25 August 2015

Colin Fry Dead

News has come in this morning that Colin Fry finally lost his battle against Lung Cancer.

Let me firstly say I offer my condolences to his family and close friends.

Colin passed away peacefully in Hospital in the early hours at 2:50am on the 25th August 2015

But with that said, I do not feel sad, I do not feel happy, I feel indifferent.

I pleaded with Colin to help take down the psychic industry, the SNU and so on before he died, but he refused. For him even after death, there was too much for him to lose if he came clean, and that is sad, but I can understand that, he has to try to protect Mikey, just imagine the lawsuits that would come about from the thousands of people who Colin took money from to pretend to talk to their dead relatives. It would leave Colin's estate in ruins. So although I would have preferred he die a hero, I can understand that dying a villain was the easier option.

Colin Fry never quite reached the pinnacle of British Mediumship, he was always overshadowed by Derek Acorah, and then both were overshadowed by Sally Morgan. Colin Fry also never really got past the fact he started his career after getting caught cheating by his own peers in the now infamous Trumpet Incident.

So what is the legacy that Colin leaves behind?

He convinced thousands he was legit, but never once proved his claims in a credible scientific study.
His legacy is as empty as the promises he made.

I always got on quite well with Colin on a personal level, we had many a conversation over the years, but I could never quite get him to admit to me it was all an act, although not too close to his death I spoke to him and I asked him something, and he replied in a very interesting manner. So I will leave you with what I said and how he replied.

Jon - "When you die can you do me one favour, I want you to haunt me, I want you to do whatever you can to prove you still exist on whatever level you can.

Colin - "I think we both know that will never happen"

For those who knew him, remember the man, not the act, not the gimmick, not the tricks.
For now he is dead, he cannot take a penny more from people to pretend to talk to the dead.


Unknown said...

Yes he was a fraud along with Derek ackora and sally Morgan shame on them

Unknown said...
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suki said...

What utter rubbish you have written, Colin gave me a message in a show that was for me and only me, spot on and he could never on this earth have made it up. Proof it came from the other side . One lovable Medium who is going to be missed. R.I.P. Colin

JD said...

Do you have a recording of that reading Colin gave you? if you do I can show you EXACTLY how he did it!

Also are you aware of the Trumpet Incident, a moment whereby Colin was caught cheating by his own peers and fellow mediums, and was exposed as a fraud in the Psychic News under a previous name he used?

If you are unaware of that, then you clearly do not have anywhere near the kind of knowledge needed to make rational decisions regarding the truth behind any psychic act

Pebbles said...

Mr. Donnis, you hounded Colin when he was alive, have you no respect for him now that he has passed away? You are the most despicable man I have ever come across. Just because you do not believe in what Colin did does not make it rubbish. Why did he, or any Medium for that matter have to prove that what they can do is legit? Who are you? A nobody! Some of us are lucky enough to know it is legit because we also have the gift Colin had and others because they are believers. Why don't you just leave the man alone and allow his family and friends to grieve. There was no need for you to post this rubbish about him. Why don't you just crawl back under the stone you crawled out from under and keep your views to yourself? Yes, there was an incident many, many years ago which Colin deeply regretted, and if the Psychic News really believed he was a fake they would not have had him write a regular column, as they did in later years.

Because you are a non believer, it does not make them fakes!

JD said...

I did not hound him when he was alive, I told the truth, and Colin Fry himself on his personal facebook page once stated that I was in fact the ONLY skeptic he would talk to, as he respected my opinion, and he told his own fans to stop abusing me.

You also do not have any idea of the personal nature of my correspondance with Colin.
I spoke with him about his own death, about what he did, and those conversations will remain private for ever.

I KNOW as a fact that what Colin did was CONVINCE people he communicated with the dead, by using known psychological trickery as well as hot reading. There was never any doubt in my mind about that.

The reason why a medium should have to prove what they do is real is because they are earning money directly from peoples grief, and the fact that they cannot prove what they do is real, makes it fraud, like it or not that is the truth.

Remember Colin got exposed as a fraud early in his career by fellow mediums and believers!

You ask "Who are you", Let me tell you who I am, I am someone who KNOWS how the trick is done, I know the secrets behind these fake mediums methods, and for that I will expose them and call them out.

You claim to be a medium as well, well I say to you "Pebbles" or should that be Lyn? Yes I remember you. Well I say to you that you are a fraud. maybe you are deluded, maybe you are eyes open fraud like Colin was. Either way you do not communicate with the dead, you cannot heal people with your hands. You are a liar, and you are a danger to peoples health and to their mental health.

Maybe I should look closely at your own claims and see if you are breaking the law, maybe you are not declaring your income to the tax man?

Oh and the fact your dad is an Atheist is all I need to know about your so called powers! Cant even convince your own family, yet you have the nerve to come on here, abuse me and call me despicable.

At least I tell the truth, you are a nasty person, who takes advantage of grieving vunerable people for your own gain. And that dear is DESPICABLE!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Here here ☝ nailed it

idontseedeadpeople said...

.Keep up the good work people dont like to hear the truth. Psychics are advertised as for entertainment only for a reason and says it all. These people would sell their own mother for money let alone rip anyone off they could. I would change the law and lock them up. Wake up fools this man is doing you a favour. There is no uncle bob on the magic phone.

