24 October 2018

REVIEW: Most Haunted - Series 22 Episode 06 (24th October 2018) - Ruthin Castle Part 2

At the end of what was the worst episode of Most Haunted in history, we were promised that Part 2 of the investigation at Ruthin Castle would include people passing out and all manner of craziness, so that and that alone has encouraged me to keep going and review another episode. I have taken 5 Vicodins, and downed half a bottle of Jack Daniels and it is only 11am, but I think it will be enough to get me through.

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So with that, I look down and see I have some nasty sticky blurbage on the bottom of my shoe, What does it say?

Spook-searching. The team continue their investigation into Ruthin Castle and one of team is hit hard and has to leave. The others search for whatever is lurking there.

I can only hope all the filler for part 1 was purely so they could have all the entertaining stuff in part 2. If we get more filler, I may be forced to repeatedly flush my own head in the toilet.

They start off with the "Last time on Most Haunted" clip. Really shouldn't be more than 10 seconds. But they seem to stretch it for a few minutes. You literally get the entire part 1 in 2 minutes. You do not need to watch that episode at all.

We start off and we are back with Karl and Stuart in the room where they thought they heard a bang.
Karl claims that something is moving stuff yet instead of setting up 10 cameras covering every angle, which if all of this was real would get 100% proof, they instead stick with the one camera method, and Karl has his crappy little torch.

Stuart decides to put the camera down, and as he is doing that there is a bang. But nothing is caught. The camera is set on a table, which means they can now easily edit things or do camera trickery with little effort needed.

We cross to Yvette, Glen and Fred, who are in what looks like the restaurant area, so many plates, knives and forks to be thrown, but so far nothing. (Spoiler: Nothing is thrown in this room, and Yvette admits that she doesn't want anything thrown as they don't want a big bill at the end of the night)

Fred is keeping his hands in his large pockets.

Back with Stuart and Karl, and with them both on camera, a door round the corner that is OFF CAMERA supposedly slams. Of course we do not see it slam, and we have no idea if it was open or closed, or if someone was hiding round the corner, again a quick reminder that footage is all edited after, so for all you know Yvette could have been stood round the corner and just slams the door. The way they edit it, makes you think she or the rest of the crew are all in different places at the same time, the truth is we have no idea who is where and when, and any time a camera is set down for a shot, you know something dodgy will happen.

Again a simple smartphone or two left to film all angles would shut me up in a moment.

Stuart makes the comment he is feeling light headed. I wonder if this is a set up for something later?

10 minutes in and all we have had is a door closing, OFF CAMERA.

We have new teams put together, and Karl, Yvette and Glen are now going up to the room above Room 222.

Yvette comes up the stairs and claims she feels dizzy, so again another pre-cursor to what is to come, this is all a bit too scripted for me.

"Can you make a noise with your voice please" - Yvette Fielding.

As opposed to your what??? Your arse?

We get a shot of some dumb meter, but they turn the filter off which totally exposes how light the location is. They try to tell us it is pitch black, and they cant see where they are going, but clearly its pretty well lit up.

And here is the light bulb at the top of the stairs!

Yvette is crouching down after claiming she is gonna pass out.

Now with Fred and he is claiming to be feeling weak and that something is draining his energy.

I imagine the script meeting before filming went something like this.

Karl - Ok guys tonight one of us needs to pass out.
Stuart - I'll do it, done it a few times before I know how to fall.
Fred - I can give it a go Karl, although I need to watch out for my dodgy hip.
Yvette - If I do it does that mean I get an extra donut when we finished?
Lou - I refuse, I do not want to risk damaging my bum bag, it's got my fags in it.
Glen - Well I am not falling over, but I will play along and say I feel a bit light headed if you like.
Karl - Ok, during the filming, everyone when you get chance, just claim to be dizzy, or tired, you know the drill, I will give an instruction later as to who will take the fall.

Suddenly we are with Fred and his camera goes off and we get the above message on screen.
Guessing Fred pressed the off button by mistake. That or all of science is wrong and a ghost did it.

Here we get a glimpse of how Glen will approach a woman in the club to chat her up.

Stuart gets excited when he realises he can see his own breath.

We are about 25 minutes in and nothing has really happened.
So if you add that 25 minutes with the 45 from the first part, that is 70 minutes of Prime Time TV where nothing has happened. These 70 minutes could easily have been condensed into maybe 5 minutes. No wonder UKTV don't want to pay more for Most Haunted.

Karl has buggered off to set up the next stunt leaving Glen and Yvette on their own. Just what Glen wanted.
Glen is faking some ghost breaths to make Yvette scared, and get her to snuggle up to him all scared, all very crafty.

Glen admits he has got really hot and bothered. I wonder why. Even Glen says he is feeling light headed now.

Stuart and the other bloke have a worthless K2 meter, and are talking to the ghosts and watching various lights come on and off. A complete waste of time and evidentially worthless, but you know what idiot ghost hunters are like, if they haven't got a gimmicky piece of equipment with lights on that they don't understand how to use, they don't feel like they are working hard enough.

