2 June 2015

EXCLUSIVE REVIEW: Most Haunted S02E01 (Tivoli) - "The one where Leah screams and Stuart Cries"

Yes it is true, back by popular demand, my EXCLUSIVE full review and spoilers of Most Haunted!

First up here is the blurb for the episode

Most Haunted
Thursday 4th June, 10pm
S2E1/10. The Tivoli Venue
The legendary team is back with more terrifying adventures, once again travelling up and down the UK to seek out paranormal activity and things that go bump in the night in some of the most haunted historical locations in the country.

With Yvette Fielding at the helm, Most Haunted welcomes new members to the team, including Eamonn Vann-Harris, an Electronic Voice Phenomena specialist, and Glen Hunt, a broadcaster and sceptic. Eamonn brings along with him some new equipment that reads scalar waves - how spirits communicate - and can convert these sound waves into something audible to the human ear. What messages will the team receive, as they merge the Ouija board with this new technology?

In the first episode the Most Haunted team head to the Tivoli Venue in Buckley, North Wales, to investigate the goings on that have seriously rattled the staff. Famous for hosting famous bands including the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and Coldplay, the venue is also known for its dark history. In 1945 a fire blazed through the top half of the building, killing the projectionist who was trapped inside. Could this be the cause of the suspicious goings on?

The staff at the venue claim to have witnessed many bizarre scenes, from strange figures on the stairs and the image of a hanged man, to seeing and smelling smoke. The alleged paranormal activity is violent, and Yvette and the team are determined to find out what's been going on.

Again I will include MAJOR spoilers in my reviews, as I will post these BEFORE the show airs anywhere in the world on TV, so if you don't want to have the show spoiled, go chat with the noobs on the official MH forums, or on Reddit or somewhere!

It will be interesting to see what the ratings do during this season, as most of you will remember I revealed that the first season lost pretty much half its audience from the first to the last episode. And considering that ANTIX were only getting paid a pittance for the episodes, it was not good news, HOWEVER they are back for a second season, bank rolled once again by Fred Batt, or as Karl likes to privately call him "Mr Meal Ticket", so lets see if they can improve on the dismal efforts of last season.

Firstly I have to reveal that it seems that Melanie Crump is not in this new series, I have only checked the first 3 episodes quickly and no sign of her, instead replaced by a new make-up girl in Leah Walton. At first look she is more like a blonde version of Cath Howe, and will just scream at everything. But I want everyone to understand one thing, we LOVED Mel Crump here at BadPsychics Towers, she made the last season worth watching, but as with everyone who ends up more popular than Yvette Fielding, she had to go. There will be a lot of hate for Leah Walton I am sure, but you are NOT gonna get any hate from us here. She has been put in a terrible position of having to replace the single most popular crew member in the history of Most Haunted in Mel Crump. So I have decided we should support Leah Walton, so any of you out there who hate on her, you will have me to answer too!

Last thing I will say regarding Mel Crump, she may be gone but she will never be forgotten. She brought a much needed glamour to the show, her beauty turned the ugliest of shows into something almost passable as light entertainment. We can only hope that one day she will return to our screens, perhaps in a bikini? Just a thought. Anyway that's enough of that nonsense. On to the first episode of season 2, which is due to air on Thursday 4th of June.

We start off with the Queen of the dodgy hair cut in Yvette Fielding welcoming us back to Most Haunted. I hear she has said this is the best series yet! She been saying that since the original run in the early 2000's!

As Yvette waffles on about the Tivoli location, I want to remind everything there will NOT be any mediums on this show, remember that Antix do NOT own the Most Haunted format, Sky still own that, so that is why the show has had to be formatted different and misses certain elements. ANTIX only own the Most Haunted name.

"A strange figure has been seen descending these stairs" - A direct quote from Yvette Fielding as she descends those very stairs, if she had an ounce of intelligence she could perhaps understand the irony in her statement.

Look at that screen grab for a moment. Take in that hair cut and face.
You know the moment you instantly start to regret something? Well I am getting that feeling right now as I sit down to watch this first episode and write this review. Mel Crump please come back, somehow, some way??? Cant we petition the government or something to force them to bring her back? Get her a direct contract with UKTV and cut out ANTIX altogether!

I would also like to mention that production seems to be much better too, still bog standard but better than last season, Fred must have dug deep for this, his hunger for fame knows no bounds!

We get a quick piece to camera from Kirsty Openshaw, a nice girl, even if she only agreed for MH to film so she could make a few quid and get on the TV, not to mention the fact she can now up the rates for other Ghost Hunting groups to come in.

