4 November 2014

Most Haunted Ratings - The Final Word

At long last the ratings are finally in for all 10 episodes of Most Haunted.

Episode 01 - 362,000
Episode 02 - 371,000
Episode 03 - 324,000
Episode 04 - 318,000
Episode 05 - 229,000
Episode 06 - 286,000
Episode 07 - 199,000
Episode 08 - 196,000
Episode 09 - 262,000
Episode 10 - 265,000

So what do these ratings tell us then? Well it does show there was a genuine interest in the show coming back, and it started off with strong ratings, but those ratings fell and fell throughout the series. Only the last two episodes of 9 and 10 picked up. Almost the audience saying we lost interest but we want to see what you do to finish off with.

If you look at the show as a whole, they lost nearly 100,000 viewers from episode 1 to 10, that is a HUGE number to lose.

Most weeks they were beaten in the ratings by Ghost Adventures, and despite Ghost Adventures airing two episodes before Most Haunted each Thursday, people still turned the channel.

Those are the negatives, but there are positives too, despite losing a third of their audience from episodes 1 to 10, they still consistently remained in the top 3 shows in the ratings on REALLY.

UKTV who own REALLY, only paid £5000 to show the whole series, that is pennies in TV world, so really they are the winners here, as they got the show for virtually nothing.

So the question is will Most Haunted return for another series? My guess would be yes, UKTV will probably offer more money knowing they will have a guaranteed top 3 show for their REALLY channel.

Rumours are flying around that Karl Beattie wants to bring back pretend medium Brian Shepherd to the show, Brian happens to be one of our favourites mainly due to the fact he is so awful, that he becomes funny.

The question is can ANTIX afford to buy the rights back from Sky TV for the old format for Most Haunted? Because without the old format, we will have to put up with the same nonsense again.

But the only true question everyone wants answering is, if Most Haunted does return, will the legendary Melanie Crump come back, or will the green eyed monster known as Yvette Fielding get her way (again) and see Mel Crump quietly disappear and never to appear on TV again!

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