30 October 2017

Why you should avoid James Higgins Psychic Medium

Source: Facebook/Google Images

"I recently had a run in with self proclaimed "Psychic Medium" James Higgins, and I thought it would be a good idea to look into him further, however since he had made certain rather nasty comments towards me, I thought it would be better if I asked someone else to write the article, so I asked a colleague here at BadPsychics, and the article below is written by them. As such I will say that any of the comments and opinions in the article below are those of the author." - Jon Donnis

As readers of Bad Psychics may be aware, we have various dealings with a woman called Deborah Davies over the years.

You can read the original article about her here, which reveals - among other things - the disgraceful claims she made about Madeleine McCann.

And don’t forget to check out the sequel, detailing the catfight she had with her former friend, Gail Cuffe who runs the ‘Readings by Gail’ Facebook page, (previously ‘Psychic123UKreadings’).

Alas, despite all of this, Ms Davies has continued to practise as a self-proclaimed psychic and medium. One of her latest schemes involves offering weekly horoscopes, which just happen to bear a curious resemblance to those on Russell Grant’s website.

Source: Facebook/Google Images/RusselGrant.mobi

Can you spot the differences?

Anyway, it now turns out that she is not the only person in her family to be making forays into the psychic world.  In autumn 2016, a series of posts appeared on her Facebook page, promoting her son, James Higgins. This struck me as a little odd as he was already 25 years old, and she had never indicated that he had any psychic ability before then.

In fact, one of the few times that she had mentioned him previously was when she publicised an event that he was due to host with someone from an inane reality show, back in 2014.

Source: Facebook/Google Images

However, it appears that this venture didn’t last long – as his Facebook page as an entertainment host/MC has since been deactivated. A cynic might be tempted to think that the sudden emergence of his alleged psychic ability very conveniently coincided with the failure of this business. Nevertheless, one must not jump to conclusions.  Let’s look at the evidence first before making our minds up as to whether James Higgins is the real deal or not.

To begin with, here are screenshots of Ms. Davies’s posts from last year – interspersed with my comments.

Source: Facebook/Google Images

So what do you think the odds of him creating his own psychic/mediumship Facebook page were?

Source: Facebook/Google Images

Oh, what a surprise! By the very next day, he had created a page.  And apparently, he had “no intention” of charging for his psychic services. Well, as we are about to see, that soon went out the window.

Source: Facebook/Google Images

As stated above, James was already 25 years old. Isn’t a bit strange that she hadn’t taught him to connect with his ‘spirit guide’ before then? Even more bizarre that she only taught him to do so after he had created a psychic mediumship page.

A few weeks later, this post appeared on both their pages:

Source: Facebook/Google Images

I have to say these are some of the most unconvincing examples of validations that I have ever seen. In the first case, I could name you half a dozen people who keep their feelings hidden. In fact, this is often said to be a typically British trait – i.e. keeping a stiff upper lip and not showing your emotions.

The second comment, on the other hand, really makes me sad. Clearly, this is someone who has suffered bereavement and is clutching at anything – no matter how vague – to give her hope of an afterlife.
Let’s be honest, though. Anyone could link the letter ‘B’ to a multitude of things in their lives. For example, just off the top of my head, I baked some bread for breakfast this morning.  I also got a text from my brother. One of best friends had a baby boy this year, and another close friend of mine had a birthday last month. I bought him a photo autographed by Bobby Charlton. I also have an Uncle Bruce and my grandmother’s sister was called Betty. And in my immediate circle of friends, I know people with the surnames Brown, Burton, Bennett, and Bright.

Furthermore, for all the positive responses that Ms Davies has for her son, we have received plenty of negative feedback in return.

For example, here are two typical complaints from former fans:

However, they were among the lucky ones, who decided not to pay for James Higgins’s psychic services. One customer, unfortunately, made the mistake of buying a reading from him and waited for three days – before she was sent this:  

Source: Facebook

(NB: At the time, James Higgins described himself as a ‘spirit medium’. He has now changed the name of his page to ‘James Higgins Psychic Medium’)

Just from looking at this reading, we can see that it’s simply a load of rambling waffle. James can’t seem to make up his mind as to whether the customer has just had a baby or is about to have one. He also talks about the customer getting the opportunity to work online – but then strangely contradicts himself at the end by saying that he “can’t see anything flagging up in her career”.

He was totally wrong, in any case. The customer actually completed her family many years ago. All her children are now adults, so she isn’t about to have another baby. Neither is anyone close to her, and she has no plans to work online.  She couldn’t believe it had taken him so long to produce something so short and inaccurate. She initiated a dispute to get her money back – but has yet to receive a refund.

These are not the only complaints that there have been about him. Another customer recently got in touch with us, alleging that James appears to be buying items online and then selling them at marked-up prices on his Facebook page. For instance, a few months ago, he offered this dress for £29.99 with a ‘free’ spirit reading.

