16 January 2013

BBC South West on the evils of homeopathic "vaccines"

Sam Smith presents an investigation of homeopathic "vaccines" (14th January 2013, BBC South West, Inside Out). The pills contain nothing whatsoever, but are promoted for serious infections like whooping cough and even meningitis. Of course they don't work, and if a child dies because if their use, that should constitute manslaughter.

As far back as 2006, homeopaths were caught out recommending their sugar pills for prevention of malaria. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/newsnight/5178122.stm
Even Peter Fisher, the Queen's homeopathic physician (that isn't a joke) said that the practice made him "very angry"

The MHRA (Medicines and Health regulatory Authority) has been warned about this for many years by bloggers, and even by a BBC Newsnight programme, but it has done nothing. Neither has the General Pharmaceutical Council. These expensive bodies have failed shamefully in their duties.

The Department of Health has done nothing either. On the contrary, they have hindered efforts to ensure honesty.


Woody said...

What a shame upon rational thinking is homeopathy.
By all means, had some support been discovered for the theory of water-memory, i'd be singing a different song, but such support has not been discovered, the controlled testing shows nothing beyond placebo.
Now the 'magical' crap is being applied in the name of vaccination?
Holy Shit!

Ivan Spungle said...

Taking a sick child to a homeopath is child abuse.
The parents on this video should have their kids taken away.

JD said...


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