18 November 2017

A look at 2 short readings by "Celebrity Psychic Medium" Harry T

I had never heard of Harry T and I am guessing the vast majority of people reading this will not have heard of Harry T either. Well he is a self proclaimed "Award Winning" Celebrity Psychic. So pretty much exactly the same as every other psychic out there.

I was made aware of him by one of the members of the BadPsychics Forum as he is making a name for himself in Australia and they asked what I thought of him.

So what has he accomplished? Well he has gotten into some twitter arguments with members of the Real Housewives of Melbourne which is an Australian TV show for brain dead people to watch. And he made TV history as one half of the first gay couple on First Dates Australia. So his claim to fame is that he is gay, and has been on a dating show. I am sure all of the homosexual community out there must feel very proud of him.

Anyway his day job is as a psychic and he works on radio show Smallzy's Surgery nationwide Nova FM. And has done the usual guest spots on day time TV talk shows.

I was given a video of him appearing on one of those shows, something called Studio 10.

And in this video there is a load of waffle for a few minutes and then he gives two readings to people in the audience, and it is these readings I want to look at, as they are not edited, and should be of complete strangers he has not met before or had chance to research, so what better way to see if a medium is real, than in a setting like this, even if these people are likely to be believers.

So I asked a forum member to transcribe the video for me, and I will work from that transcription. Thank you to "girlseeksghosts" for transcribing the video.

Also it is worth noting that this video has been uploaded by Harry T to his own youtube channel, so this video he uses to promote himself and is not one I have picked out or edited to make him look bad.

First you can watch the video below, the readings start after 3 minutes 30 seconds, so feel free to skip to that point. And after you have watched it, scroll down to read my analysis.

Harry T - Bold Lettering
Audience member - Normal Lettering
My analysis - Red Lettering

This lady over here, at the front, yeah ok, what was your name?
and your star sign?

So to start off, the man who claims psychic powers, to hear the dead, and to see the future has to ask someone 2 questions, their name and their star sign, two simple things that any real psychic should know surely. Anyway let's keep a count on how many questions he asks, remember anyone who could really do what they claim as a psychic would not need to ask any questions. 

Scorpio ok. As soon as I was around the audience before during the commercial, what I was doing was I was getting a sense of the audience and you were standing out very very strongly. In terms of psychic work I would understand that you would have a very good connection with this so its almost like you actually have a bit of this gift yourself, does that make sense?
It does.

So a bit of waffle, and then telling the woman he is reading that she has psychic powers too.

Now anyone who has ever been to a psychic might notice that they were also told they had some psychic abilities. In fact I myself, the UK's most notorious skeptic have been told by 5 different psychics that I have some psychic powers.

The reason they say this is because it is an easy way to find out if the person they are talking to is a believer or a skeptic.

Pretty much all believers will answer in the positive when it is put to them that they have "a bit of a gift". By telling the client this, it is creating something in common with them, it is making them feel special, for you are literally telling someone "you have magic powers just like me, lets be special together"

Now lets say the person answers in the negative, and says "no I do not have psychic powers" something I have answered many times. The psychic will ALWAYS respond with, "oh trust me you do, you just haven't realised them yet".

So regardless of how the client answers, the psychic is able to glean a lot of information out of just one question that is worded to sound like a statement.

Notice the vague words he uses too.

"almost like you actually have a bit"

He doesn't sound so sure does he? That is because again he has no idea, this is how cold reading works.

I know I rambled a bit on this, but it is said by pretty much every psychic everywhere, so I want you to be aware of it. If you have been told you have psychic powers by a psychic, let me know in the comments.

Ok. You will be receiving a lot of prophetic dreams recently and actually fortelling things that are actually coming up, does that make sense to you?
It does.

Firstly "does that make sense to you?" that is a question, to ask a question means you do not know the answer. (3 questions asked not counting the cleverly worded question about if she was psychic, I will let him off that one)

So how could he possibly know this?

Well think back, he already knows this woman is a believer in psychic powers, and she has already admitted that she believes she has psychic powers, so to say to someone who you have just found out believes they are psychic, that they have dreams that predict the future, well its not so big of a leap is it.

In fact ask anyone who believes they have "a bit of a gift" if they have ever had a prophetic dream, and I bet they say yes.

I'm being told from... you actually have a beautiful angel that stands around you. Have you got an angel ornament in your bedroom or in your home, there's like an angel figurine looking thing?
I was given an angel pendant last year.

He says he is being told from... Then stops, who is talking to you Harry T? Give us a name? Ok, he states she has an angel that stands around her, firstly this is pretty much a part of the belief structure of spiritualists, whether it is angels, or spirit guides or so on, she has already admitted she believes she is psychic, so hardly another big leap to assume she believes in angels/spirit guides.

He then asks a question about an angel ornament in her bedroom or home, and then clarifies that there is an "angel figurine" looking thing.

