27 August 2015

Monica The Medium - Season 1 Episode 1 Thoughts

Monica the Medium is an American reality television series about Monica Ten-Kate, a student at Pennsylvania State University who is also a medium.

The show premiered August 25, 2015 on ABC Family.

Ok so this is a "reality" show, but with clearly edited and staged events, think The Only Way is Essex but with a manipulative girl called Monica Ten-Kate using everything she has learned from watching fake mediums like John Edward, James Van Praagh and Syvlia Brown to put together her little mediumship gig.

No idea how she has got her own TV show, and I had never heard of her before this show.

This show is pretty much Monica trying to live a normal life and get a boyfriend, but constantly ruining it by giving readings in the middle of various social situations.

In doing some research on Monica Ten-Kate I found this lovely piece. Please go read it quick and then come back here. Link = http://onwardstate.com/2015/04/08/psychic-mediums-like-monica-ten-kate-are-lying-frauds-a-retraction/

Nice to see people are already calling her out on being a fraud.

Anyway as I watch the show, despite this being a reality show, it is very clear that she is using various known techniques when giving her readings, reminds me of John Edward and his shotgun techniques. Also what is quite clear is the heavy editing this show has.

I am curious as to who trained Monica, as everything about her act screams fake, from her verbiage, to her body language and so on, it seems very trained and not at all natural or self delusional. She is very definitely using cold reading.

ABC Family who have commissioned this pile of crap need to take responsibility for giving Monica a platform to build her career. Surely the execs at ABC realise that Monica is not the real deal, the fact she asks so many questions, and controls the readings, not to mention they are editing out all the misses, and keeping all the hits.

The show pretty much goes along the lines of many reality shows, following someone's life, staging events to get a reaction, but with the twist that the star of the show is a fake psychic. It is a shame that stations like ABC are so desperate of TV that will appeal to a certain demographic that they have to trot out rubbish like this.

So save yourself the trouble, each episode is pretty much Monica leading a normal life, then gets contacted by a spirit, then she gives a reading to some poor idiot, reduces them to tears, all the stooges then applaud her. But she is then rejected by a boy cause she is a freak, and the show ends.

Truly people avoid this pap.


By Jon Donnis


Unknown said...

It's sad to me to think that people take mediums seriously. It is, however, equally sad to think that people take debunking these entertainers seriously. I don't think of it as a reality show. I think of it as entertaining. And it is entertaining if you don't take it seriously. At least that's my take.

JD said...

So you think that it is sad that i try to help people? That i try to stop people getting conned, or when they have been conned helping them get their money back?

The only thing that is sad is coming onto a site like this, and leaving such an idiotic comment like yours.

THINK before you write.

HoldinMyOwn said...

Nothing about the article you linked called Monica specifically out as a fraud. It referenced psyhics in general as frauds. It never ceases to amaze me how people that sit on the non-believing side of an issue are so derogatory. The believers aren't the ones belittling, shaming, and insulting someone for their personal choices. Certainly says something about tolerance. There was absolutely nothing wrong with Jack's comment. It was not "idiotic." Insulting him was immature and out of line. In the future, you might want to consider whether or not you can handle people commenting on your articles before you post them.

JD said...

I have no problem with people commenting on my articles, everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

I try to reply to everyones comments, and if someone posts something I deem to be idiotic, I will call them out on it.

And I will continue to be derogatory towards unproven self proclaimed mediums, who are clearly using cold reading and various psychological techniques to con people.

JD said...

Yet you come to my site, login to post a comment to tell me that. lol.
That is pretty sad.

Unknown said...

Soo.. I read that article as well as yours.. And I am a believer in the paranormal. That being said, I am a skeptical believer and try to approach things like this with objective, fact-based logic. Though I will say that many of these shows do not present undeniable evidence.. And it is fair to say that there are plenty of people posing to be legitimate that are not.. It burns me when people post articles like this who blabber on about how these people are fakes.. But where's your evidence? Where's your proof that this person IS a charlatan? Everything in this article and the article that you tagged in it is completely opinion based propaganda. Point being.. When you post articles like this condemning other people and labeling them as "fake" with nothing but speculation to back up your words.. Does that make you any less of a charlatan?

