17 January 2016

Mediumship - Miracles or Manipulations - Starring Paul Zenon, Anthony Galvin and Sandra O'Hara

Miracles Or Manipulations takes a look at the world of stage mediums. With interviews from a real medium, skeptic, and a riveting seance in the infamous Hell Fire Club, this documentary is a fascinating look at a very controversial topic. Starring: Paul Zenon, Anthony Galvin and Sandra O'Hara.


youngirish said...

Great video. I went to Sandra and after seeing this I can confirm I got the exact same reading as the interviewer. Sharp tongued Mary or Marie, and Irene popped up too and many other similarities. I don't know what's worse. My stupidity for wasting a hard earned 65 euros or her empty heart taking advantage of someone grieving

JD said...

Have you tried to get a refund?
Would you just accept losing money if you purchased a normal thing and it didn't work or was a lie? Of course not, DEMAND a refund and let me know how you get on, through our forum


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