This is 3 question he asks here, all 3 are wrong. You could argue it is 1 question, but there are 3 different things he could have hit on here, no ornament in bedroom, and no ornament in her home, and no figurine.

So I googled angel figurine and here is the first image that comes up.

He gets this completely wrong, but desperate to believe the woman tells him that she was given an angel pendent. Or Angel on a necklace.

So now you understand why he stated "looking thing" at the end of his question.

I am sure you can imagine that after this reading the woman goes home and tells others that the psychic knew she had an angel pendent, how could he possibly know that and so on, yet when you actually look deeply into what he said and the context in which he said it, you can understand the truth.

Ok last year, this is something very connected to you, its to protect you, it was given to you to protect you.
It was.

A moment ago he thought it was an angel ornament, something you put on a window sill, yet now after the woman told him she had an angel pendent, he is now telling her that it is something very close to her, a necklace is literally touching you, so of course it is "connected" to you, often pendents, necklaces etc are given for these reasons, I have about 6 crosses given to me by religious relatives, which I never wear. 

By the woman telling Harry T that she had the pendent, that allows him to know how to word the next statement. Would he have said that an angel ornament would have been given to someone to protect them, to be very connected to them? I don't think so. The fact it is a pendent totally changes the meaning of the item being talked about.

In my parents house they have various ornaments including a couple of angels, none were given to protect them or any of that. They are just ornaments that have been in the family and have been passed down over the generations. 

Ok thank you. I am being told to actually wear it so its almost like you actually havent worn it.
Thats right, I haven't worn it.
Remember he started off thinking it was an ornament, now clearly the woman is not wearing the pendent, and she has gone to a show whereby she knew a psychic would be a guest, she herself supposedly has "a bit of gift" yet she is not visibly wearing the very thing they are talking about.

So notice how he words this, its "almost" like you "actually" haven't worn it.

She then confirms she has not worn it. He words it in such a way that gives a bit of an out if needed, since clearly she is not wearing it in the video, she does not wear it 24/7. So by saying it in a slightly vague way, if she says that she only wears it on weekends, or special occasions etc, then he can double down and say to her that she needs to wear it more.

Oh gosh I hope the person who gave it to you isn't watching, because I'm being told here that you actually need to wear it because it will protect you. It was given to you with love and I'm being shown that it's actually going to help you be more clear of the direction that you're heading. For some reason, this might sound odd, but I am being told to tell you that in many ways your life is just beginning. I don't know why I'm saying this but I feel like as of now moving forward there is going to be a lot of movement moving... almost like going towards May, it's like these next few months there's a big moving forward period for you. What's significant about May around you?
No significance I can think of.

Total failure here. He waffles a bit here then asks a question "What's significant about May around you?", and he misses as she tells him nothing.

When you go this route as a psychic it is usually quite safe, you choose a month slightly in the future, spring/summer months are easy, as usually a lot going on, from people moving house, weddings, changing jobs, it is a 1 in 12 chance that it is someones birthday, although he seems to have forgotten she is Scorpio. 

So the moving forward question could be anything really, yet it seems her life is pretty stable, so he is 100% completely wrong. And he asked another question, what are we on now? 5? 6? I lost count.

I think in May there's going to be something coming up that will be significant that will actually make sense to you and I'm almost feeling like you are going to say ah, that makes sense and I'm being told to also.... amethyst, what's the purple stone? Why am I seeing amethyst?
I have an amethyst ring.

Classic cold reading trick, you get something wrong, and then say "it will make sense to you in the future" Therefore pushing the blame of the miss on to the client, if you never see them again who cares, and if something happens in May purely through coincidence she will remember the psychic and think he predicted it.

He then asks another question, and asks why he is seeing an Amethyst.

She then confirms she has such a ring. Note she said ring, not him.

Is it hardly surprising that a believer who has "a bit of a gift" owns some new-age jewellery?

Could have been a necklace, ear rings, a rock, an ornament, perfume, nail varnish, basically anything Amethyst and he gets a hit, pretty easy thing to claim.

Ok fantastic (audience clapping) thank you, because Im being told that this actually resonates with your energy very very strongly and also take a walk near the water because I think you need it.
Ok thank you very much.
You're welcome.

So he guessed that someone with "a bit of a gift" a believer in psychics, owns something new-age, and it is fantastic and gets a round of applause. If that is your level of evidence of real psychic powers, then I really feel for you.

This was basic cold reading, and if you really look at things, what did he actually tell her that made any kind of sense? He asked a lot of questions, got a lot wrong, and pretty much all the main points she in fact told him.

Yet I bet you after the event she went away and told people

"How could he have possibly know any of that, I never told him anything, I only answered yes or no"

This is why you should always get a recording of a reading. It really is surprising how much people give away without realising.

