1 August 2014

TV REVIEW: Most Haunted - Episode 1/10. The Royal Court Theatre – Bacup

Review: By Jon Donnis

So Most Haunted is finally back, after been relegated to being an online only show, they finally managed to convince a TV company to recommission it.

Sad to say it, but it is the same old nonsense only worse.

Gone are stones and pebbles being chucked by Stuart Torevell, only to be replaced by rolls of tape strangely! The first episodes revolves around rolls of tape being moved and chucked! How riveting!

A few knocks here and there, some noises, Yvette screaming, and lots of running around in the dark, and that's it!

Disgraced Ciaran O'Keeffe is gone completely, and the only "skeptic" is someone called Dr John Callow, who according to his website is "an author, screenwriter and historian, specialising in Seventeenth Century politics, witchcraft, and popular culture."

He gets about 30 seconds at the end of the episode to drone on about things that have happened.

The biggest problem with Most Haunted is that we all know it is faked, it is a spoof, people who watch, do so because they want to be entertained, and since Derek Acorah left there is simply nothing left to be entertained by.

Watching middle aged uneducated people wonder about in the dark is just not entertaining, where is the showmanship, where is the excitement?

We ALL know its faked, so at least make it entertaining instead of pretending you have any credibility whatsoever.

Most Haunted may be back, but I suspect after this first episodes the ratings will tank. There is no credibility on the show, there is no entertainment, there is no science. Just people going through the motions to pick up a pay check.

Only good thing is that they got rid of that awful Cath Howe and replaced her with the lovely Mel!

Most Haunted Episode One I give it a 1/10

Most Haunted
Thursday 21st August, 10pm
1/10. The Royal Court Theatre – Bacup

Most Haunted is back with a spine-chilling new 10-part series where the team investigates purported paranormal activity in locations across the UK including The Royal Court Theatre in Lancashire and Sheffield’s National Emergency Services Museum. Yvette Fielding is joined by a crew made up from old and new faces; Chris, Darren and Karl on cameras,;Matt on sound; Stuart on lighting; hair and make-up Mel, and demonologist Fred. Together they explore brand new territories, as well as revisiting some old haunts and discover new phenomena that defy belief. With some gripping celebrity specials, including one with Ben Foden and the England Rugby Team, and the award-winning Welsh heavy metal band Bullet for My Valentine, it’s going to be the best series yet.

In the first programme of the new series, the Most Haunted ghost hunting team start in a small theatre with a supposed big problem… from negative entities to a plethora of ghost sightings, the Royal Court Theatre in Bacup has seen it all. The building is said to house so much activity that the theatre’s director asked Yvette and the team for help.

Originally an iron foundry, the building was ravished by fire in 1886. Seven years later in 1893 the theatre as it is now known was opened. In its time it’s been used as a bingo hall and a church as well as a theatre; with so many varied tenants it’s no wonder the little building is rumoured to have such a cast of ghosts waiting in the wings.

As the crew set about investigating the alleged haunted happenings in the theatre objects are thrown and strange smells sensed… when knocking seems to indicate a death happened in the building things start hotting up.

The atmosphere becomes tense as the team brings in a Ouija board - in an evening of sheer fright with apparent poltergeist activity, ghostly footsteps abound and scare after scare, the team set about trying to make it through the night.


tam1963 said...

what a con. The first episode is the one that was online. I bet they don't pay back their fans the money they paid to watch it.

JD said...

Of course they wont, the online shows were an utter disaster financially.
This is Antix last roll of the dice, if this fails, then they go under, simple as that

L~J said...

Why do you describe Ciaran O'Keefe as "disgraced"? I know he debunked Acorah as a fraud afterwards, which presumably barred him from ever being on the show again, but what else happened to warrant that kind of description?

JD said...

I call him disgraced because on Most Haunted he was an actor, he played the part of psychologist on the show, regardless of any real life qualifications.
He was directed by Karl Beattie, and even the so called debunking of Derek Acorah was Karl Beatties idea, which backfired somewhat.
He was NEVER barred from appearing on the show and continued to appear on the show after the Mirror printed their article, which funnily enough was a full 6 months after I printed the EXACT same allegations on BadPsychics.

Also Ciaran helped cover up racism from a Psychic directed towards me, because he had a book coming out which he co-authored with the same psychic!

Ciaran has no credibility in the psychology field and no credibility as a TV personality, which is why you don't see him on TV any more.

Unknown said...

