23 June 2015

Why freelance writers do my head in

Every week I will get an email from a freelance writer, usually the spin is that they want to write an article for my site, and will pay for it to be published, in return they get to post a single link to some website that they are trying to promote. In general I have no problem with this kind of sponsored article, the online newspapers are full of them, and it is a legitimate way for a website to make some money.

These emails are often mass emails, with just the odd name changes to fit the person they are emailing.

Now I always want to make money, but I also know that to write for a SKEPTICAL website such as this is not easy, I also know that these freelance writers will have no idea how to write an article that is based in the paranormal genre, and from a skeptical viewpoint.

They always claim they can, but when I tell them to go ahead, they always disappear never to be heard from again.

This week I had one of these very email requests, and it made me laugh, so I thought I would share it with you all. I have removed and edited some details for reasons of privacy. Names and email address etc, the body of the emails are unedited apart from the last one for obvious reasons.

Emails from Albert are in black BOLD writing, my replies are in BOLD Blue writing


From: Albert
To: BadPsychics
Sent: Monday, 22 June 2015, 12:42
Subject: Editorial Contribution

Hi Jon,
I’m Albert ####### and I am writing because I’d like to offer you an original piece of content for your site badpsychics.com
I know you have written about psychic readings, tarot card reading a few times before, and it tends to provoke a positive response in your audience. If you are interested in having a guest contribution, I would write another post on the same subject, expanding on what you said and perhaps providing a different perspective. Just so we are clear; I would be writing this piece just for you and your site. This is not some article I have had lying around looking for a home. Naturally, I would also promote the article to my readers, so you’d get a decent boost in traffic once it went live.
If that topic does not interest you, I could just as easily write about something else. For example:
1.  The History of Tarot Card Reading
2.  Spiritual World vs Physical World- What's in store for you (and how to find out through a psychic)
3.  Lottery, Life and Luck!
Thoughts? Shoot me an email and we can discuss it further or figure out the next steps.
Thanks for your time,

On Mon, Jun 22, 2015 at 5:48 PM, Jonno Donnis  wrote:

I get emails like yours all the time and in 100% of cases the offer is never followed through.
So please have a go, I charge £50 for a placed article as obviously you want to advertise something.

My site is skeptical/science based. (This is the bit that really screws people over when they realise how hard it is too write in this fashion)

So yeah have a go, if I approve I will place it on the site after receiving payment.

I suspect however that I will never hear from you again!



From: Albert 
To: Jonno Donnis 
Sent: Monday, 22 June 2015, 15:48
Subject: Re: Editorial Contribution

Hi Jon,

Why you suspect so?I am interested and I am capable to provide you the articles according to your requirements and guidelines. 

Would you like to work with us?



On Mon, Jun 22, 2015 at 6:27 PM, Jonno Donnis  wrote:
Ok great
Send me an original article, and if I like it I will happily publish it on my site.
My only points are, it must be written from an unbiased, critical thinking perspective, and must not in any way promote the psychic industry or mediumship.



From: Albert 
To: Jonno Donnis 
Sent: Tuesday, 23 June 2015, 11:15
Subject: Re: Editorial Contribution

Hi Jon,

Can I include this link: http://####

And Can we please negotiate?



Lol, you see, this is the problem with people like you, you send out your bullshit mass emails after doing a quick google for sites, and you never bothered to even read my site or understand it.

NO YOU CAN NOT include a link to a god damn FAKE bogus psychic website!

How thick are you really?

I actually know Derek Acorah, and his wife Gwen.
I am going to forward this to them as I am sure they will have a good laugh at whoever they are paying to employ knobheads like you.

Go away and never contact me again you disgusting little cretin



Now this was my final reply, and yes I was a little rude, but I have to deal with idiots like this every day.

As you will see I removed the link in his final email, that is because it goes to one of Derek Acorahs personal online psychic readings websites!

Yes the freelance writer approached me (the first man in the world to expose Derek Acorah as a fraud) in the hope he could pay me to publish an article that would in the end link to a psychic website!

So word of warning to any fellow webmasters, watch out for idiots like this, always ask what site they want to promote first of all.

For the record I have NEVER as far as I can recall ever published a freelance written article for money on this site. I HAVE had ads, videos etc on the side bar or wherever that are clearly marked as ads in the past, and now i have a single page called SPONSORS that you can go visit as I wanted to keep ads off the main site and give people freedom to support the site if they wanted too as opposed to forcing ads down peoples throats.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this brief piece that I decided to share with you.

Jon Donnis

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