3 October 2012

A couple of classic BadCast episodes

A few years ago the "Skeptical Podcast" was the in thing, everyone and their aunty was doing it.
We had to put up with endless inane skeptics telling us how clever they were, or how cute they were. Well I criticised many of these Podcasts, and I was challenged to do one myself.

Now it would have been very easy for me to record myself ranting on and on about things and bigging myself up, but well that has never been my style, so instead I decided to make a truly unique and original podcast that would turn the whole industry upside down. And it did.

In a matter of weeks The BadCast was getting over a 100,000 downloads! An incredible amount for such a new show.

Instead of having a single host, or 2 or 3 people in a room talking, which had very much become the norm, I decided to do something completely different, and get experts and novices alike to record short monologues. Giving the voiceless a voice, and giving those with an expertise a place to share their knowledge.

The BadCast now is long dead, for 2 years it has been quietly idling in cyberspace, and there it shall stay, however I thought I would republish two of my favourite shows, why are they my favourites? because I managed to do something many thought would be impossible, I got Derek Acorah and Colin Fry to record me funny intros to the show. And why not!

Please note the deliberate Trumpet solo right before Colin Frys intro

So first I give to you episode 4 from series 1.


And next up episode 6 from series 1


And remember guys, anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Don't let others talk down to you or tell you something is impossible, unless of course they are talking about mediumship which we know is impossible!

Anyway I am blathering now, so enjoy the shows, and you never know, maybe one day I might bring them back.

You can also listen to the rest of the shows exclusively at http://www.ipadio.com/channels/BadCast


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