7 June 2014

Another day another psychic caught committing fraud - Timothy Abbott and Janette Abbott from Stafford

So in recent months it seems a day doesn't go by without a naughty psychic getting caught committing fraud of some sort or another, their fans usually make up excuses, but these two pretend clairvoyants conned nearly quarter of a million quid out of the tax payer! Still think they are the kind of people you want a reading from?

The interesting thing is that they were in charge of the SNU West Midlands training scheme for mediums.

Just what the SNU love, two fraudsters teaching their mediums how to "talk to the dead"

Anyway Timothy Abbott, aged 53, and his 46-year-old wife Janette claimed thousands of pounds (£230,000) in disability, council tax and housing benefit payments, saying they could hardly walk.
But they got caught out by those lovely people Department of Work and Pensions investigators, as you can see from the video below!

Timothy Abbot also admitted to have failing to have paid £10,000 worth of income tax or national insurance contributions from his earnings as someone who pretends to talk to the dead!

Timothy Abbott outside of court

They have been bailed by the courts and will have to return for sentencing on August 1st.

I'm guessing the pathetic UK Legal system will slap their wrists, cut off their benefits, and order them to pay back money slowly, and that money will end up coming from victims of their psychic/medium act! Lets just hope the judge realises this, and throws the book at them, locks them up and throws them in prison.

Anyway as you can imagine the Spiritualists national union (SNU) dont want the public to know that two of their best tutors have been done by the DWP, which is why I am publishing this story today, I know how much the SNU love me, and this site.

Janette Abbott with her walking sticks that she really doesn't need!

Tim Abbott advertises himself as an "international spiritualist clairvoyant medium and tutor."
Yet he never saw this coming did he! Sorry I had to get it in there!

And before I go, remember, they were tutors at the SNU Arthur Findlay college, the SNU have now removed them from all their websites and at the moment they are no longer teaching there. Even the SNU didn't see it coming! Some psychics they are.

So if you have found this article because you googled the names Timothy Abbott and Janette Abbott, and you are thinking of paying for a reading from these two, just remember they are CONVICTED frauds, they have STOLEN money from you the taxpayer. The SNU employed them, yet not a single psychic/medium at the SNU could see they were frauds!



Unknown said...

Spiritualism is all about the money and the sooner people realise this fact the better. You don't see these psychics offering their services for free, do you? How much does a mediumship workshop cost to attend? These slugs feed off the gullible and the bereaved and pretend to be spiritually enlightened!!! Nothing could be further from the truth. The SNU are a prime example of extorting money from their flock. £££££ for cheap psychic nonsense!

JD said...

Totally right. Gullible people were paying £50 each PER SESSION with these two. So you can imagine how much was being raked in each week, with nothing going to the taxman!

Anonymous said...

wow!! obviously the write of this story is clearly un educated!!! anybody who knows this couple know what a wonderful heart warming pair they are!! Any will also know how this lady who is being slandered has suffered multiple sclerosis for over 20 years!! I don't suppose she's been filmed when she's been lay up in bed ill!! or in hospital? no clearly not!! The figure is wrong by a huge amount!! I think anybody before comment should 1. research the register disability MS before slandering and 2. don't be too quick to comment when living in a glass house yourself!! This is a comedy story and many many people will agree!!!

Anonymous said...

What a comedy clip!! who the help wrote this?? anybody that knows this couple knows what kind heartwarming people they are!!!! I know this lady suffers with multiple sclerosis! ! have you heard of this register disability??? I have seen this lady over the past 20 years where she has been wheel chair bound, where she has been on treatment after treatment!! I guess none of you are spiritualists otherwise you would show compassion now hate!! I would like to point out where the hell have these figures come from?? can you give an accurate break down?? As you are over 100,000 over!! 1. look up the disability multiple sclerosis and do some research!! 2. people in glass houses don't throw stones!!!

Anonymous said...

You bunch of un educated twats!!! This lady has a register disability multiple sclerosis and any of you with an inch of common sense would know how bad this illness is to live with!! jon dennis where the hell have you got this filigree and story from??? the comedy papers? If you were bright enough you would read them all and see they were different! your over 100,000 pound over!!! what a sad life you must live... I pity you I really do!!

JD said...

Wow, angry much! lol.
Firstly interesting that you post anonymously, dont want anyone to know your relationship with the convicted frauds it seems, remember I am an admin on here, I see your IP address! Dont worry your identity is safe with me.

Anyway to address your points.
Did they committ fraud - YES
Do they pretend to talk to the dead - YES

If all you can argue about is the amount of money they STOLE from the taxpayer then that says a lot about you!

Fraud is fraud, and for the rest of their lives they will rightly be known as convicted frauds!

Even the SNU want nothing to do with them now!

I couldn't care less how "nice" they are, I am only interested in the facts, and the facts of the case are that they committed fraud, got caught and will be sentenced. I hope they both serve custodial sentences, I hope their careers are ruined forever and I hope they are stripped of all benefits.

It is also interesting how you only mention the woman and not the man.

They have been conning people for years with their psychic scam, they weren't declaring income, they were falsley claiming benefits and they got caught.

Good riddance to bad rubbish!

You can attack me, abuse me, and generally be as much of a pain as you like, but the fact remains they are fraudsters FACT!

