7 April 2017

Review: Ghost Adventures - Season 14, Episode 2 April 1, 2017 Freak Show Murder House

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Freak Show Murder House

So I will admit that after reviewing Episode 1 of Season 14, I was a bit unsure if I would bother doing another one, the first half of the episode I quite enjoyed, the high production value, some interesting local characters. It was fun, but then it devolved into some truly ridiculous and clearly faked moments. The team using equipment that made no sense. And making claims that were laughable to even a small child. But I checked out the views that the article got, and like it or not it had 3 times more views than my review of Episode 2 of the new Most Haunted series that is starting soon. Perhaps this is because Ghost Adventures is airing now, and Most Haunted has yet to air. Or maybe much like the TV ratings have shown, more people watch and enjoy Ghost Adventures than Most Haunted.

So I decided to give Ghost Adventures another go, and leave my Most Haunted reviews until the show actually airs. Plus it might stop the idiots at UKTV sending me threatening emails because I "broke embargo" on the show. Dudes, me reviewing Most Haunted gets you more viewers, why do you think Karl Beattie was leaking info about Derek Acorah direct to me back in the Living TV days! Positive or Negative doesn't matter as long as they getting viewers. But the idiots at UKTV aren't that bright are they. And NO I wont remove my reviews of the first two episodes either.

Anyway mini rant over.

Onto Ghost Adventures a show just as bad as Most Haunted but with a much much bigger budget.

Blurb time.

"Zak and the crew investigate the site of a 1996 double murder in Los Angeles' Chatsworth neighborhood. The guys gather chilling evidence of paranormal activity and are lured away from the location against their will."

In the early narration Zak says "We have spent years building our credibility, our reputation", Let me state for the record right now. You guys have NO credibility, and your reputation is of amateur ghost hunters fannying about in the dark.

A very serious crime happened at the location they are investigating tonight, and Zak looks like this. Just keep in mind how disrespectful you are being to the memories of the people murdered by even making this TV show, which once again is a PR stunt for the new people who live in the house and sell morbid things from it.

As we are shown around the house, it is pretty freaky looking.
For example we have this "Haunted Doll"

It doesn't look haunted at all to me. But if it is, good job it is in a glass case, because as everyone knows ghosts can't go through glass! Right? Thats the thing isn't it. I am sure I heard that one. 

Here is the owner of the house

He looks scarier than the doll to me.

Hi missus seems ok though, definitely the secret brains of the operation I reckon.

Zak gets a gust of frigid air to his face, (Karl usually gets that from Yvette but that is a different story for a different day), and they then check all the air vents, but no it is definitely a ghost.

Already they have got out that ridiculous nonsensical useless spirit box thingy that just makes a lot of noise. And another meter that measures stuff, Zak confidentally says they have definite proof of the paranormal! We are only 7 minutes in.

Zak now interviews the kids who live in the house. Now if you really believed in poltergeist and demonic ghosts etc, would you stay there if you had children? That is how you know this is all a scam. The son Griffen Thomson tells of terrifying dreams. Now either this kid is a good actor, or is having serious mental issues, and by staying in this house and having his parents feed his delusions, they are putting his mental health at risk. That or he is in on the gig and playing along for a cut of the profits.

What do you think? If any of this was real, would you put your children in danger? Of course not. Remember ghosts do not exist. Keep that in your mind always and you can see better how these shows fake things. And talking of fake....

Yes unlike Most Haunted, Ghost Adventures are allowed to have fake mediums on their show, Patti Negri is not a real medium.

Patti Negri is shown around the house and it is claimed she does not know about the murders, and this is a legit test of her abilities.
And if you believe that you are a gullible fool and should not be left alone as you might stab yourself in the eye with a folk when you eat your beans on toast.

Also did you know that Patti Negri has her own IMDB page, and is listed as an actor and producer. Yes really, go look it up. Anyway back to the show and lets pretend she is not really a professional actor.

As she goes into the hallway she starts her performance. She starts panting like a dog, and claims she feels like she is being suffocated

Would you trust this woman? Just look at her. She makes sure to check the camera is on her when she is performing.

Zak repeats that she knows nothing about the murders. Zak is either lying directly to his audience, or he is a gullible idiot.

Zak fills her in on what happened in the house. And Patti Negri has a huge smile on her face, because she "acted" in the right place in the house.