Pal said...

Jon Donnis is absolutely spot on. He's dead and rightly condolences should go to his family and friends, but he was also an exposed cheat who refused to hold his claims up to proper scientific scrutiny and scammed thousands.

If I'm wrong let him haunt me himself.

If people want to sceptics to go away they need start proving their claims beyond a reasonable doubt or spot whinging when they get called up on their claims.

This is why I support the Fraudulent Mediums Act and why it should be enforced more often. It's up to the believers to prove their claims and if they can't they should face justice. There's no more to it!

JD said...

Those who do not charge do it for the ego boost. Usually they have hard hard upbringings, bullied, abused etc, and by pretending to be a medium, it makes them feel special, and better than normal people. It is often accompanied by various mental disorders and psychosis.

JD said...

The Fraudulent Mediums Act was abolished a few years ago and now psychic industry comes under the Consumer laws.

JD said...


Unknown said...

Fraudsters that what they are and anyone who's foolish enough to pay these charlatans in my opinion need their heads examined

Unknown said...

Well put Jon

alfonsofish said...

A repulsive little crook. It's a pity there is not a hell for him to go to.

Woody said...

Anyone who thinks that skeptics are just venting their personal disbelief, just being negative and trying to insult people who are supernaturally doing good, they couldn't be further off the mark.
My advice, to all who believe in psychic powers and the mediums who make money from them,
look up cold-reading ... not necessarily on a skeptical site and definitely not on a psychic medium's site. Just look it up (how closely it mirrors so called psychic readings is astounding). It will also probably hint at other tactics used by fraudulent 'psychic' showmen which can also be examined and compared to the recorded readings.
Take Woody's advice and before long you will probably be making points very similar to those we skeptics make. You too will be appreciating the work that Jon does and respect that he knows about these fraudulent tactics and there use as well as any of us. I have gained from his research into the subject and appreciate the posts he writes here.
Beware, if you have not studied at least the basics of cold reading, warm reading and how easy it is to make others believe that you know things which you really couldn't have known, then you are way below the level of someone who should be insulting us and telling us about the reality of psychic mediums.
Had to get that out of my system, thanks for reading.

All the best,

JD said...

All good points.
Always a believer will say they know all about cold reading, yet truth is they know very very little.

JD said...

Thanks guys

Unknown said...

I just wonder Mr Donnis what your qualifiactions are to judge Spiritualist phenomena.?

Is it the over 40 years experience as I have had ?. Over 25 exclusively with physical mediumship ?. An academic background perhaps where you are conversant with research and investigation, like I have been involved in have been for over 25 years in university research ?.

How many 'physical' seances have you attended ?. Over 100 as I have, or how many of Colin's ?

Were you there the night I was with Riley Heagerty from the USA, when his dead son materialised and spoke with his father and touched him ? ( I was sat next to him by the way ). How could a childs hand touch me, and touch his father when there were NO children in the room . .

How could Riley have a detailed and personal conversation with his wife vis direct voice. Yes I was there as well, and at many other seances where loved ones were unitied. But perhaps Riley was deludued and did not know his son and wife and the events they talked about ?. Perhaps he was deluded eh ?

Lets here about your PERSONAL experiences of physical mediumship Mr Donnis, not your armchair criticism.

Tell us about the investigations you have done and the physical mediums you have sat with overe the years, your experience and qualifications to make judgements....You may then have a little more credibility.

Dr Lewis

JD said...

Hello Malcolm, nice to hear from you.

Right I will try to answer your questions best I can.
What qualifies me, well to start off I am the single most knowledgeable, and experienced skeptic in the UK when it comes to psychics/mediums, I have experienced pretty much every kind of psychic/mediumistic phenomena first hand.
I am highly knowledgeable in the fields of magic and trickery, I am a world wide published writer on this very subject.
Oh I also trained as a medium with a teaching lineage that went back to Gordon Higginson.

Now at the end of the day lets be realistic here, no "qualification" exists to examine a claim that has never been shown to have any validity to it. So what we have left is opinion. Now some of us will have an opinion based on knowledge, other on experience, some of us on both.

Now you claim to have had 25 years of exclusive experience with physical mediumship, that is lovely, can you show me the footage of the seances you attended.
Of course anything in dimly lit dark rooms can instantly be excuses as clearly faked, and even a amateur magician can replicate pretty much everything in such a seance room.
So please let me see the footage recorded with Zero Lux cameras, which show everything in full detail?

Oh wait let me guess, it doesn't exist. I wonder why!
Well for the long list of excuses you are about to lump at me, please first read this

JD said...

Yes the technology exists! Yet still silence from the physical mediums.

So your claim is that you have attended over 100 physical seances.
I know a girl who has attended over 100 magic shows.

Yet strangely despite this "experience" she still cannot tell me how many of the tricks work.

I think you get my point. Just because you have been fooled over 100 times, does not make you an expert on anything, in fact it makes you more of a fool.

You also forget that Colin Fry was exposed by his own peers of fraud, when they turned the lights on, hook line and sinker, 100% proven fraud, and despite the best efforts of the psychic news and the SNU, the cover up never really worked. I made sure of that.

