13 October 2023

Correcting Yvette Fieldings latest revisionist history over Most Haunted


By Jon Donnis

It is 2023 and for some reason I am still having to correct stories put out there about Derek Acorah and Most Haunted.

Yvette Fielding is currently on a Podcast tour as she tries to promote an upcoming Most Haunted Tour thing, and they have some big venues lined up, so are desperate to sell tickets.

I will address some of the claims Yvette made on the "Celebrity Catch Up: Life After That Thing I Did." Podcast.(No, I never heard of it either, guessing it is a show for washed up celebs, past their prime, desperate for any attention.), which are also being "picked up" by some tabloids. (These are paid for, placed articles in the papers, trust me, no reporter gives a damn about what a 90s Blue Peter presenter is saying on a podcast that no one listens too.)

"It used to really upset me. I mean, when we found out that Derek was a fake, I think I cried the first time because I had told him things about my deceased relatives and he told me things back," Yvette Fielding.

First quote I want to respond to, Yvette Fielding KNEW Derek wasn't a genuine medium from the very first episode, if not before, they hired him because he was charismatic and entertaining, and probably the biggest name on the growing psychic circuit at the time, he had TV experience under his belt. But the idea she "found out" he was fake, years after him being on the show is a nonsense. Especially when you consider on this very website we were exposing him week in week out. HE GOT POSSESSED BY A CHIMP IN THE FIRST EVER EPISODE!

"And also, being on camera and him, you know, going into these alleged possessions and becoming very threatening to me and the team members to the point where he'd actually hurt us and we just thought that, 'Nah, there's something going on,' this is so bad, so that was upsetting." Yvette Fielding.

Ok, this is a very specific claim and one I had never heard of before. In all the years of Most Haunted I never heard anyone say that Derek Acorah hurt them. I have heard about other cast members doing things, which I wont say here and now, but never Derek.

So I decided to find out, and who better to ask than a person who was there on nearly every shoot. Derek's wife Gwen.

I asked Gwen straight, was there ever any complaint or report about Derek hurting someone in mid performance. She replied as follows.

"I was at more or less every filming and there was never a complaint.  The possession stuff was welcomed and embraced because it pleased the audience and therefore pleased Living TV which in turn swelled the Antix coffers." Gwen Acorah.

I then decided to ask Gwen if Derek had ever been physically hurt by a member of the crew, her reply is as follows.

"The only person ever physically hurt was actually Derek when Stuart (during a live seance) threw a tumbler at Derek which resulted in him having a cut hand. It actually went out for all to see (I think Berry Pomeroy?).  Stuart claimed that a spirit had made him do it." Gwen Acorah.

On the Podcast Yvette also addressed the fact that OFCOM had ruled that the show was "For Entertainment Purposes Only" and that it was obviously "Not a serious investigation".

She said.

"Then the Ofcom ruling came in, they watched the show and, because of Derek and the fakery, they watched the show and they said, 'No, we've decided that is for entertainment purposes only.' That was absolutely soul-destroying for us because it is real, it's a real investigation, we don't make it as a television show." Yvette Fielding.

I need to make a few things clear here. When the show started it was myself and various members of the BadPsychics family that sent in many complaints to OFCOM regarding MH, our aim was for them to either label the show as Entertainment Only, or to have it taken off the air, as clearly the show was faked.

OFCOM replied to us, that it was OBVIOUS that the show was not a serious investigation, and that it was clearly for Entertainment Purposes Only. Not long after that, such disclaimers had to go up regarding pretty much anything that involved the "occult".One of the reasons was actually do to with the show that Most Haunted copied, the BBC Parody show Ghost Watch. Which although labeled as satire, a lot of people thought was real. People watching had various mental breakdowns, I think someone killed themself, and basically the BBC got into a ton of trouble, and replays of the show were banned for a long time.

