6 September 2012

The Most Haunted Mole Finally Revealed

I originally wrote the following article just before I closed down the original BadPsychics website, since then it simply sat in a small section of the forum dedicated to Most Haunted. Since I have decided to update this blog on a more regular basis I thought it would be good for archival purposes to republish this piece with just a few edits, basically a few things that at the time of the original article I chose not to publish. Nothing major.

Anyway to give a brief history before you read on, BadPsychics was the worlds first website to expose popular cable paranormal tv show Most Haunted. And by exposing this tv show, it undoubtedly helped make BP what it was, a world famous website exposing psychics and paranormal based tv shows.

One of the so called sources of our world exclusives were information obtained from a "Most Haunted Mole". Here is the story of the MHM and the truth behind how we obtained our exclusives.

From pretty much the very beginning of Most Haunted, the good folk here at BadPsychics have exposed the show at every turn, from cover ups like Coingate to the most famous incident of all the Kreed Kafer incident, but we could never have done this all on our own.

We had help!

But who helped us all these years? We have affectionately reffered to this person as the Most Haunted Mole, but who is the Most Haunted Mole and what was their motivation in helping us?

Was their motivation money? We we never paid them a penny, so why would they help us, unless something much more sinister was happening.

The tale of the Most Haunted Mole is a tale of ego, fame, bullying and most of all greed!

I will not go over every incident that the mole helped us with, instead I will cover the main incidents, the source of the leaked video clips, the true instigator of the Kreed Kafer set up, and of course who really threw the spoon.

The story starts over 2000 years ago, in a small village in Ethiopia, a wise man would frequently visit, he would tell of times of change. One day the village was a destroyed and this wise man took care of the lone survivor, a small boy.

We now move forward 2000 years, and that small boy from all those years ago has been reborn into this world, his name Derek Johnson, later to be known as Derek Acorah.

But is Derek Acorah the mole? No, Derek is not the mole, although he knows the man who is very well.

You see the Most Haunted mole is a 2000 year old Ethiopian spirit called Masumai, or Sam for short.

Sam approached me many years ago in a dream, he told me of a time of change, he told me that this world needed someone, someone to speak the 'truth' and that man was to be me.

And this is where we get to Most Haunted. We had already written about the show on the site many times, done reviews and so forth, but something was missing. Then one day I received through the post a jiffy bag containing an old style VHS tape.

Written on the tape was simply "Most Haunted - Sam" I knew instantly that this tape was from my Sam, from Masumai.

I quickly put the tape into my DVD player, but then realised that this was 2005 and not 1995, so I quickly ran to the electric store and picked up an Alba VCR for £20!

Back to my house and I played the tape. It showed quite clearly Yvette Fielding faking stuff on Most Haunted. I watched through the tape, there was 8 hours of uncut, unedited material (8 hours cause it was on long play!).

I sat in amazement as I watched Ciaran O'Keeffe measure Yvette farting with a £25,000 thermo imaging camera, then there was the infamous coingate, where by Karl Beattie admitted that they could not air Stuart getting hit in the head by a coin because it was obviously faked.

Then a shocking clip as an ancient spoon flew towards Yvette, as if from the very cameraman's hand, the cameraman being Karl Beattie.

As I sat amazed looking at the tape, suddenly in full colour Derek Acorah, Yvette and Phil Whyman were stood in an underground area. Derek Acorah started speaking to spirit. "Mary Loves Dick, Mary Loves Dick, Mary Loves Dick" indeed whoever this Mary was, she really loved Dick.

But what did this mean? What did it show? It showed that Most Haunted was pre recorded and faked. Over the years we have shown all of these clips and much more on BadPsychics.

The reality is that I didn't receive the tapes in the post, nor did I get them from Sam, they were emailed to me from a man with some Satellite equipment, who simply tuned into the live feeds that Antix were sending back to the editing rooms.

This man who was called John, was doing something that anyone with the equipment could do, you see the feeds were unencrypted. In fact when Karl Beattie was told that this is how BadPsychics were getting the footage, he just smiled. And did nothing to stop it. It is very easy to encrypt such feeds, yet they WANTED us to see.

So every piece of footage that has appeared on-line from Most Haunted, is there because Antix wanted it to be there.

Does this make Karl Beattie the mole? Lets move on.

The single biggest moment of interest and probably the downfall of Most Haunted was the Kreed Kafer incident. It marked the end of an era, and the end of Derek Acorah on Most Haunted.

When the show started, it was a vehicle very much for Yvette Fielding to relaunch her flagging career. Her young acting career was a disaster, and after finishing on Blue Peter and finding herself replaced with a younger more attractive presenter she needed to do something new.

The whole show was to revolve around Fielding, the problem is that Fielding was never the star, the first series of Most Haunted gave birth to two stars, one was a young Jason Karl, and the other was Derek Acorah. Jason Karl was an actor employed to play the part of Para Psychologist. And Derek was already a TV psychic with a decent following.

During the series Yvette soon realised that she was being eclipsed by Jason Karl and Derek Acorah. So after series 1 Jason Karl was gone. Despite being employed to play a part, he actually played that part very well, and was without doubt the most genuine "Skeptic" to ever play that part. But after he was gone, his career would never reach the same level, and to this day he still tries to make a living off the "As seen on Most Haunted" moniker.

But what about Derek? Well the problem Yvette had was that Derek's popularity had soared, it had reached a level where he was basically untouchable. After series two Derek had had enough, many arguments with the crew, jealousy from Karl and Yvette of his fame. Derek wanted to move on.

But Living TV owned Most Haunted, and not Antix as many people assume, so Living TV would convince Derek to stay. As series 5 ended, Derek agreed to one final series, with the knowledge that Living TV would give him his own show (Ghost Towns) at the end. Derek hated his time on Most Haunted, but he had a contract and wanted to fulfil his obligations to the full.

As Series six was soon to start, I received some correspondence from Ciaran O'Keeffe regarding a set up that had been done on Derek Acorah, and that hopefully the final edit of episode 1 would show Derek Acorah being possessed by a fictional spirit. I was excited, I had the main skeptic on the show, the very much respected (at the time) Ciaran O'Keeffe contact me personally with something I had waited for, for years, conclusive proof that Derek Acorah was a fraud.

My article written, I just had to wait for the show to air. And when it did, 30 seconds after Derek was shown to be possessed by the fictional Kreed Kafer (Which was an anagram of Derek Faker), I published my article. Conspiracy theories were thrown about by fans of Most Haunted. Some claimed it was pure coincidence, others claimed I simple lied and made it all up. Many more set-ups were revealed in the following weeks, more anagram names and so on.

But it wasn't until 6 months later that Ciaran O'Keeffe himself went to the newspaper, and the Mirror specifically, and sold his story, that at the very least I would be proven to be 100% right. Unfortunately what happened next was not quite what I or in fact Ciaran expected. The Mirror ran their interview with Ciaran, which basically just repeated what I had published 6 months earlier, but they also reported on the very videos of fakery that I mentioned earlier too.

This was great in theory, until you realised that Matt Roper (The journalist from The Mirror) had failed to make one thing clear in his article, he did not credit BadPsychics one little bit. In fact he even called the article an exclusive despite me personally publishing the same info 6 months earlier. I was happy that a major newspaper had exposed Most Haunted to the masses, but disappointed that credit hadn't been given.

Years later Matt Roper wanted to write an article exposing psychic Gordon Smith, so who do you think he came to for help? Yep, he came to the UK's most famous internet skeptic, no not John Jackson (who?), he came to me instead. I chose not to help him, and for a good 30 minutes ranted at him for ripping off my site and not giving credit, he apologised and we ended the conversation.

Anyway back to the story. Anyone who works for Antix on Most Haunted has a standard confidentiality contract which they have to sign. This basically prohibits them from revealing things that have happened on the show and so forth, this is very standard stuff in itself. Richard Felix was once threatened with legal action due to this very contract, so that is how serious Antix takes things.

So with Ciaran going to the papers, surely this meant not only the end of his career, but also would almost guarantee a lawsuit from Antix.

But neither happened. Why? Well the truth is that Ciaran was not behind the Kreed Kafer set up, and despite picking up a nice pay check from The Mirror, Ciaran actually went to the papers and broke his confidentiality contract with the full backing of Karl Beattie.

What made things worse was that the very correspondence I had had with Ciaran before episode 1 of series 6 aired, was directed by Karl Beattie. I had in fact been the one used by Karl Beattie, and yet again I had fallen for it.

So not only did Karl know about the so called leaked video tapes, he was also instrumental in the setting up of Derek Acorah.

I then started to get a very nasty feeling in my stomach. It became obvious that I had been used, used to create a kind of anti-publicity for Most Haunted, that would only help make more people watch. You see to Karl Beattie it didn't matter if people thought the show was genuine or if they thought it was faked, as long as they were watching.

One final point about the Kreed Kafer incident, as some of you may remember, the day the newspaper came out with the revelations, just happened to be the day of a Most Haunted Live show and even more "coincidently" the last Most Haunted Live that Derek would ever do before leaving Most Haunted and going off to do is own show Ghost Towns.

Obviously this was done on purpose to cause the most impact, to totally destroy Derek Acorahs career, and also create a ratings boost, after all, people would be dying to tune in to see the reaction to the allegations in the paper.

The problem was that Karl had expected the Mirror article to purely be about exposing Derek Acorah. Whereby instead they had taken info from BadPsychics, seen the video clips I had uploaded on-line, and made the article a more general exposure of the whole of Most Haunted.