You call me an armchair skeptic, nothing could be further from the truth.

The difference between me and you is a very simple one.
You have been fooled a million times, where as I dont get fooled cause I know how the trick is done.

And your pathetic attempts to talk down to me clearly fail, as you didn't do your research as to who I am.

Colin Fry HIMSELF publicly stated on his personal Facebook page, that I was the ONLY skeptic he was willing to talk to IN THE WORLD!

Yes Colin Fry! The man you are trying to defend, actually respected me, and spoke with me for countless hours about all manner of subjects.

So how about this, why dont you put your dick back in your pants, stop trying to play "I'm more experienced than you" because you WILL lose every time. And we try something different.

No anecdotes, no fanciful stories, you give me something you cant explain, something you are convinced is real, a piece of well lit footage from a seance, a reading by a medium, whatever you like, and using my EXPERIENCE and KNOWLEDGE which clearly is much more than you, I will show you how they did it.

Remember just because YOU do not know how a trick is done, does not make it any less of a trick.

And because you try to be clever and come back with some smart arse witty response, why dont you ask your friends at the SNU who I am, What I know!

I am not some armchair internet skeptic with a big gob, who has just watched Most Haunted and now calls himself an expert.

No, I am the guy that ALL the media comes to for help and advice. I am the guy that the likes of Richard Wiseman and Chris French come to for HELP AND ADVICE

I am the guy that James Randi personally recommended on his site.

I am the guy that Victor Zammitt spent two years trying to destroy, but find out he had met his match when I exposed his internet actions.

I am the guy that took on Sally Morgan, Derek Acorah, Tony Stockwell, David Thompson, Stewart Alexander, Ron Jordan, Glyn Edward and beat them all!

I am the guy that when I say something, I back it up.

So wind your neck in, have a think, chat to your liar friends.

And when you actually have some evidence, not fanciful anecdotes of when you were fooled, but actual PHYSICAL evidence of something, you come back here, and you present to me like a mature adult, and not some pathetic old man trying desperately to try and hold on to the delusions of his past.

JD said...

ps. Apologies for typos and poor grammar, writing all of this on a phone is a bloody nightmare.

Oh and English is my second language. Well third really, actually make that 4th since I should throw in Koin Greek along with Cypriot Greek and Modern Greek. Yes I can read the Bible in its original language, you should see me take on the Christians, they don't know what has hit them.

Unknown said...

Interesting.... says it all really does it not, particular when you have to be abusive to get over your ranting and you don't answer the questions!.

. Closed minded skepicism at its best!..I can smell the bullshit in England !

Dr Lewis

JD said...

The point is Malcolm, you are not talking to some random armchair skeptic on the internet. You are talking with the absolute best.

Now the fact you ignore every question I put to you, just shows the world how right I am.

Now how about you go back to sitting in the dark with the old fogies, while the conmen do their little magic shows, and fool you week in week out, while you give them your £30

The is no fool like an old fool, isn't that a saying you have?

And to dare call me close minded is hilarious, when all I have asked for is evidence, proof, and you refuse to give me any.

Goodbye Malcolm, as the kids would say, you got pwnd

Woody said...

Even the famous Houdini revealed the deceitful trickery of many dark room seances complete with bonus apparition, which were so popular in his day. I find the history of it so interesting.
His own performances were not just tricks with the equipment, but also commonly his use of amazing physical discipline and adaptability.

All the best,

Unknown said...

There has been evidence and filming of physical mediumship and materialisation, the fact you have not noted or noticed this or seen it just shows your lack of research into the subject.

Likewise should modern physical mediums film the phenomena, and it was shown to be genuine that would not be sufficent for you would it ?.

No matter what tests or conditions you impose, not matter if all of those were met it would not suffice would it...It cannot as you have decided from the ourset that such phenomena cannot exisit, so it is a pointless excercise!!

By the way you ar WRONG to think all physical mediumship takes place in the dark. There are many instances of materialisation taking place in red light ( see Alex Harris for one ) and white light ( Carlos Mirabelli )..With multiple witnesses in front of respected scientists...

Are they all fools.?. I defy any so called magician to replicate that phenomena..You included.

I hope I am not too arrogant to know it all and call myself 'the best'!! I am quite happy to point out your inaccuracies, but hope to do so with some mutual respect and not abuse.

Dr Lewis

JD said...

Not interested in the red light or blue light nonsense. You said IN THE LIGHT, so show me the video footage!

Why is this so hard to do?

If mediumship was filmed IN THE LIGHT, or using a zero lux camera, then at least I would have something to examine.

Instead we get ridiculous grainy images that show nothing but 100 year old parlour tricks!

And yes if I saw something I could not explain, I would be open and honest about it!

And Magicians CAN AND HAVE replicated ALL such phenomena, in fact they do much more miraculous things in FULL LIGHT in front of a live audience of thousands!

So far you have not pointed out a single inaccuracy, but you have avoided sharing a single video that backs up just one claim you have made!

So here is the challenge, I challenge you to back up just one of your claims, and that being that physical mediumship has been done in the light.
Show me the footage?

If no such footage exists, then I call you a liar and a fraud, and I am right once again!

Woody said...

