20 October 2014

The Skeptic Weasel, A secret cassette recording, and the common denominator

Every day I have to go through the comments left on this site, moderate them, delete the spam, approve genuine comments and delete the violent threats and abuse.

However this comment caught my eye, which is why I will give it a post all on its own, and answer some things put to me, since they make some very direct accusations.

I will say that the name of the author an "Ed Stoner" is obviously a fake name. However I wonder if this really is one of Sally Morgans thug like family members, or just one of her misguided fans? Either way I invite them to publish whatever they claim to have on me and I will happily face the consequences. Although of course I know what they are saying is nonsense, I would never want to be accused of hiding things or lying about something in my past, say for example when Sally Morgan LIED about not knowing who Brian Dowling was on her TV show despite the fact she had given a reading to him a few years prior for a magazine! No I would never want to do that now would I?


Ed Stoner has left a new comment on your post "Does Sally Morgan's Husband John Morgan have a his...": 

Speaking of which, as a scientific group who partake in genuine study unlike your embarrassing mess, bought to our attention we are reliably informed that you made a series of racial slurs and homophobic hate speech when you was aged 23. Apparently one meeting was recorded and rusting away on an old cassette.

Hypocrisy springs to mind. After all we all say things we regret. Apologise to Sally and her team. Keep it civil. We know who was really behind it.

You are a Bad Skeptic and fraudster lapping it up from the big names of Colin Fry and Derek Acorah who you refuse to properly criticise unlike others. Not to keep them sweet, no the cat is out of the bag. We know why. The same reason you can afford to lounge abroad most of the year. You would never share the real reason or print this on your poxy blog.

Have you ever heard of the lowest common denominator? That person looks you in the face every morning you stare at the mirror.

You are commonly known as The Skeptic Weasel. You are a disgrace to genuine skeptics and scientists who are not in it for fame, money or immature kicks. 


Please do name this "scientific group" who claims to have a cassette tape of me at 23, you see at 23 I was not involved in skepticism in the slightest, in fact if memory serves me correct I was working in a Batley's Cash and Carry, full time, trying to save money so I could move out of my parents house!

As for racial slurs, as someone who grew up with a dark olive tan due to my ethnic group, I have had to deal with racism much of my life, I have even had racist abuse from psychics, and one such psychic even had the help of a "famous" skeptic who appeared on Most Haunted to try and cover up the racist abuse directed at me, and also threatened me too!

You see as a victim of racist abuse for many many years, to say I have made racist slurs is rather pathetic, but even more pathetic is to say you have a recording of me on cassette from 13 years ago! Please I am begging you, send me this recording and I will happily publish it here.

As for homophobic speech, well I am not gay, but I have many times spoke out in favour of Gay rights, just see my Twitter feed for that. Have I used derogatory words for gays in my time? Probably yes, when I was very young and at school, much like other kids in their early teens, I probably did call someone gay just for the way they looked, you see this is what CHILDREN do, NOT adults like John Morgan. Children say dumb things, ignorant things. Where as grown men working in a professional public capacity really should never say such things.

But I can categorically say I have never made a homophobic comment as an adult, and in a serious offensive manner. Although when I have visited Nightingales in Birmingham, with my friend Drew, I will admit to calling him a "big poof" when he strutted across the dance floor towards me with his feather boa flapping behind him.

So NO I will not apologise to Sally and her team, in fact I will keep making public times she has lied to the public, mislead people, and make unsubstantiated claims about her mediumship

Next you claim that I do not properly criticise Colin Fry and Derek Acorah! Do you know I am the WORLDS FIRST PERSON to fully expose Derek Acorah as a fraud! Yep the first person in the world to publish evidence of what he was doing.

Notice I just called his mediumship fraudulent, yet he does not sue me!

And Colin Fry, well here is another history lesson for you, when BadPsychics was first created the FIRST EVER ARTICLE was about Colin Fry and the Trumpet Incident, a story that had been hidden for over a decade I made public and got HUGE visitor numbers. Hell that article still gets big numbers.

I have written more about Derek Acorah than any one else on this site, so please don't say I give either an easy ride, just because I remain on talking terms with both, and can meet them face to face does not mean I do not criticise.

You also infer that somehow they are bankrolling me, or paying me off, how utterly ridiculous, I do not "lounge" about abroad most of the year. I am Greek, so I live in Greece. It is cheaper to live here than to live in England. Do your homework, we all know Sally Morgan does!

And on to your final comment, firstly I am not a scientist, never claimed to be one, have no interest to become one. So I couldn't care less what they think of me. As for the skeptical community, I have learned to accept and ignore their jealousy of me and my site, afterall I have done more for skepticism when it comes to exposing psychics and mediums than pretty much anyone else in the UK.

The skeptics I respect, respect me back, whether it is Derren Brown using my material on his site, or James Randi giving me a nice plug on his site. Do you really think I care of the opinions of jealous skeptics running tiny little websites desperately trying to copy me and then sending me abuse under assumed names? Water off a Greek ducks back!

As for being in it for the fame, didn't you already state that I dont show the real me? If I wanted fame my big ugly face would be plastered all over this site, if I wanted fame and money I would accept the weekly invites to appear on radio and TV shows. Did you know in the last 4 years I have agreed to only one interview, and even in that my face was not shown.