Source: Facebook/Google Images

Note however, that you can buy EXACTLY the same dress here on eBay for £16.99 (plus £9.99 postage).

Now, in the interests of fairness, we should not confine our analysis of James’s psychic ability to his written readings or the items he sells. On occasion, he has conducted mediumship demonstrations for his customers.

Unfortunately, they don’t seem to be particularly impressive either.

A few months ago, he took part in a bizarre ghost hunt at a pub in Macclesfield. Apparently, this pub was supposed to be haunted by 22 ghosts, including a particularly evil spirit who has regularly assaulted women.
The video of the hunt went viral – and was picked up the Daily Mirror, which published an edited version on their website, complete with spooky background music. Yet *spoiler alert* absolutely NOTHING happens! The pub landlord, for some reason, goes into a particularly foul-mouthed rant at the ghost, goading it to attack him.  But James Higgins, for the most part, just stands there like a lemon, sporadically saying vague things like, “I sense a male presence.”

But let’s give James another chance. He sometimes holds live ‘question-and-answer’ sessions on Facebook. Here is a sample, which you can watch here:

You can, of course, judge for yourselves as to whether this video shows any proof of psychic ability. But for the purposes of accuracy, here is a transcript – with:

James Higgins’s reading in normal text,
commentary by me added in red,
and parts that I wish to draw attention to in bold.


James: Sarah Lewis, you’re just commenting there. That is, you know, it’s really nice that I’m seeing messages like this. “What will my children be when they grow up?

A fairly straightforward question about the future. But can he give her a straightforward answer?

Okay, erm, for now, I feel as though your children are at quite a young age.

She’s just asked what her kids will be “when they grow up”, so it’s pretty obvious that they aren’t very old.

There is so many factors that can influence this. I don’t feel in any way whatsoever that a child’s viewpoint on what they want to be now is what they’re going to be in the future. I wanted to be a barrister and that’s a very different job from what I’m doing right now. Erm, there are certain things that can influence this throughout their whole life. Lots of different roads that they could be taking at certain points and each option has a different outcomeSo, it’s very difficult for me to be able to tell you that at the moment.

Eh – what?? This is common sense. Everyone already knows that there are different factors that can influence a person’s career path. But aren’t you supposed to be psychic? So shouldn’t you be able to say exactly which road the woman’s children will take?

But it’s very good that I’m seeing that you’re concerned about this. You’re very driven for your children and in the long run, that’s going to benefit them further down the line.

Well, if she wasn’t driven for her children, she wouldn’t have asked that question.

What I think is so important here to say – and this goes for anyone that’s got children. I’ve not got children at the moment, I’ve not got children. But I feel as though I’m very wise with knowledge of what I might pass on to my children. And a lot of what they teach you in school…it’s not the real world. It’s not the real world at all. The things that I’d be telling my children aren’t necessarily the things that they’d be taught in the educational system.

So your school didn’t prepare you for the real world? Very interesting, I’m sure. But what does that have to do with what the woman’s children will be when they grow up?

So, I think it’s important that you – at every available opportunity – give them the lessons that you have learned to develop over the years and things that you wish you knew when you were their age. And a lot of the time, you know, there’s things that you wish you would have known back then that you’ve only just found out recently. There’s things that you might not even know yet, that you’re yet to find out that would have benefited you when you were a child. And looking back, would you have done anything different? A lot of you might have. A lot of you might have done things differently and you know, that’s the whole point of life’s lessons. It’s us learning and developing on the things that we do and then passing that down to our children. And it’s important that we do that for the sake….for the sake of the children’s life, career, finances. You know, we want the best for our children at the end of the day, don’t we?

Oh, good grief! This sounds like the kind of guff you can hear on American talk shows about the best way to raise your children. I’m sure if the woman wanted parenting advice, she would have consulted Supernanny instead of a psychic.

And Sarah, no doubt in any way whatsoever that you are capable of relaying everything that they need to know. I feel as though you’re a very good mum to your children and I do feel as though you’ll get there and give them the support that they need throughout their life. Hope that makes sense to you.

No, I’m afraid it doesn’t. It’s just generalised blather.

But erm…it’s an exciting…exciting time, very exciting time, and watching a child grow up, you know, it must be amazing to, you know, hear at different stages…their aspirations from such a young age. A lot of children want to be a fireman when they grow up or you’ll hear the most randomest things…..I’ve heard children say they want to be a binman when they grow up and when they get older, you know, everything changes. Nothing stays the same. Nothing does stay the same, but it’s just something to bear in mind for the future.

This just basically repeats what he stated earlier about how children’s ambitions often don’t pan out. Sorry, but I can’t see anything remotely psychic about this fairly obvious fact. No answer whatsoever to the woman’s question – despite waffling on for almost five minutes.


