17 August 2020

All good things must come to an end.

All good things must come to an end.

It is becoming quickly apparent to me that certain forces are working overtime to get BadPsychics closed down, and unfortunately I believe they will eventually be successful. And if that happens, then to be honest I will be done with the whole thing, as it is too much of a headache.

I wont say exactly what they are doing as it might encourages others, but I would like to give fans of the site an idea.

EVERYTHING on the site that is either written by me, or by an anonymous contributor you are welcome to copy and paste and upload on your own site, blog, or facebook page. I do not need credit, I don't need my name to live on, all I ask is that you put "Originally published on BadPsychics.com" somewhere on it. That is it.

Anything not written by me, just drop me a message and I will let you know if it is ok.

One day the site will just disappear, and when it does, I don't want people moaning at me, or asking me for stuff after it is gone.

The glory days of psychics and mediums in the UK is long gone. The big name psychics are either dead, or just doing small shows, there are no TV shows with them on any more, hell even Most Haunted cant get a TV deal any more.

If someone out there is creating their own Skeptical site, and needs help with old BP articles to get themselves going just let me know.

Sites like mine no longer hold the power, the people do, and as I have witnessed recently, if enough victims get together and create a Facebook group, and actively work together to report a psychic, and help each other get refunds etc, then that really is a better way to fight back, than someone like me writing an article, for whatever I do, it will never be enough.

For now the site remains, but it could go down tomorrow, or it could be there in 10 years. Who knows, but if it goes, I am done, no fanfare, no big goodbye, I will just be gone.

Jon Donnis - BadPsychics.


Thetruth said...

Jon, here's hoping your excellent work here goes on; you've helped so many snap out of the corrupt spell of fake "psychic mediums" and given heart to those who have been victims of their money-grubbing, hurtful power trips. I'll always be grateful for your honesty and true compassion. Whatever dark purpose resides in those who would try to shut your site down, I hope comes to nothing; I sincerely hope they fail and that you may keep on keeping on.

bertykat said...

I hope it manages to stay as point of reference. People need confirmation for those caught up in vulnerable situations. Thank you for the years you have put in. It has been appreciated by many

Adrian H said...

Frankly I am gutted to hear this but I don't blame you Jon, you've done so much and for the most part it's a thankless task liberally sprinkled with copious abuse. However, the fact that psychics and mediums are working so hard to shut you down proves two things to me, 1) It proves they still regard this site as a very significant threat which means its still doing its job 2)It also proves that all psychics and mediums are 100% fake and they know it because if the powers they claim were self-evident and genuine they would have absolutely no need to attempt to stop you and this site would already have withered on the vine. Remember Jon that people generally attack first that which they consider the greatest threat and danger to them. I'm not sure which facebook page you're talking about or which psychic it involves but I have a pretty good idea and without your encouragement I'd bet a month's wages that facebook page wouldn't exist because it was your article and all the responses to it and seeing so many others in the same situation that spurred them to action, without the Bad Psychics website people would just have assumed their situation was an isolated one. Psychic mediums are still a huge threat to the vulnerable bereaved and gullible and even if as you say their "golden days" are past their industry is still worth millions each year and that's millions from people who often cannot afford it. So, I must respectfully disagree with you that the need for Bad Psychics and the single most experienced individual in the UK in debunking and countering these vultures is somehow less relevant and needed. I would love to know a little more about the specific threats to close the site that you speak of and if you could spare me the time to drop me a quick email (you have my email address) or drop me a PM on the forum (I'm adey67 there) I'd be really grateful and who knows maybe I could help in some way. If you do decide to pack it in I fully understand but it would be a severe blow to skepticism and rational thought,my best wishes to you as always Adrian.

Unknown said...

This makes me really sad. And surely the fact that they're trying to close you down means they must think that you still have a lot of influence.
Don't let the b*****ds grind you down, Jon.

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