JD said...

A skeptical believer! lol. I always laugh when I hear a believer say they try to approach things with an objective, fact based logic.

Its like they are desperate for the respect and intelligence that skeptics have, but have already been fooled into believing, so want the best of both worlds.

If you are a believer, you lack simple critical thinking skills. Sorry that is the truth. ANd however you try to wrap it up, you are as bad as the guy who thinks the Royal Family are Reptilians, or some kid who thinks Most Haunted is real, or that Derek Acorah can speak to the dead.

Regarding Monica, It is statistically improbable that she communicates with the dead. She has not provided a single peace of credible evidence to suggest she communicates with the dead.

And you show me one reading from ANY medium IN THE WORLD, that you are convinced shows real mediumship, and I guarantee you, I can show you how it is done!

So your absolute, most convincing peace of evidence of mediumship, you show me the video/recording, and I will show you what "objective, fact based" critical thinking should really look like.

And to dare call me a charlatan, when you believe that people have magic Jesus like powers, or that ghosties float about making noises, is as ridiculous as your hair cut.

Mary said...

I believe in paranormal stuff but even I know she's faking this crap. Everything about that show is edited and made to look like she's truly a psychic. She's not. Not be so naive and believe everything you see on tv. (Not the author of the article I mean the people who actually believe she's a medium)

Unknown said...

I was approached by Monica the medium And she gave me a very accurate reading! I was told so much detail about a friend of mine that passed away 3 years ago. I am still heavy hearted by the loss. She was able to accurately give me dates, events, etc. There were so many things she told me that she wouldn't have been able to know, especially because I just stood there and said yes to the information she was giving me. She had a message from him and I am in awe. However, I am hugely a science based person. I am not religious and have a hard time believing in what is not concrete. I am posting in here because I want to know if somebody knows how a person can do this if it is not the ability to have contact with the dead. I am obsessing over this and want answers. How was this done? Or does this prove that it's the real deal? Also, I had no idea who Monica was prior to being approached by her and I had never watched her show or anything. There were no cameras present and she asked for nothing in return. Her reading was so accurate so either she is gifted at reading people in general or truly does have this gift! Insight anyone?

JD said...

Hi, I would like to say that 100% she fooled you. It was not real in any way.
And by answering her yes or no, you allowed her to cold read you and control the reading.
If you had recorded it I could 100% show you exactly how it was done.

She is a fraud, I know this. I know her methods. I cant explain the methods she used on you, as I dont have the recording, and human memory is a terrible thing to use to recall such an event.

Remember if you do not know how the trick is done, then it will seem like magic, once you know the method of the trick, it is easy to spot.

Unknown said...

Bet this guy is athiest too.. OH NO THAT WAS A DUMB COMMENT! CRITICISM!!! #HASHTAG

Anonymous said...

No, Jon, you cannot say for fact that she is a fraud. Problem with articles such as this is that you come into it close-minded straight from the get-go and that's what you stick with. Fact of the matter is, no matter what you or I believe, you cannot prove it one way or the other, therefore rendering articles such as this rather stupid and nonfactual. Anything you or the article listed can say is based solely on judgement on what you think that she or other mediums are doing.

Furthermore, just because someone stumbles upon this blog post and chooses to leave a comment doesn't mean that they come wondering if this show is actually fake or they come to bitch out the author such as yourself. With this kind of show, which I take an interest in myself, I knew there would be posts such as this to claim that it can't be real and this is why. I'm aware of what skeptics claim is their reasoning for how they think self-proclaimed mediums trick people, and yet I've never been able to see such validation of these small tricks in this show. Not once.

JD said...

Yes I can Andrew.
I can say with up most authority and confidence that she is a fraud. Not only has she never provided a single piece of credible evidence to back up a single claim she has made, neither has any medium in history! Therefore to call her a fraud, with historical and scientific fact backing me up, means that for me to be wrong in that claim would be statistically improbable.

