13 August 2017

A Warning about Deborah Davies Psychic Medium aka Deborah Jane Higgins (McDonald/Davies)

UPDATE: 14/08/2017
Just a small update, since we published this article Deborah Jane Higgins changed her social media name in an effort to throw people off and so that this article would not be linked to her in google searches.

This article was originally published in September 2014, and the information contained will refer to her under the name she was using then.

I republish this article due to the fact she has been getting some media attention and that people need to be aware of the truth about her and her claims, as well as her history.



The following article was sent to me, the author wishes to remain anonymous due to the aggressive nature of the psychic being talked about, as such you can direct all your abuse to me on Twitter @JonDonnis Please enjoy my little disclaimer below, as we all know how much these psychics like to use Disclaimers!

The following article is the opinion of the author and may not correspond with the opinions of BadPsychics.com

This article is for Entertainment purposes only, and/or for scientific experimentation



I have pondered long and hard about whether I should write this article, and come to the conclusion that it is in the public interest that I do so. There are two reasons for this.

Firstly because I think there is a chance that vulnerable and grieving people might be ripped off.

And secondly because of something which happened last year that I found extremely disturbing (this is detailed at the end of this article - under the section entitled Madeleine McCann Claims).

I therefore ask all readers to carefully consider the evidence that I provide here, do more research as they see fit, and then make up their own minds about this person.

Background of Ms Higgins
Sometime last year, I happened to come across a Facebook page called “Deborah Higgins Become a Fan!!” It is run by a self-proclaimed psychic/medium by the name of Deborah Jane Higgins, who is also known as Deborah Jane McDonald (her maiden name) or Deborah Jane Davies (as a result of her second marriage). Although I hadn’t heard of her before, I was astounded to see what a huge following she has. It has since swelled to over 140,000 Facebook “likes”. That's almost double that of Sally Morgan and around four times as many as Derek Acorah. 

As far as I can ascertain, Ms Higgins has managed to gather a huge number of fans even though she has not appeared regularly on TV, nor does she perform shows. According to my research, she simply ran a beauty salon in Stockport - which may have since changed hands or been dissolved since the official website given on the Facebook page no longer seems to work. If it has been dissolved, then it wouldn't be the first of Ms Higgins' businesses to bite the dust.

Funnily enough, I also came across this article which publicised her (failed) slimming business. No mention at all of her having psychic powers, even though Ms Higgins claims in one of her YouTube videos to have heard voices since she was young.

One also wonders, if she was really psychic, why she didn't see the failure of her previous business(es) coming.

Analysis of Ms Higgins' Psychic Ability and Claims
But I digress. Returning to the subject of her Facebook page, I personally wasn't too impressed or convinced by some of her readings. Take a look at the following examples below:

Note how she simply asked for someone called Emma Louise whose grandfather was called Albert.

1. Isn't it funny how the spirits are never able to say what their surnames are?
2. Isn't it even more strange that the spirit actually got his relationship to his descendant wrong (great grandfather instead of grandfather)?
3. What's particularly interesting, though, if you look on the right, is just how many people called Emma Louise this statement could have applied to! Theoretically, all she had to do was pick one of them!

Or how about this reading:

Again this is very vague, and the spirit isn’t even able to say for definite who he is – leaving the customer to supply the relationship. The name “Rose” is very common, and the letter “E” could be just about anything. This smacks strongly of cold reading, a technique which stage magicians or mentalists often use to convince the audience that they know more about them than they really do.

And then, we have this very strange reading:

So let’s get this right. With her previous messages, Ms Higgins wasn’t even able to convey the exact full names of the people who had passed, yet here she has a spirit message from a dead dog?! I wonder what Marley had to say; “Woof! Woof! Woof!”?

These were not the only assertions by Ms Higgins that some have found questionable. On her official website Ghost Antics (which has since been redesigned, but the info is still available here via The Wayback Machine), she made the rather grandiose claim that her mother was also a psychic/medium who had been responsible for locating one of the bodies of the Moors Murder victims, as well as working on the Ripper case.

This was later challenged by others - and simply met with personal attacks:

We will return to the subject of Madeleine McCann later in this article. But I personally also find it highly unlikely that Ms Higgins' mother really managed to locate one of the Moors Murder victims’ bodies. I apologise in advance for linking to this video - as it is extremely graphic and distressing - but it also backs up what the challenger to Ms Higgins' claim said.

