20 September 2015

Psychic Reading with Emma Kinsey from Sheffield - June 2015

I was recently contacted by a woman who had received a psychic reading, but after realised that she simply wasn't happy with what was said, and thought that despite the bad experience something good could come of it, so sent me a copy of the recording so that I could analyse it, and share it with the world, and hopefully help warn other people not just about this medium, but also the tricks they use.

Emma Kinsey

So if you have had a reading, or are thinking of getting a reading by Emma Kinsey, have a listen and read through this reading and perhaps this will either educate you as to the methods and even better put you off.

The reading was conducted in mid June of this year, at roughly 4pm in the afternoon, and was done over the phone. Payment was made via Paypal, and the cost was £35 for about 28 minutes. The cost has since gone up to £40. That is a LOT of money for half hour of asking questions while sat on your arse at home.

I would just like to quote Emma Kinsey's Disclaimer from her site

Emma Kinsey will not be held accountable for any interpretations or decisions made by recipients based on information during readings. All information is given to the client to use as there own free will. 
These readings are for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. All information and/or advice given to you by Emma Kinsey should not take the place of any medical, legal or financial advice given to you by any qualified professional. All sessions by Emma Kinsey are not a substitute for medical, legal or financial advice.

Please understand, that by putting the words "Entertainment Purposes Only", Emma Kinsey is admitting that her mediumship and psychic claims are an act, that they are not real, and that they are purely entertainment, these are HER words, and an admittance that she cannot communicate with the dead. There is NO legal requirement for her to say this, it is 100% her own choice, if she tells you any different she is lying. 

Here is a transcript: The medium words are in BOLD, the clients is in normal text, and my opinions are in RED.

So have you had one before?

I’ve had two readings with you before.

Yeh, so you are aware of what happens then, yeh?


Ok, so what I'm going to do is shuffle my cards for you then darling and I want you to tell me when you want me to stop alright?


Okie dokie.


Ok love, right I'm just going to put them out, just bear with me.

Thank you.

Right, ok what I’m going to tell you is first of all I've got a gentleman stepping forward to me from spirit so the more information that he gives to me I will give to you.

Ok yeh.

Now as he's coming forward he is making me aware he is connected to dad or dad's side of the family ok. When they come forward they give me names or they give me initials when they do that they are talking about themselves or they're talking about somebody connected to you here, right darling.

We start with a pretty standard intro to the reading, the medium has gone with a Gentleman character to start with, connected to the clients father or his side of the family. They then lay the foundation for the cold reading to come, by leaving things very open by saying any names or initials will be for themselves for somebody connected to the client, in other words the medium is saying that they can throw out any name, and it is up to the client to basically think of ANY person they know that it might refer too. Mediums like to keep things as vague as possible, so that the client makes the connections and the medium has less work to do.


Now would anybody have a J initial connected to you at all?

My dad and my mum.

Question number 1. I get the feeling this medium will be using a LOT of questions as part of this cold read, and the client will be giving the medium all they need. So they start off with a J initial, it is bizarre that the dead are only capable of giving a single letter instead of a full name, and they choose J, which is most likely gonna turn into a John or Jack, two of the most common names in English history!

Perhaps she should have answered with "Yes I am gonna pass this reading onto a J name, that being Jon Donnis"

Are they both still here love as in living?


Question number 2. If the medium was really in contact with the dead, this is probably one thing they should already know. I will try to keep track of how many questions they ask. Remember people, if the medium is asking a question, that means that YOU are giving them information. A real medium if one existed would not need to ask any question at all!

So now the medium has asked two questions, and found out a fair amount of info to work with from the client, that being that both the parents are alive, and that a J initial could be connected to either.

but I feel this gentleman is connected to dad or dad's side.


As he comes forward he keeps making me aware of like the heart or the chest area this man and his breathing so I feel he would have suffered in that area before he would have passed ok sweetheart.

Clearly heart disease is the single biggest killer of men in the UK, but to make sure the medium also mentions the chest area and the breathing, which in turn covers the Lungs, as well as all manner of chest related illnesses, which in turn all affect the heart.

By doing this the medium gets this info into the clients head, so after the reading the client wont recall exactly what was said, but will remember that the medium told them that this dead person died of lets say a heart attack. Sounds really specific when recalling it, when in reality the medium just pointed to the general area. This is called cold reading, and the client is making fit after the event the things that were said, and when repeating the story to friends of what the medium said, it all sounds amazing, when the truth is it was vague.


Now is there anybody got an initial M in your family as well, M?

That’s my middle name, my middle name is Amanda but my family calls me Mandy.

Question number 3. Again the medium is NOT stating a fact, they are asking a question, and super super vague too, the client makes the connection with the letter, and even then has to work hard to make it fit. The medium had NO IDEA AT ALL, what the M letter would refer to, just threw it out there and let the client make the connection.