While I am leaving little comments amid this debate, I must admit my amazement that a supposedly ethereal, insubstantial, disembodied spirit still manages to physically touch one or more people!
Holy shit!


Unknown said...

Convieniently ignoring the reply I sent you and the link then ?

Dr Lewis

JD said...

Not at all, I saw your post, but I did not approve it as it contained a link to an external site.
A site which I care little about and does not interest me.
Also worth noting they have NEVER debunked me! Which is a bit annoying and ego bashing, considering I am the single greatest thing in skepticism today!

Oh well, it is hard being untouchable!

And as for people ignoring things, you STILL ignore EVERY question I put to you!

You are like this pathetic little liar, who just met their match in the great Jon Donnis, and has to keep deflecting and changing the subject, quite funny really.

I did think you would put up more of a challenge.

Unknown said...

Your own 'Ego' and self promotion' does more to damn you that I ever could. I thought my link may be too near the truth for you.

Debate ended

Dr Lewis

JD said...

And once again the believer fails to back up a single thing they say, and then runs away when the going gets hot!

Lets look at the facts of this debate. I have backed up EVERY SINGLE CLAIM I have made.
I have been prepared to put it all on the line, my reputation, my site the lot, in confidence that I am right.

Where as you Malcolm Lewis has FAILED To back up ANYTHING you have said, you have made magical claims, tried to deflect the conversation, and as a last ditch attempt posted a link to a site that has NEVER EVER been able to "debunk" me, In fact they have tried and FAILED!

Yep your last volley once again proved I am right!

I knew Colin better than you, I Knew he was a fraud and could prove it.

Debate is over, as usual the great Jon Donnis wins once again and the believer sulks away into obscurity!

12 years of dominance, and still no believer can even get close to proving a single claim they make, or anything I say as wrong.

I will no longer approve any of your posts/comments, UNLESS they include a link to PROVE a claim you make, so if you claim a physical mediumship seance has occured in the light, if you dont include proof, a video showing it, then I will just delete and ignore.

I waste enough time humouring delusional minds such as yourself, so time to take a harder stance.

Oh and I know you emailed that site BEGGING them to debunk me! And how would I know that! lol!
There is a good reason they daren't write anything about me! Up to you to figure it out!

Unknown said...

Wen U asked Colin to come back and haunt U after death,he replied in the negative probably as it is not normal for a spirit who knowingly passed over to return to haunt someone.Visitations yes,but U did not ask for a visit!

JD said...

I think you are thinking to much.
Remember at Colin was not a real medium, he did not communicate with the dead, and there was a good chance he never believed in an afterlife.
So if he is floating about somewhere right now, I am sure he would come visit me, which he hasn't by the way, therefore it is safe to assume he is not in an afterlife, but is just dead. Like everything science tells us to be true

Woody said...

I find it very curious, reading the unknown commenter above, that a person is instructing others on the possibilities available, the ghostly actions open to passed on, disembodied spirits.
An area, a realm, a supposed separate world/dimension/plane that has not been detected let alone studied by science (which is our way of knowing things without bias), has been described, its inhabitants and what they are/are not capable of detailed.
It reminds me of 'Bigfoot experts' who tell any who will listen about the habits and abilities of the famed but still unproven creature. They seem to ... they actually admit to ... basing all of this knowledge on reports, anecdotes which sometimes even have second hand corroboration but certainly not enough actual proof, shown data to be included in biological record.
Maybe people, expert or not, who tell us about the details and restrictions which apply to ghosts are doing the same thing, seeing enough commonality in the masses of anecdotes to feel that this represents knowledge of the unknown powers that control it.
This is how to describe magic, to invoke wide-eyed wonder in others, not how to separate facts from exciting fiction.
If anyone thinks I am wrong then I invite them to tell me that they think so, provided they then tell me WHY I am wrong, that I may consider the dispute.

All the best,

Unknown said...

Jon, as a Christian I am intrigued, how does the Greek Bible differ from the English one?

JD said...

Lets put it like this.
Your question is the same as asking how does Rolf Harris' version of Bohemian Rhapsody differ from Queens version.

They have the same words, the same tune etc.

You could look at it like that.
For example JW's rely on unknown collection of I think it is 7 people to translate the bible from Greek to English, and they mess up the translation in a few parts which is why their religion is different to various Christian ones, they mis translate the word that means Cross for example.

Now because they cant read Koin Greek, they have to rely on others to translate, so they lose the meaning, or the feeling behind certain stories etc.

Anonymous said...

You need to examine the facts. For example the ‘trumpet’ incident – how did Fry actually get loose? Have you read any report about this? If so (and you should have done), what is your view of what was found about the severed ties? To keep repeating the same things over and over again does your case no good. How is it that Fry demonstated before large audiences in the NAS when his ties were thoroughly checked? Also the phenomena that occurred would have been impossible by ‘normal means’ even if Fry had loosened himself. Why don’t you read some of these NAS seance reports and offer an analysis of these?

Anonymous said...

I had a sitting with Fry when he was a physical medium and my report of this was published by the SPR, which as you presumably know, is composed of a wide range of people including hardened sceptics. Despite my invitation, NOT ONE person even tried to account for the phenomena witnessed. If you email me, I will send you the report and will be interested to see if you can do as Fry managed to do.
By the way, I am NOT a spiritualist or even a survivalist and regard post-mortem survival to be highly unlikely.