Before that nights live, Karl and Ciaran were called into the Living TV offices, where they received a dressing down from the higher ups at Living TV

As you can imagine they were furious, not only had their flagship show been exposed by the very people involved in it, their big star in Derek Acorah had had his reputation ripped to shreds in a tabloid newspaper right before his new show would air.

Karl was told in no uncertain terms that if Derek Acorah did not appear on the Live show that night that there would be no Most Haunted Live at all.

Living TV spoke to Derek, and left the decision to him. He could refuse to appear which would signal the end of the show, and most likely the end of the careers of the very people who exposed him. Or he could be loyal to his contract, grit his teeth and do the show.

In an incredibly move, Derek went ahead and did the show. He appeared on camera, stood next to Ciaran, Karl and Yvette, and Derek held his head up high, and did what he does best, pretend to talk to the dead.

After that series of MHL shows, Derek went on to do the Ghost Towns series, and my personal favourite Paranormal Egypt. Derek continues to appear on TV, has his show on Sky Real Lives, and still performs in theatres around the country. His career and name value still as strong as ever. (at the time of writing this article these points were true. As you will know Dereks TV career has now ended other than in repeats, he still sells out shows around the country although days of the big theatres are long gone.)

Most Haunted did continue, but since Derek left it was never the same, guest mediums were brought in, but none ever captured the imagination of the audience, whether that be the believers or the skeptics.

As soon as I found out I had been used by Karl Beattie, I then refused to be used any more, which is one of the reasons why we stopped covering Most Haunted on the BadPsychics site. Other than the odd viewer submitted review here and there.

I would like to touch on one final thing before I finish, a while after Derek finished from Most Haunted, he appeared on an on-line radio show called White Noise Paranormal Radio. A rather small time rag tail band of nobodies presenting a show to just tens of people. But during the interview Derek went on to reveal much much more than I have ever done.

Now unfortunately I cant repeat Derek's allegations, in fact at the time I did just that, and quickly received a very strongly worded letter from Shillings Solicitors who were working on behalf of Antix. In case you don't know Shillings are a London based, £500 per hour top law firm. You simply don't mess with them.

So I happily removed my copy of what Derek has said. All other sites who had reported on Derek's allegations were also threatened and quickly removed any mention. And of course White Noise Radio themselves were forced to remove the interview.

However the reason I was happy to remove my repetition of the allegations was that I knew them all to be true, and I knew that Shillings would have to then sue Derek, who I also happened to know could prove everything he had claimed.

So I waited, and waited, and eventually they sent the letter to Derek. They told Derek to make a public apology and pay damages to Antix or face legal action.

Derek Acorah basically replied with "See you in court" A bold move from Derek for if he were to lose the case, he would lose everything.

Shillings under instruction from Antix backed down. The court case never happened. Make of that what you will.

So here we reach the end of my little tale of merriment. The video clips came from a normal bloke with some fancy satellite equipment, we published those clips and all the clips of Most Haunted you will find on-line, whether it be of Yvette pushing a glass around on a table, kicking a door, or faking spirit noises, all are on-line with the full knowledge and acceptance of Karl Beattie.

The Kreed Kafer story was told by Ciaran (as you all already know) but was directed by Karl Beattie.

The rest well, if you keep your ear to the ground, everyone talks, yep, everyone who has ever appeared on Most Haunted has at some point literally been the mole. You see the one thing I have learnt about Most Haunted and the people who appear and have appeared on the show is that they cant help themselves. For being on that show was the highlight of their pathetic lives, it was the true peak of their careers.

And these people will talk about it over and over again.

Whether it was a 1 episode appearance, a whole series run, or from the beginning. You are all as bad as each other.

So to end, the identity of the mole is....

Karl Beattie, Yvette Fielding, Derek Acorah, Gwen Acorah, David Wells, Richard Felix, Ciaran O'Keeffe, Phil Whyman, Jason Karl, Richard Jones, Leslie Smith, Cath Howe, Stuart Torrevill, and all the rest of them.

Well either that or it really was Sam who told me everything I know!


tafte said...

Very interesting blog.. I hate fakes and big ego's Thats rife within the psychic circles. Thanks for sharing this blog.

Anonymous said...

I needed treatment after doing those reviews, I hope you realise that Jon...

Anonymous said...

Great blog Jon, I always liked Derek, for entertainment and generation of interest in that side of things - he rocks! To me, Beattie, yvette, o Keefe, lawman, etc were all quite unpleasant characters out to make money.

The sad thing is, in its first or even second series, there was some historical context from Richard Felix, Jason Karl and phil also seemed nice and interested in what they were doing, but the egos of the MH "family" decided to kick them all out and render it ultimately a forgery, and total sham, and also with NO entertainment value. (something Derek, Richard, Jason and Phil gave it).

Anonymous said...

This made for very interesting reading. Somehow though, it doesn't surprise me that Karl Beattie deliberately generated negative press about MH just to get ratings. He seems like a money-hungry tw@t. The only person who came out of this with any shred of credibility was Sam.

Anonymous said...

So what your saying is MOST HAUNTED is fake,there are no ghosts and blokes in white suits cant talk to the dead!!! Gutted :'(

JD said...

Sorry! I was disappointed when I realised too

Anonymous said...

MH a very amateurish production. My opinion right from the start. They kept the visuals down to a bare minimum on their little handycams which is proof they didn't want people to see anything accept their own faces and up their noses in night vision mode. A serious investigation would have used professional cameras and cameramen. Greedy amateur people with no integrity, hope they go bankrupt.

JD said...

The show was always meant to be a spoof, they got the idea from the BBC show Ghostwatch if you remember that.

IT was only once dumb fans started to think it was real, did Yvette claim it was. But when complaints were made, OFCOM specially declared that the show was just entertainment and NOT a serious investigation.

And they have gone very close to bankrupcy but have just about survived last i heard

Anonymous said...

M.h. Was entertaining. It made me laugh at least, i think they should bring it back. From the off you can tell its b.s. Lol. I did realy like david wells though. Thought he was a genuine person. He did make me wounder about the unexplained a little...

JD said...

David Wells was as bad as anyone else.
He was just more careful, he learnt from the mistakes that Acorah made, he was also protected somewhat by Karl and Yvette.

Worth noting that he was a founding owner of one of those psychic tv channels which got completely exposed as faked!

That is one of the reasons he sticks to astrology and stays away from mediumship these days

even argument said...

You don't have all the facts either. Comments appear bitter and bias. Someone seems rather hard done by; don't you think? A too glowing description of yourself which appears as just as underhand. Who's worse? Jealous.

JD said...

Please explain further.
Which facts do I not have?

Am I bitter for being used by Karl Beattie to help promote the show without me realising? Yes somewhat, I have admitted that, but as soon as I realised what was going on, and it no longer benefiting me, I stopped reporting on the show.

But you also have to keep in mind that without having Most Haunted and specifically Derek Acorah to expose, BadPsychics would probably not have reached the heights and worldwide acclaim that it did.

The site was originally created to expose Colin Fry, but with the advent of Most Haunted, it gave passion and motivation to create and build the site.

So from nothing BadPsychics became the WORLDS biggest site that exposed psychics. People like Richard Wiseman, James Randi and so on recommended us.

So although I do feel some bitterness at being used, I also am thankful that I was given the motivation to make the site what it was.

Am I biased? Probably a bit, but everything I have ever said about Most Haunted was backed up.

Everything I ever said on the site about Most Haunted or any medium that appeared was true, which is why I was never sued!

So I dont see why you would think I was hard done by, I kind of made my name off of this site, and somewhat because of Most Haunted, so for that I am grateful, and not hard done by.

And any glowing description of myself is always tongue in cheek, after-all being humble and modest are two of my greatest attributes.

And finally, to call me jealous???? Jealous of what? Antix? They have been on the verge of bankruptcy a number of times, Yvette had to sell her car! lol
The show they created will be looked back in history as a spoof, as a joke, as a ridiculous piece of television that no one respected.

Why on earth would I be jealous of them?

Jealous of Acorah? Again no, I met him a few months ago, I get on well with him and his wife, hell he even follows me on Twitter!

So Jealous? No, I have no reason to be, I lead a much better life than any of them. And remember they NEEDED me to help save their failing TV show. I think if anyone was jealous it was them!

even argument said...

You and your OPINION bore me. And yes, unknown to you, you are lacking something vital. Clearly I touched a sore nerve. Bye.

even argument said...

Delusions of grandeur.

JD said...

If I bore you, why are you wasting your time attacking me on here?
According to the stats on here, your IP address has spent quite a lot of time on this blog! :D

And No sore nerves here, I believe I answered you in a detailed, polite and concise manner.

The fact you attack me without presenting any kind of valid argument exposes you as no more than a fanboy/fangirl with little to no knowledge of how television works.

I am guessing you are either connected to Antix, or wish you were!

You want to know the truth about how the Beatties treat people go ask Derek Acorah.

JD said...

No delusions, just facts.

Now go play, cause you cant rile this old dog, I eat people like you for breakfast, and thanks for the brief distraction from my usual work

Unknown said...

to me this demoralizes actual psychics, who do have powers to communicate with the dead, i myself in years gone by have communicated with them, and have have amazed people and myself with having such a gift.

JD said...

No they dont, and no you haven't

You have been convinced, and you may have convinced others, but that is no way is the same as proof.

Think of it like a magician who convinces you they have levitated or made something disappear, YOU are convinced, others are convinced, but that doesn't make the trick real.