What happened to the J name also? That was soon forgotten. Now lets say that this clients dad was called John, after the reading, they may recall the medium KNOWING that her dads name was John, when in reality nothing of the sort happens, but this is how human memory works, we make connections and forget the nature in which we either received the info or gave it away.

That is why you should always record any reading, so that after the event it can be analysed, and if needed the methods exposed.

Ok if you've got a middle name ok darling. Now has anyone got August birthday or an August passing at all?

Birthdays, is myself and my dad.

Question number 4. So again the medium asks a question, and the client makes the connection.
Go up to ANYONE in the pub, and ask them if anyone they know has got a August Birthday or an August passing, and I guarantee you they will answer yes.
This is one of the single most vague questions I have ever heard a medium ask!

Right that’s fine.

And I remember you're an August person.

I am darling I am in August as well, we're the best kind of people. Ok I know August is yourself and your dad but is there anybody just had a birthday or about to have one because this man is singing happy birthday to me here?

Um I don't know.

Right, I don't whether its one that's gone or one that's coming up somewhere so just take the birthday from him.


Wow this is some pretty poor stuff here, just some babbling, repeating back the August date, and then throws another vague comment about someone having a birthday recently or about to have one.

Now he keeps giving me a grandfather link, is your grandfather in spirit on your dad's side?

Yes he is.

Question number 5. Ok now we are getting to the nitty gritty, remember the medium already ASKED if the clients parents were alive, and got a yes, so now goes for the generation above, there is a good chance that the grandfather will have passed, so this is an easy question to ask, as will almost definitely get a positive response, especially considering the already gained knowledge that the father is alive.

Right do you know a John at all?


Question number 6. They do now!

So why does he keeps shouting the name John I know its not his name but you haven’t got a friend or family member?

No and you've mentioned this to me before

Just consider this for a moment, the medium has chosen one of the most popular names in history to go with, and gets a miss, that is quite funny. Maybe the spirit was shouting John at the medium trying to warn her she was about to get exposed as a fraud on BadPsychics!
Perhaps if the spirit had shouted DONNIS, then it would have been easier to figure out!

Oh have I?

Yes so I'm still racking my brain for the John

That awkward moment when the medium realises she is using the same script on a client that they have used before! Whoops!

Just remember then darling it may well be somebody you are connected to in the future if you cant think who it is now right.


You know, I really want to give this medium a HIT now, since I am Jon, and this client contacted me! Ok ok, I accept it as a coincidence but still!

Now does anyone get like headaches or migraines or anything like that?

Sometimes my mum.

Question number 7. Another question asked, and another answer given by the client.
Again after a reading like this the client will recall that the medium TOLD them that their mother suffered with headaches, when reality is they asked a question and the client made the fit. So many times I have been told by people "I had this reading and the medium knew that my mother suffered with..... so how could they possibly have known that", and that gets thrown at me as 100% proof that the medium was legit, but when I ask for a recording, if one exists it always shows that a question was asked.

Yes because he just putting healing for someone getting headache or migraines he’s telling me ok.


Why does he need to tell a medium he is "putting healing" if such a thing was possible, why not just do it without telling anyone? And then the mothers headaches would just stop!

What a nonsense thing for the medium to use, and clearly a scripted segment.

Have you been very busy recently?

Oh gosh yes.

Question number 8. Yes it is another question, pure cold reading often goes like this.

1. Let me ask you an open question.
2. Get answer
3. Repeat back to the client as if you knew all along.

Yeh, because my just head feels like its about to explode you know with a lot of stuff going on basically is what he is showing me here.


And so it happened, the medium asked a question, got the answer, and then repeated back as if they knew all along the client was being busy.

Right ok I know you're working from home but do you have your own business darling?


Question number 9. Another question asked, these types of questions are good for a medium to ask, because regardless of the answer the medium can continue the reading and twist to suit.
So if the client yes yes, the medium seems as if they already knew, if the client says no the medium can just ask another question to see if they would want to do what was mention in the original question.

Have you ever wanted it?

Its something I have considered but I'm not sure what in.

Question number 10. So the medium was wrong, they therefore ask another question to manipulate the reading. Again after such a reading, the client may recall that the medium KNEW that they were considering starting their own business, when reality is two questions were asked.

Yeh just not sure what yet at the moment, its alright, he just keeps giving me that that’s all, so if its not right now it may well be in the future you will work for yourself and have your own business in some way.

Ok yeh

Have you been feeling quite confused recently as well?


Question number 11. Remember the system from ealier, ask a question then repeat back to confirm as if they knew all along.

Because he is putting a hell of lot of confusion around you! Now is there a relationship around you at all?

There was but I'm not quite sure what's happened to it.

Question number 12.

Ah right ok because he keeps giving me the relationship ring, was that recently though?

Yes it was.

Question number 13.