Anonymous said...

'I am sure he would come visit me'.
You seem to make a lot of sweeping statements. Not very scientific and it does your cause no good at all.
Incidentally, I wrote two reports for the SPR, which were published.
An experience of evidential sittings, Psi Researcher, November 1995, pp.8-10 (London, SPR).
Witnessing physical mediumship, Psi Researcher, May 1996, pp.16-18 (London, SPR);

I assume that as such an expert, you have all SPR material or at least access to it. Have a read and publish your analysis of how either medium achieved what he did. And, despite my invitations to SPR sceptics, no 'explanations' were ever tendered.

JD said...

Oh dear, the gullibility is strong in this one!

Ok, when the lights are off, naughty people do naughty things that no one can see, because it is dark.

JD said...

If you can provide me with video of the sitting, then we can talk.
However anecdotal reports from people SITTING IN THE DARK, are not evidence.
At least magicians perform their tricks with the lights on.

If a magician performs a trick, sometimes even the best magicians in the world cant figure it out, until they look closer.

Now imagine a magician working IN THE DARK, it now becomes a million times easier to fool people because you are either taking away entirely their strongest sense, or you are limiting and manipulating it.

Therefore they are left to use other senses, which are simply not as strong, or that the people are not as used to using.

There is a great audio only 4 minute clip, called "Virtual Barber"
You play it through headphones, while wearing a blindfold.
By the end of the clip, not only do you feel convinced there is someone cutting your hair, you can feel them walking around you, talking from different positions, despite the fact you are only getting audio from 2 directions, your left and right ears. Such a simple manipulation of hearing and a great example of how easy it is to fool someone.

Again, I have read thousands of reports, but unless you have VIDEO evidence, everything you describe is meaningless, as you are just recording how YOU were fooled by a magic trick.

Remember despite what spiritualists claim there is NO reason why such seances can not be filmed. No reason. We have zero lux night vision cameras that can film at the bottom of the ocean, yet we cant film in a seance because the "infra red" might hurt the ectoplasm! Come on, only an idiot would believe such nonsense, not to mention the complete lack of understanding of how the infra red light spectrum works.

So yeah you can go on my forum, publish your report, I will tell you how the tricks were done, you will deny it, and we will get no where.

In fact go read this article of a piece of technology that now blows every excuse spiritualists have out of the water.

This camera can film IN PITCH BLACK in FULL colour! and in HD!

I wonder how quick the spiritualists will be to make an excuse as to why they cant use it!

Same old parlour tricks being used for over 100 years, and sadly you have fallen for them

JD said...

Skeptics offer no explanations because to do so is a joke.
The claims are so without evidence, so ridiculous, so pathetic.
It is like taking time out to explain to a child how Santa cant really travel fast enough to deliver 2 billions presents to the kids around the world.
Or why the tooth fairy is not real.

Also I am not a scientist, never claim to be.

But I do understand one thing about science and spiritualism.

Start with a hypothesis, design a theory, prove what you claim, have that claim replicated around the world. We now have proof.

Make a claim, get exposed, make the same claim, get exposed, make the same claim again, but turn off the lights, get exposed, make the same claim again, but turn off the lights, and stop people from moving, It must be real because you cant explain how we did it!

It is riduclous, and sad that grown adults believe that magic is real when it is performed in the dark.


And in 100% of cases whereby a seance was filmed, it has shown fraud! EVERY SINGLE TIME!

There has never been an accident, no one has ever gotten hurt from ectoplasm, there is NO science whatsoever to it all, and only gullible fools believe in it!

Now my advice is to go back to Victor, and tell him I am not biting!

And if by some miracle you didn't come from him, then post whatever yo like on the forum, it will get ripped to shreds by people much smarter than you, you will get all abusive, call us names and then disappear.

Oh and there is a good reason Colin Fry stopped doing public demonstrations of his fake physical mediumship.

Now I know a HELL of a lot about Colin, just ask his widow if I can back up what I say.
i know EVERYTHING. So please dont try to goad me, because I have no problem destroying the tattered reputation of Colin, although his record of fraud is enough.

He will forever be remembered as a sad pathetic man, who died broke, died a villain, and died a fraud.

Anonymous said...

As an open minded reader I found myself laughing at Jon's comments what is great about you Jon other than your ego? You denigrate mediums who charge for their services and also those who don't charge so they can't win and your principles don 't prevent you for asking for donations.You describe Colin Fry as making millions but say he will be remembered as a sad pathetic broke (ie penniless ) old man - in your mind perhaps but even your massive ego must accept that one man's opinion means very little in the great scheme of life. you say provide proof and videos I don't know of course but can spirits be instructed to perform on cue? You say that you are a respected figure in your world but I can't respect a person who claims to know all the fakery but doesn't offer any explanation to genuine psychic experiences except to deride them and insult the person who provides it. For example I myself have just one psychic experience in my life to narrate in that I heard my Grandfather come upstairs go along the landing and close the bedroom door a week after his funeral .This you will dismiss with your usual arrogance as unproven and the vapourings of a deluded mind but I know it happened and many more people than you can accept will have had similar experiences that is why you and your fellow sceptics can never win by hurling abuse and insult at serious open minded correspondents such as Dr Lewis and your attacks on a dead man are to say the least distasteful

JD said...

