?..that he " has " to die with a clear conscience ?...I have never been to see him, and in all honesty, his shows have never appealed to me..You sound like you won't be happy until only you, hear Mr Fry utter those words " You " long to hear, If there is a life after..let Mr Fry justify himself then, and you should stop pushing for what appears a public confession of a dying man.

" If there is an afterlife, then the place he is going right now he will need factor 200 as it is bloody hot down there thats for sure. " < How do you know it's Hot?... Heaven / Hell... Medium / Psychic...Messages from the dead ?...You just don't know, neither do I , If you think people are conned into believing in him.that is " their " own business I think.

JD said...

Yes it bothers me, that a lifelong criminal like Colin Fry will die a free man, that he will die with millions of pounds in his pockets earned from the vunerable and grieving. So yes that bothers me greatly, and the ONLY way he can make right what he has done is to admit his fraud, compensate his victims and expose as many fellow frauds as he can before he dies.

Why is that so hard for people to understand?

JoJo_KK said...

I understand what you d, it brings things to light but at the end of the Day Colin Fry doesn't feel he has to make anything right, which means passing with a clear conscience.

I do feel though, as he has now unfortunately passed (RIP Colin) that these articles should be removed

JD said...

No these articles should never be removed. They serve as a record of his crimes and lies

Unknown said...

Firstly very sad that someone has died.When my son died I thought I would to.The heartbreak was a physical pain and breaking my heart.I knew if something didn't happen I would die of this pain. MY son came to see me 3 nights after I had lost him,I awoke with an electric shock going through my body,opened my eyes to see my son at the bottom of my bed.We spoke in minds I don't remember opening my mouth .Knowing that he was with his grandads helped me to get through his funeral. A few months later whilst very low I visited a spiritualist who was of no help but charged me £40.Then a few months later my friends went to see colin on stage, he opened the show with he had a young man with him who had died in a motorcycle accident who will take it. My friends wouldn't so he walked towards them and said you know his mum he just wants you to let her know he still around and loves her and glad they selling house. How on earth would he know that ,it did comfort me. People in grief will grasp at any straw that tells them their loved ones are ok . I don't feel the need to see anyone now as I saw my son and will believe this until my own dying.There are no winners in death only sadness

Unknown said...

Hi Jon,people in heartbreaking grief will take comfort from anyone saying that their loved ones are fine and being looked after by others . When my son died my heartbreak was killing me it was a physical pain the worst I had ever known. 3 days after he died he came to me in the early hrs of the morning an electric shock went through my whole body I opened my eyes and he was there,we spoke with minds I could no open my mouth. I believe if this had not happened I could not have gone on.months later friends of mine went to see Colin on stage he singled them out in the audience and told them he had a young man with him who passed in a motorcycle accident and wanted them to let his mum know he loved her and was still around and that he was glad I was selling the house, he used a special nickname for his dad that they didn't know,how would he know this.I do believe there are bad spiritualist out there and take advantage of people's grief. That message from Colin that night comforted me. There are no winners in death only sadness and my thoughts are with all that are grieving

Unknown said...

Hi Jon,,, does this sound bad,, oh yes he was a fraud , there is a but ,,,I personally thought he did heal a lot of people during his journey,, he made them believe in the spirit world which helped them move on from the past and look forward to the future,,, personally I do believe in the spirit world and I myself have lost loved ones in which I thought I'd never cope but due to my belief it's helping me heal,,, very slowly but I'm getting there,, some people don't believe and he helped them heal in a way they might never been able to achieve themselves,,, it's a hard one xk

Unknown said...

Hard one,,,, he helped people heal and move on from the pain they were carrying,,, he took stress and sadness from these people and believe it or not gave them "hope" "peace" and a little lightness and happiness back into their life..... The sad part about this everyone it was all a lie..... Is it really a bad one if it helps people,, I don't know the answer all I knw is that their are people out their who don't believe in afterlife and this helps them struggle with loosing loved ones,,, Jon,, to me it's a hard one I used to watch his show but not to pay attention to him but to watch the person affected smile,, feel at peace,,, doing something wrong in life to make money is a no no,,,, to watch someone heal in the process well confuses me

JD said...

Firstly the experience you had after your son passed, although easily explained and understood by science, I would never have any interest in taking that away from you.

Now you then mention you visited a spiritualist who cost you £40 but was of no help. That was your first mistake, and you didn't learn from it sadly.

Regarding your friends who went to see Colin, i hate to tell you this, but the story he said about the motorcycle etc, it is a script story, they use it all the time because sadly it is a common way to die. In fact Colins former tour guide told they would often use that script whenever a show was going bad as it was almost guaranteed to be a hit. Tony Stockwell would use the same script often too.

And you actually answer your own question when you said " People in grief will grasp at any straw that tells them their loved ones are ok" This is so very true.

I am glad to hear that you no longer wasting your time and money on these frauds, the personal experience you had is much more real than any script read by a fake medium who then charges you to hear their lies.

JD said...

If you had a recording of that reading, or in fact ANY reading from a medium that you are convinced is real, do you know I could show you exactly how they do it.

JD said...

I dont feel people do move on when they get conned by a spiritualist medium, in many occasions the exact opposite is the truth, They become addicted to hearing one more message, they spend so much money, and then the real memories they have of their loved ones are manipulated and changed by these fraudsters.

I went to the Dudley Spiritualist church once, and I remember a very old lady getting a reading, they talked about her son who had died in surprise surprise a motorbike accident, this old lady was distraught, in tears hearing this message supposedly from her son, she was clearly in the stages of deep grief. Now the surprising bit was I found out later was that her son had died 30 years ago, and she had been seeing mediums for the past 30 years.

She simply had never allowed herself to grieve properly and get over her loss, instead she must have spent thousands, and these mediums were clearly milking her for every penny they could get out of her, passing on her story to the next visiting medium who would regurgitate it and so on.

You think this poor old woman was being helped? She never was allowed to move on with her life BECAUSE of these mediums, she never got over the death, and she lost a lot of money because of it.

JD said...

But they were not being healed, they were being manipulated, and conned, and even feeding an addiction a little bit will only lead to a lifetime of trouble, sometimes you need to see the bigger picture.

