12 November 2012

Remote Viewing Results. Target Revealed!

I was first approached via email by someone calling themselves "kimbote" with regards to doing a remote viewing test.

Due to them not adhering to the protocol that THEY THEMSELVES created, they have now been disqualified from this experiment.

HOWEVER I will still publish their prediction, and I will allow you the general forumites to judge how well they did.

The target image was as follows

As you can see it was a photo of a religious crucifix or a cross.

Here is a video of me opening the envelope!

And despite receiving over 20 entries, ALL different which was a surprise, no one got it!

Since Kimbote gave more info in his prediction than anyone else, even though he was disqualified, I will still have a look at what he came up with, and also see if I can make anyone elses guesses fit


Object,synthetic, metallic -Wrong it is wooden
White (with silver areas, black areas) -Hard to see on video, but it is dark brown and white, so wrong again.
Chemical, acrid taste -Wrong
Cylindrical, lengthy -Wrong
Snub nosed -Wrong
Extendable parts, arms etc -Wrong
(mental image of torpedo, shuttle, Tie fighter) -Wrong
fins or blade-like aspects jutting out from side -Wrong
concept of ‘telemetry’ -Wrong
(mental image of white extendable telescope) -Wrong
two silver cylinders silver ring at some point along cylinder -Wrong
curved, rotating pipes and tubes -Wrong
sense of air release, some kind of pressure valve -Wrong

So the professional remote viewer got every aspect completely wrong. Better luck next time. But since he was disqualified, it doesn't really matter.

The following are the submissions from the forumites.

a tortoise on a brown paper bag -Wrong

Lots of flowers a shack and a woman -Wrong

A Horse -Wrong

Mr Jinx
It's a building with smoke rising from it. Low sun in the sky, clouds. -Wrong

I see a roundish shape filled with people and water, lots of seats and tables. My guess would be a swimming pool, possibly one you have used Jon -Wrong

I think the photo is of Felix Baumgartner, sitting on the edge of the capsule waiting to launch himself towards the ground. -Wrong, however when I first was thinking about doing this, I did consider Felix, but thought that would be too obvious!

Drawing of a light bulb, lit, upright, not in anything. -Wrong

a tree -Wrong, although the cross is wooden, so the material is right.

Derek Acorah -Wrong although he does claim some of the powers of Jesus

I think the photo is of a man sitting at a table, smiling whilst raising a white teacup to his mouth. The matching white saucer is in front of him and there are windows behind him. -Wrong

photograph of a small squashed green pea -Wrong

Man doing the ironing, with countryside in the background. -Wrong

I see a clothbound red book printed in the 19th century with some gold lettering on the cover and spin -Wrong

A tall cylindrical building - white -Wrong

New York came flying into my mind when I saw the envelope. The more I thought about it I also thought of some form of racing but thats all. -Wrong

The o/h said a river in the foreground with a waterfall at some point towards middle of the pic. -Wrong

We also had some submissions from psychics/believers on the Spiritlove forum, here are their entries

A bike -Wrong

Some kind of round ball with criss-cross marks on it and a horizontal line coming out of it. -Wrong HOWEVER this is the ONLY person to say the word Cross, even if out of context, this person is easily the closest person to getting it right, so well done!

A ball of string? -Wrong

Something round--clouds/ balloon. -Wrong

KitKat (Also known on BP forum as Scaramouche)
A pair of shoes with laces, cream/white coloured with some blue and red -Wrong

White pillars -Wrong although white pillars could be entrance to Heaven!

A cup -Wrong - Although a cup could be the Holy Grail!

an orange ( fruit) -Wrong

tin of beans -Wrong

10 November 2012

The BadPsychics Remote Viewing Experiment

The BadPsychics Remote Viewing Experiment for November 2012 has now begun.

The Rules:
A photo has been taken, and sealed in a brown envelope. Along with a randomly generated 8 digit number. The photo could be of anything, an object, a person, an event, a location.

For anyone who wishes to try and remote view, all you need to do is private message me on my forum with your prediction.
Click Here To Send Me Your Prediction

The test will end on midnight 11th of November, any entries received after this time will be ignored and consider void. I will make a note on this page when it has been closed.

I do not want essays on what the picture is of, the more specific you are the better.

Once the test is over, I will list everyone's guesses on here along with a score out of 10 that I personally will judge.

Once all the results are in, any discussion can continue.

I have no interest in interpretation, subjective opinion and so on.

I have deliberately made this experiment as easy as possible. I am not a scientist and claim no academic qualifications to hold such a test. I do it purely out of my own interest.

Anyway here is a photograph of the envelope with the photo inside. Use which ever method you so choose to try and "Remote view".

8 November 2012

"How Not to be a Paranormal Investigator" - TAM 2012

Join James Randi, Banachek, Benjamin Radford, and Matthew Baxter for this panel discussion on the right and wrong ways to investigate paranormal activity, moderated by the JREF's Director of Communications Carrie Poppy.

23 October 2012

Italian scientists jailed for not predicting the future

I am sure many of you will have heard about the Italian scientists that have been jailed for 6 months for not predicting Earthquakes.

Well I was going to write something about this, but then saw this video from Taiwan company NMA and thought it summed things up perfectly.

The Italian court convicted the six scientists and one government bureaucrat of manslaughter for not 'predicting' the devastating earthquake. People everywhere were outraged and dismayed at this step back for the scientific community.

The scientists, who are a part of the National Commission for the Forecast and Prevention of Major Risks, provided "inexact, incomplete and contradictory" reports on the tremors hitting L'Aquila, Italy, according to the court.

Of course, the scientists can, and will, appeal the court's decision, but this still sounds like something coming out of the 1500s. Did they learn anything from Galileo?! Let's hope they won't go after weathermen next!

Psychic Readings Live Joanna Fails So Bad Caller Hangs up!

We recently started looking at Psychic Readings Live, since they were forced by the regulators of Ireland to publish an apology after breaking the law.

I would advise people NEVER to phone up TV shows like this.

All the so called psychics use is guess work, they are not really psychic, its all a trick.

Here is a video of a poor woman obviously in need of some help and advice, in the end she is so sick of Psychic Joanna getting so many things wrong she decides to hang up and not spend a penny more.

So again guys, if you read this, AVOID this TV show, it is a joke. Already forced to apologise.

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