It is funny how believers in magic have to state over and over again how they are open minded, when the opposite is clearly true. And how skeptics who are open minded by nature dont feel the need to state it, since their position is obvious.

Anywa, I only denigrate fake mediums, it is not my fault that 100% of mediums fail 100% of the time when the chance to cheat is removed in CREDIBLE scientific tests.

As for Colin Fry, EVERYONE who knew him personally, will remember him as a sad, pathetic, man who died broke despite earning millions in his career. His fans can think what they like, but those who knew him, know the truth and I am sure that is all he would care about if the afterlife was real and he was off floating somewhere>

And YES according to spiritualism and mediumship spirits can and are instructed to perform on "cue" since that is what happens at every spiritualist church in the country and ever mediumship show in the world!

And you say I do not offer any explanation to genuine psychic experiences, lets forget the stupidity of that statement for a second, afterall how can you explain away something that is genuine! lol. Fact is I have and do explain 100% of recorded psychic events, because none of them are genuine!

As for your experience with your grandfather, I do not deny it happened, in fact I am pretty sure it happened exactly as you describe. The problem is that you have no proof outside of the anecdote. We live in a world of smart phones with HD cameras on them, yet none of these anecdotes ever come with any of the easy to find proof. Funny that!

Firstly if you only HEARD it, how do you know it was your Grandfather? You see it is this that exposes your experience. You HEARD a noise, and you have deluded yourself into believing it was your grandfather.

I just heard a noise, and I have decided that it was a midget alien from Mars walking on my landing, go into the toilet before disappearing down the shower drain.

My experience is as likely as yours, I have as much evidence as you do, yet my experience if i was to describe it to any normal person, they would say I either made it up or I imagined it. Yet the experience is identical to yours! And as worthy evidentially, thats being worthless.

You see the difference between a skeptic and a close minded believer like yourself is that if a skeptic heard a noise, they would go investigate, if they started to see something they would grab their phone and film it, so that they could eliminate hallucinations etc.

Where as you, just accepted it, and class it as proof of a psychic event.

As for my attacks on a "dead" man, again as a believer to make comments like that are so ridiculously funny and idiotic that you cant help but attract rudeness.

If you believe in an afterlife, then Colin is NOT dead, and I can say what I like, as he is alive and well and can defend himself, and if there is no afterlife, then everything I say is right anyway, either way I end up being in the right as I always am!

Anonymous said...

Jon who is trying to goad you? It seems that you are trying to goad everyone who offers a different opinion to you and your massive ego, where are you great? Perhaps in your mind? But seriously if you want to be taken - seriously! don't just hurl insults at people who are trying to have discussion with you. Myself I have had two paranormal experiences in my life so I know there is something 'out there' that science can't explain and I won't debunk mediums' claims completely. You say that Colin holds you in some respect , have you heard the saying 'keep your friends close and your enemies closer' ? Personally I find you attacks on Colin Fry even after death extremely distasteful. You criticise mediums for making money and in the next breath sneer at those who don't take money, you describe Colin as a 'sad pathetic man who died broke', ( ie penniless) so what happened to all the millions you allege he has made ? We are all here to survive even you ask for donations!! so what is wrong with using whatever talent you possess to make a living? and if it is a good living more power to you but don't forget theatres have to be hired, goods for sale have to be paid for to the makers , travel costs must have been high so it's not all profit. TV maybe has a lot to answer for but surely even they wouldn't aid and abet a conman? Which you so obviously think he is! I don't see it as wrong to give people comfort in their bereavement ,you do the most harm in trying to discredit the solace received because without your intervention they will never know the truth if you are to be believed so why try to destroy their hopes and dreams in the name of truth which can be good or bad? Gullible people will always exist and there will always be people tp exploit them but don't tar all mediums and their believers with the same brush

JD said...

Let me guess, in your group of friends you are the witty one, you probably post on some woo forums, and if someone claiming to be a skeptic comes on, you eat them for breakfast.

So because of this false authority and experience with us nasty evil skeptics, you thought you would come on here to take me on.

Firstly you wasting your time, I have more knowledge and experience of this genre in my little toe than you and your entire family have put together.

You say that I try to goad anyone with a different opinion. Ok lets take opinions out of the equation, give me some evidence, give me some proof, in fact prove me wrong on anything I have ever said about the paranormal.

I am guessing you cant.

As for Colin, you keep going back to him, which is fine, however I have been in communications with his direct family. Not one of them has said a single bad word to me. Not one. Only his Husband Mikey was a bit pissed off with me, and even then, and this will amaze you, he kinda likes me!

As for keeping your enemies close etc. I am not stupid, but then neither was Colin. He could be sat besides me, sharing a beer, chatting about a mutual interest and being my best friend, I would still expose him as a fraud.

You know I think that is one of the things he liked about me, I never once bullshitted him, never spoke behind his back, never lied once about him or to him. Imagine a life time of being surrounded by sycophants, wannabes, and leeches, I was probably a welcome and refreshing change to the usual he had to deal with.