Give someone a shot of heroin, and you will see their face light up, they will be happy, but then there is the come down you dont see, the addiction is exactly the same as mediumship, and sadly can be just as painful and deadly.

You see when you convince someone that their is no death, and their loved one is waiting for them, suddenly the fear of death is gone, and many people allow themselves to die or even kill themselves because of it.

Fearing death is a good thing, it keeps us alive


Fella it isnt about what anyone else thinks. It is about what YOU, think Clearly you think that to carry a fight to a dying man is worth your cause??? Karma. Never mind spiritualist/physvics.....
Will even it come. That's science!!!

Unknown said...

But what good is having millions in the bank if your not able to spend it?

Unknown said...

There u go Jon
You had the last word. You can relax now!

Unknown said...

I think that what you do is very good when exposing fake mediums. I have great respect for you for your meticulous and worthy work in this area. Who wants to be bullshitted by con artists anyway? My trouble is I want to believe in the supernatural stuff, but I'm learning that there are more and more fakes out there, disgusting criminals leeching off broken hearts. I do know a lady who says she is psychic who has said some amazing stuff, all true, totally unprompted without cold reading. Apparently according to many of my friends there is a local medium who sounds impressive in that she has made very specific predictions of future, too random to be generalised guesswork. She named the person someone would marry months before they even met. She predicted the month of a family reunion after years of enstrangement. The son who knew nothing of this was the one who unprompted got in touch in predicted month. So I don't know really. Love it to be true. Might check this lady out and see what's really going on. But great you're exposing fakes, as it is callous and inhumane behaviour to trick grieving relatives. Sorry to hear about Colin Fry, do not wish that illness upon anyone.

Unknown said...

If an afterlife exists, then what's the point of this one?
Remember Jesus Christ was scared of dying. The son of God who was going to Heaven - a much better place than this - did not want to die.
This is it folks. We have this one life. Nothing exists after it other than we become nutrients for the Earth to keep providing life on this planet.
Colin Fry and every other psychic know this. Everyone else lives in hope of there being something after this life which is how psychics make their money.
Dishonesty is just plain evil.

Anonymous said...

But we are all entitled to our own opinions, and mine is that you are the biggest bigoted fool that I have had the displeasure of meeting this year. Have a nice day you cold example of a human species.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry there are people from history with similar character traits whom have been very successful, like Hitler!

Anonymous said...

Learn English and have some credibility, love!

JD said...

Your very posts on here actually make you the bigot. I am attacking a proven fraudulent INDUSTRY.

You sir are an Ignoramus.

JD said...

I always have the last word

JD said...

Great point

JD said...

Hi thanks for your kind words.
This local woman making future predictions sounds interesting, HOWEVER she is a fraud. 100% sure of that.

You show me a recording of what she says, and I will show you how she does it

Techowiz said...

Jon, do you ever get the feeling you're wasting your time with the stupid and ignorant that believe in fraudsters like Fry?
I had the same issues exposing the fraud of the ADE651 bomb detector, apparently based on the dowsing principle!
The cops eventually took up the case and the 'inventor' was sentenced to 10 years jail.
Check out my blog about the ADE651 and see exactly the same comments from the 'believers', now strangely gone quiet since the conviction.
Keep up the good work.

JD said...

Thanks, and yes I am aware of the fight against the bomb detector, I wish some of these fake psychics could get locked up for 10 years

Anonymous said...

Can't post my previous 3 comments, so your editing is as selective as you say Colin's show was! Classic signs of a bigot, show what you think you can defend, show those in support of you, snub out those you cannot answer. Makes me wonder how many other people you have 'edited out', and then in the same sentence you complain that that is what Colin done! Weak show Jon, Colin's performance in front of the limelight was much more impressive, and that's all you want isn't it, the limelight, well don't think for one second you can take Colin's light. Post this message and my 3 other messages and defend yourself, which are you brave and open or a weak hearted fool and falser than you purport Colin to be? Which is it?

JD said...

No editing of comments. ALL of your comments have been posted in full.
I moderate all comments to get rid of spam, but I allow all others, however nasty and vile they are.

So that proves your all whole point wrong.

Not afraid of you, or anything you say, because I know I am in the right 100%.

And right now if Colin Fry is in an afterlife (he is not) I know for sure he would feel ashamed and embarrassed at his so called fans giving me so much grief.

Unlike you I actually knew Colin, and spoke with him many many times, and he never ever had a problem with anything I said, INCLUDING the article above.

So perhaps you should find something better to do than makes yourself look a fool by attacking me on here

JD said...

Comparing Colin Fry to Hitler is a bit strong I would say

Peter said...

No doubt he is now hearing the angels trumpets celebrating his arrival in heaven! A trumpet being one of his favourite things.

Anonymous said...

Im comparing you to Hitler, don't think you can change my words or troll me, the fact you would try shows me how you handle such an embittered situation with ease, it shows you for what you are and for everyone to read. You really are a sad person. I feel great pity for you to be so personally attacking someone who can't defend themselves, that's quite spineless isn't it really, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Why does it bother you so much?

Anonymous said...

And how do you know I didn't know him? You assume mate, bad assumption!

Anonymous said...


intolerance towards those who hold different opinions from oneself.

Unknown said...

This tit for tat argument is futile . Hiding behind the Internet makes it easy to throw mud . It seems you grave attention and love to watch the reaction. I really don't care what you believe as much as you wouldn't care what I believe !! All I. Can say if it gives pleasure stamping on people's beliefs then rock on

JD said...

So you admit you are a bigot then, since my views are based on provable facts, and you have come here to troll and attack me for having a different "opinion" than you?

JD said...

I don't think he is hearing Angels where he has gone, if you believe in such things.

JD said...

Hang on, so you accused me of editing your posts, when clearly I have not, yet no apology!

And whether you knew him or not (you didn't) the fact is he openly admitted I was the ONLY skeptic he would talk too, and he had great respect for me and my opinion, and on a number of occasions he told his disgusting rude fans to leave me alone!

Now if you knew him, you would have known that.

JD said...

You say he cant defend himself, to say that is so hilariously ironic I dont think your little mind could even understand!

Dont feel pity for me, I lead a good, honest, loyal life.

