21 June 2016

Gary Mannion Finally Comments On Being Exposed as a Fraud in the seance room

After constantly removing any negative comments from his social media pages, Gary Mannion has finally made something of a statement regarding the videos that 100% show him faking a physical mediumship seance.

Here is what he has to say

"Gary Mannion
Statement: A bigger statement will come soon for now what I will say is. In regards to the seance in question. The room was searched before the seance started, I was searched by 2 independent people, I was tied up by 2 independent people, we had the end cut of the cable ties as we normally do so that they could be proved to be the same cable ties at the end. I went into trance, I woke up at the end of the seance still cable tied. At the end of the seance the 2 people who tied me up were asked to recheck the cable ties and everyone else was given the chance to check the table ties before they were cut off. My team also state they were in control throughout the seance. 

A bigger statement will come sooner. In the mean time I understand people have a lot of questions but if your going to put hurtful nasty comments I will simply block you. This whole incident may of thrown the spiritual movement into disarray and i think thats a good thing. Those who have been to my seances before judge me on what you have experienced for yourself. Going forward I will strive to gather as much evidence as I can and continue to work in more and more lighted conditions. A bigger statement will follow in the near future if thats not enough for you feel free to unfriend me and not comment to my posts!"

So basically he is claiming that him walking around in the dark was merely spirit controlling him, and that he is completely unaware of what was going on.

Well with regards to him being tied to the chair with cable ties, firstly magicians have been escaping their ties for years, there are many methods. Sometimes a chair will have removable arms that simply lift up allowing the psychic to slid their arms out, however in Gary Mannion's case, we already know how he removed himself from the ties, as one of the people who tied him up has spoke out, here is what they had to say.

I was one of those two people. The 'mediums' hands were hanging off the chair so the only place for the cable ties was half way up the forearm and not tightly around the wrist.  I can promise you I will never be so trusting in the future."

So if you cant picture this, basically Gary Mannion would position his arms in such a way that he would be tied around the thicker part of his forearm as opposed to his wrists. Once the seance had started, all he would need to do is pull his arms towards his body, and the cable ties would have enough room in them that he could simply slip his arms out of them, and then back into them at the end of the seance. This would mean that the same cable ties would be on him at the end as were in the beginning. So his insistence that the cable ties were the same is meaningless, as the method of his escape has already been explained.

Often if a psychic/medium is tied at the wrist, then they will escape in one of two ways, the arms of the chair will detach and the arms with the cable ties on can simply slide off, or if the chair is a solid mould plastic chair, then an associate with scissors, simply cuts them off, and adds new ones at the end, this is the reason why they play loud music, or get people to chant or sing along, its nothing to do with raising the vibrations instead it is to cover up the noise of the ties being cut.

Remember believers, just because YOU cannot explain how a trick is done, does not make it any less of a trick. You being convinced does not equate to proof or true evidence.

Gary Mannion got caught cheating, and instead of just holding his arms up and admitting his fraud, he is trying his best to think of a way to cover it up. And yes that did work for Colin Fry after he was caught cheating in very very similar circumstances, but the difference here is that we have the video of Mannion cheating, and that video will live for ever!

If you have still not seen the videos you can do so at the following links

Waving a spirit trumpet about

Naked waving his arms about (NSFW)

Touching a man and moving the chair he is sitting on

Removing his shirt and swinging it around to create a breeze of body odour!

UPDATE: - 29/06/18 
Sadly Gary Mannion has been on something of a rampage getting any videos of him committing fraud in the seance room removed from the internet. The cover up has started and he is throwing legal claims and all sorts about.

Only one of my uploaded videos remain, which on it's own is still pretty damning.


Zoe Joyce said...

Those are pretty blatant. I thought that kind of thing had stopped since they became widely known. Well done to whoever did it! I've come across phoney mediums, but they only did cold reading. I can't count the number of times they said: "She doesn't like your new curtains. Yes, I know they're not new, she's saying she prefers the ones you had up before, she doesn't like the pattern. Yes, I know they are plain, that's what she's saying, she doesn't like there being no pattern on them" kind of thing. But I can't imagine anyone being able to continue after that filmed expose. That is conclusive. Again, well done!

JD said...

This kind of thing never stopped.
All mediums are phoney, which is one of the reasons this kind of mediumship is so protected, as it is really easy to expose as shown in the videos.

Adrian Heath said...

Yet another fraud exposed, well done Jon. Btw the wikipedia entry for most haunted describes your website as being "now defunct " which obviously it is not, just thought you should know.

JD said...

Thanks Adrian, I will see if it will let me edit Wikipedia

fuu said...

Is there any trick involved that allows him to see better in the dark, so that he doesn't bump into people etc? If there is enough light in the room for him to see, then wouldn't at least someone in the audience see him too? Especially since he's not wearing dark clothing.

JD said...

Great question, in fact Lemar Keene a great spiritualist medium from the late 70s who did this exact type of scam and came clean about it talks in his book about how by doing these types of seances over and over and over again, you just learn the layout, people are always sat in the same spot, you literally memorize the whole routine.

Think of it like this. Your own house, if you close your eyes now, can you walk around your house, can you find things, can you picture in your mind where something is? Now imagine practising doing just that over and over again. Eventually you get good at it.

ALL physical mediums practice their art, and people like David Thompson, Stewart Alexander and other such frauds, all do the exact same trick, some will get caught, but they will always have an excuse, much like Mannion does.

So yeah the secret to the trick is practice, simple as that.

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