And when you know how the trick works (as I do) it no longer fools me.

So to suggest there are "actual psychics" is simply wrong, no psychic in history has ever passed any credible test when the chance to cheat is removed, not one ever, in fact 100% of psychics fail 100% of the time when the chance to cheat is removed.

skatty said...

Programs like this are not taken seriously by a lot of people. I don't believe in this program, but do believe in ghosts. I have seen them for myself, but there still is a very small part of me that thinks may be that the ghost you have seen, just might be a trick of your imagination! I do have a video on a website called "Ghost mysteries" called "Ghost woman"..I was at the time just filming some deer's, and caught something walking past!! Never see it when filming, but see it when played back. I want some expert really to give me some explanation to what it is!! So MH to me, just makes people more skeptical of the whole thing, and think that everyone makes the ghost videos and photos up. Believe me, i did not make my video up! It has baffled me from the first day that i see it!

JD said...

The problem is that a lot of people DO take programs like this seriously, hence the need for BadPsychics in the first place to expose it.

Please post your video on my forum, we are real experts, and I am sure we can give you a credible explanation.

Also there are no such things as ghosts! ;-)

skatty said...

I don't know how to post it on your forum?
If you can let me know how, i will try. It's on a CD

JD said...

You need to digitize it and upload it to youtube or something.

skatty said...

I will try and let you know when it's done. Didn't you find it in Ghost Mysteries?

JD said...

I am not familiar with that site, and to be honest if I went there, it would probably make me angry and all the dumb people, and I would end up wasting hours exposing all the crap on there, in turn lots of people would get annoyed with me, then I would get threatened, and before you know it, I have had enough of skepticism, and would have deleted the whole site! lol

Seriously, I dont chase any more, I let people come to me.

skatty said...

Lol..I'm not here to make you angry, or argue about what is real or not!!
I just thought it would make things a lot easier, as not only is the video there, so are my explanation about the video. There is also skeptics that have said that i had made the video up, and i have told them as well that i don't care if they believe or not. I just would like someone to try and explain what it was on the video. To me, it looks spooky and still baffles me today. The video was taken in 2005 or 2006. Never mind, i will try and post in Youtube.

JD said...

I am not interested in any one elses opinions.
I will see the video with a clear mind, no bias.

I will tell it how it is, and lets be clear here I have seen 1000s of videos in 10 years, and none of stumped me, if its a fake I will call you on it, if it has a natural explanation, I will tell you. And if it does stump me, I will take it to some associates for their opinion.

Lets hope it stumps me

Unknown said...

Very interesting, nearly 10 years ago now that Spoon incident at Stratford Upon Avon and my head is still baffled by it. When you say you have 8 hours of footage is that footage never been seen my anyone like the short clips on YouTube. If so was there anything that came from that Live in Stratford that proves it was thrown by the crew. Out of everything i've seen on that show in the 10 years on air Stratford always was stuck in my head. The spoon throwing was remarkable at the time but it was never refereed to again in the futhur years as Pendle Hill over shadowed it in that same year.

JD said...

Karl threw it, he was the cameraman, the reason why it was rarely if ever mentioned again was because the whole crew knew who had thrown it, and they got into trouble with the owners of the property as the spoon was an antique one and they had not had permission to touch it.

It really is as simple as that.

NOTHING that ever happened on that show was paranormal.

From the first episode to the last.

99/100 anything that happened was either Karl or Stuart.

Unknown said...

Yeah the 3 years it's been off air really makes me open my eyes a bit more about it all. I was watching Stratford back the other week and as clear as a bell you can hear them turn the battery off in the background before all the lights go out. Then suddenly they come back on later just as Derek gets possessed so we can all see. They caught interesting stuff too (rarely) so eurgh just don't know.

Here's Derek's opinion on Most Haunted last year:

JD said...

They never caught a single paranormal thing. Not one. Everything has been explained and remember the show was never a serious show. Was a spoof

Mark Bowyer said...

Interesting stuff. I haven't visited your site for some time and so was unaware that Karl had managed to use your site to boost ratings. No doubt the next we will hear of the Beaties will either be on "Celebrity" Big Brother or a book telling the story to make some more cash.

JD said...

We have lots more on our forum too at http://moh2005.proboards.com

Regarding Karl, again although he used me and my site, in return my site grew, so although it pisses me off, and whether I like it or not, BadPsychics became what it did in part because of Most Haunted.

Unknown said...

So has anyone sued these conmen, they where charging people to phone in on premium rate phone lines.


Unknown said...

just because MH was faked don't mean that there's no such thing as ghost's or mediums!

JD said...

Because it was an entertainment spoof tv show, it was never a serious investigation. They got the idea for the show from the BBC spoof Ghostwatch.

Anonymous said...

true, most haunted and the likes are all shit tbh. but there's spirits and mediums about which i believe in but i was under the impression that spirits cud only communicate through white noise and not how MH portray it..

JD said...

Ok, so which mediums do you believe in?
You do realise that 100% of mediums in crdible scientific tests fail 100% of the time when the chance to cheat is removed!

How do you explain this historical and scientific fact?

Anna Nuttall said...

Hi where can i read background information on Yvette and karl faking and scam, did Anix (sic) really go bankrupt? Is that why it no longer on tv?

JD said...

They went very very close to bankruptcy but not quite.

Most info you are after you can find on our forum, click the link on the menu (top of the site under the logo)

Unknown said...

I'm sorry mate but you just come across as bitter man who has nothing better to do. Everything i just read was absolute rubbish just like that site BadPsychics, that was full of nut jobs as well. Yeah MH may be fake, i don't give a damn, but you guys at BadPsychics were obsessed, it made you look mad. You were a joke of a website.

JD said...

Such a joke that you have obviously been visiting the site for many years.
Don't you think that is a bit strange for someone who thinks my site is "absolute rubbish"?

A bit "stalkerish" don't you think?

Unknown said...

Wow, after coming across an old clip of MH, I was curious and googled 'Why did Derek leave Most Haunted' I came across this! Now when the programme first started I was in my early twenties, and totally in awe, soaking up every minute of every programme. Now I am older and wiser, and a little more skeptical- not of the paranormal, but of programmes like this. This blog kind of confirms to me why I feel the way I do. I didn't feel surprised about your reports. Real shame. If there are any genuine psychics out there, this makes things hard for them......unless of course they do some tests......;)

JD said...

Hi Hilary
Welcome to the site.

Regarding psychics, no genuine ones out there, history has proven that. Mediumship is impossible, simple as that, and also why ALL mediums fail when the chance to cheat is eliminated in credible tests

Unknown said...

Whether real, fake or whatever you think of MH thousands of people enjoyed the show for whatever reason. And I dont care what you or anyone thinks I believe in ghosts and spirits and have grown up with them and always will believe. I came across your site by accident and cant believe how bias your opinion is. If you dont believe then fine but please dont slate or make fun of people like me who do.

JD said...

The problem Sally was that many people watched the show and thought it was real, it convinced thousands of young impressionable people in the existence of spirits, ghosts etc, when in fact the WHOLE show was faked, everything from episode 1. Jason Karl an ACTOR employed to play the part of parapsychologist, Even Ciaran O'Keeffe was directed by Karl Beattie!

I would have had no problem with the show if it was honest from the beginning, but it took compliants to OFCOM before the show was truly declared as an entertainment spoof paranormal show.

Did you know it was based on the BBC spoof Ghost Watch!

You think the opinion of this site is biased, no it is only based on facts.

You can believe in whatever you want personally, it is non of my business, but when it comes to someone lying to the public, then I will stand up for the common man, I will fight for the victim so that the truth can come out.

I watched MH and enjoyed the early series despite knowing 100% it was all faked, I enjoyed the acting, the theatrics, and so on, much like how I watch the Wrestling, i know thats all predetermined, but I can still enjoy it. But if they started saying it was real, then I would have a problem.

If you were one of the people who thought MH was genuine and real, then I feel sorry for you, as it must truly feel horrible knowing you were lied to for years.

Unknown said...

You are a very c*ck sure little sole really aren't you.. I think your very very bitter in fact so bitter you have updated this poor piece of junk writing to keep some people visiting your site.

You can not prove nor disprove there are no physics at all. You can't either prove who threw the spoon, The idea Karl did is a little daft as holding one of those cameras is some weight and I doubt he would let go of it the throw the spoon..

You talk a lot of rubbarb with nothing to back it up. There was a test done on 100 or near there Psychics they found 98% were using fake info, 2 of them really did seem to have some form of contact with the dead.

I watched most haunted and was very entertained and that is what it was supposed to do simply put, Job done...

JD said...

Oh dear or dear.
Are you seriously going to argue about incidents on a FAKE SPOOF TV Show?

Karl threw the spoon, why are you analysing what happened on a pretend TV show?
OFCOM made it clear the show was entertainment only and NOT a serious investigation into the paranormal!

As for this test you mention, please publish a link to the scientific journal it was published in as I would love to read it, as well as the peer reviews and replications of the test from other scientists around the world.

It is pointless arguing about incidents on Most Haunted as they were ALL faked!
Its like me trying to argue with someone about Eastenders or Corination St and saying what happens on that is all real!

Even Ciaran O'Keeffe was employed as an ACTOR on Most Haunted, much like Phil Whyman and Jason Karl before him.
Just because Ciaran had a real life Phd, doesn't make him any less of a paid actor on the show.