Whereas Colin lead a life of deceit.

You call me sad, yet you are the one coming to MY site, leaving nasty little comments, attacking the big bad skeptic who is exposing your delusions.

I think the only sad person here is you.

JD said...

I didn't know we had met?

And to describe me as a cold example of the human species is a bizarre thing to say.
Now someone who pretends to talk to the dead, and then charge people for the lie, now that I would call cold, as you need to lack any morals and empathy to do that, in fact you would need psychopathic tendencies to justify such a crime dont you think?

JD said...

Oh everything I have said on here I have said direct to Colin. No hiding from me.
I have spoke face to face with Derek Acorah and his wife and said everything I say about him to them direct too.

I do not "crave" attention, in fact quite the opposite.

And I do not stamp on anyone's beliefs, people are welcome to believe in whatever they like. What I do is expose the frauds who con people, take money from grieving and vunerable people.

If you believe that invisible flying monkeys sing your sweet lullabys at night, I really dont mind. But if you started charging people money to pass on messages from those monkeys, then I would call you out as a fraud.

Do you follow the difference?

dollydaydream said...

Jon you are quite right in what you say and only the truth hurts
where all going to die

Unknown said...

The fact is Colin healed thousands of people and although you compare it to heroin addiction where there is an initial happiness but then sadness, actually I know a lot of people who have been given a message by Colin and felt much better and still feel content with the fact their loved one lives on so you're wrong about that comment. The fact is , messages from mediums do heal the bereaved. I take your point that if he was lying he's manipulated them and taken money but the positive effects of his messages seem to far out weigh the negatives. I also know mediums who do not charge money , who are quite rational minded , and don't seek to manipulate people or show off. Plus I'd argue that there is so much we do not know about the human mind / consciousness therefore there's a possibility our mind may survive death. The Horizon study has found consciousness seems to linger on after the brain has shut down. So there's always hope . Help as often as you can and harm as little as possible and Colin certainly helped. On the other hand, I would never attack Jon's arguments with vicious words. I respect his opinion and understand where he's coming from.

JD said...

The comparison to a heroin addict is correct. When you see a medium you get the initial high, but then after you come down, you want one more reading, you want to hear from your loved one, one more time.

I have known addicts to mediumship who have been paying for over 50 years for readings, and they never deal with the grief, they never get over their loss.

And the fact that Colin lied and manipulated people to me is disgusting.
He literally raped their memories of their lost loved ones, He tricked them and fooled them, and all for money.

That is a sick crime in my books, and until someone can show me just once that mediumship is real, I will hold that view, as the evidence of harm is just too high.

Unknown said...

You are generalising now. Not all people repeatedly go to see mediums time after time. Most people visit a spiritualist church which is usually free except you give a bit of change towards charities and charity is a big point you're missing - Colin has given so much money to charities - as do spiritualist circles - they all donate to good causes. You do tend to use unnecessary words and exaggerate somewhat but I understand your views. But I will leave you with this point..you do not know the truth nor do I nor does anyone. Therefore there is a chance Colin was genuine. From what I've seen of him live he did not cold read therefore I'm at a loss as to how he could trick people.

JD said...

No not all people get addicted to drugs either.
And Spiritualist Churches are free but press people to donate, and the mediums often give out their contact details for people to get private readings!

As for charity work, do I need to remind you of the charity work Jimmy Saville did? Its a great cover for when you are doing bad things!

I DO know the truth, I DO know that Colin was a fraud, because I understand and know the tricks he performed, I have seen him perform and I could see how he was doing the tricks.

It is like going to a magic show, when you know how a trick is done, then you know what to look for, and to then suggest that not all of the tricks are tricks and some must be real magic, well that is just silly.

And clearly you are not an expert in either cold reading or hot reading, I AM AN EXPERT, I KNOW ALL THE TRICKS, therefore I am less likely to be fooled by them than you!

Is this true or not?

You were FOOLED by trickery that is beyond your level of knowledge.

This is the arrogance of believers, they assume they know all the tricks and therefore because THEY cant explain it, it must be real. This level of arrogance astounds me.

The worlds smartest scientists, psychologists, magicians and so on, the vast vast majority do not believe in mediums or psychics, yet some housewife from Burnley, or a teenage boy from Stockport, with little to no knowledge of magic, trickery, psychology and so on, can state with authority that a medium is genuine because they did not see any trickery.

And then they have the nerve to call skeptics like myself, or experienced magicians, close minded for refusing to accept the "evidence" in front of us.

Just think for a minute, who you are, what you have done in your life, you actual experience and knowledge level in this genre, and then say you are the best placed to say if something is true or not.

Unknown said...

colin donated to dog charities - he loved animals dearly therefore he's not covering up for something bad - he had genuine passion and loyalty towards the charity. he was giving money genuinely because he was earning a lot and wanted to see I'll treated animals given a proper home and proper care - that to me makes him a good person. And you might know the truth about cold reading but you DO NOT know the truth about life after death . You know nothing about consciousness nor does the top brain scientists because it's a mystery . Science is starting to back the theory of eternal consciousness. How can awareness arise from matter ? It can't.

JD said...

So because he donated to charity that means he cant be a fraud? What kind of backward logic is that? Have you thought that charity was a way for him to justify his fraud?

Also I hear that his Animal charity in Spain is being investigated right now too, due in part to the fact they don't actually physically save any animals!

Unknown said...

No I mean the fact he donated to countless charities tells me he's a good man and he had many dogs he cared for and they say any human who has affection for animals is a good hearted person . I'm not disputing his charging people might have been inappropriate but i really think your years of taunting his "ability" is somewhat ridiculous . You only have to go to his old Facebook page to see many people adored him. And why did they adore him? Because he gave people hope. Simple as that. You forget death is something billions fear - some people have dreadful fear of death - Colin whether genuine or not eased many people's fear of death. You seem to lack to emotional intelligence. All this calling him disgusting and raping people's memories etc yet not for a second do you consider the emotional aspect to all of this. Namely bringing a degree of ease to so many who are terrified of death . Can you offer that ? I'm sure you'd say we die that's it. To some people that's as terrifying as anything they can think of.
So keep attacking him because there are thousands more mediums who continue to heal and many do not charge.