As for the Ripper, again I don't personally see how a psychic/medium could possibly have helped in cracking that case. According to this link, it actually took over five years to apprehend Peter Sutcliffe. He had been interviewed by the police on at least one occasion – before they finally caught him red-handed with a prostitute in a car which had been fitted with false number plates. The investigation had been hampered in part because of a number of hoax messages sent to the police by Wearside Jack.

Allegations about Ms Higgins ripping customers off
Nevertheless, whether or not you choose to believe that Ms Higgins is psychic, there are other things that she has been accused of. I came in contact with a group of former admin from Ms Higgins’ page (see their Facebook group here) who claimed that there were several clients who paid Ms Higgins for readings that they never got. Or found that the readings they did get from Ms Higgins were duplicates. Apparently, when the clients tried to make enquiries via Facebook, they were blocked. According to the ex-admin, Ms Higgins left them to deal with the unhappy customers - while she went off on holiday. The ex-admin then allegedly decided that enough was enough and "outed" her on the Facebook page.

This version of events was also detailed on a now-defunct website, a copy of which can still be seen here, c/o the Wayback Machine.

Now, in the interests of fairness, I have to say that Ms Higgins and her supporters claim that her Facebook page had been hacked. However, since the people who allegedly "outed" her were actually ex-admin that she herself had appointed, I'm inclined to think that "hacked" is inaccurate. Again, please note that despite claiming to be psychic, Ms Higgins apparently didn't foresee the problems with her admin team. There were also accusations from her side that this was part of a huge hate campaign because ex-admin were jealous and wanted to make money from doing psychic readings themselves. I honestly do not know if the ex-admin had ulterior motives, but let me assure the readers that if this does eventually prove to be the case, then I shall add this info to this article in due course.

Nonetheless, there were one or two points on which Ms Higgins and/or her supporters have (perhaps unwittingly) agreed with the ex-admin's story.

Firstly, on the subject of duplicate readings, I came across a number of people claiming that Ms Higgins had given them readings which mentioned Peter André. I'm not sure in what context, but take a look at this (written by two different people):

And then Ms Higgins gave this interesting response:

So, it seems to me that Ms Higgins has effectively admitted giving duplicate readings and blamed this on the other people picking the same cards. I will leave the readers to decide for themselves how likely it is that two people picked the same cards. I will only say that there are generally 78 tarot cards in total in each average pack. Thus, the odds of two people picking the same cards are less than the chances of a person matching the lottery numbers drawn each week. And the chances of winning the lottery are, incidentally......................................................1 in 14,000 000.

Then I noticed this:

So here Ms Higgins' supporters are admitting that she was behind with her readings - yet she still went on holiday! Not something a professional would do - but again, make what you will of that.

Madeleine McCann Claims
And finally, we come to why I decided to write this blog entry. In August 2013, I was made aware of a series of disturbing posts on Ms Higgins' page. She has since deleted them - but fortunately, I was able to obtain screenshots - along with a statement on psychics from the official spokesman for Kate and Gerry McCann (taken from Jon Ronson's excellent article here):

I think most of us must be aware of the tragic case of Madeleine McCann who has been missing since 2007. One thing I detest about self-proclaimed psychics is when they interject themselves into missing person cases and divert the investigation with misinformation - costing precious time and resources (see Sylvia Browne’s involvement with the Shawn Hornbeck case as one example of this). Note too that according to the McCann’s spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, the investigators look into anything demonstrably checkable - which would mean approx. 100-150 psychic leads in Madeleine's case. All of which, logically, must have been a waste of time because poor Madeleine is still missing. Make of that what you wish. I personally consider it to be evil!

But see here that Ms Higgins claimed she knows everything, that Madeleine is still alive and seems to be blaming the police for not taking her seriously when she tried to contact them two years ago.

It is very odd that Ms Higgins claimed the police were not taking her seriously, given that she had indicated on her own website that she has successfully worked with the police in the past on missing person cases:

But then again, I have found that Ms Higgins isn't always consistent in her claims. PLEASE take a look at this post (on the left) she apparently made about Madeleine McCann on 15 January 2013 and just see if you can spot the differences!!

I really have no words for this. I just leave you to draw your own conclusions

Still, for a brief while at least, Ms Higgins did actually do herself a disservice where her fans were concerned. I'll leave the last word with them - before their comments were removed, that is:

9 August 2017

Pretend TV psychic Paula Barstow aka Lillyanne and her ridiculous haunted doll

Do you remember pretend psychic Paula Barstow aka Lillyanne? We reported on her getting caught giving multiple people the exact same reading a while back. Check that out here

Anyway she is back, and this time she is going along with this new craze of filming a haunted doll, and letting the gullible idiots watching report on things that happen. Usually its an orb that is seen, or a cobweb or something just moving in the air around the doll. Well during her video something amazing happened. The doll that was sat perfectly happy on a chair, suddenly decides to fall on the floor!

