28 March 2024

Exposing the "Seatbelt Psychic": The Unveiling of Thomas John in Operation Pizza Roll

Susan Gerbic, Thomas John, Mark Edward
Image: (Susan Gerbic, Thomas John, Mark Edward, - skepticalinquirer.org)

By Jon Donnis

Time to revisit "Operation Pizza Roll" 7 years after the event. 17 Minute documentary at the bottom of the article if you want to scroll down to watch.

In the world of psychic phenomena, Thomas John gained notoriety as the "Seatbelt Psychic" for his purported ability to communicate with the deceased and offer insights into the future. However, his rise to fame was met with skepticism from some corners, leading to an intricate investigation by skeptics Susan Gerbic and Mark Edward. Their meticulous efforts, dubbed "Operation Pizza Roll," ultimately uncovered evidence suggesting that Thomas John's abilities were not as supernatural as he claimed.

The Rise of Thomas John:
Thomas John, born Thomas John Flanagan, gained prominence in the psychic community for his alleged gift of mediumship. He claimed to have the ability to connect with spirits of the deceased and deliver messages from the afterlife to his clients. His charisma and purported accuracy in readings garnered him a substantial following, with appearances on television shows and high-profile events enhancing his reputation as a psychic medium.

Operation Pizza Roll:
Skeptical of Thomas John's claims, Susan Gerbic and Mark Edward initiated Operation Pizza Roll in an attempt to scrutinize the authenticity of his psychic abilities. The operation, named humorously after Gerbic's fondness for pizza rolls, aimed to conduct undercover investigations into various mediums and psychics to uncover any fraudulent practices.

"Gerbic and Edward attended John's show using aliases, and John "read" them as a married couple. During the entire reading, John failed to determine the actual identities of Gerbic and Edward, or that they were deceptive during his reading. All personal information he gave them matched what was on their falsified Facebook accounts, rather than being about their actual lives." - Wikipedia Thomas John

Unveiling the Deception:
Gerbic and Edward employed a multi-faceted approach to expose Thomas John's alleged fraudulence. They utilized a combination of online research, undercover investigations, and critical analysis of his performances to reveal inconsistencies and potential methods of deception.

Online Research: Gerbic and Edward delved into Thomas John's background, examining his public statements, media appearances, and testimonials from clients. They sought to identify patterns or discrepancies in his claims that could indicate deception or manipulation.

Undercover Investigations: As part of Operation Pizza Roll, Gerbic and Edward attended Thomas John's live performances and private readings incognito. They observed his techniques, interactions with clients, and the accuracy of his readings to assess the validity of his psychic abilities firsthand.

Critical Analysis: Gerbic and Edward applied their expertise in skepticism and deception detection to analyze Thomas John's methods. They scrutinized his use of cold reading techniques, vague statements, and psychological manipulation tactics to uncover potential strategies for simulating psychic phenomena.

Exposing the Truth:
Through their exhaustive investigation, Gerbic and Edward amassed compelling evidence suggesting that Thomas John's claims of psychic ability were fraudulent. They documented instances of cold reading, vague statements, and reliance on cues from clients to construct seemingly accurate readings. Additionally, they uncovered inconsistencies in Thomas John's public statements and testimonials, casting doubt on the authenticity of his purported abilities.

Impact and Legacy:
The revelation of Thomas John's alleged fraudulence in Operation Pizza Roll sparked widespread discussion and debate within the psychic community and among the general public. It served as a reminder of the importance of skepticism and critical thinking when evaluating extraordinary claims, particularly in the realm of psychic phenomena.

While Thomas John's reputation may have been tarnished by the exposure, Operation Pizza Roll highlighted the significance of rigorous investigation and scrutiny in uncovering deception and promoting a greater understanding of the limitations of purported psychic abilities.


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Inside the Secret Sting Operations to Expose Celebrity Psychics.

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