So sorry if I have upset you, you sound very young and immature, and sometimes it is sad when you have an adult destroy your belief in something, bit like when you found out Santa wasn't real, or it was your mommy who replaced the teeth under your pillow with money.

(I really hope you dont still believe in Santa and the Tooth Fairy)

Anyway, dont concern yourself with silly spoof TV shows like Most Haunted (Which was based on the BBC show Ghost Watch dont you know!)

Unknown said...

Hi Jon, I've recently been watching MH on YouTube and you're going to hate me for this but sometimes it does give me the heebie jeebies mainly because of the history of the locations which I'm now wondering are fake too, also I like looking at the locations which for most people they would never get to see, I think MH maybe started out with good intentions but soon turned out to be this demented beast that was out of control,i also remember watching Ghost Watch as a child and just remember Michael Parkinson and Sarah Greene and co acting like idiots,but with MH I liked Yvette hated Acorah was always suspicious of Carl and Stuart, is it true they were all related? and was it true that Acorah and Derren Brown once came to blows in a hotel lobby? LOL, anyway keep up the good work!

JD said...

Many of the locations used on MH paid them to come film there, as it would higher the profile of the location which in turn means more visitors and more money.

Most Haunted was based on Ghost Watch, and was a spoof show from the very first episode, many people dont realise that.

Actors were employed to play parts on the show, for example Jason Karl was an employed actor on the show.
Yvette Fielding is a trained actress, many people don't know that.

The only intentions of the show was to make money and fool gullible people.

Stuart is a cousin of Karl and Yvette that is correct.

As for Acorah and Derren, dont believe everything you read, and if there ever was a fight Acorah would kick Derrens ass no doubt. Derek is a big tough scouser despite his camp demeanour.

Carlz said...

Oh well whatever you think MH is back, so will be interesting to hear you debunk things that happen. Maybe I'm being stupid, but how the hell did they get slashed, live on TV? Still baffles me to this day. If I remember it was Stuart, Karl and John the cameraman. I'd love to hear your explanation of this please.

JD said...

This is one of the things that baffles me, how people believe that anyone ever got hurt on that show, firstly it was an ENTERTAINMENT show, a spoof. This was the legal definition by OFCOM.

During ALL live shows, they had a compliance officer on set, this was a legal requirement for health and safety. If at any time, anyone was in danger in the slightest, the show would have been taken off the air, instead it never was! Thats because the compliance officer was well aware the show was faked!

You need to understand how TV works, if someone genuinely gets hurt there are inquiries, lawyers, insurance claims, and more and more and more.

You mention Stuart and Karl, these two were cousins, Stuart and Karl were behind pretty much every faked thing on MH. Hell Stuart got caught blatantly cheating plenty of times!

You gotta be pretty naive to believe anything on an entertainment show was real.

Come on, use your noggin here, I'm begging you. MH was a copy of BBCs Ghostwatch.

No one was ever in danger, no one was ever hurt and no one was ever attacked by ghosties! Just say it out loud and you will understand how ridiculous you sound!

Synsei said...

Hi Jon,

Interesting read fella. Like many I suppose I watched MH on the goggle box with the wife and kids and thoroughly enjoyed it. We got caught up in all the excitement and jumped when we were supposed to jump. Did I believe it was real? I wanted to, but deep down I found Acorah hard to stomach and just a wee bit fake, so I am not at all surprised to hear that he is. I am surprised that it is he who appears to be the victim in all this though, how strange... I used to fancy Yvette Fielding ya know... Pfft!!!

By the way Jon I would be interested to hear your views on the US Remote Viewing program. It had its moments even if it wasn't quite the success Puthoff and Co had hoped for.

JD said...

Regarding the remote viewing program, well it obviously never had any real results and never really worked.

Hell took them how many years to find Bin Laden and he was just living in a house in Pakistan! lol

Rob. said...

Great piece Jon.I really enjoyed reading it.I used to like watching the early live shows until it became a pantomime with Karl and Stu.

starine said...

I really enjoyed reading your blog actually I found it while trying to find when mh team are back on as read today on facebook that Yvette is doing a show on really channel on Halloween for 4 hours so will be interesting to see what they are up to all I know is they have got rid of screaming cath thank the lord and have a new make up person also stuart is known as pebbles as he always has stones in his pockets I have gone off the show ages ago but im nosy so want to see what they get up to at Halloween take care and love your blog !!

JD said...

I believe that the show on Really is NOT Most Haunted. Most Haunted could not get a tv commission, no one wanted it, which is why it is going to be online only.

Unknown said...

I remember on one Most Haunted that Derek's earpiece somehow came on full volume, so I could hear clearly his conversation with "Sam" (ie, his accomplice using the internet to feed him information). The poor man looked quite distraught and was visibly sweating as he continued his communication with his "spirit guide". Reading this blog makes me suspect that what happened with that earpiece might not have been the accident I assumed it to be.

JD said...

I think your memory is playing tricks on you as that never happened, you're probably confusing Derek for someone else.

Swede said...

Just came across this site. Fantastic stuff Jon! I've been glued to MH for years only to get a glimpse of something unexplainable, obviously without success. Thanks to you I now have very good insight into what was going on behind the scenes. Thanks for your hard work! (I still love watching MH though...)

suzanna said...

You're an egotistical moron with little or no evidence. And what an ego! Yes hun I'm sure it all revolved around this tiny insignifcant little blog. And 'Sam' in your dreams etc lol You know nothing. You have nothing and I'm sure those on MH don't even know your name as much as you'd like them to. Of course Acorah was always a fake and anyone who didn't already know that before the Kreed Kafer incident is a moron. David Wells in a conspiracy? Get real. I could care less if some of it was faked but you act as though you've blown a huge conspiracy in this little blog. Karl, Stuart and Acorah were always obvious fakes. Karl and Stuart particularly were so blatant and everything always had to centre around them and if the camera wasn't on them they made sure something happened 'I've got a pain' 'Somethings standing next to me' etc. David Wells was never a fake and you have no evidence to say he was. God its like those little mum blogs who think we're interested in what they and their children get up to on a daily basis. You're an idiot and delusional about your part in any of it.

suzanna said...

Oh and how suprising that the only comments visible all agree with you. Soon found out why after finding you have to approve each post. Moron

JD said...

So you basically agree with everything, accept that David Wells is a fraud,
The Psychic TV show he founded was exposed as fraudulent in the media a few years back!

So sorry, but you are wrong.

It is sad you resort to personal insults too, kinda makes any argument (or non argument in your case) seem just a little bit like an upset fangirl moaning at the nasty skeptic for exposing their dreams as just that.

David Wells does not speak to the dead, Most Haunted was a SPOOF, it was entertainment, it was NEVER EVER a real serious paranormal investigation as stated by OFCOM after an investigation.

EVERYONE who ever appeared on it, were employed as actors and Directed by Karl.

Sorry to blow you mind open here, but also there are no such things as ghosts!

JD said...

You are an angry little girl aren't you! lol
I approve all posts so I can delete spam, everything else I allow, however abusive!

In fact why dont you join my forum http://moh2005.proboards.com/ and you can provide your evidence that shows I am wrong, and that David Wells really can break the laws of physics and do what no one else in the world can!

Anonymous said...

I have been watching re-runs of Most Haunted on Pick TV. I do miss it but that is when I thought it was genuine (as promised by Yvette Fielding). However, it still has entertainment value even when you know it is all faked. Some bits are so funny!

Unknown said...

Although I know MH is obviously faked and OFCOM states that is for entertainment only, I can't help but think your comments are very biased and opinionated. Everything you are saying is like you have a vendetta against ANTIX and Karl Beattie.

JD said...

Hi Nathan, firstly keep in mind I wrote this article something like 5 years ago I think.
Opinionated? Yes that is a fair comment.
Biased? That I do not agree with.
Biased in what way?

The show was a spoof, it was a fake tv paranormal investigation show. There is no bias to be had when talking about such things.

I watched and enjoyed the show, I was a fan!
I did feel annoyed that I was used by Karl Beattie purely for the purpose of publicity, and I am sad that Ciaran O'Keeffe as a paid actor playing the part of a parapsychologist, meant that his real life career lost credibility, and that he felt the need to throw away years of credible study to join the publicity mad, and fame hungry world. But that is his own choice, and although greed has always been a factor with him, it is his own legacy and reputation he destroyed.

There is no vendetta against ANTIX or anyone involved.

I exposed the show as faked when they claimed it was real.
I forced OFCOM To catagorise the show as no more than a spoof.
I was the worlds first person to catagorically expose Derek Acorah as a fake.
I helped publicise the lies of Karl Beattie and Yvette Fielding, and I helped pull back the curtain on the faking of shows like MH.

No vendetta, just a demand for the truth.

My only regret is that I in part helped Beattie and ANTIX to make a lot of money, mainly due to my own ignorance of how the entertainment industry worked. As soon as I realised, I stopped giving them that publicity.

And the only reason this article was republished on this blog from the old site, was because it is singlehandedly the most viewed article I have ever written, and even years after I wrote it, it still garners thousands of visitors every day, and for me and many others it is the final nail in the coffin of Most Haunted, for any time they try and ressurrect the show, the fact it was faked for so long will mean it will never get the respect that Beattie and mainly Fielding were so desperate for.

Anonymous said...

