8 September 2014

Fan Reviews of Pretend Psychic Lisa Williams

I often get quoted the name Lisa Williams as a psychic/medium who people believe in, as is often the case with such psychics, they appear amazing on their highly edited TV shows, yet when seen first hand in "demonstrations" their hit rate plummets.

Now I have wrote about Lisa Williams before and exposed her methods, cold reading and so on, but this time I thought I would try something different, so I picked a show of hers, went to Ticketmaster and read the reviews, afterall you can rely on her own fans to be honest about their experiences, and at least that way I don't get moaned at for having "Skeptics bias" whatever that is supposed to mean. So here I present you with a nice collection of fan reviews for a Lisa Williams show.

Now remember these are people who paid a LOT of money to see her live in a largish theatre, these are her fans, not evil nasty skeptics but her own fans, believers, spiritualists, woo folk.

And after reading these comments, ask yourself, do you think Lisa Williams is a real medium, or just a grief vulture preying on the vulnerable, the gullible and the naive, raping the memories of their lost loved ones just to make money?. Of course and as ever I will leave it up to you to make your own minds up.

You can read the reviews at the following link that will take you to the TicketMaster Website

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