4 April 2024

Mayor of Agde Arrested for Corruption Scheme Involving Clairvoyant

Image: (Gilles d'Ettore, Mayor of Agde - Twitter)

By Jon Donnis

The idyllic town of Agde, nestled in the picturesque southern region of France, has found itself embroiled in a scandal that sounds straight out of a mystery novel. Gilles d'Ettore, the mayor of Agde, was arrested and accused of corruption after falling prey to a bizarre scheme orchestrated by a local self-proclaimed clairvoyant.

The shocking revelation came to light when authorities uncovered a web of deceit spun by a 44-year-old woman who purported to possess supernatural abilities. Describing herself as a clairvoyant, medium, and healer, she allegedly manipulated her voice to mimic that of a "supernatural force" during phone calls to Mayor d'Ettore and several other prominent individuals in the community.

According to reports from the Béziers prosecutor's office, Mayor d'Ettore, along with some of his family members and close friends, received calls from the woman, during which she used a masculine-sounding, calm, and husky voice to create an illusion of communicating with a supernatural entity. This ruse led Mayor d'Ettore to believe in her purported abilities, ultimately resulting in him granting her numerous favours.

One of the favours included hiring five members of the woman's family and close acquaintances to work for him, with her husband securing a position as the technical service director at the Agde mairie (city hall of Agde). The mayor's trust in the clairvoyant was so profound that he considered her to be like a daughter until evidence shattered the illusion.

The unraveling of the scheme began when investigators presented Mayor d'Ettore with a video demonstrating the woman's voice manipulation tactics. It was at this moment that the mayor realized he had fallen victim to a well-orchestrated scam. Despite acknowledging his gullibility, Mayor d'Ettore has vehemently denied any wrongdoing.

The fallout from this scandal has not been limited to Mayor d'Ettore alone. The clairvoyant, along with her husband, who holds a significant position within the Agde mairie, have also been implicated in the corruption probe. Both individuals have been detained and questioned, facing allegations of deliberate deception and corruption.

The investigation into this intricate web of deceit began in October 2023 and has since escalated, with the Béziers public prosecutor's office initiating criminal proceedings against multiple parties. As the investigation continues to unfold, the scandal has cast a shadow over the tranquil town of Agde, leaving its residents bewildered by the extraordinary turn of events.

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