I loved most haunted and waited with baited breath for the live shows.
they were very professional and slick. I thought though that the crew
were very much fake. The likes of cath Howe screamed at anything
made watching the show annoying. And when you saw the obvious
throwing of coins and bits by crew you thought OH WTF.I've been
watching the American shows and they are a lot better than the
most haunted shows. When they hear something they go towards
it and investigate. They also question anything that happens take
nothing for granted. Most haunted has had its day. Its been
relegated to the internet at £1.99 ish a month and that's the death
nail of the show.don't get me wrong, I love most haunted but it
should have been euthanized because its a dinosaur of the 90s.
there are a lot more better show out there that are believable.

JD said...

It wasn't just the crew that were fake, every aspect and every character involved were in on the gimmick.

As for any American paranormal type shows, they are all fake too!

Anonymous said...

yes they are all fake I know that, its just entertainment and if
they ever found an actual ghost well I would show my arse
in Burtons window. And no one wants to see that.well at least
we wont have to see most haunted on the TV know that its relegated
to the backwaters of the internet at £1.99 a month.

Unknown said...

Jon I don't think ur crying fangirls n boys r that. They r the embittered ppl @ Antix or possibly ciaran o'keefe himself. How can they possibly argue that a spoof is real, just like the wrestling. If ppl don't know that ghosts r as real as santa or frodo baggins they r either HIGHLY deluded (unlikely I think) I think that ppl like suzanna cud b more than a raging fangirl. More like the boss at Antix who probs had to sell his shirt in the end. There r still poor deluded idiots believing the reruns on pick TV. One thing that I almost believed was part 1 of the queen Mary in california which shows allsorts of horrendous banging while one of them (Karl or Richard I think) apparently 'sleeps' never did see part 2 tho. And although I knew it was bollocks it was kinda scary but a huge steel hulk like that must creek n bang every day n night as the smell warms and cools and expands and contracts. All bollocks I agree but would love to see the part 2 of Queen Mary where they actually spent 3 weeks in california no doubt smokin doobies by day so they're more freaked out at night n more believable. Chuckle. Nice 1 Jon. All have been caught with their pants down. Can't believe Antix didn't encrypt their feeds deliberately. It may have initially caused a rise in ratings vit ultimately made the whole MH crew look pathetic imo. Hope I don't get haunted tonight for saying this wooooo lolol. I also like the way u respond to all comments. Nice blog! :-)

Unknown said...

Btw Jon what do u make of the dhybbuk box story btw? Be interested in ur thoughts on that matter. Although I don't believe it, that inanimate box was more believable than any MH stuff and No1 to pay apart from the storytellers. Regards :-)

JD said...

I would say maybe the first 6 episodes from series one were the most honest, in that they had an idea and genuinely thought it would be good, of course the show was always supposed to be a vehicle for Yvette Fielding regarding a come back to TV, the problem was she was never the star, Jason Karl the actor playing a psychologist from Series 1 ended up being fired cause he was more popular than Fielding, the funny thing was he was actually the best "psychologist" they ever had, and spoke up and said the truth.

JD said...

The dhybbuk box???? I dont recall, do you have a link or something?

Unknown said...

I know no psychics r involved but would be interested if u could debunk the dhybbuk box story somehow. Any idea what's going on there? Just watched Colin Fry on 6ixth sense on pick TV. The man is a bloody criminal telling poor old ladies that he's in touch with their sons n daughters. Ppl need protection from these preying manti' paying good money to be told a load of shit. I wonder how much his celebrity readings cost?

Unknown said...

Nah sorry no link but it was on paranormal witness on pick TV if that helps. It was sold on ebay at least twice. I think u can Google it. I believe it also has its own website. I'll try n find a link now.

Unknown said...

livescifi.tv/2012/12/real-jewish-demon-dhybbuk-box-video-footage/ - or I think the original story is at www.creepypasta.com/the-dibbuk-box/ - I think I've typed those right. I know there's no 'psychics' as such involved I would b interested in ur thoughts as the paranormal witness episode scared the hell out of me and my Mrs and we know there is no such thing as ghosts, santa n the tooth fairy lol.

JD said...

Just had a quick look into this, sorry but its ridiculous, Chris French who investigated it said that the owners were already primed for bad things to happen so brought it on themselves.

Unknown said...

I hear there is a story that Yvette is telling all her sheep that a new series of MH will be on tv soon. I cant imagine any tv channel trying to resurrect a show like that with all the bad reputation that surrounds it. its very rare a a once popular tv show that hits the skids has two bites at the cherry

JD said...

They been saying that for years, they tried to sell MH to pretty much every satellite channel and they all refused, hence the online show they did, which bombed as no one wanted to pay for poorly acted fake paranormal investigation that we have seen before.

Only about 500 people bothered to pay to see them.

Cant see any TV station commissioning it, hell they only got the MH rights back after Sky gave them back for free as there was no demand or interest!

MH died when Derek Acorah left.

Unknown said...

I agree Jon. still even 500 mugs paying that is a disgrace. as for Derek yes I agree when they started they had the right mix whether you believe Derek or not the show seemed to be on a much higher level compared to the pantomime it eventually became.

JD said...

I think Karl was claiming that over 500,000 people watched the online episodes which was utter nonsense, bit like when they claimed they got 50m people watching in the US!

As long as you accept that MH is a deliberate spoof (which it is) then you can enjoy the show for what it was, the problem is too many people believed it was real.

Unknown said...

Yes Karl likes to exaggerate in everything.he even states his name as Dr Karl Beattie. I used to enjoy the early years when it was at its best.even with just David Wells the lives where worth watching until Karl and his lapdog Stuart started getting more involved with there ridiculous antics. then it became cringe making to watch. as for there followers they just wont listen to logic they are just besotted with the pair of them.they must lead very sad dull lives.

JD said...

David Wells is as much of a fraud as any other medium who appeared on that show.

Unknown said...

I see. I had my doubts about him but have not heard anything negative about him.but I guess he doesn't do what Derek dos with his shows. he seems to just do horoscopes.which I suppose is a safe option

JD said...

This Psychic TV channel that was exposed was founded by David Wells


Unknown said...

Thanks Jon. I didn't know he was involved with those scams.

JD said...

Trust me there isn't a single "clean" psychic/medium in the public eye, they all in it for the money and all have skeletons

Unknown said...

I bet.though the Scotch one Gordon Smith didn't sell his sole to MH as much as the others I think he he only did one series. I wonder if that's why presenter David Bull got out because of all the stuff going on.

JD said...

David Bull just got offered a better job that is why he left. As for Gordon Smith he was just as bad as anyone else, and still cashed a check for faking stuff, so no difference, he just didn't do the ridiculous which is why he got fired as the fans were bored.

Unknown said...

I see. I guess I was trying to see more into it than there was with David Bull.since then though I haven't seen him on tv since.and the fawning Paul Ross was made for MH.

Unknown said...

According to Karl Beattie MH is being sold to the US. if this is true I cant see the Yanks falling for it all at the end of the day they already have a couple of successful paranormal shows so I don't see what MH can bring to the US market.

JD said...

They had it before in the US and it did so so,
Also join the forum better chatting on there than on here!

Unknown said...

ok Thanks Jon

Unknown said...

Having trouble creating a name why I don't know. I wanted to use my initials but it wont except it
I tried 4 times so wont bother. I don't need the hassle.
Thanks anyway

JD said...

Just use a silly name

Unknown said...

Ok Thanks.it seems to have gone through

JD said...

Ive approved your account so you should be able to login and post now

Unknown said...

Thanks Jon

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JD said...

A few points I need to make here. Why would you have respect for Ciaran? He was an employed actor on Most Haunted, directed by Karl to play the part of a parapsychologist, regardless of any real life Phd. The fact he even worked on MH means he lacks credibility as a proper psychologist, his own peers do not mix with him.

Next up he released a book (that sold hardly anything) with Yvette Fielding, he also covered up the racist actions of a psychic to protect an upcoming tour and book he was doing with said psychic (again hardly sold anything and the tour bombed.

And now you are peeved cause he released an EVP?

Next up there is no such thing as ghosts, so ALL EVPs are 100% not paranormal, and you dont need to be a a music expert to understand EVPs are evidentially worthless anyway.

As for this Ghostlands crew, which I am not familiar with, they will be frauds, they will fake stuff, they will be ignorant of science, and instead only be interested in making money off of gullible idiots who believe that sitting in the dark in an old building would achieve anything!

Dont waste your time "ripping apart" EVPs or anything, you really are wasting your time.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

What I really don't understand is that Spiritualism was created by the Victorians and proven to be complete and utter faked nonsense.
Yet in this modern era, people, Sorry (lost lambs) still believe in this nonsensical rubbish!!
James Rani has been offering 1,000,000 dollars to any 'medium' that can prove 'existence'
Funny it's never been taken up?

JD said...

Spiritualism is no more than a magic trick, and unfortunately people who are fooled are told it is real and then believe.

Unknown said...

Nice to stumble across your site.
It's very pleasing there's people like you that can stand up to and report these fakers.
You must have a steel chin after reading some of these attacks on you!
So hard to believe how gullible humans can be!
Keep up the Stirling work :-)

JD said...

Not so much a steel chin, more the confidence that I am right, and when you are in that position there is no need to get angry, so perhaps the metaphore of water off a ducks back would be better here!

And thanks for your kind words too

Unknown said...

Hi Jon,is this site "for entertainment purposes only" ,or is it real LOL ???

JD said...

Definitely real!

Anonymous said...