Have to dissagree Ciaran is not an actor. He was one of the most honest people on there. He does have qualifications for what he does. He is one of the nicest people you could meet. The frauds are Fred Batt who is not a Demonologist and all the indo he read out on the screen was my research for him. Karl Beattie scripped the mediums after the first few series. That is why Derek Acorah handed in his notice and Cairan was told to do what he did or he would be fired! People need to earn a living and althoug you don't always agree with your boss you have to do as you are told and I'm told from a very reliable source that Ciaran apologised to Derek afterwards. It's outrageous that that fake program is coming back but no doubt after the FEW viewers watch and realise that they were the episodes they paid for on the internet they might realise they have been dupped!!!!!! lol xxx

JD said...

Firstly I am well aware of who you are Marion, I have a long memory.

As for Ciaran, he was PAID to play the part of Parapsychologist, you even admit he was told what to do, so yes he was a paid actor on Most Haunted since he was directed and told what to do.

I also ask that you do NOT speak for Derek Acorah, I know exactly why he left Most Haunted, as for Ciaran trying to apologise to Derek, well as HE knows Derek was one of the few people that tried to help Ciaran and what was going on with Karl and Stuart, and all of that will be in Dereks book when released.

Ciaran let me down, he lied to me, he covered up the actions of a racist, and he stabbed me in the back after I helped him.

You know the funny thing is that as many times as I have exposed Derek Acorah as a fraud, or said the things I have, Derek and Gwen have only ever been nice to me, just think about that for a second, who I am, what I do etc, and they have only ever been nice.

When I had my stalker, and they gave Derek my home address, he told me straight away.

I have had long conversations with Gwen, and she didn't try to rip my head off, instead she was lovely, and friendly, and listened to me.

Ciaran has only ever been interested in one thing, that being money.

He ruined his career, he ruined his reputation, I am sure he is a nice guy, but he is not an honourable MAN, when I exposed Ciaran and the lies he was telling, I had to deal with all manner of shit, people threatening me, abusing me, death threats and all sorts, and Ciaran knew exactly what was going on and who was behind it, and he did nothing.

So sorry if you "have to disagree" but I know a hell of a lot more about things than you, and I have had to go through a hell of a lot more than you.

Unlike Ciaran I have never done this for the money, I don't release books with proven frauds, I don't cover up the actions of racists because I have a book coming out with them, I am an honest person who tells the truth and deals with the crap I get from it. I don't tell lies just to get a pay check.

Ciaran is dishonest, dishonourable, oh and he never once apologised to me!

JD said...

Just spoke to Gwen, says that Ciaran NEVER apologised to Derek.

Unknown said...

The Mirror story - October 28th. His final appearance - October 31st. Clown.

JD said...

Who are you calling a clown?

bluebird69 said...

I am or was an avid fan of most haunted but this series is the worst one of all its all yap yap yap and yawn more yap no action just watched a episode at the leicester guild hall omg it was like watching a doctors surgery when they was in the cell and all you heard was oh I got funny taste in my mouth oh I got a soar throat oh I got this oh I got that omg they spent about 15mins saying all this shit its all yap no action and the programme is actually bilked as an hour programme 4-5in the morning and with all the adverts that interrupt the programme actually finishes at 4.50 and we have to 10 minutes of access what a con !! I've gone off it its yap yap yao about rubbish no action and screaming cath time they turn the lights off its only about 5-10 minutes of action if any at all load of old rubbish!!!

bluebird69 said...

just watched most haunted programme and omg What a load of rubbish used to be an avid fan but all it is now is yap yap yap there where just at leicester guild hall it like watching a doctors surgery when they was all in the cell it was like oh I got a sorry throat oh I got a funny taste in my mouth oh I feel sickoh iI got headache for a good 5mins then when they finally stop yapping and the lights go out its only the last 5minutes of the programme others nothing that actually pulls you in the teams not bad although can't stand the screaming banshee cath but its all yap no action lot of walking round wasting time and then when the lights finally go out the programme goes off oh ya the programme is billed as a 4-5 a hour programme in the morning but it goes off at 4.50 then we have to stomach 10minutes of access programme what's that about the whole things a con from start to finish I like the team yvettes good karl s OK if he stops pratting about Stuarts OK can't stand cath she needs to go she doesn't bring any thing to the table waste of her wages!!! This programme has lost the plot so come on most haunted you need to review your skills and entertaining quality as its shit at the minute!!!

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