10 August 2019

UPDATED: Gary Mannion Secretly recorded cheating in the seance room at The Banyan Retreat Spiritualist Centre

Nicolas Whitham from Banyan Retreat (Address: Lake House, Maidstone Road, Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom) has secretly recorded Gary Mannion faking spirit activity in the seance room!

Now Whitman created a website anonymously (which I will not link too) and posted a load of videos, I did some digging and found out he was behind it, I am guessing he and Mannion had some kind of dispute so Nicolas decided to stitch Mannion up, and break the age old spiritualist code of exposing one of your own.

Basically you get long boring videos of Gary Mannion exiting his spirit cabinet, wondering around the room, touching people on the head, waving a spirit trumpet about ala Colin Fry, But he also gets naked which is rather disturbing!

Go grab these while you can before Gary Mannion has them deleted.

Everyone go download this now before it disappears again.

To download I suggest using www.genyoutube.com
Part 1

Part 2

I did not upload these videos, and I have nothing to do with the person who did, I do not know them, nor do I care to know them.

Now you can make of these videos what you will, we always knew he was faking stuff, but this is the first 100% video evidence of that.

I have already seen the usual excuses thrown about, but surely no one will still believe in him now?

Gary Mannion 100% proven fraud, Fake psychic!

And also keep in mind that Banyan Retreat also have hosted other fake psychics like David Thompson and Stewart Alexander, who use the exact same methods.


UPDATE 17:50 June 17th:
The first comments from someone who was in the seance mentioned has come out.
Regarding the 3rd video mentioned above, the man who was sat in the chair that was pushed about etc has said the following:

Online name "iant"

"I am embarrassed to say I am the chap who had healing and also the chair pulled out into the middle. I am disturbed to think That Gary has done this most despicable thing. At the time I thought it was some brilliant phenomena, but now I have seen the video I now know that the whole evening was a scam. In fact having seen the video's I can see how easy it is to dupe people. 

Strangely enough most people in the room were duped except the lady next to me who saw through it all and actually requested that the spirit team bring on some real evidence. Gary's alter ego  (Control) what ever name he called himself, was a little thrown by her request and asked her what she wanted. She felt that the only real evidence is the appearance of a relative who could provide evidence of itself.

Garys attempt at this was poor and looking back now I can see why. "


Woody said...

Evidence, what a beautiful thing.
Good evidence, even better.
Witnesses, even first-hand witnesses, can easily be wrong, mistaking something they saw or heard.
Official documents can be faked, history has shown how easily so.
Second-hand corroboration, can seem so helpful and strengthening to an outrageous claim and if they survive good investigation, they are still only second-hand.
Revealing footage of the incident of the claim, that is priceless to a serious investigation.
Thanks for this post, Jon. Again you have provided bullet-proof proof of a psychic scam.
Thought of writing a book or starring in a show which lays bare all of these facts?

All the best,

JD said...

I heard that Mannion did comment on this using the old "Colin Fry Move" of saying he must have been possessed by a mischievious spirit!

Woody said...

Possessed by a mischievious spirit.
That's a good one, isn't it?


JD said...

Yep its the classic excuse when you get caught cheating

Unknown said...

He promised on his Facebook page that he'd issue a statement but when he was lambasted he took that down and deleted people's comments and blocked them.

JD said...

Anyone get a screengrab of that?
Has he said anything else?

Ben said...

He's managed to delete everyour single comment, negative or curious, relating to the videos. People are banned for asking questions, though I'm not really surprised by his actions!
Met him a good 8 years ago, maybe longer ago than that, at a mystic arts fair and later on a ghost hunt where he refused to demonstrate his mediumship unless the room was in total darkness. We couldn't get it to be completely blacked out so he had to rethink his seance. Surely enough, within minutes, the table was lifting from where Gary was sat. Then the other side lifted. I sat and watched him lift the table and press down on it to make the other side lift. After he left the room and we were tidying up, we tested to see if it was as easy to do as it looks and sure enough, it was. Many guests on the ghost hunt thathe night weren't sold on him either whigh wasn't surprising!

Unknown said...

I am wondering if anyone has access to the videos? They seem to have been deleted. My understanding is he will be working her in the USA soon.

JD said...

The videos are available if you know where to look. And no I won't tell you before you ask.

Unknown said...

I suggest you build a torch into your shoe. When the pitch black takes place remove your shoe and wait for the right moment. Then shine on the scam for everybody to see

JD said...

They check you with metal detectors

Mattie Silman said...

I met Gary today for a healing and I have seen the videos and read the evidence and then I just saw this video...... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ywrU7RUuIRY . So make up your own mind. He seems genuine to me and I am a real skeptic......

JD said...

How can you claim to be a skeptic when you've seen 100% proof of him lying and cheating. No doubt, and you still believe him. You are gullible. And sadly people like you are why proven frauds like Gary can still make a living

I advise you to buy the book Psychic Mafia by Lemar Keene. In it he talks about people like yourself, who even after he admitted he was a fraud, still believed he was legit. It's called True Believer Syndrome.

Unknown said...

I've been to one of Garrys physical mediumships in which a spirit which I now know to be named Garry hit my nose by mistake with a drumstick. That's when I knew it wasn't real. Also it wasn't dark enough from the glowing objects not to see him in front of me. At the time I was young and shy so wouldn't have spoken out about my doubts but staring into the darkness did make me go a bit light headed in which I asked for the saence to end. Although it didn't show in the video this I got the impression that at the time he performed with me feeling like the so called spirit touch felt like someone had a cotton glove on and surprised to feel it was a warm hand. I am amazed how Garry managed to fumble around in the dark without getting caught for so long, probably his best and only skill

JD said...

I am glad you figured it out that it wasn't real. These seances are always faked.

As for how they are able to move in the dark etc and in general not hit people by mistake, practice, simple as that. If you do something enough times, and know where people are sat, even in the dark you can avoid people pretty easily

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