I come into any investigation OPEN MINDED! That is the whole point of skepticism. And if you do not understand that, then it is you who has the problem.

Anonymous said...

Yep! Mostly fakes out there. You're wrong about there being no credible evidence. I am not going to provide that evidence for u. I found it myself. if u have an interest in being objective u will as well. Mostly cold reading frauds tho. I wonder why people get off on fake mediumship. Mostly financially motivated fraud I suspect. I have many friends who are sceptics because the want someone to give them credible evidence. Spend their whole life denying fraudulence but never seeking truth.

JD said...

Lol, so you claim there is credible evidence, but you wont show to me! How convenient!

For the record, historical and scientific fact shows there is no credible evidence. So you are 100% wrong, and this so called credible evidence you have seen, is not credible at all, and you are just another vicitim.

I only seek the truth, and the truth is, I have never seen a single medium I couldn't explain, I have never seen a single so called paranormal picture, video, occurence, anything that I couldn't explain.

I am the single most experienced, and knowledgeable skeptic in the UK when it comes to mediums. Genuinely, no one has done what I have done. Chris French? Nope, not even close. Richard Wiseman? He asks me for advice. You name one skeptic (In the UK) with my level of experience and knowledge when it comes to mediums, as I would like to meet that person.

You see when I say something is fake, you can take it to the bank.

I have a 100% record, never been proven wrong, Never been successfully sued. 100%, always right when it comes to mediums.

That should tell you something.

Unknown said...

I agree with Jon Donnis, closed minded people have a sad closed up life. Where is the loving, caring and wanting to help someone, I guess Jack Wilbur lacks that. I would rather not be educated at a college and act holier that thou than to be so sad and judgmental about people. Closed minded people are closed door people.

Unknown said...

My have done psychic readings for over 30 years and she would never do anything like what you call cold readings and using psychological tactics. her mother raised me to be completely honest and she would never, ever think of lying to anyone about anything. When she does readings she tell them the truth as what she sees. I don't care if you believe her or not but those have read do listen to her and she don't charge a fee either. She just like to help others. But apparently you like tearing down people for kicks.She does not even look at the people who she reads, she holds an object in her hands and does the readings, so she does not even look at the person for a response to do a so called reading. I have seen people be shocked at what comes out in a reading.

JD said...

I totally agree, closed minded people (people who have already made their minds up and refuse to accept any opinion that contradicts their BELIEFS) are very sad.

As skeptics, at the base we have to be open minded, seeking evidence that will help us change our minds, help us believe. We are constantly on a journey of discovery, where as believers (closed minded) have already made their mind up, refuse to listen to anything, and waste their money on a lie.

So yeah Closed minded people are closed door people.!
Totally agree with you 100%.

Being a skeptic is the only way.

Emma Wilcott said...

I've met Monica personally and I can testify that she's no medium. She's closer to an extra-large.

Rabbit said...

Skepticism? sounds a lot like you are just angry. Maybe what people have found with belief is peace. You seem to be pretty antagonistic to the thought that something greater than yourself or things you don't understand might exist. I think your spirit is suffering, this sounds like a cry for help, Imo.

JD said...

I am angry, I am very very angry that ANYONE can just claim to communicate with the dead, just make stuff up, and con people out of money. I think it is a dispicable crime, and so damaging.

People like Monica are clearly using psychological techniques to pretend to be mediums, and I will ALWAYS call people like that out.

I am an expert on this specific type of con, i KNOW HOW THE TRICK IS DONE!

You clearly are ignorant to the tricks.

My spirit is not suffering, but my real life me is suffering, suffering through the bullshit of con artists stealing from innocent grieving vunerable people, and raping the memories of their dead loved ones.

What kind of sick bastard would be a medium? To lie to people about their dead children? Just think about it for a moment.

Unknown said...

conning people out of money is entertaining?

Unknown said...

Where can I find a detailed explanation of how she does this?

JD said...

Hi Bridget, sounds like you already have your suspicions on this woman.
For me her techniques were so obvious that I didn't watch past episode 1.
However if you can get to me an unedited reading by her of anyone, I will happily show you step by step how she does it.