OFCOM labeled the show as not real, because the show was not real. Yes Derek was a part of that, as he was the star, but the show was clearly filled with trained actors and performers. Jason Karl in series 1 was an actor employed to play the part of a parapsychologist, ironically he was the best one they ever had on the show. The same with Ciaran O'Keeffe, regardless of his real life PhD, he was employed to play a part. Yvette Fielding, also a trained actress.

Keep in mind that we were exposing the entire show as faked, not just Derek. We showed many times from our "Most Haunted Mole" videos, what was really going on. Yvette is clearly rewriting history here.

For example I released the "Mary Loves Dick" video. This was a pre-record that they actually aired in a fake night vision filter on the live show. I got hold of the original tape that included what went on after they had "cut" the scene.

Another thing that needs to be addressed is the false notion that Derek Acorah was fired from Most Haunted after the "Kreed Kafer" thing. This is simply not true.

"We tell people everything is real, then it turns out he was a fake, so he had to go." Yvette Fielding.

As I have repeatedly stated on here, Derek was NEVER fired, his contract was up and he was leaving regardless. And luckily for me Gwen Acorah just 24 hours ago wrote about that on her social media, confirming everything I have said for years.

Here is what she wrote.

"I would like Antix to cast their minds back to a date in October 2004 when a meeting was requested in Manchester by Derek’s then agent, Stuart Hobday, at the Antix offices.  

In attendance were Derek, Stuart, Karl, Yvette, Richard Wolffe and Clare Hollywood (both of Living TV).

The purpose of the meeting was for Derek to tender his resignation from the programme Most Haunted.  Derek was feeling the strain of being involved in the programme and no longer wanted to continue being part of it.  

An agreement was reached whereby Derek would complete one more series of the programme (Series 6) and 2 or 3 more lives, the last one being Halloween 2005.  

A further arrangement was made that a member of Livingtv staff would be present at every filming to give Derek peace of mind that he would not be mistreated nor undermined. Those four people were Richard Wolffe, Claire Hollywood, Steve Jones and another lady who worked closely with the Living TV production team. 

Richard Wolffe also promised to create a programme specifically for Derek and this is how Derek Acorah’s Ghost towns came about.  

Filming commenced but by the time Spring 2005 came around Derek was on his knees with stress and at Sinai House he walked out of make up and away from the programme for the last time.  

Claire Hollywood was in attendance and he told her that he was finished, that he’d do the last live at Halloween but that was it. 

Gordon Smith was brought in to complete a short series 7 to make up the shortfall of series 6 programme numbers." Gwen Acorah.

Now what Gwen doesn't mention here is that the Mirror Article with the Kreed Kafer thing was released the day before (or the same day) that the Most Haunted Live was to air. The Mirror article, by the way, which had stolen a LOT of material from this very website, without crediting me.

The article was ONLY supposed to expose Derek, Karl and Ciaran had worked with the journalist to give him the story. But the journalist wanted a bigger story so used information from BadPsychics to pad it up. (I was in contact with him at the time, unbeknownst to Ciaran and Karl).

Living TV producers were beyond furious, as Karl had basically flushed the entire show and format down the toilet just as a way to try to bury Derek as he was leaving, remember as Gwen mentions Living TV had a new show lined up for Derek. The hilarious Ghost Towns.

Living TV bosses made it clear that if Derek didn't want to go on MHL he didn't have to. Keep in mind that Living TV were also concerned that Derek would sue them for breach of contract etc. If Derek did not appear on the live show, Most Haunted was finished, that would have been the end of the show.

Amazingly Derek decided he WOULD do the show. And literally stand face to face with people who had just stabbed in in the back and tried to ruin his post MH career. By doing that he literally saved Most Haunted from being cancelled for good.

The irony being that Derek saved Most Haunted, after they nearly self destructed.

That is the truth. Now please don't waste your money going to any Most Haunted show. 

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Odd this should happen AFTER Derek died and is no longer able to defend himself. One could almost believe something funny was going on. Lying seems to be a way of life in the paranormal community.

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