Here's my only criticism: you state, Jon, that there are 'no such things as ghosts' and psychic ability is impossible, but that is an opinion and is not a fact which can be derived from proof that one or more paranormal shows are faked. I did not believe in ghosts until I was confronted by personal experiences that could not reasonably be explained as anything but paranormal. I have also had the occasional, personal, undoubtedly psychic occurrence happen to me for several years. Now, you and I or any other people could (and have) argue this point until the end of time, but to no end. Even if absolutely conclusive proof one way or another was presented to all the world... even if it was ideal as ideal could be... there would still be opinions to the contrary. Therefor, let's not debate it, I sincerely mean that. I simply must say (or rather reiterate), however, that whether ghosts or psychic phenomena exist or not is not something which any person's belief or opinion can decide or prove. You can tell me my experiences were the result of factors not taken into account, or that I have a weak mind, or that I was imagining things, but it cannot matter because I am the only person with the full knowledge of those events (aside from others who shared in some of them). Besides, I always take other explanations into consideration. Furthermore and finally: I do not dispute that Most Haunted is not reputable in various ways. I am actually a bit of a skeptic. I believe in the existence of ghosts and various other things (though not all that falls under the umbrella of supernatural or spiritual!) due to my own experiences, but I do not believe it follows that every claim of paranormal activity is in fact that. It is a great disappointment that some people have ruined it for those of us who are genuinely passionate about finding the truth and yet remain level-headed about supposed evidence. It is also a smidgeon of a travesty that these folks had the unique opportunity to spend their lives travelling to amazing, often gorgeous, always historically significant, and possibly even haunted locations, only to behave as charlatans. I suspect they may have had more success if they hadn't been so wrapped up in success of another kind. Or so busy screaming, crying, pretending to be possessed, yelling "f#@k me, Gordon Bennett!" and just generally being a 'girl's blouse'. I've known teenage girls with more apparent courage and composure. Anyhoo... these thoughts are built up from years of never posting comments to YouTube videos on the topic (For all the intellectual discourse on that venue, one may as well teach astrophysics to a memory care unit.), so I apologize for being long-winded. The short version is: I applaud your work, but I respectfully disagree on at least the one point.

JD said...

Hi, it is not my opinion that mediumship is impossible, it is a fact based on an understanding of the laws of physics and the laws of nature.

Psychic ability is simply statistically improbable, it is as impossible as the idea that a flying invisible Loch Ness Monster just flew past my window smoking a cigar while humming the tune to the A Team.

Even if a million people claim that it happened, it doesn't make it any less statistically improbable, or impossible due to the laws of physics.

Personal experience is evidentially worthless, any good lawyer will tell you that, and in a court of law, eye witness accounts are the lowest form of evidence.

Line up 10 people and show them all an event with just a brief second to take it all in, those ten people will all report different things.

There has been over a 100 years of credible scientific study into mediums and mediumship, and there is simply 0% evidence that any of it is real! No anomolies, no mysteries, not one single time whereby a medium or psychic has ever done anything that could not be explained.

Did you know that 100% of mediums fail 100% of the time, when the chance to cheat is removed in a credible scientific test?

Like I said, you would need to completely rewrite the laws of physics, biology etc to explain the existence of ghosts.

The ONLY way to disprove science is with more science, and sorry to say someone claiming they had a subjective personal "psychic experience" is hardly proof of anything.

Again to re-iterate, not once in history has a single psychic or medium done anything that couldn't easily be explained! Not once. Not ever!

Why should anyone take seriously the claims of mediums when everything they do can be proven to be fraudulent.

Name one psychic/medium you are convinced is real, and I will show you how they do their act.

I know I sound arrogant, but seriously this is not the opinion of a bloke on his sofa, this is scientifically proven knowledge backed up by statistic data that simply cannot be argued by any sane or rational person

Unknown said...

I have just read this again and it reminds me of the good old days. Was prompted with this being the eve of another series of Most Haunted, the development of which I have been taking a particular interest in ��.

As an aside, my mum died last November and has still not contacted any of the family... Maybe we should visit a medium, because they are real you know...


JD said...

Make sure you read my review of the first episode, I saw it a while back

rocky said...

Why on earth are they putting it back on tv when we all know it was fake, comments from people on their site are saying they cannot wait for the new series are they so gullible. And they will get paid hundreds for putting it on tv

JD said...

Because Antix are near bankruptcy, and were desperate to get the show back on the TV, they actually sold it to UKTV for a very very small amount, the hope being they can make money from appearances, merchandise and hopefully another series.

I have seen the first two episodes of the new series and reviewed them, so go to the home page of BadPsychics and have a read if you like

Irishmanc said...

I saw a medium in Belfast many years ago, a lady who gave readings in her front parlour in an ordinary house she read all my friends and gave them tapes and it turned out she was very accurate right down to telling one of my friends that he would be in a very costly car accident on a specific date which he quickly dismissed until he crashed into a stationery BMW and had to pay to have it fixed and when he listened to the tape it was that date.
As for me she gave me a life reading with no tape but was 100% accurate about my younger life with information no one knew except me, nearly everything she told me has come true so far right down to my partner whose initials are exactly the same as my ex I was seeing at that time. I have seen a number of mediums and knew a few personally who told me the tricks but this lady was really different and so accurate. Never dismiss anything completely just because of a few charlatans.

JD said...

Irishmanc, do you have any idea how many times i have heard statesments nearly identical to yours?

You know the one thing that they ALL have in common? When I hear the recording I can show 100% how it was done, never failed.

Now surprise surprise your reading didn't get recorded.

So here is my challenge to you, firstly what is her name?
And secondly get me a copy of one of your friends readings and I guarantee you 100% I can show you step by step EXACTLY how it was done, and if I cant, I will delete the whole of this site and put up a single one page link to her site advertising her for free!

That is how confident I am that I can show you she is a fraud!

Willing to take the challenge?

Your inevitable silence will prove my point

Irishmanc said...

I may not be able to prove my own psychic experience and you can debunk it as much as you like and ask me for a recording which was never done and I told you that on my comment which appears not to be here for some reason, I can let you into a secret UK TV is part owned by the same US cable company which used to make the most haunted shows in the US. As for saying there is no scientific proof or paranormal activity maybe that is because we have not as yet invented equipment or equations which allow identification, originally science said the earth was flat before it was proven to be round! It has already been proven that most people only use part of their brain yet there are people who use more than others maybe they will be the people to prove that ghosts exist. I have had many psychic experiences in my life and without some of them would probably be dead now. A lot of science was originally classified as witchcraft practised in secret but now is respected. I have done readings for people in the past but never charged as I don't believe in charging for something that comes free to me to help others. About 98% of most haunted is staged and some of the things they do are very dangerous and they will probably suffer the cost of what they are doing. I would never touch a spirit board as a malevolent spirit can attach itself to the person calling upon it. My belief as to why we can contact people is that we move between different planes of existence through are lives and sometimes when people move on some of them hold an attachment to someone in the previous and want to communicate, we are all born with a soul mate who we become separated from and we must come back over and over till we find them and move on to the next level that's why some people can be regressed via hypnotism and others not. About 18 years ago I worked with a girl who had similar gifts to me and we decided one night at a party to try something which totally shocked us, at a party we decided to send our joint thoughts to her partner that me and her were at that moment engaged in sexual activity even though she was in the kitchen and I was sitting opposite him plus I am gay and have no sexual interest in women, her partner jumped out of the chair and had to be pulled off me and when asked why he told everyone of the image in his mind we were sending which of course wasn't real. I never did that again as it is not good but for many years have been able to know who to trust and who not. There are many things science can't explain but that doesn't mean it's not real. By all means debunk and expose those who are scam artists and take people for money but don't generalise and say that there are not people with real abilities or you are no better than the with hunters of the past who burned people at the stake for practicising what is now classified as science.

Irishmanc said...

On one last note Jon in wish you well and feel that you will feel a lot better soon

JD said...

You know if you join and post on the forum, it would be a lot easier to reply to you. Anyway I will do my best on here.

""I told you that on my comment which appears not to be here for some reason,""

It is on here, its just the way the comments worked, hence why i said to post on the forum, just search the page for your name and you will find your first comment.

""As for saying there is no scientific proof or paranormal activity maybe that is because we have not as yet invented equipment or equations which allow identification""

Sorry that doesn't cut it at all.
The claims of mediums are very specific and EASILY proven if legit.
Fact remains that 100% of mediums fail 100% of the time in credible tests when the chance to cheat is removed.

""originally science said the earth was flat before it was proven to be round!""

Who told you that nonsense? Ancient Greeks KNEW the Earth was round and they invented science!

Feel free to educate yourself by reading this page about it

""It has already been proven that most people only use part of their brain yet there are people who use more than others maybe they will be the people to prove that ghosts exist.""

Wow you really are trotting out the myths today! The old we only use 10% of the brain is ANOTHER myth based on nonsense, we actually use 100% of our brains!

Again time to educate yourself

So that is two myths you believed were real, and I KNEW was wrong, we will be noticing a trend here I think!

""I have done readings for people in the past but never charged as I don't believe in charging for something that comes free to me to help others.""

Would you give me a reading?

""About 98% of most haunted is staged and some of the things they do are very dangerous and they will probably suffer the cost of what they are doing.""

No wrong again 100% of it is staged! The show is a spoof, based on an old BBC spoof called Ghostwatch! Again google it to find out more.

As for what they do being dangerous, utter nonsense, when you make a TV show especially live ones you have compliance officers and health and safety, at no point in the history of that show has anyone been in the remotest of danger! Sorry, you wrong yet again!

""I would never touch a spirit board as a malevolent spirit can attach itself to the person calling upon it.""