On 8th of August 2017, Lillyann posted the video with the headline.

The video in question can be found at this direct facebook link, so you can download it and check it out yourself. The time frame is roughly 42 Minutes and 50 Seconds in to start watching from.

Now usually such nonsense would not even warrant a comment from me. As clearly any such videos of things happening with haunted dolls can be explained away with such ease that a child could debunk it. The only reason I am talking about it today is purely due to the fact you can clearly see the wire in the shot that is apparently pulling the doll to fall.

Now in her defence Lillyann has claimed that it is not wire, and that it is just a hair of some kind.

Well I have created a GIF, sped it up a bit so you can see the doll fall. Unfortunately you always lose a bit of quality on these, but you can make out the wire in the bottom left of the image. Also don't just take my word. Click on the link I gave previously and watch the original recording.

Here is a still shot in the best resolution I can muster. Click on the image to open it larger if you need too.

As you can see there is quite clearly something attached to the hand of the doll, that pulls it.

Again let me stress this very clearly, I encourage you to go watch the original video, go to the time frame I mentioned, open the video full screen on your device, and watch the event unfold. Now ask yourself what is more likely?

The doll is haunted, and moved and fell completely of its own accord, and that there just happens to be a random hair that just happened to be connected to the arm of the doll and that it led off camera.

Or the doll was pulled using the wire/hair.

Using a long piece of hair is the easiest way to fake such an event, as they are almost impossible to see. 


If you believe this to be a real haunted doll, then please leave a comment, I would love to hear people defend this.

We are always on the look out for things like this whereby a psychic pretty much exposes themselves with their own utter incompetence, so if you ever spot anything please get in touch.

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By Jon Donnis

2 August 2017

The Return of The Jon Donnis Show Podcast

Now when I say "return" lets be honest here, I knocked up 3 short podcasts about 7 years ago, using 2 snippets of me taken from the old BadCast podcast, and an interview I had on an Irish radio station. But I was bored a few days back, and wanted to get some info out so I thought I would shove it on the Jon Donnis Show Podcast feed. Well I broke an exclusive on the first one, that being that Derek Acorah was 100% definitely going into the Celebrity Big Brother house. I say "exclusive" despite the fact various tabloids had said he was going in, and that is because I knew that I was telling the truth, whereas the tabloids say Derek's name every year, I had insider knowledge that it would happen, in fact I knew about it back in April but promised not to reveal it, in part because contracts were still being talked about etc.

Anyway after I released that and the millions of people had listened to it (millions in the Zimbabwe currency value model), I watched Derek go in the house, and heard someone in the crowd shout "Mary Loves Dick" and this made me want to record another podcast just to talk about that, so that is exactly what I did.

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31 July 2017

UPDATED: The husband of Colin Fry and his outrage at Psychics using Colin Fry's name after his death

There has been an updated to this article, please scroll to the bottom to read - Admin 01/08/17

It was recently brought to my attention that there are a number of self proclaimed psychic mediums around the world who are claiming that Colin Fry is their new spirit guide. Yes I know, it is ridiculous, but these "mediums" have seen an opportunity to promote themselves and their career by using the name of a more famous medium, who died a couple of years ago. And guess what, I have a problem with that.

I actually knew Colin Fry, and I spoke to him regularly, and although we clearly had huge differences, Colin did respect me, and even once told his own fans to stop abusing me, as they were sending me all sorts of threats etc, Colin publicly stated that I was the only skeptic in the world that he was happy to talk to.

Now before he died I spoke with him in depth, and I asked him many questions, one was if after he died he could haunt me. He told me no. I also asked him if he would ever speak through any mediums after he had crossed over. He said that if he did it would only be through someone he was very close with, and only if his husband Mikey was the person there, he also shared his fears that he knew that after his death that his name would be used by fraudulent mediums as a way to self promote, and that sadly there was nothing he could do to stop it.

Well here we are a few years later, and exactly what he predicted has come true! (Damn how did he know?)

So I am here to call out specifically two people, and also anyone else who has made this claim.
First is a medium called Christine Snowdon

She claimed in an issue of "Spirit & Destiny Magazine" that Colin's death was a turning point in her career and that he was now her spirit guide.

I decided to speak to the one person who knew Colin Fry better than anyone, that being his husband, Mikey Fry. I asked him straight how he felt when he heard of Colin's name being used in this way by Christine Snowdon, he told me...

