16 March 2015

A Message from Jon Donnis to you

A psychic/medium will tell you that they can communicate with your dead child, your murdered mother, your brother who committed suicide. They will then ask you for money to do so.

Can you think of a psychological crime worse than this?

Don't be taken in by these con-men/con-women. They use known psychological and conjurers tricks to manipulate and confuse you into believing.

Now unless you can watch any magic trick and know instantly how it is done, then you are not qualified to know that a medium is real just because you cant figure out how they did it.

By giving these frauds your money for what is a lie, you are taking part and continuing their crimes.

If you want to talk to a loved lost one, you don't need to pay some charismatic fraud to do it for you.

Whatever your religious beliefs, surely we can all agree that if you want to talk to a loved lost one, just sit alone, close your eyes, bring an image of them to the front of your mind, and just talk to them.

If there is an afterlife, then they will hear you, and if there isn't an afterlife, well your memory of them helps them live on.

True immortality is not floating about on a cloud, it is leaving a foot print in the minds of the people you knew when alive, it is leaving a legacy, your name, things you accomplished, even your DNA in your children, this is the only true immortality.

If you still want to believe in psychics/mediums, then you are fooling yourself, but here is an offer to you, I 100% guarantee you that I can explain exactly how any medium performs their trick, so if you want to know the truth, send me a message, send me a recording of a reading you received which you are certain is genuine, I will show you how they did it.

But whatever you do, don't bury your head in the ground. Grief is a hard part of life, but it is also something you have to take on head first, delaying the grieving process by visiting mediums only accomplishes more pain for you in the long run, and puts money in their pockets.



Unknown said...

A Medium told me he had "seen" my daughters car upside down in water with her still inside. I was terrified and couldn't stop crying. This working Medium is also my partner and has always been jealous of how close my daughter and I are. She is not his child. I call what he has said abuse and I want him out of my life.

JD said...

So dump him them!
And if he wont stay away report him to the police and get a restraining order

JD said...

A applaud your response, I have had a psychic try that with me once before, and I verbally destroyed them to the point they were practically in tears. They didn't realise who I was and were blatantly trying the whole psychic shtick on with a few people.

JD said...

I accept your offer of evidence and proof of the link between spirit and here, or an afterlife etc.

Click the link that says CONTACT BADPSYCHICS at the top of the page, and you will find my email address.
I look forward to hearing from you.

I cannot come to you, as I live in Greece.

Also please do not post your number on here, unless you want the internet crazies to contact you.
As soon as you see this message, reply and I will delete your post above.

Unknown said...

Is anyone afraid of dying?only thing that scares me is,dying in agony.

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