Unknown said...

You obviously know how hot is is? You better stock up on the factor 50 then! You could be there tomorrow...........

JD said...

So Jimmy Saville donated £80 Million to charities, does that tell you that he was a good man too?

Again your logic is flawed.

And yes I dont disagree, he did give people hope. FALSE HOPE. Which he then cruelly manipulated to take their money!

And I am perfectly able to understand the emotional aspect of all of this, in fact it is that what drives people.

He was directly abusing peoples emotions for his own financial gain.
He was manipulating their memories, playing off their grief, and all for money! That was his own interest.

And EVERYTHING I have said here, I have said directly to Colin when he was alive.

The man was a fraud, a proven exposed fraud as a matter of historical fact.

And yes there are thousands more mediums doing the exact same act, and I do my best to expose them too.

And just because a medium does not charge, again does not make them any less fraudulent, it just means they have different motives for their crimes.

Unknown said...

Hitler liked dogs as well !

JD said...

Very good point

Unknown said...

The fact is Jon - you say you know 100% that CF was a fraud - well that's a blatant lie because if you could 100% prove mediums are fake you'd be a very popular, very rich, well admired man but you're not. You are making assumptions , intelligent as they may be , you still cannot explain how Colin could inform someone about a specific nickname or specific date or specific location and he's done that. I remember one reading I saw live he said to a man sat in the audience "I have your friend here who died in a motorbike accident. He's telling me about the £80 you never paid him and he's showing me you stained one of his records by placing your coffee cup down on top and it spilt over the record" - as a result this man broke down. These are very specific things which are not generalising, they're specific memories Colin is tuning into. If I'd been the "fraud" giving that message I would've said something different so Colin is often bang on with specific memories. And Colin had terribly bad eye sight and hearing so he wasn't reading body language or listening for reactions etc. he often went on and on with specific memories so just perhaps he was tuning into the minds of people from another state of existence.
No matter what you say I cannot accept you know the truth because you only keep chucking the same random statements without any proof.

JD said...

I didn't know you knew Hitler?
I hear that Hitler and Colin Fry have been getting on quite well in the afterlife! Lots in common

Unknown said...

Well said Young Once . . . I extended an invitation to Jon to send a couple of people here and I would show them the truth . . . a refusal is what I got. I used to mentor potential Psychic/Mediums on line . . . but had to stop because of my ill health . . .

JD said...


Why would I want to travel half way the world at great expense, to be sat in a dark room, and watch a magic show that is controlled by others?

Hell Id probably be searched head to toe, and put in handcuffs to make sure I didn't grab the cheesecloth! lol

JD said...

I know he was a fraud because I know how he did his tricks. I KNOW his former tour manager, I KNOW everything that went on!

So yes 100% a fraud from personal knowledge, experience, oh and the fact he was exposed by his own peers!

You wont accept what I say, because to accept the truth would mean to accept you were conned and a fool, and who would want to admit that they have spent hundreds if not thousands on lies and their entire belief structure is a lie!

I dont blame you for denying the truth, I understand it, but one day you will figure it out!

Ok so how do you explain the trumpet incident?

Unknown said...

Surely he got on well with him before he died, oh I forgot it doesn't work like that. I rest my case as well.

Unknown said...

I believe the trumpet incident was a case of showmanship - I do not believe Colin always faked things. And you say you know everything so tell us ! Tell us what you know to convince us Colin was fake . Come on don't be shy. In what way could Colin possibly have said those specific memories other than actually communicating with the deceased . What apparent tricks do you know of other than cold reading ???

Unknown said...

Ectoplasm is not cheese cloth ! Have you done your research ? Many have witnessed the substance flowing freely from the medium's body and forming into figures and shapes of people. How the hell could cheese cloth do that ?!

JD said...

"Many have witnessed" Oh the amount of times I have heard that statement.
Ok show me the footage of ectoplasm materialising in full light, or filmed with a zero lux camera then?

Oh wait no such footage exists, and why?

I am sorry but this is getting boring, as I am repeating myself.
Stop making magical claims if you dont have any evidence to back them up.

JD said...

So you accept that he 100% got caught cheating, but you call it showmanship!
So did he only cheat that one time that he just happened to get caught? All the rest were legit right? Is that what you are saying?

What evidence do you have to say that just a single physical mediumship seance he performed was real and not cheating?

Your naivety is astounding, and seriously I have heard some naive people in my time.

I KNOW Colin was fake because I understand how he performed his tricks, so when I watch an unedited reading of his and analyse it, I can break it down step by step and show anyone how it was done.

I know his former tour manager, so I know everything that went on before, during and after shows.

Now if you want me to expose a reading of his, you need to give me a copy of the reading, it would be foolish for me to just listen to a remembered anecdote of something and then expect to give an explanation.
We KNOW that memory is fallible, which is why I insist of hard evidence that can be examined and therefore exposed.

Other methods than cold reading include of course hot reading. And trust me the lengths that psychics will go to, to find out prior info on someone is amazing.

Although people like Sally Morgan just ask people to put memories of the dead in a bowl, which she then reads backstage! lol

So yeah, you give me an unedited readings that you are 100% convinced is real, and I 100% guarantee you I can show you how it was done!

Do you see any other skeptics prepared to back up what they say like I do?

I am prepared to put my reputation on the line, because I am so positive I am right about Colin Fry, because I was on the inside, not a foolish fan on the outside like you.

So come on, stop with the silly stories, back up what you say.

Shelley said...

Words fail me!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Oh dear another fraudster dies. More soon hopefully. These people are vile creatures who prey on the vulnerable and terminally stupid for monetary gain. Interesting that the Fox sisters who kicked off the spiritualist movement admitted in later life that it was all trickery and not supernatural abilities. I have no time for fools who believe this garbage.

Unknown said...

God loving eh. Any proof on your man god there?

Unknown said...

Mate if u did all u say n taken them on and won how the hell have a never been subjected to hearing of u before.

Unknown said...

I assume he had a criminal record as is required to be a criminal as you refer to him on several occasions?

Unknown said...

God loving eh. Any proof on your man god there?

Unknown said...

Not one cares though

JD said...

