12 September 2013

Psychic Fraud News - Episode 3 - Psychic Crime? - 12th September 2013

This episode was delayed due to some technical problems, it must have been the ghosties, and I know I said I would do 5 minute episodes, but with so much going on I chose to make this one longer. should do shorter mid-week episodes in the future, saving the longer shows for the Saturday/Sunday main upload. 


The first story is why I am so against cult leaders and the like, whether they call themselves psychic, or not, it is largely the same, the difference is the term used and the faith held.


The second story about ghost hunting psychics, it is common for quackery to be used, and if they get exposure, and as a result more money, they think it is fine to use simple trickery on the believers. I personally find it to be a scam, not unlike the Victorian spiritualist tricks that we of the same ilk, such as the Fox sisters and their bumps and bangs in the 1840s.


The final story, another scam, a con on the weak for cash, very common, selling nonsense for extreme prices, far beyond the average and fairly low prices of most alternative therapies and new age practices, but the desperate will spend their cash out of their desperation. 


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