Unknown said...

How you prove a reading is real is in the validation provided by the person being read. I have been doing readings for 15 years. 12 years for free and raise money for cancer research in memory of my deceased brother. So first of all not everyone is in it for money or fame. It's ok to be skeptical, however, critical a whole other thing. We could debate for hours.

Unknown said...

If it makes you feel better to not believe, you have that right. Putting others down for believing is your problem. You seem intelligent enough to understand some things need to be seen to be believed. Some things you just have to have faith in. Only reason I find you offending is because you categorize and generalize all people who claim to have a gift. Some do. Some do not. Some people are raised right. Some are not. I know what my gift is. I let everyone record me that is how sure I am. I do events where 80 or 100 people are in a room. I know no one. Yet my entire business is referral based.

JD said...

Ok Mary, give me a reading, I will publish it and give it a fair and honest opinion.

Also you are slightly incorrect regarding validation. I wonder if you are an "eyes closed" medium.

JD said...

NO NO NO NO!!!! It does not make me feel better to not believe, it makes me feel worse!! There is nothing more I would like than to believe, the problem I have is that i KNOW all the tricks! I am an expert on mediumship, in fact I am the single most experienced and knowledgeable person in the UK when it comes to mediumship! Therefore the only medium who can convince me, is a real one!

Over 200 face to face readings, over 2500 readings of others analysed, and not one has stumped me, I have been able to see how every single one was done!

Give me a reading! Put yourself on the line! Prove yourself as the real deal!!

I know you will refuse because deep down you have doubts and are scared you will fail and I will expose you!

You are not a real medium, whether you are eyes open or eyes closed I dont know yet. You may just be deluded for all I know.

One thing I do know, no "eyes open" medium ever wants to give me a reading, they all run because they dont want to be exposed.

I await your reply and predict your refusal

Unknown said...

Jon if you are an expert on mediumship and know all the tricks, why can't you enlighten us on examples of how its done? You want us to beleive you with no evidence except the things you can't explain and not willing to share. Your also angry at people because they can't bring evidence and validation but it's the same that you can't do. Everything you say is is full of hypocrisy and your not going to pull anyone towards your veiws that way.

JD said...

I have backed up every single claim I have ever made, I have posted countless examples of our psychics perform their tricks on the forum as well as this site

You show me a reading you believe is real, and I 100% guarantee you, I can show you how it was done.

I am literally willing to back up my claims for you right now. See you on the forum

Unknown said...

It's evil to mislead the grieving like this for your own gain. You will be judged Monica, as will we all.

Unknown said...

You know, the biggest red flag for these frauds is that every single time they are about to reveal some info from the dead, they ask a question first. "Did you graduate high school this spring?" "yeah" "Your dad says he is proud of you." Now wouldn't you think that if a spirit wanted to express their pride in their child for graduating, the medium would know that? It's called cold reading people! It's all fake and they are extremely good at it!

Unknown said...

I REFUSE to listen to anyone who doesn't believe in Jesus and CLEARLY u don't. THATS sad

JD said...

Judged by who? When you dead you dead, thats it

JD said...

You believe in a magical Zombie and you call me ignorant?
Only shaking of heads here is by me!

Unknown said...

You act as though you know her. And like you've seen her readings, talked to many that shes read and been read by her. A skeptic is not an open mindeded person. It is exactly a person who does not want to believe(in whatever it may be for you) with a fury. Im just in awe of you're awefulness. If I believed.. whether it was real or not. And she read me. And I found closure or peace or whatever... who are you to say that's rape of any type. Anyone I've ever heard of her doing a reading for... it was just a good thing. You are a ridiculous hateful person. How can you act like you are doing some type of service spreading all that. How can you say you care about people and are trying to help. I think you're sick. And I don't have to believe in ghosts or spirits or god to look at the things youve writen on this page to see that. Think that. Feel that. I'm just regular person calling YOU out on being a huge dick head. People who care and try to help others do not elicit this type of response from me. And now I will leave this page and never return. It's just a crap page from a crappie man... who i see by all your responses just clearly likes to fight and argue. Im assuming mommy issues.