Nonetheless, Jon Donnis (who runs this site) was prepared to give James Higgins one final try. A few weeks ago, James asked people to see if he was drawn to them by messaging him on Facebook. So Jon took him up on his offer – and received quite a surprising response:

Source: Facebook

However, not long afterwards….perhaps after consulting the spirit of Google Search…. James Higgins changed his mind, and sadly decided that Jon wasn’t so ‘lovely’ after all:

Source: Facebook

Regrettably, Jon then received a Facebook block before he was able to reply. But for my part, I simply say this: 
1. Read both previous articles about James’s mother,
2. Consider the evidence that we have provided here on what ‘help and guidance’ James Higgins actually gives to people in need, and
3. then, decide for yourselves who are the ‘evil ones’.

By Stefanie Schmidt

This article is the opinion of Stefanie Schmidt, any images used are freely available in the public domain either on google images or facebook, or otherwise specified and are used for the express purpose of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, education and research.


johnp said...

Sounds more like the lad is suffering cause you dont like his mother, and i am sure its the only reason he is mentioned

JD said...

How is he suffering?
I exposed his mother, and yes to be fair he would not be on the radar if not for his mother.
And this is even one of the reasons I did not write the article myself, since his mother had made abusive comments towards me, and I didn't want that to affect anything I wrote, which is why I asked someone else to write about James Higgins.

We always try to be honest and let people make their own minds up, we present our opinions, and our evidence, and it is up to the readers to decide if the psychic is a fraud or not.

If we get anything wrong, we are happy to address that, and if you spotted anything wrong feel free to post it here in the comments for everyone to see.

We stand by everything we publish, and if we are wrong which is incredibly wrong, we hold our hands up and admit it and apologise.

But regardless of all of that, regardless of his mother and her actions, James Higgins is a medium in his own right, he has a website, facebook and so on, and as such if we receive reports about someone like that, then we will investigate, as is the case here.

Star1989 said...

As somebody that is currently a developing psychic medium at the age of 28 I can say that up until 2 years ago I had no clue f my abilities. So yes it is possible to become a psychic at the age of 25. This to me just looks like somebody desperately clutching at straws to bring somebody else down. Shame on you

JD said...

You started charging people yet for readings?
Can you offer any proof for your claim?
Why have you decided to become a psychic now?

And would you be willing to put your claims to the test?

Anonymous said...

So what happened two years ago, Star1989? Did you suddenly start hearing voices? Normally, if that happens, people seek professional help for schizophrenia.
But in your case, you decided to become a psychic medium? Lol! Maybe you can tell us where Madeleine McCann is.

Star1989 said...

i don't choose to do anything with my gift. Not that I have to explain myself To you. A man that has far too much time on his hands. There is clearly some failure that's gone on in your lifetime which now makes you feel the need to boycott and Slate others to bring them down. John Donnis there is only one word for you and that is VILE. Psychics and mediums are not clowns that have to prove themselves to the likes of you. The only person here with mental health issues is yourself. You nasty, jumped up excuse for a man.

JD said...

Straight into defensive mode as soon as asked to prove your claims.
Very interesting.

Unknown said...

I had a reading of James and it was so spot on it was spooky. He even describe in detail the night my partner died. He mentioned things I'd never tell anyone so in my eyes James is fantastic. He told me my father wasn't long for this earth and said his initials. My father is dying of cancer!!! And you say he's a fake open your eyes your the nasty person in all this. James Higgins is a fantastic psychic and thousands of people think so. You relay are wasting your time trying to blacken his name.

JD said...

I believe you.
Unfortunately what I believe doesn't matter. I need evidence, I need proof.
So the best thing I can suggest here is if you recorded the reading to send it me, and I can analyse it and see if he used known psychological trickery or if not then see if the reading is real.

Of course if it is real, then I will happily tell the word, and I would be happy to publish a full apology for getting him wrong.

I think that is a fair solution.

So do you have anything to back up your claim? A recording of the reading etc?

Hassallman said...

James Higgins is a great medium.. I have many had many readings from James and he has never charged me a penny. Maybe if you looked at the positive in people and not the negative you may become a better person yourself... and by the way karma is a wonderful thing and i hope James and his mum get to see you when your Karma is delivered...

JD said...

Another "unknown" user comments, I hope you remembered to use a VPN or else it might become clear who is really defending him.

Ok you say you have had many free readings from him, can you show them to me?

As for Karma, it doesn't work on people like me sadly, Oh and I was hearing THREATS like that back in 2004 from fans of Derek Acorah. Still waiting for this Karma to hit me. My life is pretty good.

But yes I hope you can back up your claims and show me your readings, otherwise it just looks like James keeps coming to this article himself and posting anonymously defending himself. Wow I hope that is not what he is doing as that would look terrible.

Anonymous said...

