29 April 2018

UPDATED: Facebook Psychic Brodie Mcdougall Humiliated After Her Fake Readings Go Viral

UPDATED: Scroll to the bottom for an update. 29/04/2018


Facebook is full of fake psychics selling £10 readings. And because of the low price, most people don't take them very seriously, and rarely complain once they realise they have been scammed. And unfortunately for a Facebook Psychic by the name of Brodie Mcdougall, she has found herself humiliated after one of her god awful readings went viral on Twitter (54,000 likes, 12,000 Retweets), and then to make matters worse it got picked up by the media.

For once I don't even need to expose a psychic, when they are this bad they expose themselves.

This all started when Twitter user Matthew Currie decided to share to the world a reading his friend "Niamh" had received.


And if all of that wasn't bad enough, someone replied with the following.

Brodie Mcdougall without doubt you are one of the worst Facebook Psychics I have ever seen, and it is already such a low bar. I wont even put you on the Big BadPsychics List, you are too bad to even make that list. I am tempted to create a new list called "The Big Humiliated Useless Fake Psychic List" just for you to sit on alone, but that is too cruel even for me.

Time for you Brodie Mcdougall to quit flogging terrible readings on Facebook and get a real job.

By Jon Donnis

Update: 29/04/2018
After posting this article a few things have come to light regarding Brodie Mcdougall.
The first one being she seemingly has at least 15 Facebook accounts, all with the same name, but different profile photos. What does this mean? Honestly I have no idea. But it is very suspicious to have so many facebook accounts all under the same name, and all seem active. Does Brodie Mcdougall even exist as a real person, or is she a character made by someone purely to flog fake psychic readings? If you know please let me know too.

I have also heard that she also flogs readings on Snapchat, and much like Facebook she also has multiple accounts on Instagram. Combining all of these profiles, she has tens of thousands of followers, so a very big pool of gullible people to get money out of. This smacks to me of a professionally organised system, and not just a random young woman selling readings online.

Also after posting this article I had a lot of people send me their readings from her. The vast majority were very generic stuff, so I wont republish here, as it is not that interesting. One thing I did notice though was that she likes to tell people that they are going to have a baby, as that seems to be a very common trend.

Anyway I have chosen this reading as one that really amused me from all that were sent in.

If you have had a reading from her, please take a screenshot, and send it to me.
Feel free to contact me through Twitter @TheBadPsych or Facebook 
And if they amuse me I might just add them here.

By Jon Donnis


Unknown said...

Arent ALL psychic readings fake?

JD said...

Let us put it a different way.
100% of psychic readings are not psychic in any way.

The word fake we have to be careful, as sometimes people will have mental illness, delusions and so on, and such people are not deliberately faking anything, but what they do is not real.

Unknown said...

you are hungry right now, omg that is the best so far

JD said...

Yes it did make me chuckle

navymomma said...


Unknown said...

This girl is a real person. The reason she has so many accounts is because the other ones get banned for a month here and there for scamming people so when that happens she jumps onto another account. Just a tramp of a girl who doesn't want to get off her arse and find a job so will try scam people to make a living.
The only medium this lassie is, is in a f**king T-Shirt ! Simple as that !

JD said...

Well that would explain it

Unknown said...

Brodie you are as Fake as don't trust her 😊

Unknown said...

No Michael not all are just the fake and you'll know if their fake

Unknown said...

she is just going on pictures sent to her and stabbing in the dark at guessing LOL

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Even real psychics don't get readings 100% correct. If a psychic tells you about your future I find this difficult to comprehend because we make our own destiny. However if a medium can contact your loved one on the other side surely this is comforting?

JD said...

Well you are half right, the future hasn't happened yet so cant be predicted.
But mediums do not communicate with the dead, in part because they are dead.
If such a claim was really true do you think they would be selling crappy £10 readings on facebook?

If it was all real, then yes it would be comforting, but the fact it is not real, means it is simply a cruel exploitation.

And even if you have been conned and think it is real, the fact it is all unregulated means there are no safeguards, people are gonna get conned regardless of your beliefs

Unknown said...

She was at it again tonight trying to scam in a group I'm a member of ...what a pos

Sarah said...

Brodie Mcdougall is trolling in facebook groups wanting to do supposed "readings". I am in a Facebook group that she came in and I knew right away it was her and that she is a scammer. On her post offering readings, I did a screenshot of her as the fake Facebook psychic and posted it on her post. The post was then deleted. Lol. She got caught red handed.

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