Ok I don’t know whether its sort of like one minute everything was ok the next minute it wasn’t.


Note the way the medium responds here. "I don't know whether it's sort of like....." this is classic stuff, as it is so vague the way they speak, and the way they leave it open, so that depending on the response from the client, they can continue the reading, it really is fishing 101 here.

Yes, that's how he's showing it me. I don't know I feel that this person has been a little bit of a fool really recently where your concerned because that’s what he's telling me to say but I do feel there is confusion from that side as well on that person's behalf. You don’t know if if anybody is around that person that would influence them for some reason?

I don’t know could be but I don't know, I don’t really know what happened. that’s the thing.

So after getting the affirmative answer from the client, the medium them can expand on it and fill in some gaps from what the client has told them.

Also Question number 14 at the end.

I just feel like there's confusion from their part, but I don't whether there is a third person relationship wise it could just be a family member I don’t know but sort of either influencing that person or taking them away from that they should be doing if
you know what I mean.

SO many possibilities thrown at the client in a very short period of time, nothing definitive is stated, just many vague comments, in the hope one of them will fit and the client will consider that a hit.

Now did you meet this person out of the blue?

Completely Emma he approached me when I got off the tube.

Question number 15. Another question! Blimey this medium is blatant.

Thats out of the blue darling yeh. Your grandfathers saying people don’t just appear for no reason!

No I know.

SO the medium asks a question, gets an answer, and then twists is as if the dead grandfather knew and then made a comment to the medium about it.
This same Grandfather who could only throw an initial or two and then the name John which missed, can now say full sentences!

So it was obviously for a reason. Was it for a few months?

It was literally three, three months.

Question number 16. And again another question, the client tells the medium, can you guess what the medium will do next!?

Yes because he was just showing me like a few months or something.


And there you go, now if the medium had just stated something like "I am being told this relationship was for 3 months", then that would be of interest, but instead they ask a question which leaves things open for interpretation and manipulation.

Right can you tell me if there has been any issues about his mother or anything?

I don’t know I think he might be quite close to his mum but I don’t know.

I don’t know I’m just sort of feeling here like the third person here or someone else involved could be something to do with the mother, so I don't know, so just remember I said this to you

Yes I think its the mother of his children.

Question number 17. The medium is clearly trying to infer that this boys mother has been interfering in the relationship, but the client gives the whole thing away by saying it was the mother of his children, so of course now the medium will repeat this back. Big mistake in a reading.

Ah it might be the mother of his children instead then. I don’t know, I feel like he didn’t know what to do for the best.

Ok yeh.

Did he sort of cut himself off from you?

Question number 18. I am gonna lose count of all these questions.

Yes he cut himself off then he came back then he cut himself off and yes very confusing. He's a single person which makes a change but yes he did.

Your granddad's saying he doesn’t know why but he thought cutting himself off was the right thing to do but on you, you know he was doing it with the right intentions if that makes sense.


Has he been in contact recently at all?

Question number 19. This medium really wont take a chance on anything will they? It is just question after question after question!

We finished talking last week Thursday where he said to me he wanted a relationship didn't/did didn’t/did, I got drunk sent him some text messages and he said that’s it lets just be friends so I said to him no actually we're not going to be friends that’s a ridiculous thing to say. I'm sorry, sorry, sorry sorry all the time about me getting drunk but that I wont contact him again then because there's no point we'll leave and he replied with three kisses and that’s been it.

Yeh, but I just have a feeling you will hear off him again.


I just feel you hear off him again I just sort of feel there is unfinished business with it do you know what I mean?


Did he sort of like you said did he approach you because I feel as though you caught his eye?

Question number 20. 

Yes that’s what he said to me I caught his eye when I stepped off the tube he waited for me to come outside but he said he spotted me as soon as I stepped off the tube.

Yes that's what I feel. Ok, I don’t know what it is but I'm just feeling he's in limbo for some reason, limbo.

Question, answer, repeat as if already known.


and I don’t know whether it might be the mother of his child. I’m not saying he wants to be with her but I don’t know whether she's causing him issues or problems.


which might have made him feel that you know he didn’t know what he was going to do if that makes any sense but has he been up to your house at all?

Question number 21.

No, we were going to come here but he hasn’t yet.

I don’t know I just feel he might be something where he's coming to your house if he hasn’t as yet then. So just remember it. I don’t feel I can say that that’s the end of it darling because I don’t feel that’s what I’m being given. I have just turned your cards and what I will say is I have got a snake there ok which obviously a snake to me normally in my cards is like somebody you cant trust or something like that but I'm not sure whether its actually him what I mean is I don’t know whether this is the person that’s around him.

Right, yeh

He doesn’t live with that person does he?

Question number 22.


Right, I feel something about the house or something where that person is living, not him, the ex partner.

Yeh he’s given her the house and her as far as I’m aware and her and the children live there.