Unknown said...

Here you say her techniques were so obvious but somewhere else if here is swear I saw you say something like you couldn't explain what she does personally. You're a fraud for sho.

Unknown said...

Moral compass, ethics... do you read you're own writing? Are you like a sociopath or something. You definitely have that narcissistic I never say anything wrong or contradictory or even just make shit up when in fact you actually do.. I don't even believe you are as amazing and knowledgeable and experienced as you say you are(id have to do research). Half this shit you say doesn't add up right with the other half. Doing good by hurting and offending people and I'm not even talking about self proclaimed supernaturally gifted people. Im talking about the people who feel helped by them.... who find peace supposedly. People can make up their own damn minds you don't have to prove anything to anyone or for anyone. And if that is you're life choice... you still dont have to be such a hateful prick. Who then claims he has compassion of some sort.

Unknown said...

Honestly... I can't believe I replied or posted to someone with such high credentials... and he responded right back. Either I should feel super special or you super pathetic... it's looking like you sit on this site all day. Cause you enjoy getting no where with random people. Me too! At least right now. It is some what entertaining. And for that...
I thank you, fine taint face.

Unknown said...

I'm sure Monica has received or will receive many death threats and she's the bad guy? Really? Dude? That state,entry says nothing to you're goodness. You don't get DTs because you're good or because you're bad.

Unknown said...

Yea so looking you up so far... I mean.. it looks like you're just as much self proclaiming as the medium. Wheres the credible evidence that you are what you say you are? This is a realso question. Who.. other than you... dubbed you so knowledgeable and experienced.

Unknown said...

Lol I think Bridget might actually be trying get to get in the game. lmao

JD said...

Blimey Danielle, you going a bit stalkerish now with all these posts, join the forum if you want a conversation. http://moh2005.proboards.com

If you cant handle the truth, best you go play on the woo forums with deluded people like yourself.

JD said...

Nope never said I couldnt explain what she does, I know EVERYTHING she does, I just need to see it in context as there are different methods.
She is 100% a fraud.

As for who I am, if your research is basically 20 seconds on google, then perhaps you are not as bright as you like to think you are.

I invite you to my forum, you will be unedited, say what you like to me, and I will not only answer every question you ask, I will back up every single thing I say.

Single most experienced and knowledgeable skeptic in the UK, and all round expert on psychics, mediums, ghosts and so on.

And when I have finished with you, you will either be a full fledged skeptic fighting the good fight, or you will be a quivering wreck of a human being with your entire world view shattered.

Hopefully you are brighter than you come across as on here, and will be ready to listen, learn and educate yourself as to the truth of these frauds.

Unknown said...

I just watched s01e06 and she had no problem lying to a guy she went on a second date with... saying she had to go immediately because her friend needed her. Anyone whose instinct is to lie when they open their mouths, and do it on tv, especially when trying to convince people they really can give psychic readings and are not lying, is trouble. Grief vampire like the rest.

anna said...

I wanted to believe. I've seen loads of mediums and card readers in the past, one on one and at big shows and every single one has talked utter bullshit. People have tried to cold read me. I have always refused to say yes or no to any statements and they lost their nerve. One told me my third eye was blocking them and that I have a lot of spritual potential. What utter bollocks! Years ago I joined a spiritual development group. It was full of vulnerable people on the brink of breakdowns. I'd never base my opinions on what anyone else says. My opinions are all based on personal experience. No one has ever managed to give me a successful reading and maybe one guess out of about twenty is accuarte....One of my very good friends believed she was a medium. She didn't charge people for readings and she truly believed she was communicating with spirits. She genuinely wanted to help people. I never witnessed a shred of evidence to make me believe and yet all our work colleagues were totally convinced and actively encouraged her. I now wonder if she had some form of mental illness. She actually caused a lot of emotional damage to a friend of mine by claiming to communicate with a baby she'd aborted as a teenager. She spoke about it in front of a room full of friends who had all had a few drinks which was very inappropriate.

