5 September 2019

Warren Caylor Physical Medium "performs" in front of an audience / Toronto Canada / 2014

Warren Caylor is a world renowned physical medium. He performs usually in the dark, even complete pitch black settings, we have seen how a medium can make it appear that spirit trumpets and other such phenomenon can happen by escaping their bonds and using gimmicks to perform the tricks. But we have never before seen clear video of a physical medium producing so called "ectoplasm". Well guess what folks, we finally have a clear video!

This video shows Warren Caylor, producing ectoplasm from his mouth.

Now I am not suggesting he is using cheesecloth or cotton wool, I will let you watch the video and make your mind up.

What I will say is that after watching this video you will understand why these physical mediums really really don't want cameras in the seance room.

Back up videos.

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Adrian Heath said...

If this guy was really producing genuine ectoplasm he would hand samples of it over to scientists for analysis because it would help prove paranormal claims and create many more believers and an increase in revenue. He hasn't done so probably because its just cotton wool or cheese cloth. These people are a joke.

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