2 March 2018

Fraudulent Psychic Laurie McQuary Gets Exposed On Camera!

Are these people selling false hope? YES of course they are!
These people are grief vultures.
I wish the British media would take on these frauds and expose them.

Exposed in this video
Laurie McQuary


Unknown said...

Discussing and amusing at the same time...priceless.Did he get his mon ey back?????

Unknown said...

here's a link to the video that works: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olc40mcgJV0&t=2s

JD said...

Great thanks, I have edited the post with the video, and bumped to top of site

Ladysey said...

People who commit fraud go to jail. Why don't these people?

JD said...

Many do. It depends on the size of the crime and fraud committed.

Unknown said...

She told my EX wife I was no good and she believed every word, Con artist Couldn't be happier

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