I expose ALL mediums, whether they are "eyes open", or "eyes closed", whether they make thousands in theatre shows, or if they give a free reading in their front room.

There is no difference to me, they are grief vultures, they are dealers in the drug of grief.

And yes I do ask for donations, dont get any, but if I do, I am very clear that it is 100% for me, no lies, any money I get goes into the beer fun. I help hundreds of people each year, and I never ask for a penny, in fact when they want to donate, I tell them to save their money, I dont want it!

And I have no problem with someone using a talent to make money, but if that talent is to con people, then sorry that is a talent I cannot let stand. Because not only do I know how the trick is done, I can help others understand how the trick is done, and if everyone knows how a trick is done, it stops being magic!

As for TV, they are only interested in ratings and advertisers. Hell Uri Geller a 100% proven magician, can still get on a TV show and call himself a psychic!

So how about this, once again I am willing to put my rep on the line.

Show me a reading, unedited, that you are 100% convinced is real, and I 100% guarantee you, I can show you how it was done.

And as for mediums they EXTEND the grieving process, they RAPE the memories of the dead, and that is a pretty evil crime.

Ok, if you want to post more, please do it on my forum where more people can join in, and more people will read it.

I am wasting my time replying on here.

Forum is at http://moh2005.proboards.com

All posts if they dont break the rules are left unedited, you can say what you like, offer up whatever defences you like, and the forum is a healthy mix of skeptics and believers.

So dont be scared, we dont all bite, only me!

Alisha said...

I'm not certain how to preface this, but I would like to express my thanks on a job well done. I m not sure how the search engine brought me here, it might have been spirit guidance perhaps...? Bad joke aside, as a very curious agnostic, I find your intelligent, well informed, rational and sensible approach and your staunch stance against the masters and wannabes of illusion and make believe admirable. There must be some well meaning ones who genuinely want to help but go about it the wrong way, as you yourself stated.
I had to comment as this particular article resonated and reminded me of a fascinating item I read about in regards to Houdini"s dislike for spirit peddlers. I'd like to believe my departed loved ones continue on happy and peaceful somewhere, but I've no desire to consult mediums and their dubious ilk for reassurance.
Coming back to Houdini, did he not issue a final challenge and offer the mediums a chance to prove they're the real deal, depending how you look at it? Many of them claimed to have made contact with his spirit but none could confirm the secret password he'd left with his widow. Something to that effect.
Great read; keep up the good work Mr Donnis. I'll now go back to watching Grave Encounters !

JD said...

Thanks for your comments.
I do believe a medium did come up with Houdini's secret word, but only after his wife had revealed it to a journalist.

Unknown said...

Cilinical was a kind warm man I went to o show the same year he sadly passed away. . I was a sceptic until I saw him amazing factual the only decent genuine psychic on the planet. Rest in peace Colin xj

JD said...

I was a skeptic before I saw him, and a skeptic after, mainly due to the fact I knew the secrets behind his act, I knew how he did it, so clearly I wasn't gonna be fooled.

He respected me for my opinion and often defended me to his crazy fans despite the fact I can consistently exposed him

Andre said...

Jon, Could you provide the full interview that you took the quote from. I would be interested to know what Colin said after he said "I think we both know that will never happen." and how the conversation developed from that point.

JD said...

It wasn't an interview, it was an informal private email chat, I had been in contact with Colin for years and years, and we often spoke via email.
I dont think it would necessarily be fair to publish what was his final thoughts to me in public.

The only real bit of interest was the bit I quoted, and even that I only mention because for me it was something of a vindication from him to me, and an admission of sorts, even if done in a vague manner.

Other people can take it any way they like, but as someone who knew Colin for many many years, I know what it meant to me.

Andre said...

Hi Jon, That's cleared things up a bit. The quote looks more like an email exchange than a verbal conversation, but I still think I'm missing something. Was this the first time that you had made a request to contact you after he had died? If you had made a previous such request that might explain the wording of his response.

It's not that I don't believe that Colin could be a fake psychic but I have a problem believing he could be so stupid as to make an open (if veiled) admission to it.

JD said...

I say to all mediums of whom I share correspondence with that I would like them to haunt me after they die.

Also keep in mind when I spoke to him then, I was unaware of his financial situation, I was trying to get him to come clean and "die a hero" by taking down as many mediums as he could, and dealing a serious blow to the spiritualist churches and the SNU, I wouldn't do it, I shortly after found out he was broke, and perhaps if his financial situation hadn't been so bad he may have done what I asked, and admit it all was fraud before he died, but he knew he would need to rely on his fans to donate to his husband after he died, as he was basically gonna leave him nothing.

So I understand why he never admitted it publicly, and I think he also knew he could word it in such a way that I would understand, but that also people could question it or deny it if I chose to publish it.

Colin knew me well, I never lied to him, and I questioned him many times about his fraud, and until that email he never flinched once.

In fact to me he was quite open about the famous Trumpet Incident, and never tried to blame any "mischievious spirits" like the SNU did in the cover up.

JD said...

"I wouldn't do it"
I meant "He wouldn't do it"

Adrian Heath said...

Reading your post made me nearly facepalm myself to death anyone who believes in psychic powers obviously bought their doctorate off the internet. You are sad gullible and very silly please go away.

