27 June 2019

Did we catch Thomas John: Manhattan Medium posting a faked testimonial?

With Thomas John currently in the media after he was exposed by Susan Gerbic, I thought I would re-publish our article that was originally published on 12th April 2018, whereby we exposed the fact that he had published a fake testimonial. Enjoy


I had an interesting email from someone concerned about Thomas John, they believed that he had printed a faked testimonial. So I checked it out.

Click the image to see it larger.
The original post was posted here.

Now when you click that link you get.

Luckily I copy and pasted it before he removed the fake testimonial.
I received a marvelous e-mail today from a woman I gave a reading to about 6 months ago. What an amazing transformation because she was open to messages from Spirit!
Dear Thomas, 

About 6 months ago, I had a reading with you. My sister had gifted it to me. It was by the phone---I'm not sure if you remember, I was the one who had just come back from Ireland, and we spoke about Ireland. 

When you gave me my reading, I have to be honest, listening back on the tape, I was very difficult with you and I am not sure why I was like that. I noticed that you were getting very specific details and I was not being helpful to you at all. I am sure you don't like people to tell you lots of extra details, but I truly felt my energy I was being difficult intentionally. 

The focus on my reading was speaking to my daughter, who passed away at 19 years old. She was my only daughter and we were VERY close---like best friends.
There were so many amazing things you validated! To be honest, I was skeptical. My mind went to a million places---did he Google me? Did he guess things? Did my mother tell him things? Does he have a way to spy on me? YES....I went crazy for a second! Lol! 

When we ended the reading, I had so many emotions---validation, happiness, sadness, excitement, curiosity. I will even admit that I "Googled" you and I saw you had some trouble in your past. This made me MORE skeptical. 

However about a month ago, I decided to listen to my reading again and the most amazing thing happened to me. While I was listening to the reading, you said, "I see a purple bear with a bow on it." I didn't validate it, but you said, "I literally see you finding it in the weirdest of places!" The day before I re-listened to my reading, I was going through my daughters items and I came across a purple bear. It was inside of her coat pocket. To be honest, I have no idea how or why it got there. I am not sure. I am attaching a photograph. 

Another amazing thing happened. You told me about a "plastic rectangle thing, two of them, attached together, with hearts on them." Again, when you said this to me, I was like WTF......two days ago, FOUND those in my daughters stuff! Yup! Exactly as you said......attaching pics of both!!!!!!! 

Thomas, I will forever be a believer in you and I know that you have a gift that is beyond anything I have ever experienced. Thank you for continuing to share and please, keep up your amazing work. You have healed the heart of this very sad Mother!
Thank you so much, Carin S.
West Bloomfield MI

Before I posted this article, we knew that as soon as I did, he would delete the post as he would have been found out, and then he will simply deny all knowledge, and/or block anyone who questions him about it. So we thought it might be worth sending private messages to some of his followers, letting them know what he had done, so they could see for themselves. Of course the risk being one of them challenges him and he removes the testimonial, and that is what he did.

But so far I have not actually proven the testimonial was faked have I? Well read on....

Now the testimonial itself is the typical thing that mediums publish as if to prove what they do is real. But us skeptics, we know better don't we!

Well the person who emailed me regarding this pointed out the bear picture is actually from an Ebay listing.


But what about that bookmark?

Well a quick reverse image search on google, and it is literally everywhere, loads of posts on Pinterest.

So what does this tell us?

Well there are two possibilities.

1. Thomas John just made up the testimonial, found those two unconnected photos, made up a nice little story to fit them together, and published them as proof of his magical powers.

2. Someone emailed Thomas John pretending that he had given them a spot on reading, and found photos that would match up to what he told them.

Personally I suspect number 1, as that is the most obvious, but even if it is number 2, that would only show that Thomas John has no idea when someone is lying to him, and that he has no problem posting a faked testimonial if it makes him sound good.

Either way it would suggest he has no psychic powers. For he either made it up himself, or he could not tell when someone had made up a story about him being correct in a reading, and therefore the original reading was also fake.

In future any time you see any testimonial that a psychic/medium posts, be skeptical.

We will let you make your own minds up as to how this effects Thomas John's claims of being a medium. Personally I believe he had no real psychic abilities, and that he cannot communicate with the dead.

By Jon Donnis

This article is purely the opinion of the author, and may or may not represent the opinions of BadPsychics.com


Unknown said...

talk about blowing his own trumpet.

JD said...

I would never do that. I am clearly too humble, in fact I am the best at being humble, I have won many awards for my humbleness

Thetruth said...

Well done! Glad to see this faker shamed & exposed to caution others away. In my grief-stricken naive state I got suckered in by supposed "testimonials" for "mediums" that were promoted as having been scientifically "tested" by Windbridge Foundation & Forever Family Foundation. After being fed a crock of hurtful "messages" which I knew my lost loved one would never have said to me, I called this one scoundrel, whose "testimonials" all referenced her specific accuracy, on her incorrect "messages" which evinced her sadistic misuse of a grieving person & she indignantly retorted "well, I don 't write my testimonials" which to me meant that of course, she actually did write them. If only all these psychological criminals could be shown for the shams they are as brilliantly as you have done here! Many thanks!

JD said...

I think the important thing here is to try to encourage everyone to always be skeptical of testimonials, for they can be written by anyone, and are often written by the psychics themselves, or by someone associated with them.

For example, here is a 100% genuine Testimonial written about me just today.

"Jon Donnis is the greatest skeptic in the world, very handsome, and incredibly intelligent, and also great at all sports, and an insanely high IQ" - By Bob McBobberson

Unknown said...

If you've ever bothered to see Thomas John in person, you'd know that there's no reason for him to need a fake testimonial. He's the real deal. Be honest. Have you ever seen him live, in person? Yes or no.

JD said...

The point is he DID indeed fake a testimonial. That is now a historical fact.
Why would he need to do that?

And I have seen him perform in unedited footage, and I could clearly see and understand all the methods of fakery he was using, There was nothing I could not easily explain.

Skeptyk said...

Just found this site in the wake of the wave of Susan Gerbic and crew. Good work, Jon. Thanks for being a real vampire slayer. These vile vultures, running their grift on the grieving, are despicable.

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