So I don’t know if she has caused a lot of grief about this house though, I just keep seeing it. Just remember because it may well come out ok. But you definitely have news coming in from a gentleman in your cards so you may well hear off him again. I don’t know what it is but I do feel that something clicked with you two.


A future prediction, kept vague, lots of maybes, ifs and buts etc. Nothing substantial here really. Just waffle to fill the reading up and waste time.

Do you know what I mean that’s what I’m saying its like he has got lots to be substantial way to be a relationship. Its just a shame that he done that but I just feel he’s under pressure and I feel that you will hear from so just remember that I said that darling alright.

Now is there anybody that’s coming up to or around the age of 40, because your granddad keeps showing me a 40 – a golden 40, now that could be a 40th birthday or a 40th anniversary somewhere?

I don't know... don't know.

Question number 23. Another question asked, a number thrown out in the hope that it hits somewhere.

Ok, well just take it for now and it may well come in in the future then ok. It might be somebody you are not aware of you might get invited to something ok.

So the medium fails here, and just leaves it with the client. Now why would the dead grandfather mention a 40th birthday/anniversary if the client would have no idea? Clearly the medium just chose a big birthday number, and threw it out in the hope she would know someone it could fit, either a birthday or anniversary, so really vague when you think of it like that, And then to say it might happen in the future, well of course it will happen in the future!

Have you been thinking about moving house?

No no!

Because in your cards, you've definitely got a house move in the future so if its not right now don’t worry but it may well come up in the future darling, but that may be more to do when you are actually living with someone I feel.


Question number 24. Another question asked, gets a negative response, but then changes it to a future prediction, most people will eventually move house.

Now also keep in mind that if the client had answered the question with "Yes I just moved house" the medium would class that as a hit also, purely on the basis that they mentioned a house move! Either way it was another miss.

Now with your work at the minute you've not been getting a little bit down about your work or its not been difficult for some reason has it?

Yes I have, definitely.

Question number 25. Remember when the medium asked earlier if the client had been busy? Well know this is being used as prior knowledge to ask another question which is sure to get a positive answer.

Yes because in your cards I’ve got a lot of stress in your work. Is there anybody you have been having like problems with or somebody that you don’t get on with too well?

No, there have been a couple of people but nothing major but its more about whether I want to still do this job or not that’s the thing.

Question number 26. Remember that earlier the medium assumed and asked the question that the client worked from home, yet since the medium got a negative response from that, later in the reading the medium can confidently ask the question using stress from being at work with other people. So earlier on the medium assumed the client worked for themselves from home, so using that knowledge can now ask what is an opposite question and almost guarantee a positive result.

I understand that, I can see that, all I'll say to you is remember because these are your future cards there might be somebody who is little bit of a pain the backside there because you got the whip on that which may be an argument or not seeing eye to eye with someone but I feel that’s to do with work.

He keeps showing me a business in the future but I do believe you will do you haven’t had a pay rise where you are or anything like that have you?

No I haven't we had bonus but not a pay rise which we are disgruntled about.

Question number 27. Another question asked, yep you can see the next bit coming cant you!

Yes you just got the 4 leaf clover where work is concerning coming in and that’s money connected with work you see. I definitely see a change though I don’t feel that is what you will be dong for ever.

No neither do I.

So you see when you learn the general techniques that they use, it becomes very easy to spot and you can even predict how it will work. But if you do not know, or are not able to analyse things from an objective viewpoint, then of course these types of things are easy done to fool people not prepared or not familiar with the methods. This is why I keep pointing them out, so in the future you may just remember what I have said and start to spot the methods used yourself.

Do you know what I mean its not something that’s forever but financially you will be ok, you've got good finance cards for the future darling alright!


Has there been any health issues with anybody that you have been worrying about
for any reason?

Question number 28

No, no.

Because he just talking about health issues, I don’t know why but in particular he was showing me the back area or somebody's back.

Well I have got back problems and so has my dad.

So a question was asked that covered people other than the client, medium missed on this, so uses one of the most common ailments in human history, the bad back, as the next vague comment to throw out, this will nearly always get a hit, as it did here. I have a bad back, most people I know at some point have a bad back, in fact you could say the vast majority of people over 35 have some kind of back issue.

Ah right it might be yourself or your dad then that’s what it will be because he has asked about putting healing for that.

Thank you.

So medium asked a question, got theanswer, then repeats it back as if they knew all along.

Do you find this job a bit mundane now?


Question number 29. Do i really need to say what will come next?

because he just keeps talking about mundane same old same old.

Would you have remembered your granddad darling?

Question number 30.

Not very well because they lived in America so I didn’t really see him a lot I only remember from when I was small so I wouldn’t have known him really in my adult life.

No that's fine because he just makes me aware that he was around you you at some point so maybe that's when you were younger then.

And is there anybody who has knee problems as well?