It sure doesn't sound very spot on if he could only manage to come up with initials! As this article mentions, ANYONE can link letters or initials to dozens of things in their lives.

Adrian Heath said...

Psychics and their supporters present some interesting dichotomies and contradictions. They claim to do what they do because they are super caring gifted people who want to help grieving people yet when criticized especially by those using unassailable evidence based techniques they frequently retaliate in a very aggressive and decidedly uncaring manner, one would have thought that if evidence was on their side and mediumship was genuine that any criticism would be irrelevant and like water off a ducks back, their reaction is indicative of both fear of loss of revenue and embarrassment at being exposed. Not only is this behaviour immature and not becoming of a supposedly spiritually advanced individual it also behaviour frequently displayed by a person who is being willfully and knowingly deceptive. Their complete inability to argue their case cogently and without recourse to nebulous esoteric and frequently anecdotal unverifiable claims speaks volumes about their fundamentally dishonest practices. Huggins you are not psychic nor is your mother or anyone else, you prey on the weak minded the vulnerable and the grieving in order to make money and your angry outbursts and likely anonymous comments pretending to be an happy client is fairly strong circumstantial evidence that its lucrative for you. Its all about the money and that dude is a fact.

Anonymous said...

He's never charged you a penny? Well, he's certainly ripped off a lot of other people. And his first message to Jon lists his prices.

Anonymous said...

It was me - not Jon - who suggested you might have mental health issues, Star1989. But the fact you attacked the wrong person just shows how psychic you aren't.

Hassallman said...

I am not James or any family or friend.. my name is Mandy... is your life that perfect that you have to consistantly put someone else down maybe you need to correct things in your own life before you start on someone else..let he who is without sin cast the first stone.. all the evidence of the free readings are on my facebook page clearly for my family and friends to see..you are clearly neither of those so i guess you won't see my evidence.. and the THREAT about Karma that is a very strong word to use... it wasn't a threat it was a fact maybe you think your life is pretty good but it can't be that good if you get pleasure out of putting other people down..Let me just leave you with this final thought.. How would you feel is someone wrote things like this about your family member or a friend... Everyone is entitled to their own opinion in regards to mediums you clearly have yours so don't slate people that believe

autodafe20 said...

Scam artists should suffer, a jail cell being the best place to do that suffering.

autodafe20 said...

Unknown or should I just call you James, your posts are as ridiculous as your "readings".

autodafe20 said...

Physics and mediums are not clowns, they are either rip-off artists or self-delusional.

JD said...

People have wrote things about me, I deal with death threats almost weekly. I get nothing from exposing frauds but abuse.

I do what I do because it is the right thing to do.

As for my opinion on mediums, again my opinion really does not matter, all that matters are the facts, and the facts prove that neither James or any other psychic medium can back up their claims.

When they do back up their claims, I will happily write about that too.

Lisa said...


JD said...

Ok i wont approve your previous comment then, But I still think you are naive for believing in these things and wasting money on them, money that would be better spent on your baby.

Would you like to share your reading with me? I would like to see how similar it is to other readings he has given, to show that they are not personal but merely copy and paste.

Please do not give any more money to these people. Its all a scam.

Unknown said...

James said my partner won a free reading and to message him for the reading. When she messaged him he then told her she had to pay 20.00. She told him she wouldn't pay that as it's supposed to be free and that She has only paid that for face to face readings. James then replied with a rather rude and stupidly long message constantly banging on about how many followers he has and how he's so amazing and how he thinks he's the best medium in the world. Lol . James is an absolute joker praying on vulnerable people. I'm very spiritual and I'm a believer but James is a fake. His readings are so vague that they could literally be about anybody in the world. He's only bothered about money and clearly thinks he's something he's not .

Unknown said...

I first saw James the other night , and messaged him for a reading , he sent me a message saying a reading would be £19.99 , I haven’t paid any money because it was through Facebook, and I’m a bit suspicious , what’s to stop him looking at my profile and picking thing up from there, don’t get me wrong ,I’ve had private readings before from mediums and they’ve been spot on , and I haven’t paid anywhere near £19.99 ,

JD said...

All mediums are fake. Some just have terrible personalities, like James.
I am sorry you had a bad experience, my only advice is to avoid all psychics and save your money.

JD said...

I think you have figured out one of their methods for conning you.
Of course there are many many other methods you have no idea about, since you are a believer you have clearly been conned and not realised it.

Remember, the best magic tricks are the ones you cant figure out, but they are still just tricks

Helen Barlow said...

It saddens me that so many vulnerable people listen to and are taken in by such fraudsters. Surely, if people were genuinely psychic they wouldn’t charge people in offering them comfort. I used to give some psychic mediums the benefit of the doubt, but now I realise they are all fake that pray on the vulnerable and guillable. I appreciate Jon for doing the thankless job of bringing these fraudsters to light.

Unknown said...

