23 March 2013

The Randi Show - Coincidence

Randi tells the tale of a very coincidental elephant sighting and why it's so easy for laypeople to assign paranormal cause to random events that seem suspiciously contrived.

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santa said...

My remarkable coincidence was on 9/11. In 20 years of work I believe I -never- once turned on the TV in the morning before leaving for work. On that day, on 9/11 I turned on the TV to see the a jet hit the towers. I was astounded. As a trained biologist and critical thinker I knew it was simply coincidence. The TV wasn't sending a vibe for me to turn it on, but it felt remarkable. Of the millions of dreamers that awaken, a few will encounter an image from their dream soon thereafter. Remarkable to each, as was my television event. Thanks, as always for helping us keep our world in perspective.

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