Question number 31.

I have and my gran, my mum's mum has got knee problems.

Ok, because he is putting in healing for that so again like I said it could be yourself.

So lets just look at this here. the medium asks a vague question regarding health, and whatever the answer, the dead spirit is sending healing.
I guess this is done so that after the reading when the client remembers things, it will be something like "The medium knew I had a problem with my back and knee, how could they possibly have guessed something so specific" Yet clearly this was a question asked that could have referred to anyone.

Now I don’t know whether he is talking about you or somebody else but he's talking about somebody who struggles to sleep.

My dad.

Ah, so he has problems with that does he?


Question number 32. Oh come on, really, the medium has to be that obvious.

Right ok darling, has he suffered with that for a while?

Question number 33. Has this medium made a single solid statement in this entire reading?

He has but he will say as well Emma because he stayed with me for a while and he will say oh I’ve not slept a wink and I'll be like funny that your snoring kept me awake but there are times when he does struggle and he has had for for quite a while sometimes.

Because his dad is trying to help him with that, that’s what he’s telling me alright.

So the dead grandfather is not only gonna send healing to everyone, he is also going to try to help his son sleep!

Talking of different like areas have you thought of moving to a different for any reason?

Not at the moment but sometimes you think about it but I am happy in my home so yeh.

No that’s fine, I don't necessarily feel like that these changes are just you doing it. I feel that when this person comes in or when you are with this person because you will definitely be in a full-blown relationship again because its in the cards, now I'm not saying its not the one that just walked away because I still feel hes quite relevant and if it wasn’t him it will be someone else but I just feel in the future you may well move areas from where you are alright but that's not nothing to worry about but like I say I still feel this other person is quite relevant.

Do me a favour, I want everyone to re-read that last paragraph, ok done it? Ok read it again. Can you see how many contradictions there are, it covers just about every possibility you can imagine!

You don't know a Dave or David do you?

Um my uncle David I know, my dad's brother.

Ah that will be his son then, that’s fine, ok

Question number 34. Another question, and guess what it is another insanely popular and common name in David. Again the question is asked, and the medium repeats back as if they had the knowledge after all.

You don’t have a dog do you?


Question number 35. Notice how this question is asked. It is a very crafty way of asking a question using negative language, a person can answer this either yes or no, and both will seem like the correct answer.

Has anybody in the family got a dog?

Only on my mum's side, her mum's got one but nobody I know family-wise

Question number 36.

Oh right ok, this dog that your mums got then he's not got any health issues for any reason has he?

Its old but she got a replacement dog I think ready for when this dog passes away.

Yes I just feel like there is a leg issue with the dog because he is showing me a problem with the leg for some reason so that could be the old one then.

Could be.

Question number 37. So question asked, client answers, medium repeats back as if known all along. And ALL old dogs have problems with their legs! It is what happens when you get old!

Just remember it because he is just making me aware of the leg.

You see I feel like he's messing with the wrong one this gentleman where you are concerned because you are very strong headed he is telling me, and its like you wont sort of what's the word you wont sort of swoon to him if that makes sense.

Yes it does totally.

Yes that’s right so you shouldn't you know what I mean that’s what I say he will have to be him coming to you that’s why I feel like that will happen because it wont be you going to him.


Did you have any issues with him about commitment before this happened anyway?

Question number 38.

Yes just before this happened out of the blue he just said to me I cant give you want you want I cant give you a relationship I cant give you love and I didn’t know what he was talking about I thought where has all this come from so just the week before we had all this conversation then he was saying I still want to be with you I still want see you, I still care about you but I cant have a relationship with you at the moment, you've mistaken my friendship and then it was all that and then he settled down a little bit and then he was like I still want to be with you and if we sleep together even though I cant have a relationship with with you, you will be the only one I sleep with I was like whoa hang on a minute that’s not happening.

Exactly its all or nothing isn’t it at the end of the day.

Some times I wonder how this can even pass as a psychic reading, it seems more like a conversation between people in the pub.

Yeh and we haven’t slept together and then obviously we then had a few days when we were ok then I got drunk and sent him some lovely funny text messages.

You sound just like me that’s what I do.

and that’s when he said.... so I don’t know where this whole relationship thing came from I don’t know.

It sounds like to me like for some reason he has a commitment issue or wobble or something but sometimes they need time away to think don’t they and all I will say to you is I certainly feel that you are still on his mind I think you know that but at the same time its what YOU want at the end of the day and this is your granddad saying its what you want, its all or nothing is what is coming in...


I don't know why but I feel sometimes you've got to treat him like a child kind of thing.

Right yeh,

Does that make a bit of sense?



I just feel you have to put him in his place but at the same time I just feel he is very confused in his own head, and I don't necessarily think its about you I feel its just other things going on, alright.


