7 April 2016

Proof of Ghost Adventures Fakery - EXPOSED!

Reddit user Yorambo noticed that the exact same scream is heard in two separate Ghost Adventures episodes.

Here is his post
"Hey you guys, long time Ghost Adventures fan here. Was just watching the season 10 halloween special, and realized something.. when Nick hears the scream when he goes into the oubliette, he is completely stunned. However, the scream is the EXACT same noise as they hear in the Lincoln County Hospital in season 11. Did anyone else notice this?"

This is not the first time the show has been faked, and of course ALL shows like this fake stuff, they have to otherwise they would not get commissioned since nothing would happen.
I have seen some hilarious excuses from GA fans explaining this fake scream. One of the more ridiculous excuses was that it was a fox, and that fox screams always sound the same!

And you though the Most Haunted fans were dumb!

Anyway enjoy!

Video Backup incase above video gets removed.


Woody said...

Thanks for the clip, what a load of wank!

Thanks for reading,

Anonymous said...

It's tv. Doesn't mean that ghosts aren't real because they are

Unknown said...

It kind of sounded like an ambulance... lol

Anonymous said...

This is my guilty pleasure show because someone always gets possessed, or followed by a spirit, or needs to be cleansed or whatever spooky thing, but with a dude bro frat brother twist. They're absolutely ridiculous, but it's like a car accident. I can't look away.

MGAceman said...

Where to start with this show... "Voices" are usually provided by Zac, you see his throat move when a "spirit" speaks, he also provides visual cues for the post processors to add while editing, such as brushing his hand on his top.

The missus loves it because she believes in all that, I can't watch it due to getting into arguments about the obvious fakery, lol.

Adrian Heath said...

Err right, the words gullible retard seem to describe you perfectly

Unknown said...

Hmm, definitely similar, but one sounded longer, it's not impossible for 2 different screams to sound almost the same, would need a bigger smoking gun for me to say they fake all thier stuff. I did have an issue with the 2016 halloween special, but then again, it's a Halloween special, I could kinda understand trying to make it extra creepy, but not the best thing for the validity of the show.

Unknown said...

Brilliant. Haha

Unknown said...

Brilliant 😂

Unknown said...

This show is also a guilty pleasure of mine. I want to beleive, but it's just way too convenient they always find something and seems staged. I was watching an older episode today. It was the one where they are in Ireland and Zach captures a door slowly closing. When he goes to the other side to prove there is no wind as he partially closes the door you can see some sort of device with an arm mounted just behind the door, kust where you would need to put something to make the door close on demand. Poor editing letti g that get through!

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