You do not need a criminal record to partake in criminal activities

JD said...

crim·i·nal (krÄ­m′ə-nəl)
1. Of, involving, or having the nature of crime: criminal abuse.
2. Relating to the administration of penal law.
a. Guilty of crime.
b. Characteristic of a criminal.
4. Shameful; disgraceful: a criminal waste of talent.

Unknown said...

I read with interest the comments here with regard to Colin Fry and in turn psychics in general. Though for the most part I agree on the fakery I do however have a different slant as to where they receive their 'messages' . Many psychics believe what they have is a gift. A gift from whom? If it's a God given gift then they must believe in God, in heaven and in God's word. Yet God's word tells us in no uncertain terms that "those who consult spirit mediums are something destestable in God's eyes" therefore their gift is not from God. His word also tells us that " the dead are conscious of nothing" so how then are these psychics consulting with the dead? The messages therefore are coming from elsewhere. Demons are very intelligent spirit beings. They see all, they hear all and they are extremely good at mimicry. They can speak as our dead loved ones and they can appear as them too. Many are fooled by them and of those who are fooled many are so called psychics. It is then ironic that those that are in receipt of people's hard earned money, the likes of Colin Fry, are they themselves being deceived. The deceiver becomes the deceived.

JD said...

They do NOT receive messages, 100% of what they do can be explained and replicated, no exceptions.

Its not the devil, it is not demons.
To even suggest such things is to completely miss the point and lack understanding of what it is they do. The trickery they perform.

So please Vanessa, read up on their tricks, and stay away from the even more ridiculous idea that it is demons feeding them this info. It is 100% NOT demons, as demons do not exist any more than spirits, God, Bigfoot, Midget aliens on Mars, the Loch Ness Monster or fairies.

Unknown said...

I'm actually astounded by your response. I can see it is impossible to reason with someone who does not have an open mind. We will agree to disagree and leave it at that.

JD said...

Ok, prove to me that demons exist? Just one piece of catagoric proof will do.
Otherwise you are clearly just a religious nut.

Unknown said...

I find you more than a little rude and therefore refuse your request.

JD said...

oh and PS. I curse you. I have just put a curse on you! :D
Enjoy your day

Eleyse said...

You realise mediumship operates under entertainment by law, therefore he's not a criminal, in the same way that people admitted to seaworld can't complain that they're not seeing wild orcas.

JD said...

Oh dear, WRONG again!
Mediums CHOOSE to call what they do ENTERTAINMENT, so that they do not have to prove what they do is real.
There is NO legal requirement whatsoever forcing mediums to call what they do entertainment, In fact any medium can call what they do real!

The problem with that, is that because they cant prove it is real (since they are all frauds) they would easily get done by trading standards!

So wrong again my friend, but keep trying!

And remember EVERY medium that calls what they do entertainment, are admitting that they are 100% a fraud!

Have a nice day!

Unknown said...

Jon . . . Do you or did you know there are one of two ways of being or becoming a Spiritual (Psychic) Medium - well there are two ways that I know of - the first being that you are born with the gift & secondly . . . a traumatic experience a person has suffered can also trigger the gift . . . which is just that . . . a gift. I am not sure if Colin's partner can clarify further of what I am about to say if not it doesn't matter because I happen to know that when Colin was around about the age of 7 something happened which triggered this whole thing off. I am trying to remember what Colin or a dear close friend of Colin's said. I can't remember it all verbatim as it was around 25/30 years ago I was told this.

Lorraine you may well scoff at this but I personally had many a traumatic experience as a child & which set things off for me but I wasn't able to understand what was going on. My journey proper started when I was introduced to a Husband & Wife team through one of them doing a reading for me. I won't go into details of what happened suffice to say the lovely lady took me under her wing & helped me develop & use the gift wisely.

I sort of wandered off the mark there (sorry Colin) but I just want to remind you sceptics . . . you soul destroyers that Colin worked hard to achieve his goal in life which was to become an Ordained Minister (Reverend) & for that I salute him . . .

Unknown said...

Grow up Jon and move on ffs. Who's next on your list 'Me?' Go for it . . . oh dear you aren't in the UK are you. Oh and by the way . . . not all Mediums work in dark rooms . . . I don't . . .

JD said...

Give me your name, and I will happily expose you as a fraud

JD said...

You are wrong on some parts, let me correct your ignorance.
There are indeed two ways to become a medium.
Eyes Open - Someone who knows they are a fraud
Eyes Closed - Someone who is deluded and believes they have magic powers.

For the record these terms are from the spiritualist industry! Yep insider knowledge!

Colin was an eyes open medium, i KNOW this as he used trickery that I am aware of, as well as the fact he got caught cheating. I know his former tour manager who let me in on his tricks, and I witnessed first hand Colin cheating too.

Colin may have worked hard, but it seems that "Karma" got him in the end, as he died a broke, sad, manipulated old man.

Oh and that is a fact too! And many of his external family and friends, have contacted me to thank me for speaking the truth. Which amazed me, but they appreciate the fact they cant speak out, where as I am not afraid to.

Unknown said...

Wrong again . . . you have sent that to the wrong person . . . I have never discussed anything about ENTERTAINMENT . . . try sending it to the right person

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Unknown said...

Delete the message once you have the details please

Unknown said...

Does the above mean you can now rest . . . with regards to Colin . . .

JD said...

Do you have any idea how hard it is to track everything people say on here? Most intelligent people just join my forum and debate on there where it is easier to keep track

JD said...

I will never rest. Colins name is being used for something he didn't believe in, if anything his legacy is being tarnished more than I ever could

JD said...

Why did you post your address? I do not want it, I asked for your name!
Why are these things always so difficult.

JD said...

Actually just email me direct, you seem like you are prepared to prove your claims, so i am prepared to give you a chance. Email me, and we can talk serious, no piss taking, no banter.

Unknown said...

Well you will make a rod of your own back . . . go on where do I find your Forum . . . will give me something to look at . . .

JD said...

The forum is linked to from this very page 7 times! And you still ask me!
Ok here ya go http://moh2005.proboards.com/

Unknown said...

Why are you so thick. It's YOU that's the bigot. I've told you that I have the right to my opinion and my opinion is that Colin Fry was genuine and a good man who brought comfort and hope to thousands.