Had a reading as such from mr James Higgins. He claimed to be in contact with my dad. But didn't give me any thing to validate this other than the month of April and that my dad's eyes were closed when he passed 😂 like really did he pull that out of a hat. I'm gutted as I paid him 20 quid to be told a load of crap. After telling him my dad passed in he's sleep I didn't hear from him again. Shame I Had to lose 20 quid to find out that he's a fake but hey no you live and learn 😂

JD said...

Can i ask why you just accept that you have lost money and do nothing to get it back?
As long as people dont complain, dont try to get their money back etc, the longer these types of scam continue.

How did you pay? Report him to your credit card company if you paid that way, report him to Paypal and open a claim if you paid that way.

Did you get a VAT Tax receipt from him? If not report him to HMRC (Tax man)

Go to Trading Standards and report him there. If enough people report him then they will act.

Dont just have a moan on here, it achieves little. I know its only £20 but you are not the only one.

FIGHT BACK! And let me know how you get on!

Debz said...

Just bought a reading from James now I'm not looking forward to reading it should have checked online first

JD said...

Hi Debz, James Higgins is no different to any other medium. I hope you wont waste any money on these fakes again after this.
In fact you should try to get a refund for this current one. Legally you are entitled to one.

Debz said...

Hi I just recived my reading and anyone could have said what he did most of it means nothing I should have checked him up first now he won't reply

JD said...

Open.a claim with Paypal. Demand a refund. Its the only way to stop these people.

Debz said...

He has got back to me I will do thanks x

Debz said...

Just so annoyed he can say things about people that are no longer hear and pray on vunerable people

Adrian Heath said...

Debz I'm sorry you were taken in by Higgins it sucks I'm sure :(. Just a couple of points, checking out a psychic or medium is pointless as unequivocally none of them are seeing the future or talking to your dead relatives so the only difference between a badly reviewed psychic medium and a good one is how well they can con their victims. Also,using their services only encourages them in that same way that leaving scraps of food around encourages rats. Hopefully you are wiser now and won't give anymore of your hard earned money to these vultures.

Magsp said...

Just had a text reading from james he was quite accurate but for £20 expected a bit more.

JD said...

£20 for a text reading! Wow he saw you coming a mile away!
Ask for a refund and report to Trading Standards.
You just been conned.

Jan said...

Omg. I have fallen victim to this person that thinks he's a psychic medium. Everything he said to me he had obviously had from my Facebook profile. It's really upset me. If this kid is a medium then I'm one too. I'm going to demand my money back

JD said...

Hi Jan, I am sorry to hear you were scammed as well.

You MUST demand a full refund and also report him to the local Trading Standards.

And also learn from your mistake here, and NEVER go to a medium again. They are all crooks.

Report him using https://www.gov.uk/find-local-trading-standards-office

Adrian Heath said...

That's six people I've counted so far that have reported being ripped off by this guy and that's on this site alone, I wonder how many more there are that haven't found their way here to this site, probably hundreds. I don't mean to be unkind to them as when you are grieving or distressed in life it's easier to get taken advantage of by people and I get that from personal experience of grieving in the last couple of years but I have to say it.... WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! THIS GUY HIGGINS IS THE WORST, HE IS A RIP OFF MERCHANT AND A WOLF IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING.

Please don't give him anymore of your hard earned cash and if you really must consult a psychic medium don't even consider using this guy, he's a complete rat and a menace and the only way to fight back is doing what Jon suggests and go to trading standards. Don't give this guy your hard earned money spread the word and boycott his business the only way to really hurt or get back at these individuals is to hit them in the pocket because money is all they care about at the end of the day.

JD said...

Report him to trading standards.

How did you pay? If PayPal open a claim. They can help you

Adrian Heath said...

Julie, I think you will hear back from him eventually, but only after he's finished seeing if he can locate any information about you on social media that he can then regurgitate back at you, of course he could be taking a day off but my money is on the former.
You are the 7th person on this page alone who has expressed dissatisfaction with this guy, just remember that when he gets back to you (and I believe he will do eventually) if his reading is uncannily accurate you have probably been scoped out on social media, if it's a poor reading with lots of vague generalities then I don't really need to go on, either way you have been conned unfortunately.
Jon is a leading expert in this sort of thing please listen to his advice.
I would also suggest warning your friends against having readings from him you never know how much that might ultimately hit him in the pocket and it has the added bonus of making you feel you are doing something proactive. All the best to you and please don't waste any more of your hard earned money on these people they are almost certainly all fake.

DaSpiritz said...

thanks for doing what you do.

JD said...

You're welcome

Jan said...

Yes he is. I'm really angry with him

JD said...

Jan, report him to trading standards.

How did you pay? If PayPal open a claim. Don't just accept being scammed

imjustme said...