Mediums are dangerous because vulnerable people seek them out and they're not properly trained to deal with grief and emotional trauma. They can do serious damage!

I'm terrified at the prospect of death of family, friends and myself. I'd love to believe but unfortunately I don't think anything will ever convince me that there is any form of life after death.

Sammy Skeptix said...

I was brought here due to Monica the medium s1 recently invading the UK, in 2016?! which is no surprise at all seeing how society is slowly regressing... Anyway I haven't watched any of that horrid drivel and don't intend to either but after reading this post and being utterly shocked by the responses. I feel I need to say, Jon Donnis, you sir deserve a medal for your Resolve and Will power. ( I don't know how you manage to put up with all of it )

JD said...

Aaahh I was wondering why this page was suddenly getting a slew of new visitors and comments, so its on in the UK now.

As for me deserving a medal, lol, not at all. And for putting up with things, hey I am healthy, young(ish), have a roof over my head and food in my belly, I dont deserve anything.

JD said...

I really can associate with your experiences, match my own in many ways.
I am glad you are smart enough to see through the psychic gimmick. sadly many people are not able to do so, and are easily taken in.

Altaro Tips said...

Just watched an episode where she's walking along in San Diego and she "feels" something from a couple sitting on the beach wall. She asks to join them, and all of a sudden there's 3 camera shots: long shot from the beach, 2 close ups on her and the couple. For an impromptu encounter that's quite a bit of staging! And it's cut to ribbons. Obviously faked. I wouldn't be surprised if the couple were actors.

JD said...

No! You dont say! lol

Yes all these types of TV shows are heavily edited and produced.

Unknown said...

Did you also notice the answer is always yes?

Unknown said...

Jon Donnis. Your cold reading analysis works great for about three minutes, and then the medium says something like, "He says you lit luminarias at the football field and sent them into the air on his anniversary, right?" I mean come on. That's so specific. So, no on the tired "cold reading" BS, you tired old horse.

Unknown said...

Jon A. Donnis, that means that you should be able to do it, right? If you know so much about cold reading, then try it. Hahah. "Did you go to University?" Yes. "Did you study psychology? No. Was your dad past when you graduated? No. Was he tall? No. Did he want to go into business with you? No. Haha. Can't wait to see you try your air-tight cold reading techniques? Laughable.

Unknown said...

Jon Donnis agrees to receive a phone reading from Monica the Medium, and it will be filmed, but he must bring a relative to verify what the medium is saying is true. It will be a blind reading, like many of Monica's phone readings, but Jon agrees to have a relative attend the reading, and will be there in person, saying nothing, but just holding up a card privately verifying True or False for the camera, simply because we can't trust Jon to even tell the truth.

JD said...

Why cant I be trusted to tell the truth?
I have a 100% record, I have never once been shown to be wrong about a single psychic.
If I had, I would have been sued years ago.

I would happily do as you suggest, however i guarantee you that Monica the Fake Medium would never agree, she would come up with excuse after excuse to avoid it.

They all do.

And I have done your exact suggestion of an experiment many times in face to face readings with psychics. They still fail.

300+ face to face readings. ALL exposed.
3000+ readings of others analysed, and i have shown exactly how it was done every time.

JD said...

Because it is a QUESTION!
And in TV shows they edit our answers that dont fit the reading.

JD said...

Show me a recording, and I will show you how they did it.
Just because you do not know how the trick is done, does not make it real.

I know how the trick is done, and I can spot it every time

JD said...

Erm I have tried it. I have stood on platform and given readings.
Have a read of the 7 page featured spread in this magazine that I wrote a DECADE ago of me doing just what you suggest and much much more

I hope you wasnt assuming i was some armchair skeptic?
I am the UKs most knowledgable and most experienced skeptic. NO ONE has done what I have done, no one even comes close in the UK.

But you keep throwing stones, and I will swat them away with my little finger

Also make sure to join the forum (See link in menu), I would love to debate you in a more open and easy to reply setting.

Unknown said...

Did you work on the show Monica the Medium? Of course you didn't. I did. Did you eve bother to see her live before making a judgment? No. Becuase you have some atheistic ax to grind.