Again repeating back an opinion based on what the client has told the medium, nothing new or specific is stated here by the medium at all, and again comes across as a conversation you could have in the pub.

Your granddads talking about I (inaudible) You did make him much happier.

I felt that, he said to me that when I'm with you, because he's a policeman and he said when I’m with you I just feel like everything is ok you just make me feel so calm and you just make me feel... just, I love being with you.

He was telling you the truth because you cant always tell on the phone (inaudible)

Ok the sound is a bit dodgy here so I cant make out what is said.

Have you got children darling?


Question number 39.

Are you wanting them?

No I cant have any.

Question number 40. 

Ah is that what it is right ok. I don't know if its you or somebody else, but have you ever had a miscarriage at all?


Question number 41. Ok I hate when mediums go down this route, it is an old trick, and one that really disgusts me that they use.

Has anybody in your family?

I'm not sure I don't think so

Question number 42.

He’s talking about miscarriage or something like that, just remember it darling it might be something going further back if its not something you can think of.

Why would this clients dead Grandfather be talking about miscarriage? And especially when the client has no knowledge of it.

Many mediums will go down the miscarriage route, due to the fact that many many women have miscarriages, and even if they don't know they had one, the medium can insist they did but they didn't even know they were pregnant, use a heavy period as an example.
I really do think it is one of the sicker parts of the scripts they use and does disgust me.

Have you ever been to Australia??

No, no but my best friend has.

Question number 43. 

He is showing me that one day you may well take a trip there but he keeps showing me.

Yes definitely because one of my very good friends at work is Australian and she wants to go home.

Oh, maybe its connecting to that then. But I do feel you will go at some point.

Question asked, client answers, medium repeats back something that can be used as a future reference based on what the client just said.

He's talking about somebody whose got high blood pressure.

Yeh that’s my gran on my mum's side.

Why doesn't the medium say "your gran on your mothers side has high blood pressure" why do they insist on leaving it so vague and open ended? Oh wait, it is because they are NOT really speaking with the dead, they are just making vague guesses and asking vague questions. 

Well he's got healing for her.

Can I get some of that healing please as I got a back back at the mo!

There is a little lady who keeps stepping forward but she's not from your dads side, she's from your mother's side but she is giving me a grandmother link but it must be a great grandmother to you.

Yeh it will be.

She's not overly tall she's a shorter lady.

Yes she was short.

Great Grandmother is a guaranteed hit for having passed over, and to then state she was a shorter lady, has anyone IN THE WORLD who is reading this right now, have a TALL Great Grandmother? Seriously anyone?

Quite a small lady as well and I don't know if anybody has ever said to you that your similar to her in some ways but she is talking about she's similar to you but I don’t necessarily feel its looks I just feel like the strength part of it.

Ah right ok, she was a very strong woman, very strong.

Has anybody got a ring of hers here you know she keeps giving me a ring.

Question number 44. A very common occureance is to keep and wear a ring of someone close to you who has passed.

No but my my mum's got a ring of her father's, and she wears that around her neck.

That's probably what it is then.

So the medium asked a question, got her assumption wrong, and then states "that's probably what it is then", as if it all makes sense after the client has told her the answer!

Somebody would think about her quite often, and acknowledge her in their head, I don't know whether that's you or you mum or your nan but someone acknowledges her quite a lot.

It could well be my mum because my mum has recently has gone back to live in Jamaica where she grew up.

So the medium here is saying someone out of 3 generations will remember the 4th of that generation in their head! Well of course someone would! To say that no one would acknowledge her in their head would be more surprising!

Ah right yeh that will be your mum then.


You know he talking about that, your granddad again, you need you need to go with the flow, don't stress about things darling, things will fit into place. In the meantime just try not to worry about things, you do worry a lot.

Yes I do.

Of course she worries alot, that is why she has seeked out the advice of a medium and is paying a lot of money for a reading! In general people who do not worry or have stress etc dont waste their money on charlatans!

You know its important that you know this as well, because he is saying if somebody accepts you they accept everything about you and if they don’t accept everything about you then they are not good enough.

Yes, yes.

Notice how the medium keeps coming back to the clients relationship issues, issues that the client was the one who told the medium all about them! The medium has not made a single correct STATEMENT about this womans issues at all. Everything has come from the client, and the medium when struggling with other parts of the reading uses this as the easy thing to come back to, to make the reading feel like the medium was doing better than she really was.

In the psychic industry this is known as the "Anchor Point", a point in the reading that the medium can always return to, to get the reading back on track. And this is used by pretty much every medium.

You know you're fine as you are you don’t need to change in any way and you need to remember that.

Thank you and that's probably picking up from a conversation that I was having with somebody and they said don’t change who you are.

No exactly and you cant because you are who you are and you are unique aren't you, and at the end of the day if somebody loves you they accept anything about you. I’m the same as you when I get drunk or whatever, and my partner just gets used to it now I mean I’m not going to change, I like a drink and that’s how I relax and its never going to change, it took a while but he's used to it, you just cant change who you are, its impossible, so just remember that because he keeps saying it.