JD said...

Yes you can have an opinion, but your opinion is proveably wrong. Therefore to call me thick, is just a tad ironic.

Unknown said...

Hi guys. I am staying neutral here in a way. I have 'seen' things myself. Never spoken to, never heard anything, just seen a few things that caught my attention. I'm not saying I believe but I'm not saying i don't. Jon, do you mind me asking, how do they 'fake' it? Honestly, I'm just curious, not judging your point. I do think he made people at ease with his 'messages'. It made his audience feel content and at ease knowing that their loved ones are or could be looking over them. But at the same time, it is true to say there are many 'fakes' out there.
I don't tell many people that I've noticed the odd 'thing'. Example was, I saw out of the corner of my eye, a woman walking across the room of my friends kitchen. I hadn't known my friend long so didn't know anything about her past. I explained to her what I saw. This was only because she saw me glancing over and nagged me to explain what was wrong. When I described the woman to her, she started crying. She then walked over to a draw and took out a necklace and a picture. The woman in the picture was the same woman I caught a glimpse of. She was even wearing the same cardigan I described. It turned out, this was the best childhood friend of the friend I was talking to.....she had been murdered over 20 yrs before. The blue cardigan was used to strangle her to death after the traumatic attack. Hence to say, she was in tears and i had a chill of what had just happened.
Again, i tell very few people of these scattered 'events' i have due to ridicule. But there are definitely people out there who 'fake' things like this and take advantage of people.
Can you explain how you feel people like Colin have faked their spiritual messages? Again, I'm not saying anyone here is wrong or right in their opinion. I'm just curious how it can be faked.
Thanks Jon

JD said...

You ask how they fake it. You need to be more specific, its like asking me how a magician does his tricks! There are many methods. But remember, and this is a scientific and historical fact. 100% of mediums fail credible tests 100% of the time when the chance to cheat is removed. No anomolies, no exceptions, they ALL fail.

Your experiences although interesting can all be explained using psychology and science.

As for Colin, he faked his readings mainly using cold reading (psychological techniques), sometimes he just plain cheated (Trumpet Incident proved that), he sometimes hot read (did research before a reading), so many ways he faked it. Just watch any unedited video of him giving a reading and it is quite easy to see how many questions he asks, how he manipulates the answers he gets and repeats back info he has just been told in a way that makes it sounds like he came up with it.

Click the forum link at the top of the page, and join our forum, easier to answer your questions on there

Unknown said...

My late Nanna attended that evening the light got turned on she told me all about it the trumpet was above colins head and dropped into his hands when the lights came on it is said colin had a naughty spirit with him that night as a fee items had been throw including the trumpet thing colin was tied to the chair and how he got out of them ropes no one knows they hadnt come undone they still at the knots in them a full investigation was done on the ropes they showed no sign of been cunt nor snapped by any kind of force so it was accepted it was the doing of a naughty spirit a friend of mine wanted to see colin she bought me a ticket so off course I went with her I was mortified when colin brought up a secret I never told s soul he got that I had been abused when I was a kid the exact age I was who that person was to me his name and why I never told a soul which wasnt the normal stuff he threatened and scared me or I was scared id get in trouble or wouldnt been believed it was for a much deeper reason I went there a skeptic and wondered ever since how colin knew the exacts details of something only myself and the abuser knew

JD said...

Hi Anna, I felt a little sad reading that, as clearly your Nan was a "true believer" and that is not a compliment. Also your description of what she told you happened after the lights came on, is the exact excuse that the SNU wrote up, as a way to cover up the fact that Colin got exposed. I am guessing when you hear the same lie enough times, and you are already convinced someone has magic powers, you end up believing the lie as the truth.

There was no naughty spirit called Daniel. The full investigation was conducted as a way to cover up the event and rescue this young mediums career, it evidently worked.

Please understand I am not saying your nan lied to you, I am saying that she was lied to, and took the excuse at face value and then repeated it.

I want you to try something. Allow yourself to be blindfolded, and taken into a room you have never been in before, sit in the pitch black for 2 hours in that unfamiliar place. then take off your blindfold and switch on a BRIGHT light, after 3 seconds, turn light off, and put blindfold back on.

Then record everything you could see, trust me, in those 3 seconds, you wont know where you are, you wont be able to see cause of the pupils in your eyes re-adjusting, you will be confused, your heart beat will raise.

Now in that seance, as well as being sat in pitch black for hours, your nan would also have been put in a psychological condition of complete openness, suggestion, everything thrown at her to confuse and manipulate her senses, and then the lights come on, forget 3 seconds, everything that happened, happened in less than that, as when Colin realised someone put the lights on, he had to think fast and slumped to his chair.

Do you really think that your nan, after hours in the dark, psychologically manipulated, in a completely suggestible state, that she had the ability to be critical about what had happened.

In a moment, everything she thought was real, and had experienced in her life was wrong, was a lie, imagine yourself in that position, YOU WERE WRONG, you were LIED TO. How easy would it be to just accept what people who were in on the gimmick said, if it made you feel better?

Colin Fry was a fraud, 100% proven, I have analysed his readings, unedited, and I can show you EXACTLY how he did them.

If you had a recording of the reading your received off Colin, I guarantee you I could show you how he did it. 100% I have never ever failed at showing people how a reading was done.

Do you know how many times people have said to me "but he told me things there is no way he could have known", yet when I listen to the reading, I can and have shown exactly how they did it.

Your nan wasn't an expert in magic, so she never knew how tricks were performed, how a medium could easily escape from their bonds, and get back in etc. Magicians have done these tricks for centuries. Your nan simply was just a woman taken in by a cult.

I know this is hard to hear, and clearly you are a believer.
But everything I have said is the truth, and even when I spoke to Colin personally, one on one, he NEVER claimed it was a naughty spirit, he NEVER gave me an excuse. He just said "what happened, happened"

He was ashamed, which is why after that he never did public seances again, he did do private ones, but never public ones.

The man was a con artist, a fraud, I said this to him, and he just shrugged his shoulders, because he knew the truth.

Feel free to join my forum (link at top of page), and I can help you learn as much as you want about how mediums perform their tricks, I can explain anything that you want explaining, if you have some kind of physical evidence, like video, audio anything.

