1 December 2015

Araddha Ekanto's Telekinetic Powers Debunked!

I don't know why I am even bothering here, but what the hell, Araddha Ekanto sent me the below video as proof of Telekinetic powers. Clearly they are using air from the movement of the hand to push objects. Clearly the first bits of paper are obvious, but then they move a can, first see their video.

And here is my video, doing the exact same thing, that I filmed without doing any practice, I just drank a can of pop, put the can on a rough surface (as opposed to the smooth surface they used which means even less friction, waved my hand, and voila!

Point is, if you see bullshit like this, there is ALWAYS a simple explanation.

Backup of their video if they now decide to remove it to hide the ridiculous


Woody said...

Holy Shit!

JD said...

Thats the kind of crap I get given to me as proof every day!

Woody said...

A lot of what people like to call evidence, is not evidence at all.

Unknown said...

What a load of old bolocks!

Unknown said...

You did it the hard way Jon. At 1.16 you can clearly hear him blowing it.

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