OMG, just one after another with you. Ouija boards have nothing to do with spirits!
Hell the brand is owned by Hasbro! That should tell you!

Quick quote for you
"Following its commercial introduction by businessman Elijah Bond on July 1, 1890, the Ouija board was regarded as a harmless parlor game unrelated to the occult until American Spiritualist Pearl Curran popularized its use as a divining tool during World War I."

""There are many things science can't explain but that doesn't mean it's not real. By all means debunk and expose those who are scam artists and take people for money but don't generalise and say that there are not people with real abilities or you are no better than the with hunters of the past who burned people at the stake for practicising what is now classified as science.""

There are things that science cannot explain, but that does not mean they are unexplainable or paranormal, it is that kind of leap that created religion and all the wars we have had ever since!

I only state proven scientific and historical facts, NOT opinion.
And the fact remains that mediumship is impossible. Mediums do NOT communicate with the dead.

Nobody can see the future, as it hasn't happened yet.

JD said...

There are no such things as ghosts.

There is no beardy man who lives in the sky.

You are not psychic, you are clearly lacking in education in this area and the areas of science by the ridiculously outdated myths you tried to use to back your cause.

I think you need to go away, perhaps go back to school or college, and get more educated in science, evolution, biology and physics.

I dont want you to feel bad, and it will be hard for you to accept you are wrong on things which obviously make up a big part of your life, but you are wrong and the sooner you accept the truth the sooner you can make the kind of changes to your life that will make you a better human being.

Please do join the forum if you would like to talk further.

JD said...

I feel fine now, so not sure what you are referring too, oh wait, you are trying some psychic mumbo jumbo on me! lol

Why not try and give me a proper reading, join my forum http://moh2005.proboards.com

I look forward to you blowing my mind with your psychic powers! :D

Unknown said...

Hi, I am most interested in hearing your thoughts on NDEs, are they all faked and open to explanation ?Recently one Saturday morning Radio 4 featured a study from a group of Neuroscientists who had reached the opinion consciousness may survive death by up to several hours, what are your thoughts ? Many thanks, Chris

JD said...

I would never say NDEs are faked, in fact I am sure they seem very real to those who experience them, HOWEVER ALL of the effects of NDEs are understand, replicatable by scientists and are nothing paranormal.

As for those Neuroscientists, I did not hear the show so cant comment, but if you have a link to peer reviewed and replicated experiments by these scientists I would like to see, I am not however interested in sensationalistic books, or woo types peddling crap.

When we die we die, thats it, no brain activity means no consciousness, despite however much believers wish for different this is scientific fact.

Unknown said...

Thank you for your reply, the programme was a study of people who had 'died' and been revived but for a longer period of time but as I'm not an NDE anarach I did not make a note of the lead scientist as really I couldn't be bothered.

I have however over the years heard of the American, Russian and Chinese military conducting studies and experiments using psychics for spying and remote viewing - David Morehouse (a retired highly decorated American army officer) claimed to be part of the CIA's Paranormal Espionage programme and if I remember there's a book about it called Psychic Warrior - is this more twoddle and would the Americans, Russians, Israeli and Chinese military use remote viewers and psychics as has been claimed ? It does appear they have over the years. Thanks once again, Chris

JD said...

If I was you I wouldn't believe everything you hear on the radio or see on TV.

As for governments using Remote Viewers, this is actually true, the problem was that they weren't really psychic, it was a scam and teh governments fell for it.

Because the Russians were claiming to use psychics, the Americans not wanting to be left behind wanted to too. The CIA spent over $20m on psychics and of course got nothing out of it.

So to answer you, yes they used them, yes it was twaddle!

No such thing as psychics, remote viewing or any other similar claims, its all nonsense, and ALL psychics fail 100% of the time when the chance to cheat is removed in CREDIBLE scientific tests!, no exceptions.

Unknown said...

Unfortunately, Jon, we have you to blame for the comeback of MH which assured us would never happen. As you know ' bad publicity is good publicity ' and, by god, you've given it loads of that ! They've played you again, and Yvette and Carl are laughing all the way to the bank ! I decided to watch the first episode last week in the hope that they would refrain from their old antics, but as soon as the ' ghostly ' knockings started, I thought...' oh fuck ! here we go again ! ' and switched channels immediately.

JD said...

I dont think you can blame me for its come back, I gave them no publicity nor did I try to get them back on TV.
And what you say about them playing me, actually its the opposite.

Sadly Most Haunted is popular with believers, and whenever I do publish anything on the show it gets me a hell of a lot of new readers to the site.

I could easily have ignored this new series as I did their last few series, but I thought why not use them as they used me in the past.

I am putting up spoilers and reviews of episodes that have not aired, NO ONE ELSE IN THE WORLD is doing this! Meaning I am getting ALL the attention, all the readers and so on.

So I am using them this time, fully aware of what I am doing. And I will ride that wave until the series gets cancelled.

As for them laughing all the way to the bank. Antix are on the verge of Bankruptcy, They only got £5000 from UKTV to give them the show! Thats tiny money in TV terms.

Yes the show is terrible, and I will tell the world that, but at the same time if people visiting my site, they might also read an article on cold reading, or watch a video about Atheism. Sometimes you have know your audience and also change with the times.

I hope that allows you to understand my thinking in covering this series, as well as knowing my eyes are wide open, and I am using them as much as they are using me.

Regardless of if I had covered this series or not, it would still be airing, and maybe they will do well, maybe it will tank again, but one way or another I am gonna make sure I benefit out of it this time!

Unknown said...

Why do you feel the need to have to discredit and prove them as fakes anyway (any medium/psychic and paranormal show) if people want to believe then that is down to them. No ones saying that you have to believe

JD said...

Why do trading standards "feel the need" to expose dodgy plumbers who charge pensioners thousands of pounds for a £100 job?

Because its the right thing to do.

People are being conned, people are being taken advantage of. If no one else wants to try and stop something that is illegal then I will, I am not scared of these criminals, I take them on head first.

I feel sorry that you think it is alright for people to be taken advantage of, vulnerable grieving people to have their memories of their lost loved ones raped by these grief vultures.

Ruthie said...

Years ago during a MH live weekend Karl apparently made a comment about it all being fake, I saw the show but didn't catch what he said. Evette was furious and made him apologise at the start of the following night's show, retracting what he said and putting it down to tiredness. Can anyone tell me what it was that Karl said about the show being fake? Been bugging me for years as I believed in it up till then. Thanks

JD said...

I don't recall Karl Beattie ever saying that on air, do keep in mind he was behind the whoel Kreed Kafer thing with Derek and also instructed Ciaran to go to the Mirror with the story which then backfired as they exposed the whole show using information from this very website!

I know Yvette once called Derek a fake off air in a clip I leaked you can see it here

Rachel said...

God I HATE MH now. I used to be their biggest fan. It started gradually - all the 'paranormal activity' always centred around Karl and Stuart. Then the fake videos came out and that was it for me, they took the piss out of their loyal viewers big-time. I was massively disappointed in them for having so little integrity and pride in their work. Greed personified.

When I heard there was a new series, my curiosity was piqued, maybe they'd learned their lessons? Changed their format? Removed the pathetic piss taking fakers from the show?

Nah - arrogance resumed and they started the same old shit again. See ya Most Haunted, I hope you and the 'stars' fade into insignificance. How you can take any pride in your work as con-artists I'll never know. Shame on you.

JD said...

Imagine how I feel I have had to sit through this new series and write reviews, done upto episode 6, but really dont think I will do any more, it is just too mind numbing

Unknown said...

I know plenty of scientists and magicians. They all near enough agree that explanations can be offered to explain some phenomena. Doesn't mean it is the right one. And cold readings and trickery can be explained.
I know of no scientific study that has holitistically explained ndes. Aspects of it yes. But is pretty far from consensus. I am a scientist, biology is still a science despite what physicists say.lol. You form a hypothesis and test it with experimentation. In this case, there is no supernatural. It is either rejected or not rejected. In this case the latter. But that doesn't offer conclusive proof that it doesn't. You can apply common sense approach and say there is no such thing.
People have had experiences that they can not explain. And there are cases scientific investigation can't as of yet explain. In short what i am saying is there are phenomena worthy of investigation without the condescending attitudes like the tooth fairy and Santa clause fallacy. Eye witness evidence is still evidence to a degree. You can be convicted on it.
It isn't the best and most testable evidence.
But to be so dismissive and certain of your own convictions reeks of section bias and is very unscientific. Why investigate something from a scientific perspective when you are so convinced it doesn't exist. And for the record i don't believe anyone can talk to the dead and i hate charlatans, but i don't have the hubris to think i am right and everyone's experience is either fraudulent or psychological. And just because it takes place in the brain doesn't mean its not real. Like your work, just less of the absolute statements. Only maths deals in proofs.

Unknown said...

*selection bias. forgive the mistakes. Not used to this darn phone.ha

Unknown said...

hi jon do you belive in ghosts at all

JD said...

Hi, I totally get your point, and I dont claim to be a scientist or an expert in investigating claims of the paranormal. However when you have been doing this as long as me (over 10 years), and have examined literally thousands of psychic readings, seen face to face hundreds of psychics, been to some of the so called Most Haunted locations in Europe, when you have done more than any other skeptic in the UK by a country mile, cynicism starts to set it.

I dont hide that fact, I tried to pussy foot around, be nice to people, but a time comes when you simply have to call things as they are.

The one thing i have wanted more than anything else is to be proven wrong, I WANT TO BELIEVE.