If you prefer to live in ignorance, that is fine to, ignore everything I have said, keep your memories and beliefs as they are, and probably best you dont visit a skeptical educational website again. But living a lie, deluding yourself, will only ever lead to pain and extended grief in the long run.

Anonymous said...

The delusion is strong with you.

Unknown said...

Colin fry isn't a fraud i was in one of his audiences with myself and my family and everything he told us he was totally true

JD said...

Well clearly he was a fraud, a proven fraud infact, are you aware of The Trumpet Incident?

Just think for a second, is it possible that you were fooled? Afterall magicians fool people every day with seeming miracles.

What qualifies you as to judge whether a medium is genuine or not?

Josie beeagle said...

Hello Jon. I have experienced many strange phenomenon. I would like to ask you one question, do you really believe everyone tells lies about their psychic experiences. If so you have a lot to learn.I could not and would not prey on people who have lost their nearest and dearest. I am not a fraud and of sound mind. There are poor sick people who experience vivid auditory and visual hallucinations and suffer because of their illness. Yet fraudulent and unfraudulent people who claim they see and hear things don't suffer or take pills to control their experiences.it's interesting fact . I always remember someone telling me A neurotic will build a castle in the sky, a psychotic will live in the castle and the psychiatrist will collect the rent.

JD said...

No I do not believe people lie about their experiences, I have never said they do and would never suggest that everyone lies, some do of course, but the vast majority do not.

No one in the UK comes close to my level of experience and knowledge on this subject, so I would never make such a blanket statement so not sure where you got that from.

I would say that people misinterpret their experiences, they misunderstand them, they lack the critical thinking abilities to correctly identify the cause of their experience and so on.

Let me give you a quick example of the difference between someone like me, and a believer in the paranormal.

I was at an investigation at Manor House in West Bromwich (a place Most Haunted once did a show on), I was invited on the investigation by a medium, and her entire class of trainee mediums. I was the only skeptic. I was put in the worst position, everything was designed to "shut up the skeptic" I was shut in the attic on my own, in the cellar, witness all different kinds of mediumship.

Anyway as we were just walked across an area, a huge heavy wooden door slammed in my face. No one was the other side. The medium who was next to me jumped and cowered in fright behind someone else. And after she had calmed down started saying "there Jon, how do you explain that"

Now I jumped a little, as anyone would, but I didn't cower, I opened the door, I INVESTIGATED. The door hadn't been gimmicked in any way, there really was no one else around, I opened the door, I closed it, I tried everything. The other people present they left the area to carry on with the investigation, smugly thinking that I couldn't explain what had happened.

After about ten minutes, I figured it out, the door had been wedged open, and was held open by catching the wooden floor board, as the three of us approached the door, our combined weight on the wooden floor meant that the door was no longer wedged, so under its own weight slammed shut.

I replicated and test my theory and proved it to be true. I debunked the event.

Now A believer doesn't feel the need to go the lengths I did to debunk it, they do a few quick checks and just accept it as being paranormal.

This is critical thinking, rational mind working on something which is very simple.

If I wasn't who I am, I could have finished that day convinced that a malevolent spirit had slammed a heavy door in my face to prove to me they were real, and upon recounting the story, no one would be able to debunk it.

I dont know who you are, so I have no interest in calling you a fraud because I dont know if you are or not.

But one thing I am very very sure of, You do not communicate with the dead, you have no magical or psychic powers, you cannot see the future. You are a normal human being like the rest of us, at the worst you are a cruel hearted evil fraud preying on the vunerable and gullible, at the best you are a well meaning but sadly uneducated (in this area and critical thinking) person.

If I am wrong, then prove me wrong, if I am right, then shout abuse at me, call me a fraud, say things like "who are you for me to prove anything to"

Either way makes no difference to me.
For in well over 13 years of doing what I do, no one has ever proven me wrong, no one has ever done anything I couldn't explain using rational and critical thinking.

Adrian Heath said...

Anecdotal evidence is not evidence at all. For every person who claims to talk to the dead there is another who claims to talk to Jesus or Allah or their spirit totem all say different things frequently claiming exclusivity so if anecdotes are reliable evidence I have to accept their claims which contradicts another persons claims which contradicts another's etc etc. Provide proper evidence and stop talking out of your superstitious butt hole.

A Robson said...

it's impossible to read all these posts, so apologies if this has been covered. I despised Colin Fry after seeing him on TV telling a woman that her son was fine and she should let him go, and not worry anymore.
She then tells him that he is not actually "passed" but is in a coma.
Rather than back out, Colin tells her that he wants her to turn off the life support machines !.......enough said.....!

JD said...

Yes I remember that, really angered me too.
Any chance you have a clip of it?

A Robson said...

afraid not....
I may not remember it exactly, but there is a definite point where he decides to "blag" it out -and it just makes no sense,even in his own terms of communicating with the "passed". To then suggest what he did was deplorable.
What "believers" fail to realise is that skeptics like myslef would love it to be true too ...but it simply cannot be.

I was surprised to get a reply..i thought this thread was maybe over.
I only found out HE was dead when i came across your site.
i have to admit, I was glad.

JD said...

I try to reply to all posts on here, I get a notification of all comments as I have to approve them.

And you know he is dead now, and he died a villain, so his legacy is what it was, he cant harm any more people that is the most important thing

Unknown said...

Jon, YOU need to be specific with information about how he cheated, the question does not need to be specific. Give Specific answers and facts. He can't have cheated absolutely ALL of the people in his shows there were too many of them and he cannot have researched all of those to whom he gave messages. Tell us in detail what you have found out.

Unknown said...

People are willingly giving him money, it is their choice therefore he is not a criminal!!!

Unknown said...

is 53 old? That's news to me!!!

Unknown said...

You sound so bitter Jon, the language you are using. What tricks did he use?

JD said...

The man is dead now, I have exposed his methods many times, whats the point going over and over it, click the link to the forum, join up and search for Colin Fry and you will find plenty.

And you do not need to research everyone, he mainly used cold reading techniques, which are enough to fool your average Joe, like you for example

JD said...

You heard of The Trumpet Incident?