Zak says that psychics enhance their investigations. Which right there proves that he is a gullible idiot.

The whole team now start a weird seance in the dark, because you know ghosts only come out when it is dark. Has anyone ever tried to explain why ghosts only do stuff at night?

You can fast forward through this bit, as it is all a bit silly. A candle flickers, because that is what candles do. Patti Negri is spouting some nonsense about the ghosties.

We are about half way through the episode and I am starting to lose interest now. Come on guys throw something, do something. Anything!

It is revealed that the owner of the house who is also at the seance is revealed to be wearing a satanic symbol around his neck. Didn't we have a person in the last episode do Satanic activities? Seems to be a trend. Guess it sounds good.

So it seems this ITC thingy they like to use, has lots of words inputted into it, they then ask questions and answers come out. I wonder how many words are inputted? If it is just say 20 words all connected to the "Haunting" then it would be easy when random words come out to make them fit. Regardless of that it is unscientific and evidentially worthless.

Zak does his best Karl Beattie impression as just as part of him goes into a room and off camera there is a noise in the room.

Sticking a stick figure over a blob is not detecting a ghost.
I am slighting reminded here of face swap on Snapchat, when it swaps your face with a random object. This just goes to show that such equipment is very fallible and should not be taken as proof of anything.

Here is a baby face swapping with the cooker.
Now in very low light you can understand how anomaly recognition software could fail.

Face swap with a cookie! Just to put it into perspective. Does that mean the cookie is a ghost cookie?

The best way to know if a ghost is there is to put the lights on, and film it. Filming in the dark, using over sensitive software that you do NOT understand, did NOT create, and have no idea what is going on does not mean you just captured a ghost. This kind of software is designed to look for faces, figures and so on, so will try to make them out of anything.

We now have to listen to more EVP nonsense, don't look at the screen and read the subtitle and you would have no idea what is said.

We cross to a crew member who is in the attic, and there is some "unexplained noises" As always unexplained does not mean unexplainable. 

Yes they are using the Ovilus V. So dead spirits who existed before the advent of computers are somehow now capable of manipulating a piece of technology. Yes that is what we are supposed to believe.

The rental car's alarm goes off. Guessing the ghost likes to turn car alarms on. So that explains things then. They cant appear on camera, but they can do stuff like set off a car alarm.

This is the grand finale, and it is quite funny. Zak speaks to the doll, and the spirit box replies "Killer", however i wasn't looking at the screen at this moment, and I thought it said "Ian". Make of that what you will.

Zak makes his usual claims that they captured 100% proof of the paranormal, blah blah blah. And the episode ends.

I can say with the utmost confidence that this episode did not improve their reputation, nor give them any credibility, in fact quite the opposite.

Did you see this episode? Despite it being a spoof, a written and produced TV show made purely for entertainment, did you believe any of it?

Much like episode 1, I started to lose attention at about the half way point, which is coincidentally the same point they started using ridiculous pieces of equipment. 

Will I review episode 3? Who knows, depends if I have a spare hour or so.

And with that I will say goodbye.

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By Jon Donnis

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bijoux said...

Love your reviews! Thank you :)

JD said...

Glad you enjoy them

Unknown said...

Cracking review again thanks. The 3rd episode is set in a Samaratans cult house apparently.

Angellily1 said...

Brilliant review again, you do cheer me up, it sounds like they need the expertiese of'FRED BATT'he will sort out anything demonic, after all he is an 'expert' in this field, lol.

Skeptic said...

Terrible review. You provide no hard proof but rather opinion. I suggest you go back to high school because your writing is that of a fifth grader. A few paragraphs in you state, "That is how you know this is all a scam." How am I supposed to research on the validity of ghost adventures if the first article I find sounds like it was written by a child.

JD said...

I am so sorry that you were so upset by my article that you felt the need to leave a review.
I expect that I have disappointed you so much that you will never return here.

Shame as I would have loved to have seen all of your evidence of ghosts.

Oh and by the way, Ghost Adventures is a fake spoof TV show.

me said...