Seriously guys wave a banana in the air, when it comes to science, the results of waving a banana about is worth as much as any K2 meter.

Stuart admits that it is electrical energy that sets the K2 meter off, as he holds it by the ELECTRICAL CAMERA, not to mention the Mobile Phone in each of their pockets, the various mic packs and torches as well.

But no, it cant be any of that, it must be the ghosts right?

Suddenly we cut to this shot.

We hear Karl's voice, and we realise that Fred is on the floor, supposedly unconscious.

But I thought his camera had turned off? HUGE plot hole here. The camera is clearly working. But was turned off so that Fred could carefully position himself on the floor to pretend to have passed out, but not before switching the camera back on. That or he did the stunt but it looked crappy in the edit room so they decided to cut it out.

At least when Stuart would pretend to pass out he would do it on camera.

Karl then runs to find Yvette to get First Aid, instead of just calling an ambulance straight away. Fred is an old man, if this was real he could have had a heart attack, a stroke or anything, but instead of checking him, checking his pulse, his breathing, and calling 999 straight away, Karl wonders off to find Yvette, who is upstairs. Not Lou who will be downstairs in a kitchen area watching monitors etc. He goes to get Yvette so they can film them all running down to where Fred is. Karl reveals that Fred is unconscious, Yvette's first thought is "maybe it is this place", only later does she say we need to call an ambulance.

Her first thought was ghosts.

This is how you know it is all set up.

They pick up Fred's camera which had supposedly turned itself off, but is now on, and make sure to film Fred, who is now waking up.

Yvette in voice over claims that Fred was checked over by paramedics, and his night investigating was over, and so they carried on. At no point did they show any ambulance, or paramedics, which lets be honest would make great TV. There was no marks on Fred, no cuts, no bruises.

My guess here is that he performed the fall, but it looked really crap on film, so they edited it out and put that dumb notice on screen which makes no sense, hoping no one would realise the huge flaw that the camera never stopped recording since it was on when Karl found him.

Really badly thought out stunt here, poorly executed, and I am sure they wish that Stuart would have been chosen to do it, as he would have made it all much more dramatic. I could even imagine him having a concealed razor blade and "juicing" himself like they do in Pro Wrestling so that you get real blood poor down your face.

Karl, Stuart and Yvette go to the area where Fred was knocked out by evil spirits, to see if anything else will happen.

With all the junk, old furniture and so on dotted about the place, open floor boards etc, any noises could easily be put down to rats, cats, foxes, any kind of small animal.

Glen is playing on his laptop. An interesting Avatar pops up, making an unusual gesture to it's lady garden, How very strange, I managed to grab an image, you might need to zoom in to see it properly.
Glen then asks the camera man to leave him alone in the room, as he has some private work he needs to take care of.

Yvette, Stuart and Karl are off investigating an area and can hear rustling and noises, a bit like a rat or small animal. Yvette is convinced it is a ghost. Suddenly something right next to where Stuart is standing is knocked over OFF CAMERA. Yvette screams and panics, so I am guessing Stuart never told her before hand he was gonna do it. So obviously him.

"I challenge you to attack me" - Karl Beattie to the Ghosts

Yvette is not happy with Karl for challenging the ghosts, Has she forgotten Karl is a fake Samurai?

"I challenge you to attack Stuart" - Karl Beattie to the Ghosts

Other than a few noises and shadows OFF CAMERA, nothing happens.

Karl hears a ghost rat and jumps, which pisses off Yvette who then bites her tongue. No blood.

Yvette has now seen a face in the dark. OFF CAMERA.

Yvette hears something, gets scared and admits she is becoming hysterical and wants to leave.

And with that the episode ends.

Compared to Part 1, this was much improved, but still realistically nothing actually happened.
The big stunt of Fred passing out was completely messed up.

And other than a few of the usual bangs OFF CAMERA and Stuart knocking something over, this was another waste of an episode.

The previous episode (Part 1) go a NO SCORE. This episode I will be kinder and give it 1 out of 10.

That 1 is purely for Stuart getting excited when he realised he could see his breath.

Other than that another easily missable episode, perhaps only the Fred passing out cock up is the only thing worth seeing, just so you can realise how badly they did with this stunt.

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By Jon Donnis

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L Simon said...

The ghosts have finally woken up to the threat of exposure at this location and are ramping up their interference. Karl and Stuart continue to investigate the area above the haunted room and a door is slammed just around the corner from them. However, the sound is manipulated to seem further away and from below, more like the door at the bottom of the stairs.
When Yvette, Glen and Karl are at the top of these stairs, the ghosts drive a flurry of flying insects over their heads, so that Yvette misidentifies them as ethereal lights. After a while Karl leaves the group, and the ghosts immediately stop tapping to cast suspicion onto him. Then a little later the ghosts so befuddle Glen’s mind that he is incapable of comprehending that holding your breath can make you feel hot and light headed.
Most disturbingly, the apparent lack of empathy displayed by many of the crew over Fred’s collapse could be diagnostic to the early stages of mass possession by evil spirits. This must be monitored closely going forward.

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