I almost got scammed also! I gave him a month-every message I sent was met with an auto reply. Every post I left on his page was deleted. Then I sent one final note, to PayPal requesting my money back. I got my refund.

JD said...

Glad to hear you got a refund through PayPal, so many people dont realise that PayPal have legal protections that will get you your money back.

I hope you learned a lesson here and understand all of these psychics are fakes.
Dont spend another penny on them.

Unknown said...

I just called him on it! FB

Unknown said...

I have just paid £25 for an email reading from James which was supposed to arrive in 24hrs! It did not! Then i started to receive msgs to text questions for £1 each i could have three! So i then received a load of msgs of a gentleman coming thru a woman coming thru telling me something was going to happen to me and it was not nice! I have no way to contact this fraudster and i am surprised they haven't blocked me as i have sent a msg saying i will report him if i don't get a refund! But i think it is just an automated service and i can say bye bye to my money! I am an idiot as i just wanted to hear from my friend who passed in feb! Cruel people in this world! I would not advise these people to anyone! Don't have anything to do with this horrible scam!!

JD said...

If you paid using PayPal you can open a claim with them and get your money back.

You can also report him to trading standards for he is breaking the law and you have rights.

Don't just accept you were scammed, fight back!

Unknown said...

May 2020 and James higgins is still scamming people out of money. A conman a despicable human being. Fraud through and through

Unknown said...

hes still doing the same , giving everyone the same message via facebook, scam artist !!!

Adrian H said...

Of course he is, I'm afraid that as long as people are grieving and vulnerable or just insist on believing in this drivel there will be people like him ready and willing to take advantage,he wouldn't do it if it wasn't profitable for him. The solution is simple if you don't want rats don't leave food scraps outside (or in his case don't keep feeding him money)

Sammy said...

I paid £32 not through paypal as that wasnt a option, still not received my reading. I also won a free reading which i still havent had but i am getting bombarded with messages from him. I want to get my money back but dont know how

JD said...

Sammy, first of all report him to trading standards.
How did you pay if not PayPal? If by credit card contact them they can get the money back too.

All psychics are fakes, you've been scammed. Don't let him get away with it.

Unknown said...

I’ve literally just been scammed by this horrid man I listened to his Facebook live witch was basically him saying well erm not much then I messaged him like he said to win a free reading then I get bombarded with messages about some woman holding a secret then he says it’s £32 for a reading then I pay it then he says it’s free well where’s my money back and where’s my actual reading then ! Stupid me he caught me on a down day I guess that’s what he does prays on vulnerable people I shouldn’t of paid the money I’ll do all I can to spread the truth about this man . I thought he didn’t look genuine I should of gone with my gut . 🤬

JD said...

Why are you just accepting that you have been scammed and doing nothing about it?
Did you pay by paypal? If so open a claim with them, they can get your money back!

Report him to trading standards, they can literally fine him £5000 for scamming you.

Don't just accept it and think "silly old me", YOU ARE A VICTIM! You need to fight back, if you don't then he will keep doing it.

Also I want you to read some of the articles on this site, 100% of psychics are fakes, all of them, I go through their methods, how they do it, how they can con you. Educate yourself on their methods, so that you will never again be tempted to pay a single penny to these frauds.

Good place to start is here.

Unknown said...

Hi I've been scammed by James Higgins.i paid £32 and still haven't got a reading.ive emailed him saying he's conned me but he's ignoring the messages.i am going to report him. I just want a refund.

JD said...

If you paid with Paypal, you can open a claim with them, and they will refund you.
You should also report him to Trading Standards.

Do NOT just accept the loss, you must fight! Just read the comments here, you can see how many people who have been conned.

Angela said...

I have had real spiritual experiences through out my life.
No I’m not crazy.
But I recently let my guard down.
My child passed a few months ago and like so many heartbroken people I was trying anything to get answers. I won’t get into that.
I saw James on Facebook and watched him live. He mentioned he was booked 4 years out but giving away 4 free readings. To PM him and he would choose who he was drawn to. So I did. And I was msg’d back and told he was drawn to me and wanted to give me a Free reading. I didn’t respond. Then he sent another msg, said a woman in spirit had a msg for me. To hurry before he moved on to someone else. So I clicked the link and it took me to a page to pay for a reading. I did :( I asked when it would be scheduled and Initially I was told he was totally booked and they were way behind scheduling. Then no more replies. I asked about the reading several times with no response. But on FB messenger I had msg after msg telling me that a man in spirit had a msg, a lady had a msg, he needed to tell me something, ect.
Contact him right away. He was booking up. I msg’d back and said I already paid. When is my reading ? I also mentioned after I paid that no one would respond to my request to schedule the reading. Nothing by email or thru the site I paid on, SpiritHQ, but I continued to get canned messages on FB messenger. A lady wants to talk to you, I have limited readings, schedule now. But no response to my emails for an update. Two acquaintances on FB bought a reading too. We compared messages he sent about individuals that wanted to talk to us and they were the same. Word for word. When He goes live on FB people commented - you msged me, where is my free reading, you said a lady has a msg for me, I paid and no one will reply to my email.
They don’t accept PayPal. I contacted my bank to dispute it.
He tells you to look at his numbers. He is in high demand. But he sends FB messages telling you to comment as many times as you can when he is live for a chance for a free reading. That’s where he gets Some of his numbers. He also says he is so booked up, it’s at 4 years. So why does he go live daily saying that he has 10 more free readings. If he is so booked up how can he take on new special readings daily, whether they are live or by email.
I feel sorry for all these people I see clamoring to get a reading. It’s crazy.

