18 August 2017

Proving Psychic Alan Bridges Wrong

I thought that since Daniel Craig has just signed on to do another James Bond film that we would travel back in time and revisit the psychic predictions of Alan Bridges.

Here is what he said back in November 2005

Join me as we explore what the future holds for this actor as this month’s Celebrity Spotlight shines on Daniel Craig! 

When I connect with someone’s energy and look into their future, I have to call it like I see it. I must remain objective even if I don’t like it.  

I have to remain true to what I sense. And with that padding, I guess you’ve already guessed that I’m not predicting a huge success for our new 007. But before you label me a Craig-basher, hear me out! 
I have to say that I sense that he’s already struggling with the role. In fact, I feel that he fears it. He talks about the challenge of it, but my intuition tells me that he’s “shaken” at the moment. I also feel that he’s seeking out too much advice on the role instead of listening to himself and interpreting his own vision for the role. 

Despite his comments to the contrary, I see him reinventing the role. I predict that many of the Bond trademarks will be absent in his spying debut. Unfortunately, I see diehard fans being disappointed by the film and character not delivering what it says on the tin. Moreover, I’d like to bend the ear of the marketers as I don’t have the planned campaigns getting through to potential new fans. 

And here’s where I go out on a limb – I predict that Craig will become known as “the last Bond”. So does that mean that Casino Royale is the last Bond film? Not exactly, as I see him hitting the screen in a total of two Bond roles. But I fear that Bond and his secret missions will fail to resonate with audiences as they have for years. And while I do see one more actor in the role, it’s Craig’s name that will become the last to be synonymous with the 007 moniker.

So lets address some of his points directly.
Alan states "I’m not predicting a huge success for our new 007"

Well 4 films
Casino Royale (2006)
Quantum of Solace (2008)
Skyfall (2012)
Spectre (2015)
Combined they have taken $2.7 Billion at the Box Office. So it is safe to say this is a HUGE success for Daniel Craig as the lead actor in these films. So Alan Bridges was wrong.

He also stated "I see him hitting the screen in a total of two Bond roles"
Well with 4 in the bag and 1 more planned, Again Alan Bridges is a really poor psychic.

But when we originally called BS on Alan Bridges claims, we noticed that what he has said about Daniel Craig failing had mysteriously been removed from his site and replaced with the following.


I saw clearly that the new 007 would manage to pull it all off – unlike the scores of critics and legions of diehard Bond fans who doubted him.
So not only was Alan Bridges wrong, he also went back and edited his site to then try to claim he was right all along.

Now we originally called him out on his lies back in 2008. And it looks like he has moved away from making psychic claims in public, and is now an "Intuitive", whatever that is supposed to mean.

Either way if you ever come across this man, be very weary, a man who edits his past when he gets it wrong, is not a man to be trusted.

By Jon Donnis.

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