2 October 2015

Watch "Christian Prophet" Shepherd Bushiri walk on air.

We got sent in this incredible piece of footage from our good friends at TVisCOOL the video shows "Christian Prophet" Shepherd Bushiri walk on air.

Now I have watched this video maybe 50 times now, and for the life of me I can't figure out how he does it. Therefore I will class it as the single most convincing piece of evidence in history to show proof of supernatural powers.

So please watch the video and let me know if you can figure out how it was done, leave your opinions in the comments section.

Right now, I need to go find me a Bible, and start to pray!


"In one of the most incredible pieces of footage we here at TVisCOOL have ever seen, you can watch Christian Prophet Shepherd Bushiri walk on air! Yes you read that right folks, the man walks on air!

And you know, I really think this is real, as surely there is no possible way he could fake this!

I am a believer!"

(BadPsychics.com Disclaimer: Obviously I don't believe in this video as I am not an idiot)


Clara Belle said...

Well, I'm convinced. Do you think the church will accept me after 30 something years of blasphemy?

JD said...

I just cant fathom any possible way he could have faked this!

Unknown said...

Yep, I'm sold 😂

Unknown said...


JD said...

Really? You really felt the need to post that. On a skeptics site. On the worlds leading skeptic site. I really do despair sometimes

Unknown said...

Hello Jon, I gave a one word synopsis to convey a dismissive attitude towards a cheap conjuring trick. Dynamo and any number of other stage magicians have done this.

JD said...

Yes I know, but we were all playing along. It was so obviously faked

Woody said...

Camera work that focuses only on a small body area during the magical moment to give the impression of supernatural power has been done before. Surely by now greater steps forward in evidence of magic can be presented if such magics exist at all.

All the best,

JD said...

Wow you take things way too seriously

Woody said...

The latest 'best' footage of bigfoots and lake monsters and stuff all have the same effect on me. It's true,skeptical frustration at the poor quality of the latest evidence is a weakness of mine.

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