23 January 2017

You are All Delusional, You're Just Too Delusional To See It

Unfortunately, we’re all victims to our own cognitive biases and our experiences.
But what happens when our knowledge contains information that we assessed from a situation where insufficient information is provided? We fill in the blanks.

This is a big part of the reason people are prone to believe in lies. And once they believe lies, they’re open to accepting more lies.

This video is intended to help you understand critical thinking and open-mindedness.
People usually assess reality using their experiences and emotions rather than facts.
My goal with this channel is to fix that. Facts should be trusted first because they are… well, they’re facts.

People often dismiss science because they think they know something that science doesn’t.
Or they admit their ignorance and proclaim that the subject is too difficult, so its considered “supernatural”.
There are many psychological tricks people use to unintentionally convince themselves.
So in a way, you’re all delusional. But you’re just too delusional to see it.

In this video you'll learn about critical thinking, emotional intelligence and what it means to be open minded.

Disclaimer: I do not exempt myself from any criticism towards humanity as a whole.

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