6 October 2012

Psychic Readings Live BAI statement on TV3

Psychic Readings Live BAI statement aired tonight 5th October at 00:14 before the show on TV3 Ireland

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The Compliance Committee of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland has considered complaints concerning three segments of the teleshopping promotion, Psychic Readings Live. The segments were broadcast on 21st June, 26th June and 5th July 2012. 
The complainants stated that these teleshopping segments included referenced to health issues and consisted of an offer of a service that was not for entertainment purposes but was instead offering to foretell the future for those customers calling the premium-rate number associated with the service. These complainants state that the content was contrary to the requirements of the BAI's General Commercial Communications Code. 
Following its review of the teleshopping segments, the responses of the broadcaster and the complainants, the Compliance Committee has upheld the three complaints. It was the Committee's view that references in the segments to the health tests of a cancer patient and a comment that a caller was prone to depression constituted refererences to health issues. 
In addition, the segments contained frequent references to the abilities of the fortune tellers and psychics that were considered by the Committee to constitute the sale of a service that included claims of a real ability to foretell the future, rather than the sale of a service solely for entertainment purposes. 
Accordingly, the three segments were deemed by the Committee not to have complied with the requirements placed on the promotion of fortune teller and psychic services as set out in the BAI General Communications Code. It was also the view of the Committee that the teleshopping segments were not compatible with basic requirements of this code.

The original Complaint was made by Leah Burgess, you can read full details of the complaint to the BAI

You can read the full Broadcasting Authority of Ireland code by Clicking Here

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