JD said...

So he doesn't accept paypal any more! Interesting, I am guessing so many people put in disputes that they nuked his account.

What did your bank say? Did you get a refund through the bank?

Did you report him to Trading Standards yet?

You have to keep fighting and use every method you can to get your money back and report him to the authorities

Adrian H said...

Angela my heart breaks for you I know what it's like to feel vulnerable in bereavement as my beloved father and my best friend both passed away within a year of each other and it's horrible to lose someone especially a child. May I very gently say that especially as your loss is so recent,now is a really bad time to even consider visiting a psychic medium especially as it is extremely unlikely any medium can genuinely contact the dead. There are also potential downsides to using the services of a medium including having the memories of your loved one surplanted by new ones that are not based in reality and becoming addicted to having readings with mediums, people have spent literally thousands upon thousands of pounds in their grief desperately going from medium to medium to get just one more definitive message from their loved one.

May I recommend that you contact Cruse bereavement care (just Google the phrase to find your local centre) they are a charity and they really helped me and their counselling service is really good. The samaritans are great to or your local C of E vicar will also talk to you regardless of your faith or denomination, they are well trained and usually completely non judgemental, there are also many online support forums for the bereaved too, all of these options are far better in the long run for your mental health and wellbeing than paying to see a medium as they are all almost certainly not in contact with anyone who is dead.

Bereavement is a long and complex process and I understand the temptation of visiting mediums but unfortunately there is no "quick fix" for bereavement. I send you all best wishes sympathy and understanding as you work through your grief, its a long and hard road to travel.

Unknown said...

I wish I had realised this all before hand. I'm in bed in tears as 6 mths ago lost my husband only 42 had a message to say a man was trying to give me a message so clicked and booked as genuinely thought it could be him and now feel absolutely gutted

JD said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your loss.

Sadly these frauds will target vulnerable people like yourself.

You must not just accept it though, you must fight back, report him to trading standards, contact your credit card company tell them you have been scammed, legally they can help you get a refund.

If enough people fight back then eventually he will get closed down.

Use you anger to fight!

Please never give another penny to another psychic again. They are all frauds.

Unknown said...

I received a message from James the other day saying he was drawn to me and that I'd won a free reading. He provided a link to click on which I did and then saw that the free reading was in fact £32!!! I didn't buy it instead I asked him why he says they're free when you have to pay?! I messaged again asking where my free reading was and that I didn't understand how he has a 4 year waiting list 😂😂 but goes live on fb a few times a day asking people to message him to win a reading. He then blocked me on fb so I found him on Instagram, saw 2 comments from women who had actually paid for a reading but have had no response. I've now been blocked on his business page on Instagram 😂. I'm lucky I didn't pay, I refused to because he said the reading was free! Please do not pay this bloke, I absolutely dispise people like him who prey on vulnerable. His Instagram page is James Higgins psychic medium. Do not bother with this bloke

JD said...

I am glad you never paid. I wish people would learn their lesson, ALL OF THESE people are fakes, all of them.

Please report his instagram page, he has been banned from facebook but he will just keep coming back, people need to report him to thepolice to trading standards too

Unknown said...

So basically, in order to give Jon a reading he 'did some research' and then, instead of finding any recent deaths etc on facebook he found bad psychics, asked his mum and threw a wobbly. I never knew that to be psychic you had to 'look people up on social media.' Why, that makes me a psychic too!!!!!!

Unknown said...

I too have not received my email reading that I was inboxed through Facebook to say I had been invited to as he was drawn to me. I paid £32 which I though was good as when you click on the link it takes you to spirit HQ to pay and said it's a discounted price for invite only. I followed all instructions send a photo of myself and date of birth to his email which I did. Wait 10 working days which meant I should have received on on 22nd June. Checked my inbox and junk box daily still nothing. I have inboxed him, inboxed his private account sent messages and proof to spirit HQ. I have screenshot everything and I'm now in the process of contacting my bank, trading standards and watchdog also reported numerous times on Facebook. No correspondence whatsoever from him. There is now a group on Facebook which I'm in with already 130 member in all in the same boat. I didn't need to feel more vulnerable I lost my son, my Grandaughter, my nan and my mum absolutely heartbroken someone I put trust in can do this to me and others.