Unknown said...

I really do like this website, and you do a great job at exposing psychic frauds. That said, I'm not sure you engender respect by being so egotistical, or are you just being humorous, Jon? Statements like "...the great Jon Donnis.." and being "untouchable" are really a bit much and it makes it hard to take you seriously. You sound like a skeptic version of Donald Trump - hardly very winning or attractive.

It's a shame, because you are very thorough and incisive, but since I've read these diatribes of yours in this comment thread (particularly the rambling ones where you attack rather than present cold, straightforward facts), it feels like you have let emotion get in the way of sober thought and your ego has come to the fore.

Anyway, best wishes from one skeptic to the other.

JD said...

Yes many people dont get my humour. And my humour comes from doing this for over 13 years, being so bored and tired of having the same arguments over and over again.

I do what I do for free, Never made a penny profit. I am a true altruist, but even I just get tired of it, and sometimes the only way I can go forward is if I amuse myself.

I have no interest in getting plaudits from the skeptical community, or winning bullshit awards, or back patting.

The egotistical stuff, that is just part of the Jon Donnis character and I do that to wind up people I know are simply beyond learning.

Sometimes I do go to far i know that.

But you try presenting cold straight forward facts, then doing it again, then again, then again, and again for 13 years straight, facing the same ignorant stupid replies, the same ignorant stupid people, and then tell me if you would carry on, I am the ONLY person in the UK who had done this kind of skeptical site for this long and to this level, no one else comes close. No one, seriously!

Half the skeptics out there doing little blogs, podcasts and so on, they all started off on my website/forum, some of them started off as believers, and I was the one who educated them, of course now they would never admit that, as they try desperately to become famous, doing the SitP circuit or QED etc.

So yeah I will take the piss out of myself, I will destroy stupid people.

And until someone comes along, does what I do better, bigger and more consistantly, then i will keep on doing what I do.

90% of what I do you will never see or hear about because I dont advertise it, you wont see me blogging about my charity work, or sticking "award winning" on my site.

I dont care what people think or say about me, I dont care if the skeptical community like or hate me.

I just do what I do, and people can take it or leave it.

Anyway glad you enjoy the site, and hope you keep enjoying it.
As for me, you should follow me on twitter and enjoy my rants against Creationist Christians, they are proper batshit crazy.

Unknown said...

Hi John,just wanna give you a big thumbs up! How and why in the 21st century grown adults still believe in this nonsense is astounding to me

JD said...

Thanks for the thumbs up, a double thumbs up back to you.
And yes it astounds me too how people can believe such nonsense, but then people believe in a lot of crazy stuff, whether it is fairies in their garden, magic men who live in the sky, or people who talk to the dead

Unknown said...

I must admit Religion,belief in the supernatural and all the other crap that goes with it is now my pet hate,i can understand why people want to believe in it all but it only really takes a quick shake of the head and a drop of common sense to realise its all ridiculous eh

sp769 said...

The adage 'There is no fool like an old fool' has also been matched by the old adage 'It is easier to fool someone than convince them that they have been fooled'.
Ain't that the truth!

Unknown said...

I believed in Colin.
Wonderful man who helped heal the minds of many destressed people regardless of cost. He healed grief for so many and grief is possibly the worse feeling ever.
The end.

JD said...

You believed in him, I can tell you with 100% confidence and knowledge in him and his techniques, that he fooled you.
He never healed grief, he made money from it.
Oh and he died a broke man too after many bad decisions.

Unknown said...

There are some very bad people who do an incredible amount of damage....lynsey well stead being one of them.he caused great damage to my life and the way I grieved for years.truly a despicable person...but having said this..I have also spoken to real mediums who have come up with real truths..and accurately predicted future events...they are real.I have known both types.....but please add lynsey well stead to your list a dark almost evil person who deliberately abused ethics in the worst ways possible.people like thus should be stopped at all costs as they can create damage that lasts for years

JD said...

Hi Emma.
I would love to put this bad psychic on the list, but you mentioned that you know read mediums.
I would love to hear about them, see them work, even hear the reading they gave you.

Unknown said...

sally morgan had an earpiece during show someone speaking to her from broadcast room ? Not sure

JD said...

Yep old news. You didn't think she was really psychic did you?

Sparky480 said...

I know this is old but I just came across your website and I have found it very interesting. I really enjoyed your takedown of John Edward but I'm not familiar with this Colin Frye.

Not that I want to change the subject, but I had some run-ins with Zammit on Spirittoday and our email circle. I was wondering what did he try to do to you? How did you respond?

Zammit's website is despicable, blaming victims of atrocities for their ordeals. He also seems to be obsessed with this David Thompson, someone I'm sceptical of. He lies on his website and frequently misquotes people. I can never find any real criticisms of this guy outside of Harry Edwards, but he only concentrated on Thompson.

JD said...

Has Zammitt been talking about me again?

My advice toyou is to just ignore him, stop wasting your time on spiritualism forums, never pay a penny to any psychic ever again, and move onwith your life.

The entire industry is corrupt from the bottom to the top. Will only bring you misery and pain.

David Thomas is a fraud, dont waste your time there either, Zammitt is in on the whole game, he makes a living from gullible people.

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