2 April 2024

Self Proclaimed "Ex-CIA" Psychic Major Ed Dames Claims on Missing Toddler's Discovery Challenged

Major Ed Dames
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By Jon Donnis

In a case that has gripped France, the discovery of the remains of missing toddler Emile Soleil has taken a perplexing turn, with doubts now cast upon the claims made by Major Ed Dames, a former CIA psychic. Emile Soleil, a two-year-old who vanished without a trace from the French Alpine hamlet of Le Vernet last July, saw an unexpected breakthrough this Easter weekend when his remains were unearthed in a field, reigniting speculation and prompting a reexamination of the investigation.

Emile Soleil
French toddler Emile Soleil

Major Ed Dames, 74, emerged into the spotlight after asserting that he identified the location where Emile Soleil's body was found using a clairvoyant technique known as "remote viewing." Dames, who claims he was part of a clandestine US espionage project that later inspired the movie "The Men Who Stare At Goats," claims to have honed his psychic detective skills during his tenure with the joint CIA and Army Psychic Intelligence Unit.

Often when there is a missing child, psychics will come forward and make various claims, often without real evidence, usually as a way to gain attention for themselves.

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According to reports, Dames sent emails to local authorities in December pinpointing the area where he believed the toddler's remains would be found. However, questions have emerged regarding the reliability and veracity of his claims, particularly in light of the circumstances surrounding the discovery of Emile's remains.

The revelation that Emile's bones were found in a field that had previously been searched by law enforcement shortly after his disappearance raises suspicions about the timing and manner of their placement. Mayor Fran├žois Balique of Le Vernet speculated that the remains may have been moved back to the site, a theory supported by sources close to the investigation.

The discovery of only a single part of the body, the skull, further complicates the matter and raises doubts about the possibility of natural causes such as animal interference. While drones and sniffer dogs scour the countryside for additional evidence, investigators are faced with the daunting task of unraveling the mystery surrounding Emile Soleil's disappearance and death.

Despite the claims made by Major Ed Dames, skepticism persists regarding the efficacy of remote viewing and psychic abilities in solving criminal cases. The history of "remote viewing" traces back to various government initiatives, including the CIA's Stargate Project, which aimed to investigate the potential applications of extrasensory perception for intelligence gathering.

However, critics argue that the scientific basis for remote viewing remains dubious at best, with many attributing perceived successes to chance or selective interpretation of data. Rational explanations, such as cognitive biases and subconscious cues, offer alternative perspectives on seemingly inexplicable phenomena attributed to psychic abilities.

As the investigation into Emile Soleil's tragic fate continues, the role of psychic detectives like Major Ed Dames raises important questions about the intersection of belief, science, and justice. While some may find solace in unconventional methods, others emphasize the importance of evidence-based approaches in solving complex criminal cases. In the pursuit of truth and justice, discerning fact from fiction remains paramount.

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