14 February 2014

Psychic Fraud News S02E02 - Zeta Prophecy & Nancy Lieder (also Miranda Interview update)

So ZetaTalk are crazy, as if we didn't know Nancy Lieder was a nut, the claim is contactees who are given prophecy, but every time it fails, in fact the only times any prophecy seems to work its usually made to fit, just fabricated post event, or just a chance possibility. The communication is often telepathic in nature, or so they(believers) claim, so I have not gone too far from the mandate of this series, all prophets and mystics are fair game.

As far as Maitreya Miranda, she is very agreeable and welcomes to chance to share her beliefs, so all being well in May or June, weather depending, a new interview can take place, but I hope to interview others too.

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