JD said...

I'm so sorry for your losses and I'm sorry that you've been taken advantage of during this tough time in your life.

All psychics are fraud they prey on people when they are at their lowest points.

Please can you let me know how I get on with your bank, trading standards etc. We need more people to report him and fight back. It's the only way that he can be stopped.

You can let me know on Twitter if you are a member @thebadpsych or find us on Facebook. Just search for badpsychics.

Unknown said...

Nd Thank you and I will keep you updated

Adrian H said...

That's £4160! Higgins has gone beyond being a dodgy psychic medium to full on fraudulent scammer, surely the net must be closing in on him soon?

Unknown said...

Jon I really love your site and the things you do. You MUST write a book compiling all those you expose it would be a best seller!

Adrian H said...

Here is an interesting article for believers, it doesn't reveal as much as Jons article here on how psychics screw you over but its essentially an admission from the horses mouth so to speak and as such it speaks volumes.


Unknown said...

JD, I don't no the man your speaking about and no doubt he is a con artist as I feel that from him.. I myself have never experienced a physic medium.. and you state all 100% is fake. Do you mean the ones that sell? As what do you call when a stranger comes out of no where relates a message to my mother while she's at work in a public place talks about things that shocked my mom to how she had the information let alone the spirit she was talking of she told my mom the same words I said the night before while i holding a picture of the person. So that's a message from a stranger to my mother to myself to understand what's just happened. Who is that strangers what is she?

JD said...

100% of psychics are fake. History and science has credibly texted psychics for over 150 years, and 100% of psychics fail when the chance to cheat is removed in credible scientific tests, no exceptions, no anomalies, 100% failure rate.

Personal anecdotes just do not equal evidence. And in a court of law they are literally the weakest form of evidence due to the way we remember things.

Unknown said...

(sometimes) i myself have seen and heard certain things starting from the age of 12. However I try not to progress forward in this "gift" as I am that soft in nature I would probably get mislead and invite evil in thinking its a good spirit/entity. As im NOT experienced and don't understand the passed souls messages etc. I keep quite.
However if I WAS SURE AND KNEW HOW TO USE IT CORRECTLY I CERTAINLY wouldn't charge anything to give someone a message from above. Y charge for something that has cost urself (personally) NOTHING..surely if u could make someone elses life happier and more comfortable/exceptable as life is hard enough as it is then that should be enough of a payment and reward for u. I asked james higgins after he sent me a message from an older man... oh and a protective lady. Give me 1 detail or a name from that person which only i would know and it have meaning to. and something u wouldn't have got through media, my friends, family f/b pages,,, WHAT was my reply? Exactly the 1st message he sent me. And older man has a message,,, well at my age 46 I'm bound to have known an older person which i was close to (now passed over) I not a heartless recluse. But if my awaiting message is that important they would give u a symbolic word /name to get my attention. As I don't hang my dirty laundry on media it was an obvious to much of a challenge for him. He still hasn't answered me and wants £28 to pass me the message. Like I said I'd pay a million if I had it to here from a passed loved one. when u prove u are genuine and have a personal and significant fact . If ur kind of doing a good deed, messages of love /in a way gods work depending on how u link it/ angel messages etc. God would be discusted in u fake vultures preying on vulnerable people for ur own money making gain. Remember its not us judging u want to worry about...eventually you will be judged by someone higher up and of more authority when u pass.

Unknown said...

I'don't agree with all bad things you say I have had lots of readings and they have always spot on it makes me sad to see all the negative comments he is a kind person and great peycic x��x

JD said...

You can barely spell the word psychic, yet you expect people to believe that you have the education and knowledge of trickery to distinguish between what is a scam and what is not?

Just like any magic trick, when you know how it is done, it no longer seems like magic, I know how James Higgins does his tricks, I have exposed them on this site many many times. You disagreeing with me does not change the truth.

Unknown said...

I can spell I'm severely sight impaired blind so don't be so rude

JD said...

I do not believe you. Someone who is "severely sight impaired blind" is not seeking out comments sections on random websites, purely to defend an exposed psychic. So either he sent you here to defend him, or you are lying.

Adrian Heath said...

As soon as I saw the comment I thought "That's either Higgins himself or his mother or a friend". Also the software used by blind or partially sighted people to help them navigate and interact online is quite sophisticated so I would actually expect spelling, grammar and punctuation to actually be much better than average.

Unknown said...

On his live videos he makes a very large claim to come from the most psychic family in the UK and is very well known yet I've never heard of him apart from people saying he is fake but his very bold claims about his heritage made me doubt him and why do you have to share to all your groups to get a free reading etc the only thing this guy has a talent for is verbal diarrhea I've had experiences and seen a very good medium in the past so I believe but not in the person

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