This whole review is just you stating that you don't believe in ghosts and that no one should believe shows like this, now im not saying they couldn’t be fake but did you look more in depth on these people or look for interviews that prove that these shows are fake? Ive searched multiple search engines, looked through many videos, and read many articles and not one of them has been able to prove they are fake. And just because it says Patti is an actor on an iMDB page doesn’t make her fake. She was starred in movies which makes her an actor. Imdb is a place to find movies/documentaries and people who starred in those movies, thats like saying someone who made a documentary is an actor and that none of their evidence is true. Not one article from any other blog/news post has been able to confirm fact or fake, and i feel sorry for someone like you who is so close minded that they cant accept that were not the only thing roaming the earth/solar system, all this post did was shit on people for believing in something that could or could not exist. Again there is no proof anywhere that i have searched that shows evidence of GA or Most Haunted being fake and this whole article was a waste of your time to conjure up so you can say its all fact that the shows are fake when you, yourself poorly wrote an opinionated article that used screenshotted photos of certain points during the shows to make the show out to be something its not and was hard to follow because you dont know what punctuation is, again this is my OPINION and im not saying the
shows could be fake but you made this article out to seem like you 100% know for a fact that they are fake but used no actual evidence to support it.

JD said...

We have to look at these types of shows from an intelligent viewpoint and not from one as a blind fan.

This is TV and I KNOW that in TV the most important thing is ratings, NOT credibility, but ratings. And the fact remains that if Ghost Adventures was 100% legit, then they face a huge problem of how to entertain the viewers.

If the show was 100% legit, then they wouldn't use K2 meters, EMF meters, Spirit boxes and all that stuff, since none of those devices have any credibility.

You cant use psychics, because, well they are not credible either.

So now you just have a bunch of people with camcorders, and thats it. So how do you entertain the viewer?

Do you see the problem here? A 100% legitimate TV show investigating the paranormal would not last more than 2 episodes before the TV company cancelled it, as no one would watch.

Now, you start off your comment quite fairly, and I accept your criticism, but then you start name calling and even say that there is no evidence that GA or Most Haunted has ever faked anything, and thats when I realise you are just a close minded believers who has done no research whatsoever.

You call me close minded, that only proves that you dont understand the meaning of the words close minded. A skeptic by their very nature has to be open minded, that is the definition of skepticism, you ask for evidence and you change your opinion due to the evidence, you are OPEN to evidence.

A believer by their very nature has to be close minded, as their belief is due to FAITH, not facts.

Click on the tab at the top of the page that says Most Haunted, there is plenty of evidence that the show is faked. Whether it is them pre-recording segments to present as live, (See David Bull interview), or video edits before something happens, or even this Friday they use a pyrotechnic device to set a "Haunted Doll" on fire.

The EVIDENCE is out there that these shows are fake, but you are CLOSE MINDED to accept any of it.

Right now there are countless pieces of evidence that shows that these types of shows are faked. Yet there is not one single piece of evidence, in the history of ALL Ghost Hunting types shows, not one piece of evidence that suggests a single paranormal claim is real. Not one.

Now, stop finding ways to attack me, and do your research, not just 5 minutes on google, actually do some real research.

Anonymous315 said...

This was a really poor taste of an episode for GA. The "Freakshow Murder House" is unfortunately the quickest/easiest way to describe/remember what is going on with the real house. In 1996, a couple was living in this house, and terrifyingly they were killed violently in a home invasion/robbery. Not sure if the perps were ever caught, but I hope so.

After the murder the house was sold to a couple who operate a kind of Oddity Museum/Gift Shop where they display haunted objects and other odd things and also sell memorabilia. I am guessing they purposely sought out a house where people had been killed, specifically for the purpose of adding value to their strange brand, and possibly a plan to use the murders to claim the house is haunted and capitalize on the publicity for advertising for their business (which is run out of the same house).

This is some distasteful stuff, IMO. I can't imagine the neighbors are happy about this situation, nor the friends and family of the victims. I don't know if the GA guys realized how bad this looked during filming and didn't care, or just didn't think about it. Yes, they make it worse when they interviewed the homeowners/business owners 2 kids who might actually be a bit traumatized by having to live in a place called The Freakshow Murder house, and then bringing in a psychic to do her thing, so I think they didn't realize how bad this all looks in hindsight.

I like this show generally, but this is probably the worst episode. Zach and the guys are usually respectful too, so it's unfortunate. Who knows if this house is really haunted, but you know the family that moved in were planning on saying it was haunted the whole time. That is exactly why they bought the house in the first place.

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