Unknown said...

That's funny because on this web page you've shown absolutely no proof. You're a Charlatan. Anyone who has attended any psychic readings knows that there's no way a psychic can remember details of 15 plus people in the audience, show after show, and regurgitate their life details, much less recognize them in the audience, or know if they're going to even attend. There's no way a psychic can even pick out audience members he's researched on Facebook. There's no way a psychic could plant paid audience members to pretend to agree to everything he's said, because they would require payment of at least $300 to do that, and word in the acting community would get out about the gig, and it would be exposed, and over and done with in a matter of months. I've worked in Las Vegas magic, I've worked behind the scenes on reality shows, and I know every hidden microphone trick and editing in the book, but this is real. What it really points out is that you're completely unable to tell the difference between actors and real people receiving a reading on this show. You're like one of those kooks who thinks that Sandy Hook was all scripted. Kookoo. Use your brain. And no, you haven't analyzed 3000+ plus readings, simply becuase you live in the UK and haven't seen American psychic readings in person, in quantity. So just no, kook.

JD said...

No axe to grind. I'm just an expert on how fake mediums work.

Provide me with an unedited recording of a reading by Monica that you are convinced is real, and I guarantee you I can show you how it was done. If I can't I'll apologise to her and delete her from the site

Unknown said...

Has any of you mushroom people actually gone out of your house and attended a group reading? Or are you just armchair quarterbacks? If you attended a live group reading, your data analysis would change. You'd be forced into justifying how this medium could a) pay attendees to lie b) advance research c) use cold reading techniques without looking at the person (see Thomas John's readings) d) figure out information without asking leading questions 3) figure out specific details without a single "no" response, like "Who's Lodi?" That's the name of the town that the drunk driver was from who killed him. There's no way a psychic medium could just come up with the word Lodi when the location of the accident hadn't been even discussed. So, no. You haven't properly analyzed each piece of specific information. FAIL.

Unknown said...

You get the feeling that people complaining about medium fraud on here are just armchair quarterbacks who don't have money to pay for their own readings or can't get out of the house to attend a group reading for forty bucks to see how it's really done? Sad.

Unknown said...

How do psychic mediums guess things like 1) Did she give you a giraffe pendant? Yes.
2) Was his football jersey number 75? Yes. 3) Did you share the phrase with your daughter "Do you wish upon a star." Yes. 4) Was your brother was born from his biological parents who adopted you? Yes. 5) Did your uncle collect old fashioned clocks with chimes? Yes. Come on. These are so specific.

These are all examples of specific details that no medium could guess, with a positive confirmation from the subject, repeatedly, consistently, over and over and over again. You've got some explaining to do. 3,000 medium readings analyzed, ha! You're full of garbage.

Unknown said...

Of course you wouldn't agree to this. None of your relatives can stand you.

Unknown said...

How do mediums guess full names? (Some only guess letters.) But what about the ones who guess "Shari" or "Johnathan" or "Marlene." in cold readings with hundreds in attendance? They're just guessing? No, honey. They've paid these actors hundreds to agree? No honey. They've planted microphones in the lobby and heard them talk about their dead nephew's jersey number, and wrote it down and picked them out of the audience and regurgitated the information? No honey. None of your "analysis" holds water.

Unknown said...

Be honest. How many of these responses are just you using different logons?

JD said...

Ok, I have approved your last 20 comments. But you are starting to troll now, so I wont be approving any more. You are free to post on my forum, unedited

But unless you are directly commenting on an article, then any comments on this site will now be rejected. This is not a discussion board for you to attack people.

To answer your questions, Yes to all of them. And I repeat my challenge, provide me an unedited recording of ANY medium you are convinced is real, and I will show you how it is done.

But as i say, no more trolling allowed, you've had your fun, do it on the forum if you want, and I will play along, but this site is for commenting on the articles only.

JD said...

All of those are QUESTIONS!! So for a start that is not some psychic insight. It is someone asking questions. Learn the difference.