"First of all shame on Spirit & Destiny Magazine for allowing this claim to be published without any proof, or even consulting me Christine Snowdon is just a wannabe,using a dead man as a way to self promote and get her name out there, she is a leech. I am incredibly offended and I am looking into the legalities of the claim, and I will take action if it is possible to do so"

I think that is pretty clear.

The next self proclaimed psychic medium that I have heard making the exact same claim, that Colin Fry is their spirit guide is a medium by the name of  Tara Coyle

Tara Coyle for those who have never heard of her (and I expect that is most of you) is your classic "hanger on", in more recent times she has desperately stuck to Derek Acorah, and managed to get on tour with him. But one look at her facebook page, and you see lots of photos of her with Colin Fry. So if you believe in the idea of a spirit guide (however ridiculous that may be) perhaps she has a stronger claim. So I put it to Colin's husband Mikey, and asked him if he had heard of Tara Coyle making this claim.

He told me...

"I heard that Tara Coyle had made the claim that Colin Fry was her spirit guide during a seminar in Ireland, I do not believe her for a moment. I am disgusted by her claim, and my only interest now is to expose her. I want to make this very very clear Colin Fry is NOT a spirit guide of  Tara Coyle, or any other medium for that matter.

Both Tara Coyle and Christine Snowdon are using my late partner to perpetuate their lie and fraud and I intend to expose these parasites fully to the public for this so that they will no longer profit from Colin's name. 

I personally have no interest in financial gain from any of this, I just want them to stop using my Colin for their careers, it is not want I want as his husband, and it damn sure is not what he would want either.

I might end up losing some friends over this, but people claiming Colin is their spirit guide is just wrong, I have had enough of this, and am going to take action. 

This feels like a desecration of Colin, a violation of his soul and my memories of him, I just want it to stop...."

That was the end of my conversation with Mikey, clearly his loss is still affecting him greatly.

So where does that leave us. Well I have to be fair to everyone. We have two separate people making claims, that Colin Fry is their spirit guide, so I challenge both Tara Coyle and Christine Snowdon to prove it. If Colin Fry is really their spirit guide, then it is really easy, during my conversations with Colin before his death, we spoke about a member of my family, someone who had been deceased. No one outside of myself and Colin know who this conversation was about. So I challenge Tara Coyle and Christine Snowdon to tell me who this family member was. If you are telling the truth, then it should be easy, if you are lying, well you will stay silent.

Mikey Fry is calling you both liars, and I am calling you both liars. Prove you are telling the truth and I will delete this article, and replace it with a full page article promoting you. I think that sounds fair.

Are you a fake? Are you a fraud? Lets find out the truth.

I look forward to hearing from you both, I am easy to find, just click on the Contact page on this site for details.

By Jon Donis

22nd July 2017
After reading this article Tara Coyle contacted Mikey Fry directly and offered a full apology. She has claimed that this was a misunderstanding and that she only referred to Colin "in a third party light" as a friend, and that she does not claim that he is her spirit guide and she is very sorry for any confusion that may have occured.

Since we have no footage of her making the claim that Colin was her spirit guide, I am prepared to take this apology at face value, and accept her explanation that this was a misunderstanding. Tara has agreed not to talk about Colin Fry in her shows, and not to use his name as part of her act.

If you have heard Tara make the claim that Colin was her spirit guide please let me know, and if you hear her using Colin as part of her act also please let me know.

A message from BadPsychics to Tara Coyle. It is our opinion that you do NOT communicate with the dead, and that you never have, what you do is an act, an act we can and will expose. And as long as you continue to make claims that you can communicate with the dead, and then take money from vulnerable, grieving people, then you will remain a person of interest for us.

01st August 2017
After publishing the previous 22/07/17 update, we were contacted by numerous people who claimed that Tara Coyle had indeed claimed that Colin Fry was her spirit guide at a charity event in Keady and the TMAC centre in late June early July. So it seems that the original claims that were made against her have more weight now. With that said she has agree not to use Colin's name going forward and has already apologised to Mikey, however because she seemingly lied, I know that Mikey is very upset, and he is looking into his options.

It really does seem that these fake mediums really do have no depths they wont sink to try and convince a gullible and vulnerable audience that they are legit. Unluckily for them BadPsychics is always watching.

23 June 2017

A Medium at Large - Full Documentary (2017) from Gareth Shoulder (20 Minutes)

Professional Magician Gareth Shoulder decides to investigate psychic mediums.

By Gareth Shoulder