That’s good because actually funnily enough, I kept thinking if I speak to him again and I've said this out loud I will tell him that I will give up drinking and I wont text.....

No darling no, because what's the point because its not going to make you happy is it at the end of the day and that’s what you do to relax and you shouldn’t have to do that anyway. The thing is you're probably drinking more because he's winding you up so that’s his own fault, that’s the way I look at it whenever I have a drink its because he's wound me up so if he didnt do it it wouldnt be a problem.

No worries thank you.

General pub conversation again there, good for filling time which the client is paying for!

He keeps showing me decorating. You haven’t been decorating your house have you or changed your house around at all?

I have in recent months yes.

Question number 45. Its that old classic "have you been or are you thinking of decorating", every medium has this in their script, such a common thing. 

That's fine, have you got a garden, do you put flowers in or anything like ?

Question number 46.

No, not in the garden but I literally recently, for the first time ever, planted my own flowers in my little balcony.

because that’s what I'm see seeing planting flowers

So why didn't you state that first instead of asking a question?

and they're beautiful!

Aww lovely, ok ok, you know I feel like the next 2 to 3 months are going to be significant where this gentleman is concerned so all I would say to you is to watch this space and I actually feel that you obviously love him or you like him a lot but I feel you are the type of the person that can cut yourself off but he’s actually not, he's very sensitive actually and he wont be dealing with this well, if you know what I mean.


Couple of random questions to pass time before back to the Anchor Point.

because he is talking about him being extra sensitive so he's more sensitive than you think.

Oh god Emma, that’s what I said to him because he is a big bloke, and he's like I’m all man, and I said to him you are the most sensitive man I've ever met in my life.

You're totally right, he’s not, he might look like that but it doesn't mean he is like that inside you know. I think there is more to know about him. I wouldn’t rule him because I do feel you will hear something from him again and to be honest I do like him, I just feel he's quite mixed up at the minute and I would just give him the benefit of the doubt.


Like I said in the future you will move not saying overnight but when you do move you will be happy but I do think it will be with someone. You are not going to be staying there forever but I definitely see something where you will be working for yourself its weird how these things happen someone could approach you and say … (inaudible)

don’t think too hard about it you will be smiling … (inaudible) but I don’t see you being there a lot longer, I do see changes of work.

And funnily enough I was thinking shall I just give it up.


You will be guided, your granddad is guiding you, but definitely you will have your own business, its going to come from somewhere and you may well think just think give up, and it will work out for the best. You've got your granddad and you've got great-grandmother looking after you up there.

And they're both the ones that came through the last two times.

Were they ah right, when I get back to speaking to people. Just stay positive and things will come right. That’s nice to know they are around you and helping you Well its been a pleasure talking to you

Thank you.

Right at the end there is an awkward moment whereby the client reveals that the medium has used the same two "characters" on two previous readings. And this is one of the reasons why this person came to me for help and advice and to look through the reading for them.

It took 3 readings with this medium before the client realised something was up, that being that the medium was repeating things and clearly using script questions and statements.

Looking through the reading an incredible 46 questions were asked, and since the reading came in at 28 minutes long, that is more than a question per minute.

The general flow of the reading was pretty classic in that the medium asked a question, the client answered, then the medium repeated back what they had learned as if they knew all along.

I hope after reading this people who are not so aware of some of the methods can understand that mediums ask a LOT of questions, and in a certain way. However good you think a reading is, if you listen to it back it will never seem as good as you thought. So lesson today is if you really have to have a reading, record it. And after listen to it, and note down on a piece of paper how many questions were asked. Because a real medium wouldn't have to ask any questions, in fact they would only ever make specific statements.

By Jon Donnis


Woody said...

J is most commonly the first letter in male names, M in female names.
Holy shit, many 'psychics' still jump straight into this stuff, don't they?
Some are better cold-readers than others and dazzle us with their crap, others jump straight into the garden variety vagueness to loosen up client's tongues and match a letter, or number, or inconclusive feeling or something.
I was going to ask, "do you ever feel sapped and unwilling to look at another collection of guesses from a fraudulent 'psychic'?" But I remind myself of the service you provide. So noble, to wish that people would understand the insulting rip-off of 'psychic' readings.
Respect to Jon Donnis, you see people fooled, insulted, gullible and milked by the foul grief-vampires who make money from them. You seek to reveal these fraudulent acts and teach people how easily we are fooled.
I've been called a 'hater', a psuedo-sceptic, a grumpy old bastard and worse, but it is my concern for people, my care for their personal property and feelings which drives me to skepticism.
It is also my grim dislike of fraudulent, cheating bastards who exploit the grief and gullibility of others to make wealth for themselves that sends me in this direction.