Adrian Heath said...

Omfg Karen Mount you are making me facepalm so much. Your cognitive dissonance is horrendous please never never ever breed !

Denise said...

People loss family and friends and it's hard , some people believe in God others believed in Colin , wether he truly has a talent or not he has helped hundreds of people live more sisterly we grief , we all have our right to believe or disbelieve what we choose , why Jon Dennis can't you believe what you believe but keep it to yourself? Why shatter the peace that has been bought to people ? , I don't see you trying to prove yet like spiritualism there is no really proof , let people make up there own minds and get a new hobby mate

Denise said...

People loss family and friends and it's hard , some people believe in God others believed in Colin , wether he truly has a talent or not he has helped hundreds of people live more sisterly we grief , we all have our right to believe or disbelieve what we choose , why Jon Dennis can't you believe what you believe but keep it to yourself? Why shatter the peace that has been bought to people ? , I don't see you trying to prove yet like spiritualism there is no really proof , let people make up there own minds and get a new hobby mate

Unknown said...

My friend was the lady who got the message about her Ann summers cards and Spanish fly I was sat next to her, it wasn't edited on the tv show whatsoever and he was absolutely spot on so unless you were there how can you have opinion on what happened..smart arse!

JD said...

Laura can I ask you, are you an expert in mediumship? Are you an expert in the techniques of frauds?
Are you aware that Colin Fry got caught cheating in the infamous "Trumpet Incident" red handed by his own peers, not skeptics, other mediums.

How do you justify his proven and admitted fraud that day?

Carla said...

Its true that some psychics do fake some things and yes we all know that but in amongst that their are some genuine predictions that thay give.We have to be carefull what we speak out as their is power in words.We can be responsible for bringing about a persons downfull if were not carefull.

Adrian Heath said...

Genuine lucky guesses is probably a more accurate description.

Xarragh said...

what Colin fry was doing on the show is possible, you'd have to do it yourself to prove it to yourself. However you cant change it with personality into something more than it is or hype it up! spirit communication is not for profit. Use it for prosperity for yourself, Sell the story by all mean, But it doesn't make you better or worse then anyone else.

Mark said...

I got a private reading of Colin fry and the 6 things he told me where all correct in my house,so how was he to know that at all when he did not even know me and we met well away from my place,if he was guessing I would say 4 out of 6.Things like why had I been in my house for 6 years but just painted upstairs and not downstairs which was true.Also why do I not put my clothes in the wardrobe instead of leaving them on hangers all over the house.

Adrian Heath said...

I suggest you look up cold reading, warm reading & hot reading. There are a myriad of different techniques used by mediums to convince their victims, factor in the mathematics of probability/chance and a modicum of lucky guess work and bang suddenly the grief vulture oops I mean medium sounds convincing.
When the opportunity to cheat is removed 100% of mediums fail 100% of the time.

Unknown said...

I notice that Jon never answers directly the questions put to him about why he feels he has the authority to be judge and jury regarding the conscience of psychics and just why the particular issue “haunts” him so much. It really is mentally unhealthy to be so obsessive and from a psychological point of view would indicate narcissism and also unresolved emotional issues that are behind this driven behaviour. Honestly - you’d think Jon was the messiah of granting salvation! I am sure there are many times in your life where you have hurt people and even deceived them. Your comments read like an angry child demanding certainty and for things to be a certain way. It’s really quite laughable and sad. I believe intention is the benchmark of behaviour and I don’t think any of us should act as judge and jury regarding psychics who truly believe they have a gift. I also think it’s incredibly insulting to view their clients as all victims. People over 18 and of reasonable sound mind have the responsibility to decide their beliefs for themselves. You are ironically perhaps causing more hurt and upset to people brought comfort by Colin Fry than he himself caused! I am going to go out on a limb and say that this crusade of yours was caused by some kind of narcissistic/emotional injury that you are in denial about and this crusade is your subconscious attempt to heal it! Oh and by the way - you do realise that science itself is not set in stone? Even scientific theories have been reviewed and changed in light of further evidence. And you do also realise that evidence itself can only be documented by the tools man designs?! Which means there could be all kinds of evidence that we cannot yet measure or even perceive and so anyone who says they will only believe things proved by science is kind of showing themselves to be unintelligent and closed minded. The trouble is is that not everything fits into a neat black and white scientific box. Much of the “reality” we experience in life is subjective. There are things in this world that we just cannot explain and that’s what makes life so damn wonderful and scary at the same time. I feel very sorry for you and hope you get the help you need as you are obviously a very unhappy, angry and self righteous person and likely have narcissistic tendencies (unable to self reflect/accept criticism).

A Robson said...

..this is "badpsychics" not bad psychology ! What a lot of nonsense.

Adrian Heath said...

Joanna, if you are expert enough in the field of psychology to diagnose someone with narcissism based on their posts on one thread of their own website then you are surely expert enough to understand the importance of fully going through the grieving process without interruption and the alteration of memories which is what frequently happens as a result of consulting mediums and yet you make no mention of its detrimental effects. As for beliefs sure, believe what you want, but when those beliefs ripple out into the real world affecting other people as frequently happens with psychic mediumship it is unreasonable to expect everyone to just sit on their hands and say nothing, the freedom of psychics and mediums to state and practice their beliefs in a free society extends equally to those whos beliefs and experiences are diametrically opposed to them, the clue is in the website title "bad psychics" if you don't want to see people slating psychics you really probably shouldn't have come here, there are plenty of pro psychic websites out there so coming to a largely anti psychic website moaning and bitching about how we are expressing our opinions is kind of arrogant don't you think? And psychoanalysing someone as essentially a malignant narcissist as you have is not an effective debate tactic (It didn't work against Donald Trump) nor does it look particularly good either. BTW if Jon was a narcissist it is extremely unlikely he would have approved your post and allowed it to be published here,which I might add is more than most of us who try to post on a pro psychic website get to do. Also, beliefs are the gatekeepers of actions, do you condone the action of Christian scientists who let their kids die of some curable illness because the intentions of their beliefs were good? Some beliefs are not good regardless of the intentions of those who hold them, intentions as benchmarks of behaviour should be taken into consideration only up to a certain extent.

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