I have no interest in fame and money, My only interest is the message of education that I try to spread, that being how psychics and mediums do it.

But you did get one thing right, I do get a kick out of watching people who claim to be psychic fall on their arse, have their careers ruined and even watch as their own fans turn against them.

Anyway that's it from me for today, need to clean my yacht and collect my Gold bars from my private island.

By Jon Donnis
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jgjman said...

The following quote from your post concerning your reason for pursuing professional psychics offers a rather disturbing Freudian insight into a troubled mind: I do get a kick out of watching people who claim to be psychic fall on their arse, have their careers ruined and even watch as their own fans turn against them. No higher motive than self gratification gained by humiliating other human beings. A noble motive indeed. JOHN G. SUTTON

JD said...

Nope not a Freudian slip at all.
To watch CRIMINALS get caught, and people wake up to the fraud, I do take gratification from.

I see no problem in humiliating a criminal, someone like yourself who is a grief vulture.

John G Sutton once told me that while speaking to Derek Acorah on the phone, in an argument Derek used his psychic powers to make Johns wife fall off a ladder!

Yep that is the kind of nutter John Sutton is!

Sorry John, you really do not want any attention from me, although your career is already in ruins, so not sure what more I could do.

Woody said...

I say 'well done' for your efforts, Jon.
Many good sceptical bloggers attract a number of wing-nuts and ding-bats simply from the work they do, the truths they reveal and the understanding they help us achieve by explaining their sceptical thoughts.
Keep it up, mate!

All the best,

JD said...

Thanks for your kind words, very much appreciated.

Psidekick said...

Sally Morgan really is the gift that keeps on giving, isn't she?

It's obvious to me that Ed Stoner is her husband John. He's projected on to you the fact that he's been caught on tape homophobically bullying Mark Tilbrook.

"Peter" on the other page of your blog has pointed out that Sally supposedly has forbidden John the Thug from getting involved in her business. So that's been exposed as a lie already.

You've got to laugh.

But the serious message is that John the Thug and Sally the Bad Psychic are continuing to build an empire on swindling vulnerable people. Keep shining the light of truth on their evil, Jon!

JD said...

I cant say if it is John Morgan or not, I highly doubt it to be honest.

The thing is I am sitting on a huge story regarding John Morgan, which would prove a history of racism, but want to see what happens.

The Morgans by now should know I always hold something back, and to never mess with me.

Amp said...

I can’t imagine Derek Acorah can pay you much these days, did you have to cut back on the solid gold bathroom furnishings? Or does he channel “fantasy” dead people to entertain you (like he used to on TV)

Psidekick said...

Oh Amp - you really are stuck in the nasty world of bogus psychics, aren't you?

The majority of the population aren't interested in swindling the grieving.

I believe the owner of this blog when he says he's not a supporter of Acorah, the public face of this nasty industry.

Like most Skeptics, he only wants to shine the light of truth.

Anonymous said...

Instead of stupid leafleting I took to Facebook to legitimately report the hundreds of "spiritualist" churches & individual "psychic mediums" (inc. other derivatives) that represented a business or organisation, in other words those using a regular Profile & not a Page, Community Page or business page.

And what a dent I made to their disgusting network of emotional fraudsters. There's only a few accounts left. They'll all have to start again from afresh on Pages that aren't as popular or easy to network.

Childish one may think? Couldn't give a shit. I would rather be thought of as childish than a fraud pretending to talk to someones dead family for whatever gratification they get. "Oh I have superpowers. Watch me act holier than thou or stick Reverend in front of my name." And it will & has already made a massive impact as these fraudsters & their victims heavily used these accounts to network. Many were sharing hundreds of comments daily, pictures & advertisements for services, "healing", "workshops" (how to develop your fraudulent techniques) & "tea with spirit".

It was hilarious reading some of the remarks on other groups. Hundreds of "mediums" tripping over themselves trying to guess what happened. No surprise there!

Now here's the challenge.

Leaving aside the individuals, I reckon 400 "spiritualist" churches worldwide were removed. Lets assume each church had 100 "mediums". So 400 multiplied by 100 = 40,000 "mediums".

That equates to 40,000 spirit guides! & doorkeepers! who would obviously know who did it, my identity!

So lets have some fun. I hereby give any "mediums" permission to "out" me.

Go on try cold reading my identity scumbags. Won't hold my breath.

Disgusting predatory psychopaths without remorse no matter what you say to them.

Anonymous said...

Now fans will realise why "Talk Derek Acorah" vanished for time being!

JD said...

I have reported a few facebook profiles myself, but never to the level you have, its a very good idea, and does have a direct affect, so keep going, you have my support

Amp said...

I thought my comment read like it was written, with a healthy extra creamy dollop of sarcasm ; ) I in no way belive that Joe is paid by Acorah!

JD said...

Joe!!! Who is Joe! lol

And dont worry Amp, I got your sarcasm, I actually nearly slipped off my gold toilet when I was laughing

Psidekick said...

Oh I see! I wasn't sure.

I know next to nothing about the psychics/skeptics scene - but I'm learning fast! :)

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