Thank you Jon, the path you follow is admirable and our appreciation well deserved.

All the best,

JD said...

Thanks for your kind words Woody.
Yes I often feel sapped.
I see the same old readings all the time, different techniques used, but all of them follow similar paths.

The problem is if you expose one medium, then another pops up.

I keep fighting what is a losing battle, i admit that, but along the way if I help some people then that is cool.

I do not want personal fame, I do not want money, I do not want to be the "face" of skepticism.
I deal with an incredible amount of abuse every day, I get lawyers threatening me, death threats, stalkers, you name it i get it, but for now I wont give up.

Jenny H said...

I think that it is lonely people who visit mediums and being asked questions about themselves probably makes them happier. These 'clients' do not want to be told that they are being conned.

I think though that seeing one particular medium for the third time and her not recognising you would piss off most people.

JD said...

The readings were phone readings, so that would be why the medium did not recognise her.
I think more telling is the fact the medium was clearly using scripts

Unknown said...

Thanks for that Jon. I saw Colin Fry on tv the other day and even with the editing you can spot what he is up to. Now if only i could educate some people i know who are into this nonsense! And remember don't let the bastards get you down. All the best Mark.

Unknown said...

Omg half them questions and answers I got . Identical . Raging!! So is there no real ones ��

Unknown said...

Omg raging I got email reading had same questions and answers . Shocked see same stuff. 😠 so is there Any real ones out there??????

Anonymous said...

I've just read this with some interest, as I had a reading by her in the summer. It was nothing like this, in fact she didn't ask questions, but fired information at me and didn't ask for confirmation. She actually told me stuff that she could not have known, and some of which at the time didn't make any sense, since then, things have come to light.

JD said...

Show me the reading and I 100% guarantee you, I can show you exactly how she did it!

Oh and by the way you are ALL over Google, so easy to research, and I am guessing you are quite gullible too, so perfect fodder for fraudulent mediums.

ShetalkstoAngels said...

I think this is hilarious to be fair. EMMA KINSEY IS NO FAKE. If anyone cares to look her up and read genuine peoples reviews and see how much she does and has done for people (for free) u will see what an amazing lady she is. She has done MANY celebrities and is currently
Getting comments off this idiot trying to tar her reputation.
U cant change the truth and her reputation speaks for itself so anyone who wants to know the REAL Emma kinsey go on her facebook page emma kinsey physic medium or her website emmakinsey.com and see just how many ppl have been helped by emma kinsey. Emmas is getting very big publically now so the hate is expected lol but LOVE AND TRUTH will see her through and nasty comments from fools like above who obviously dont know her will only push her further. TAKE MORE THAN JEALOUS HATERS TO DULL HER SPARKLE TRUST ME ... Lots of love just thought this convo required atleast 1 honest comment. How nasty it must be to be so full of hate for such a beautiful caring girl lol. Il ask the Angels to take away ur nasty energy and hopefully u will get well soon. Jealousy a very nasty illness xx

JD said...

Hi, Emma Kinsey does not communicate with the dead, she cannot see the future, and has no psychic abilities, These are 100% proveable facts.

Also it is interesting that you use a fake Google account yourself to post!

I am curious, are you Emma Kinsey? lol.

How about your show me a reading you have had yourself that you are 100% convinced is genuine, and I will give you a 100% guarantee that I can show you exactly how she did it, and if I cant, I will close this entire site!

I am putting it all on the line, that is how confident that I am right.

Oh and by the way if any thing I said about Emma Kinsey was a lie, she could sue me. She has NOT

Unknown said...

Well done Jon!

After reading the script, I, now know I had been conned too. Thank you for opening my eyes!

JD said...

Glad we could open your eyes, the question is what will you do about it?
Are you just gonna accept she is a fraud and seek out another psychic?
Or have you learned your lesson about these people and will avoid psychics from now on?
Will you be demanding your money back? Will you be warning others about this fraud?

If you do not accept that psychics are a scam, then you are doomed to repeat your mistakes

Unknown said...

Every single medium who ever lived are fake, its just like selling something you can get all kinds of info from anyone then expand on it. I saw two reportedly the best that were in the Uk at the time Don Galloway and Queenie Nixon. Queenie Nixon was a "Transfiguration" medium, who was supposed to take on the looks of a passed loved one . This was done in a dark hall with lights shining under the mediums face, as she distorted her face she started choking.Apparently this was someone who had passed with a throat condition !!A person in the audience said "Mum", the medium then said in a choking voice "I am ok look after yourself sweetheart" She then dropped her head and said she had to leave as she was being called.Now we all know as kids we shone torches under our faces in the dark to make us look scary, they are unscrupulous individuals preying on the bereaved in side shows. Many of them get prior info about someone in the audience, so when they give messages its looks authentic, all eyewash I am afraid to say.

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