(Harry T Im being told if you could talk to someone else now.)
Yeh ok lets have a look at who else we can go to. Who wanted to ask a question? I think the man in the red.
Yeh when my father passed away..
Were you younger?
Yeh, I'm the youngest.

So Harry T now moves on to someone else, straight away the audience member reveals that his father has passed away, and then Harry T asks a QUESTION. Why he needs to ask a question so quickly I will never know.

I said to him when I got back from the hospital, I said to him can you show me a sign that you're alive and my mother came from a great background and she had like a candle and it was broad daylight and um...
The flame, did something happen with the flame?
and I said to him.. the flame automatically just blew out.

As the man is telling his story, Harry T realises that he is missing his chance here, so jumps in to try and get in on the act. The man has revealed that he had a candle, and it was the day time and he wanted a sign, so of course the sign would be connected to the candle, Harry T realises this and quick as a flash he gets his comment in there.

Thank you while he was speaking I saw a flame.

This made me laugh. The man literally just told you there was a candle.

To be fair this is a terrible client, as he is talking way too much and giving way too much information, and not letting Harry T do his job of pretending to be psychic.

and I said thank you and I got angry with him because he was stalking me at one stage and I told him to back off.
Yeh, who is the G name? Is there a G like a George or a?

Its the classic guess the name game. All psychics do this, again Harry T is asking the question, he is not making any statements, he is dangling the bait and allowing the fish to bite.
Yeh, who's George, like a G name?
My uncle on my father's side George.

So the man manages to find someone in his family with one of the all time most common and popular male names in George.

In my family I have at least 5 Georges I can think of straight away.
Sorry is that your brother, his brother?
No, my uh, George...
(sorry to interupt but we are running short of time)

Even after the man tells Harry T who the George was, Harry T still has no idea, and has to ask him.
Ok thats ok that was him as soon as you said, I saw the flame so that was a sign from him to let you know he is at peace. He has actually healed a lot. His physical body had a lot of issues....
Now to be fair they get cut off here, but even so Harry T tries to claim this car wreck as some kind of success, repeating back that he saw a flame, and then makes the hilarious comment about the dead persons physical body had a lot of issues, yes Harry T, it had a lot of issues, so many in fact that he died.

And that is the end of that.

I have analysed thousands of readings, so I say with complete confidence, that based on two readings that Harry T himself uses as an example of his mediumship and psychic abilities, it is my opinion that Harry T does not communicate with the dead, he does not hear the voices of the dead, he cannot predict or see the future, and that in my opinion he is performing an act.

What do you think? Leave your comments below.

By Jon Donnis.


Adrian Heath said...

Well, its all bullshit. I just wish people would learn to think logically. No one has ever communicated with the dead because all that we are, all of our personality, memories, quirks and foibles are the result of the biochemical reactions and electrical impulses in our brains and that ends at death, if our personality and memories were in fact housed or contained within a soul or spirit that was to all intents eternal and indestructible, brain injuries would not cause amnesia or personality changes neither would dementia brain tumours and a whole host of other neurological ailments and conditions. Of course the psychics and mediums as well as the believers in religion etc, will make the argument that the soul/spirit is only "magically" activated at death, but to me that's just an attempt to counter incontrovertible facts and or make them fit an individual theology / belief.
All psychics are fake without exception they survive and thrive only by virtue of the fact that peoples desire to believe is frequently greater than their desire to know.
Funny too that such a disproportionate number of psychics seem to be gay, I often wonder if if there isn't a significant reason for this.

JD said...

I have talked about how many psychics are gay before.
I put it down to the wanting to feel special. Often they are bullied as children, rejected by family and so on, and made to feel like nothing, so what better way to deal with such things than to believe you have magic powers, it is a coping method.

Of course there is also the feminine aspect to it too.}
The vast majority of people who spend money on psychics are women, and feminine gay men will naturally feel more in tune with women.

Jubilee79 said...

Well Jon, your theory is as rubbish as this psychic. I just watched this Harry T on Today Extra, morning television. I have never seen or heard of him before and immediately jumped online to see if he's been called out as a fraud because he isn't actually answering any of the people who ask him questions.

Someone asked if she should stay in Sydney to look for work or move to the country. Instead of telling her what she should do, he said "he sees her staying in sydney".

He gave the usual BS response to a woman wanting to know about her dead son who died under circumstances she's still not sure about. He told her that her son is in heaven and happy, that her son wants her to put the issue of his death "to bed" and rattled off two names for apparently no reason then moved on.

He then told a woman who asked if she should knock her family home down and rebuild and was terrified of the task, that he "sees her staying in that home". At no time does he answer any of these questions.

I'm a copywriter and I often have to write to legal guidelines for the health and wellbeing industry. I know tactical "don't sue me" talk when I hear/see it and this dude knows he's a fraudster and instead of answering their questions he's giving vague responses that aren't helpful at all and are deliberately worded to avoid litigation. FRAUD.

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