One new gimmick on the show is this so called EVP expert they have had join the crew. Obviously this man is an idiot, as everyone knows, EVPs are evidentially worthless, either way Most Haunted needed to do something different, so in comes Eamonn Vann-Harris. I am sure you will hate him as instantly as I do, not only for being about as interesting as Yvettes haircut, but for talking such utter bollocks your eye rolling muscles may get worn out, although even he admits that EVPs are easy to debunk and totally pointless, yet here he is a self proclaimed EVP expert! Oh dear. So to do a better job, instead of just using a digital recorder, or radio frequency scanner (Franks box etc), they have a lot of fancy recording equipment, and filters. Wow this idiot has no idea whatsoever.

Being called an EVP Specialist, has about as much credibility as an online certificate from Ciaran O'Keeffe!

Next up we are introduced to "Skeptic" Glen (My middle name is not Mike) Hunt.

We will reserve judgement on Glen, but his experience at Real Radio (North West), Radio City 96.7, Red Rose Rock FM and so on, will surely mean nothing whatsoever on a ghost hunt. Although to his credit he has started off talking some sense, surely this wont last. And within the next minute he starts talking about him and others smelling what is basically "ghost smoke". Oh dear! Even Ciaran (Money over racists) O'Keeffe never said anything that stupid.

About 16 minutes into the episode and the investigation proper begins. Yvette starts talking to the ghosties! Karl and Stuart nowhere to be seen, we can only assume they are collecting stones and things to throw.

We also get our first proper shot of Leah Walton, and she is wearing a magnificent coat, I hope her coat wearing skills become a major part of story lines moving forward. We shall call it "Coatwatch", a bit like BBC Ghostwatch, which as many of you will know is where they got the idea for Most Haunted from.

Poor Leah gets sent off with Stuart Torevell, and in a fantastic twist, Leah is annoying Stuart so much with her own "antics". There is no way she will let Stuart have any time to fake stuff with her around since she is holding on to his arm and wont let go, before a noise, and screamy screamy time, and she runs off! Brilliant stuff Leah! Where as Cath Howe was just annoying in her 'pathetic-ness', Leah is just awesome.

We now get Yvette and the crew having a go on a Ouija Board! How long before they do the Charlie Charlie challenge I wonder? Although I am guessing they filmed the series a while back so wont be able to jump on that bandwagon.

Despite the "skeptic" being present at the Ouija Board, he does not point out any of the courses of the glass moving (Ideomotor Effect), he does not put into place any controls, or methods to prevent cheating. So quite clearly he is about as much use as a book in Karl Beatties personal library.

They try some EVP nonsense next with Eammon, (I wonder if they wanted Eammon Holmes but ended up with this numpty by mistake? You know Holmes would not have allowed any nonsense if he was about)

Feel free to fast forward through the whole EVP scene.

Back at the Ouija Board and Stuart sees something then he goes a bit weird, and trance like, then starts crying, it is some truly incredible acting from Stuart, and worth someone making a looping video for sure!

Yvette tries to give him a hug to comfort him, but Stuart is having none of it!

Stuart reveals he heard a voice telling him to get out now or he would die, and that is why he is upset. I wonder who wrote that nugget for him?

Stuart heads into the toilets to have some fun with the taps and hand dryer.

Here is a shot of Stuart pointing at a tap.

Yes folks this is Most Haunted, and Stuart is in a bathroom pointing at a tap! If this doesn't send the ratings sky high nothing will!

Back to Coatwatch and the awesome Leah is getting scared because and I quote "stood next to a chair that's died", cue much laughter from Yvette who finds it hilarious that someone who is scared said something a bit silly. Basically you are being a bully Yvette.

In general Glen Hunt just seems to wonder about with a smirk on his face, not really fussed with anything, purely a pay day for this guy.

Back to Stuart and he is now sat on a toilet.

Stuart is now sat near a hand drier, which suspicious comes on all by itself! And in no way is it turned on by someone flicking the main switch on, off camera.

Riveting stuff I am sure you will agree.

And with that we head to the end of the investigation, with a last bit of fakery from Karl who carefully waits till everyone looks the other way and the camera is off him and then he drops something. Pretty blatant fakery.

The show comes to an end, they didn't really get anything of interest, highlights of the show were Stuarts acting, and Leahs panic.

I thought that the last series was hard to watch, boy is this gonna be even tougher.

Feel free to leave your comments below.

By Jon Donnis


Jenn said...

you forgot to mention the shitty emo end credit theme thoon, by um.... nope, no idea.

Unknown said...

You are full on reject. At the start of every show " this is an entertainment show only". Get a life you sad little person

JD said...

I have thousands of people come to my site, you are one of those people, you are the only sad person for taking the time and effort to post on here and further up my numbers!

Unknown said...

I've been to the Tivoli and i can safely assure all who read this page that they faked both the tap and the handrier as the tap when pushed stays down anyhow (and it is suspect that it came on after the camera view went off).
Also the handrier Stuart is sat under did not go off... as there was a second drier by the door (behind the camera view point).
Kirsty in fact told us that - also about them smashing the mirror on purpose just to try and prove a point!
Go figure...

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