6 March 2015

Fake Psychics Gina & Steven Marks Charged With Scamming Woman Out Of Thousands

FORT COLLINS, Colo. (CBS4) – A pair of self-proclaimed psychics were arrested at their home in Fort Collins on Monday, apparently just the tip of the iceberg for an entire family.

Gina Marks and her husband Steven had been renting a business called Psychic Gina. Authorities said that instead of revealing fortunes, they were stealing them.

When Fort Collins Police searched the Marks’ home last month, they allegedly found stolen credit cards and merchandise, fake IDs, and even a fraudulent sheriff’s badge.

Now the two are facing charges for bilking a woman out of tens of thousands of dollars.

A private investigator hired by the victim said the duo conned her into believing that a curse had been placed on her family. He said they persuaded her to participate in elaborate rituals at their previous home, and to give them cash and gift cards worth $36,000.

The investigator said they left the victim emotionally abused and financially devastated.

The Marks’ are part of a notorious family of self-proclaimed Larimer psychics. Steven Marks’ father is John Marks who was convicted of killing his wife, psychic Kay. His aunt, Nancy Marks, is serving time for fraud, and his brother Adam has been charged with theft and fraud.

Now the family’s latest alleged victim is left to rebuild her life after she lost everything.
The Marks are charged with class four felony theft. Gina Marks is also facing additional charges including identity theft.

Source: cbslocal.com


Woody said...

I cannot and will not lay blanket judgement on all self-proclaimed 'psychics'.
I've heard remarked, a number of times, that there are real psychics and that the last thing these real psychics ever want is fame and/or money for their authentic gift. (Convenient that the real psychics are guaranteed not to be the ones failing tests and loosing credibility all over the place! Like so many fantastical myths it has rules ingrained within it that fully explain and apparently forgive its horrible failures.)

This post shows the collection of fraudulence, theft, exploitation and false hope that is a gathering of themes far too common in the quagmire of belief in psychic powers.


JD said...

Fair post Woody, I agree with much of what you say.

Marina Kingston said...

Authorities said that instead of revealing fortunes, they were stealing them.

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