14 October 2014

Official Statement from Colin Fry regarding Sally Morgan and her Husbands, Homophobic actions and Mark Tilbrook

We are getting plenty of opinion and statements from Skeptics and the Skeptical community, so I thought I would do something different and ask self proclaimed psychic/medium Colin Fry for his opinions. Here is what he had to say

"I deplore all forms of prejudice, and of course I have personal reasons for particularly detesting any form of homophobia. Every one is welcome to attend my shows of any race, gender , religion or sexual orientation, even skeptics! and my tour company operate a zero prejudice policy. 

Although Mark Tilbrook and i shall have to agree to disagree , as long as he does not harass my audience entering or leaving my shows his presence makes no difference to me at all.

It's not my place to attack or defend Mrs Morgan or her family this they must do for them selves."

Colin Fry 


Peter said...

Just seen this comment on The Guardian piece about Sally Morgan sacking her husband and son in law. Maybe it's an old idea, but have not seen before and liked it so thought I would share:

Laughing_Gravy Saltycroc

15 October 2014 10:34am

"Did 'Psychic Sally' not see this coming?"

apparently not. maybe her powers are failing, a bit like a footballer who's 'legs go' once they're well past their best.

i've often thought that there's a very simple exercise that these people could go through, to prove their bona fides once and for all.

all psycho sally, or any of her peers, needs to do is agree to be locked indefinitely into a secure cell. the cell would have an electronic lock, inside and out, and the release code would be a 20 digit alphanumeric sequence, which itself would be written on the outside of the door.

all sally need to do is call up one of her 'people', from the other world, and have them read the release code to her, which she types in, opens the door, and is then handed a licence proving her credentials, and from that pooint on everyone knows she's for real.

what could possibly go wrong ?

So, let's see what could go wrong? Or, more importantly, what are the exuses as to why this would not be valid. My starter for 10:

"It doesn't work like that."

JD said...

Thats a really good idea, but the problem is how would you stop anyone from giving her the number?

Unknown said...

ANYONE claiming to be psychic is in one, or both, of only TWO states.
How many of the con artists display the disclaimer, “For entertainment purposes only”?
In any event, they should not be permitted to influence the feeble-minded or vulnerable people who might believe such nonsense!
Whilst most of them look and sound incredibly stupid to those with more than two firing synapses, one can only assume these thieves they simply don’t care because they are making so much money,.
Trying to con others is one thing but, if you are trying to fool yourself, you need urgent help.
(Incidentally, if YOU are one of the many people who genuinely believe in such garbage, I defend your absolute right to believe in whatever nonsense you chose, no matter how stupid. However, it is highly recommended you seek urgent help immediately.)
NOW, at last, YOU can actually DO something positive! Click the link above and sign the petition!
Join the campaign to stop these evil individuals stealing from so many such unfortunate individuals. Email your M.P. and request the issue be raised in parliament to prohibit these thieves from advertising or performing.
If ALL thieves should be imprisoned, why does the government condone this huge (and growing) group of con artists stealing with impunity? They should also be imprisoned and their vast profits applied to support victims. It’s nothing short of legalised theft!
The truth is posted everywhere that these con artists should be in PRISON like ANY con artist so isn’t it strange why they never try to sue me if they claim they really possess such a supernatural skill ? !

Unknown said...

Predict alphabetical/numerical sequences? Ooo now this may be disallowed and could come under the same Spirit World's 'Misuse of sequencing Numbers Act 1997' which disallows the passing on of correct randomly drawn lottery numbers with a multi Million pound fortune t be won every week. It is not fare! I wish I could talk to and hear voies responding of Deceased people, I'd have won the UK first even Lottery's j'pot that was drawn in the 90's, and then for the following 18 weeks I'd win getting other to claim for me lest I invite suspicion upon me.

Life is just not fare really is it? Psycho Sally, on the stage (with ear piece feeding her information from a very fesh and blood male in back room once heard audible by back row audience members uttering sentences,then as if by magic, Sycho Sal, on the stage, would repeat the exact same statement/question. No, I won't hear of it! Sally has been given a Divine gift......Yes, to obtain monies by way of fraud and/or deception. Fell free psycho to run to the Civil Court to sue me for defamation of (Delusional and psychotic) Character, I'll be there to defend myself as 'Welsh Ally, on the stand' and declare:
"You may have been awarded £250,000 by a taboid for making a cliam your a fraud and a fattie to boot! I, on the other hand, don't ave two hundred and fifty Grand to pay you in damages or, as i like to call i, telling the f**kin truth about you.

And when I found out the legal advise to sue for damages was offered by One URI GELLER well'' I had to be given Oxygen and sedatives.
If you sue me, just for you Psych, I shall declare myself Guilty as charged. I will admit my comments and offer an apology and a compensating sum of.... not quite £250, 000 GBP, I have a little less than that sadly. How much? Ummm... £2,50p? (WAIT! 5p on my floor in living room,......£2,55p, Deal or no Deal? Make your mind up then fattie what ow became thin via gastric band etc, I am a busy man and am on way to publicly accuse One Derek Acorah (Derek Johnson real name, which He denies and refutes btw) that it sis my bekief that You Sir, do use a form of mens hair Highlights! PEROXIDE Derek, Admit it you grey bastard!!

Unknown said...

I saw the likes of Psycho Sal, on the diet, The Fame lavished upon Most Haunted resident Spirit Medium and suspiciously blonde haired, Mr Dewwwik De-Frauder and I thought, "Well I want a piece of this 20 to 30 Grand a night i ticket sales and one single hour an evening only will I have to pretend to talk to invisible people myself. And So it became clear what I needed to do...

I though simple enough, all Ineed do is go down the local pub Friday evening and tell all the lads that I can hear voives that nobody else can speakin to me and this will result i my being given a stage, Mic and 2000 seat arena and the cash will come flooding in, simples! Went down local, told the lads and my misses, and didn't get given a stage and Mic, but was placed in padded cell with medication. Again, Tis not fare!!!

Unknown said...

A good man Colin Fry a good fella sad he's gone. The only genuine psychic on the planet. The only one sadly no longer with us.

JD said...

I knew Colin and he was a good man, but a sad man who not only manipulated others, but was manipulated himself.
He was never a genuine psychic though. But he was good at his craft

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