31 October 2023

Most Haunted: The Stage Show - at the Aylesbury Theatre - October 2023 - The Reviews are in!

For those of you unaware, the Most Haunted team have launched a Stage Show! You can hear the crackling of knees as people rush to their landlines to ring up the ticket office.

Unfortunately the show at the Aylesbury Theatre has finished, and as sad as that is, we do have access to the official reviews of the show! Not from the critics, but from the loyal fanbase who turned out in their tens to support Most Haunted and enjoy this new experience.

Lets take a look at the verified reviews direct from the Aylesbury Theatre website. (Feel free to check the site out for yourself, although I suspect they will have the reviews deleted at some point.)

3.0 star rating Mags from London, England


Was OK but was surprised that Karl was very smutty from word go, bit cringy to be honest...think they were trying to inject humour into it but maybe it doesn't need this sort of humour... lots of clips from TV series. Yvette good host and clearly enjoys it.

2.0 star rating Amanda from Stoke-on-Trent


Very disappointing. Most of the show is spent watching clips of previous Most Haunted Shows!

2.0 star rating Lew from Lancashire, England


I saw this last night and I agree, too many clips and not enough investigating. They needed to use more equipment and do more hands on. Use all the equipment and show through it how investigation can bring things forward then the scary bit people were craving for can "come forward" Clips I'd seen and I didn't need to see so many again. The first half was, dare I say boring!!!! It needed more. Use a spirit box, motion sensors, voice recorder, and motion detector that shows bodily lines on screen. This needs revamping otherwise I can see people not believing. Less clips more investigation.

Ok I know those reviews are not great, but that is just page 1 of the reviews, surely page 2 will be full of great reviews.

2.0 star rating Lil from London, England


Show was on the whole entertaining and fun. Cast were great except Karl who kept making really gross innuendos & also put on an effeminate voice when talking to the audience? Felt really awkward and uncomfortable as an audience member but you could tell Karl thought he was hilarious.

2.0 star rating Maria from London, England


I mean, I went being utterly cynical and hoping to rip the piss out of this and I wasnt disappointed in that regard. The highlight was Carl's really laddish/smutty humour (how much had he had ???) and the low point was the endless clips from the show- come on you cant promise a live show then just show old episodes?? there was a live seance right at the end but there needed to be way more actual hands on stuff with the audience. Of course its all performance, so make it more of a performance! Dont pretend its anything other than a comedic satire of paranormal investigating,

2.0 star rating Jay from London, England


Disappointing overall, yes lots of old clips, although didn’t mind too much about that and Yvette holds things together well. The live investigation went nowhere however. Most jarring though we’re the antics of an unfunny Karl, who for some reason thinks it’s a good idea to rev up the smut level repeatedly and insult the audience. Yvette mock tells him off for this, but really should have a serious word! Large parts of the audience where I was sitting were clearly annoyed by him.Oh dear,maybe someone once told him he was funny and he believed them!!

2.0 star rating Tone from London, England


Well, Ive always enjoyed most haunted (not a believer but enjoy it still) and looked forward to the show for a bit of fun. However anything enjoyable was ruined by Karl. Smutty, crass and unfunny, including acting camp when talking to the audience. Yvette was very proffesional. Yes , there are clips but it was for me a but if fun. Karl needs to turn it down a bit or not be in it.

1.0 star rating Anon from London, England


This had promise, but sadly we just watched numerous. Lips we could have watched in YouTube. And then was subjected to Karl’s very smutty and somewhat inappropriate inuendos and homophobic mockery.

1.0 star rating Ball from Cornwall, England


Basically watched a load of clips, smutty language from cast member, overall rather boring. Certainly did not deliver on what they are advertising.

1.0 star rating Dave from London, England


Save your money. An absolute rubbish show. Basically watching clips from the past and thats it

Erm.. what about page 3???

1.0 star rating Claire from London, England


When Carl thought it was appropriate to talk about "pulling out" of an audience participants mother the scene was set from the off. He was a pillock most of the night. Yvette did her best to hold it together, but we missed Derek, Richard, Cath. There was so much more they could have done, even with just the replays. You will have so much fun just getting a bunch of mates round, a few glasses and MH on TV. You don't need to go to the live show I'm afraid

1.0 star rating Anonymous from London, England


Very disappointed by tonight’s performance. Lots of unnecessary smutty comments including a downright rude comment, directed at an audience member made just minutes in to the show. Lots of ‘highlight’ clips, with repetitive narration from the cast. So much scope for better content & I have left with a very low opinion of Karl.

1.0 star rating ANON from London, England


I enjoyed the show and didn’t even mind watching old clips back as I hadn’t seen all of the tv show episodes. Karl (the presenters) behaviour was very offensive throughout. It was clear he was very drunk (slurring words etc!?) from the beginning. Crass, sexual innuendo jokes directed towards audience members totally ruined the night and so unnecessary.

1.0 star rating James Welsby from London, England


I came to the show as an excited believer but it made me leave as a cold skeptic. I agree with the reviews, meagre, tedious content: essential a selection of YouTube clips. Think bare bones vs any fresh meat or, bone-chilling information. I really was hoping for more audience interaction and genuine frights vs death by PowerPoint. The first half felt like an eternity, the 'ghost hunt' had the most potential, but kept cutting away whenever something interesting 'happened.' Yvette was a consumate professional and kept the defibrillator on the corpse of the evening. I wish I could say the same about Karl. Karl’s language and ‘humour’ was vulgar, obscene, ranging from sexist to homophobic. Karl's lack of respect for the spirits, I can only imagine Karl enjoyed a few of these himself before the show, and the contempt for audience participants in the seance section, e.g. asking one lady, 'do you not know your own name?' was the final nail in the coffin. With Halloween approaching, I hope this is one show that gets exorcised. 1 star.

1.0 star rating Mr Roberts from London, England


Nothing but clips edited together that make no sense, this was 70% of the show while an arrogant, crude and homophobic Karl lounged around on stage talking about the clips and thought he was funny. Some audience members went off to find nothing and the ouija board was a joke too. An obvious family cash grab as most cast are related!

1.0 star rating Embarrassed from London, England


Most Haunted was the show that opened up the Paranormal. Sadly it has not progressed over the years. The show was reliant on old clips. Karl was rude, but he thought he was funny. It was an embarrassment. Stop flogging a dead horse.

1.0 star rating Ash from Manchester


It’s a few hours of my life that I’ll never get back. Mostly old clips of the programme which wouldn’t have been so bad but they were edited really badly so it was minutes of chaos and screaming. Karl was like an embarrassing old sleazy uncle that hardly gets invited to family get togethers when there’s young girls or gay relatives. He clearly has no filter but doesn’t care in fact he probably finds the negative reviews hilarious. The so called seance was laughable and the behind the scenes night vision section seemed pointless. They could have done this so well but did it so badly. They asked the audience if they are a believer? Yes I am but definitely not in them. We left early but tried not to catch the eye of Karl who spent what time he could amongst the audience being rude, homophobic and crass. I’ll stick with uncanny and leave most haunted in the past where it belongs

So there you have it, the reviews for the Stage Show are pretty damn clear.

Did you go to any of the shows? If you did feel free to leave a comment below with your experience, good or bad, but please be detailed.

Screengrab of some of the reviews below. And archives HERE and HERE

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