Deal with it!

Oh and remember if they were really psychic they would have seen it coming! OUCH!

JD said...

Oh and anyone searching on google for info about them will read this article. We have a very high google ranking! They will never recover from this! And even though the SNU were desperate to cover this all up, I will make sure people will know for ever the crimes they committed!

Unknown said...

I am shocked that someone is stupid enough to stand up for these fraudsters. As Jon has already said, Timothy Abbott and Janette Abbott have both pleaded guilty to fraud. No matter how nice you think they are, they have taken money from genuinely disabled people. They have contributed to the MASSIVE DELAYS in people being assessed for disability benefits. People have DIED waiting to be assessed, but these two cold hearted clowns have added to the burden of the DWP by telling lies and pretending to be unable to walk.

If you spiritualists cannot see how wrong that is, then you seriously need to do a workshop about morals and being decent human beings. I bet that these two fraudsters are very nice to their friends and fellow spiritualists, because you are their BREAD & BUTTER. You are the sheep who pay their wages. Please think about it. Did they give you anything of value for free?

Lots of people make a few little dishonest decisions in their lives. However these two were claiming every benefit under the sun on top of their mediumship wages and all TAX FREE. If you cannot see how despicable that is, then you are the one who is clearly uneducated, not Jon.

Anonymous said...

Yes my names lesley.
and next I am aware you comment about disability and yet the huge majority of people with multiple sclerosis get disability allowance therefor so should she. Every single person that knows this lady knows how bad she gets so she is rightly fully entitled, I suppose it's ok for drug addicts and alcoholics to get disability as they don't lead a normal life??! But if you research multiple sclerosis is a diagnosed registered disability so stop referring to those in need, the man is a very good man and has helped many many people and charity's through his life, I also hope you realise they do have a family and need to appreciate some comments made are appropriate. A little bit of compassion for them wouldn't go a miss. so I'm leaving it there i'm not arguing over it what's done is done there's pwipe getting murdered, raped etc which in reality is alot worse and maybe needs more attention

Unknown said...

I think you are disgusting! Ok they have claimed fraudulently but what exactly has that got to do with their psychic ability??? How dare you take away all the good they have done, all those people they have helped. The claiming fraudulently has F. A to do with their line of work and actSally if I were them I would do you for slander!! We'll said Lesley by the way!

Unknown said...

There is no such thing as psychic ability.
There is no such thing as Tim Abbott's disability.
There is no such thing as slander or libel when a story is true.

Fraud has everything to do with their work. The whole spiritualist movement has been based upon fraud since the moment that one of the Fox sisters worked out that she could secretly click the bone in her toe to make it sound like someone rapping.

JD said...

They are frauds, theives, criminals, and you ask what that has to do with their psychic ability! lol, Are you serious?

The psychic industry is the single most corrupt BUSINESS in history, so of course, if you are a thief, a conman, a tax evader, a convicted criminal, as the Abbotts are, then it has to make you question their claims as psychics in the single most fake industry in the world!

Or are you saying that its ok for them to STEAL from disabled taxpayers, from 90 year old taxpayers, from single moms, and so on, but as psychics they are 100% honest and genuine?

How on Earth could you justify crimes they have ADMITTED, and say they have done good as psychics?

They clearly have no problem stealing, so why would they be different in their psychic work?


Wow some believers are so naive, I know its probably hard to even consider you were conned by them, but you really need to look at the big picture here and ask yourself what is more likely.

Did 2 criminals really speak to the dead, while conning hundreds of thousands of pounds out of the taxpayer etc, or was the whole psychic thing a con too!

I doubt two criminals like these have the ability to break the laws of physics, cause if they did, the would have seen this all coming.!

Dirty nasty vile criminals the both of them

JD said...

The psychic industry was born out of fraud as you say with the Fox Sisters, and has been riddled with fraud ever since. It all boils down to getting money out of people without actually having to do any hard work.

merc said...

Please stop whoever you are. What they have done is so wrong. Oh dear the pain and disruption that you have contributed. Why? This is your time to be totally honest and be responsible for your actions. God bless

merc said...

Oh dear Tim and Janet I'm so sad knowing that your behavior has undone years and years of positive work. Now you must take responsibility for your actions. This is your time to reflect. God Bless

JD said...

Positive work of pretending to be psychics and taking money from gullible and vunerable people?

merc said...

Cowboys exist in many trades. It sickens me when human greed crosses the line. I am so so sad for the genuine spiritualists.

Such a shame. Let this be a lesson to all those wanting to make a mockery of it all

Unknown said...

Do you drink Jon?

JD said...

Whats that got to do with Timothy Abbott and Janette Abbott being convicted fraudsters?

And yes I drink, otherwise I would die, humans need liquid to survive you know

Unknown said...

That is so typical of Organisations . . . the SNU . . . trying to cover it up. You would think that these two have tarnished the good work most Mediums do, for their own agenda so they could have stopped them . . . themselves (in some way or another). It doesn't help trying to brush it under the carpet

JD said...

SNU have been covering up things since they were first formed!

Did you know they were behind the coverup of Colin Fry's trumpet incident!

Luckily people like me exist who make sure that such things are never truly covered up

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