And you can claim i am full of garbage, yet strangely you cant back up a single claim you make, I have challenged you to provide a full unedited reading from ANY medium, yet all you do is troll and abuse people. That says a lot about you.

JD said...

You actually expose them here.
"How do they GUESS names in readings with HUNDREDS in attendance"

If you cant figure out how that works, then perhaps you need to go back to school.

No actors are paid, i do not believe that is the case any the majority of cases.

But let me give you some examples of how mediums do hot read.
Sally Morgan has a bowl in the reception area of places she performs, people write notes to the dead, and put them in the bowl, the claim being that these messages will be passed on to the dead. Yet AMAZINGLY Sally Morgan will then come out with full names! Incredible! I wonder how she does it!

In spiritualist churches, they often have a remeberance book, again people write notes to their loved ones. This info is collated each week, and added to the "Blue Book", which is a way they build up a profile of regular attendees, this info is passed to the various trusted mediums who come to the church to give readings.

And yes I have seen microphones hidden in spiritualist churches doing exactly what you suggest.

HOWEVER in theatre type shows instead of mics hidden, they just have an associate wait in queues, with their phone recording audio, they listen in on conversations from people hoping that the medium will connect with their loved ones.

Takes just one associate, before the show they go through the recording pick out a few good names and stories, the medium remembers this, and the rest is then cold reading. It really is that simple.

And of course how people book their tickets, credit card details, paypal accounts, facebook posts on the official page, so many ways to gain info. But of course you dont believe a medium would do any of this, mainly cause you are a gullible fool picking up a paycheck right?

JD said...

You see now, you are just being abusive, and because of that I wont respond any more, and no more of your comments will be approved. Good bye.

JD said...

You enable psychics to commit fraud, you are an embarrassment to your family. They are ashamed of you.
And no i wont approve your reply to this abusing me, you see this is my site. I dont like trolls.

Unknown said...

I think people who say they KNOW something is real without having proved it isn't are JUST as lacking in critical thinking skills as those who believe things without evidence. The universe is mysterious, and we don't really know much about it. I don't necessarily believe that there is paranormal, but I feel I would be just as bad as religious people to deny the possibility without any sort of proof.

Also instead of being adult enough to engage in discussion you sensor everyone's comments and argue with them. Live and let live dude. You'll be a happier person.

JD said...

I dont censor anyones comments.
I moderate comments purely because there is a lot of spammers, and if I allowed everything unmoderated every article would be full of comments advertising erectile disfunction tablets, and big pharma.

And I dont argue, i respond.

barbS said...
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barbS said...

Hello -
I recently attended a reading by 10-kate - out of curiosity. Some of me regrets the $$ spent and a bit of me was mildly "wowed." I did enjoy her banter, her f-bomb apologies, and most of all her really cute outfit **kudos to her wardrober!
I have been trying to find the obit of one of her 'readings' a man who drowned saving another sometime in August/September 2018, her father. This woman became quite emotional while holding the microphone in the "general" seating part of the audience, maybe four/five rows away from me - and five seats to my left/four rows down. She was close to hysterical.
Since it so new, so heroic! I scoured the nets to come up with zilch for a man to be at least 45-55 years of age, jumping in to save another.
Absolutely nothing.
I believe she even referenced Florida as where the tragedy happened - but I could be wrong. Her nickname by her beloved father was Key or Kee. Miss 10-kate did bring up the reference being made by spirit as to a key...
well, I don't know. there were maybe five readings done. there was intermission. and the whole apology pre-reading that sometimes other spirits will make comments that do NOT relate to the person being read. You must be open and I guess apologetic if this occurs. WHAT?!!! You might be asked if there is a broken cookie jar in your memory that your dear departed one is asking about? If yes, woohoo. If not, ooops, must be meant for ANOTHER Judy, Bob, or whoever.
I came away with MY OWN psychic reading: Ba Lone E. I felt these people were rehearsed pre-planned plants. Just My Opinion of what I saw/heard/etc.
Lesson Learned? NO MORE MEDIUMS or RARES, or whatever. I got shnooked.
My apologies if this appears twice. It's my spirit bugging me again. :)

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