I do deal in absolute statements because I want someone to come along, see this cocky arrogant knowitall skeptic and prove me wrong. I want someone to make me look a fool and prove that ghosts are real, or that psychics can speak to the dead.

Like I said, I am not a scientist, I am not an academic, I have never claimed to be one, I have never made a penny from doing this, in fact I have lost thousands. I do not rely on this as my career, I have no interest in fame and fortune.

I say what I think, and I dare someone to prove me wrong.

I do not seek approval of reverence from the skeptical and scientific communities, I am just me, a normal average bloke, altruistically doing what he can to expose psychics. I happen to have more experience than any one else in the UK because I have made the effort to learn and understand, but if with that unparalleled knowledge and experience comes cynicism and a personality that deals in absolute statements then so be it.

My site is the most viewed skeptical site in the UK when it comes to exposing psychics, and if I can help educate people and get them to think critically then I am happy.

JD said...

No, ghosts do not exist

Unknown said...

That did happen, but in the French and Saunders sketch!

JD said...

Well spotted

Anonymous said...

I have visited many reputedly haunted places (finding only one place to be genuinely terrifying) and had many readings from Mediums yet I can honestly say I have only ever met one genuine medium. I believe the human condition can not cope with the idea of death being finite so in turn people believe whatever gives them the greatest comfort.
I don't wish to offend anyone and would never preach to others but I completely understand how the crew have become greedy and want publicity and longevity in their already failing careers. Sad really. It has angered me over the years to think that those of us trying to find genuine evidence have nothing tangible. I have spent hours sat in the galleries of Justice Nottingham only to leave feeling like there is simply nothing haunting that place. I have spoken to an exorcist who has cleansed homes (including my own) and who showed me artefacts that (with faith) could be older than most of the properties that are reputedly haunted. There are catacombs and places around the world (inaccessible to the general public) that are reputedly haunted and only a small group of people are allowed to go there. So much is unexplained yet no one has tangible proof of anything.
It wasn't until I myself experienced true loss and grief that I really wanted to believe in the afterlife. In desperation I believe I inadvertently cause events MYSELF!
One things for sure, it's a crazy world we live in and we don't need farcical shows promoting fraudulent activity! How will anyone ever find the truth if they continue. I could go on but I wont bore you all.
Fascinating and enlightening piece. Well done John.

JD said...

Can you name the one genuine medium you have met, and in what way did you decide they were genuine? What controls did you put on the reading etc?

Anonymous said...

In honesty she had not even been told my name nor was the reading booked/planned. I paid absolutely nothing and I was meant to go to the location for a massage! She was doing informal readings at my local beauty shop and she asked if I minded sitting with her for a short while (interrupting my massage session) when I asked the shop owner who she was she was actually a reiki healer. When we sat she immediately said a woman had been shouting at her since I had entered the building. She gave me my grandmothers full name including her nickname jessie. I stayed quiet as I didn't want to let on anything. She began to say how sorry my grandfather was for the way he had treated my father and I. No one knew what he had been like to my father in particular except for my mother and I whom had been told since he died. She explained that my baby (whom had died 12 months prior) was safe with her and his twin (whom I'd lost at seven weeks!) Were together! She began to cry and asked why I had blamed myself for his prematurity. He had indeed been born four months early but it really astonished me she knew the time and date of his death. Not even closest friends and family knew the time and often they wouldn't (and still dare not even bring up the subject!) I don't know why but I didn't cry until she said that she had never met someone so strong as me. She gave me so much detail yet she professed herself not to be a paid medium. The final point she left with was that she knew my mother was rock bottom. My father (a month after my son was born and three months before he died) had been attacked by a man in the street and put into intensive care. I did break down at this point. She went on to tell me that the archangel Michael had kept dad protected but that his cranioplasty hadn't quite gone to plan. This was true. She explained his long coma had been emotional and she felt my pain being torn between my son and father. So much more information was given it was over the next few days as I sat with my (very skeptical and realist) mother (who I add is a total non believer) that the other information she had deliberately concealed from me came to light. I don't try to convince anyone of my experience but I was impressed to say the least. It did give great comfort so even if no one believes me I left feeling loved and peaceful that day. :)

JD said...

And her name is?
Any recording? I am guessing not.
If you had a recording I could show you exactly how she did it.

But if you took comfort from it, and have not allowed it to delude you or get you addicted to seeing mediums then probably best I dont expose it.

Just remember never ever spend a penny on these people!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't spend a penny. I am intrigued though. I get that people including myself can give away cues. Please go on John. I respect your experience and opinion. I do have a friend who is actually taking mediums too seriously and is making life decisions based on what she is told. That I think is worrying. Her name was mandy but I don't recall her surname. She wrote everything down. No tape recording I'm afraid. I won't be offended if you shed some light please. :)

Anonymous said...

I would love an explanation. I wouldn't be offending me or upsetting. Please tell me more :)

JD said...

Without a recording of some kind it is impossible for me to explain how she did it, as I would be trying to expose a memory and not the actual thing.

IN most cases whereby someone is convinced of a medium and they have a recording, before listening to it they will state that the medium told them things, no way to cheat etc, but then the recording shows something completely different, its how our memories work and why in a court of law Eye witness accounts are the weakest form of evidence, because you can put 10 people in a line, show them something and each one will see something different.

Anonymous said...

I do get what you're saying. Not to names drop but doesn't the likes of derrent brown work on memory and visual cues eg body language? Thank you for that John. Good and honest advice. :)

JD said...

No Derren Brown is a magician, so will use magicians tricks, including some that you mentioned. But as a magician, in a live show unlike a medium Derren cant afford to fail, so he has to use different methods than a typical psychic

In fact many famous magic tricks were actually born in spiritualism, and magicians figured out how they were done and copied them and presented them in a honest manner. Things like levitation are a good example.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again. Very enlightening. I have learnt a lot from your site and our chat. Keep up the good work :)

JD said...

Join the forum too for more chat! http://moh2005.proboards.com

Unknown said...

How can some mediums relay certain specific correct information which the sitter does not know but later after checking with family members turns out to be correct ?

I was told my Nan had lost a Son at birth between my Mum and Uncle in age, I knew nothing of it but when I got home to check I was asked how I knew as it had never been spoken of.

JD said...

This is known as retrofitting.
It is a technique used by mediums when they miss on a reading, the old "take that home with you" or "ask your family and friends"

By saying this they are getting out of a hole, the person being read can then go away and ask around and with a bit of luck they will make things fit, but if they dont it is all forgotten about and by then the medium is long out of sight.

Its just another trick in the book.

If you have a recording of a reading from a medium you are convinced was real, let me have it and I will guarantee you I can show you step by step how they did it. That is the best I can do right now

Unknown said...

Concise answer

Unknown said...

Found all the answers to make a lot of sense Jon.

JD said...

Thanks, I tried to be as honest as I possibly could

Anonymous said...

Why has this footage never been posted anywhere or have I missed a link above?
I mean, we can't seriously take you word for it, espcially when you're sitting on an 8 hour tape of footage...

JD said...

Erm, the footage WAS posted, that was the whole point of this article which was originall written and published on the old BadPsychics site years and years ago!

Did you not wonder why NO ONE ELSE questioned me on it?

Which footage would you like to see?

Here is a nice NEVER BEEN AIRED clip

EVERY video like this about MH you see, originally came from BadPsychics!

Plenty more on Youtube, includin the famous Mary Loves Dick.

Also join the forum and see the old MH archives too for more!

Unknown said...

I was gutted when I seen the scripts and roless of screamers would change each year.Finally Yvette becomes no longer scared and a little psychic then becomes scared two series later grrr. What I dont get is why they dont put in a shadow on wall for two seconds that disappears. Would get veiwers and talk up? If they basically fake all why not better faking. Film both sides of doors opening. Different times but get people thinking. Magnets, strings anything not ott but, I dont get that at all. Hope they get haunted for real at some point or caught out with cctv. liked the new video on you tube s16 e10 @ 24:00 foot stomp aired bad editting. Are they not trying now or looking to blame the tv company made em do it but still managed to show us in final grace saving way of not apologising. Still dont get, If its just a walk wound ghost train style show why not up the ante. A magician learns new tricks to stay fresh or just do it for real. Then we could get closer to understanding what real events are.Real ghost, mental delusions, time alteringconversations, mind controlling objects(is that telekenesis) sub conciiusly through fear stress etc. this would be better to find out if they dont improve tricks

Unknown said...

I agree. Good blog to read. Im a little surprised that you have 0% belief in pschics. I myself have had a couple of incredible de ja vus Where I vividly remembered a dream, told someone it one time only for it to come true. LikeI dreamt a memory but from the future.Found it eerie at time and thot unless this is me remembering my life in a flash before I die and skipped forward by mistake like if I was watching dvd and hit the bar at bottom by mistake. or because it was a stresful occasion I somehow printed the occurance blasting backin time like some rippled effect like u can see 2or3 rainbows in sky. matter or memory refraction in some way. I dont claim to be psychic or Id win more coupons but left me feeling that what psychic must do, pick up that wave of that moment. lol I bet this sounds like I drank too much tonight sorry it made sense in my head. moral surely there is genuine psychics. And not the ones who make fortunesselling it and love any publcity. off to watch scorpion

JD said...

They fake things obviously, but misguidingly they still want to present the show as if it is legit, I agree if you gonna fake, then go full on! Its not like they have any kind of good reputation to protect

Unknown said...

Well done even argument u saw through this article like I did. This article is more fake than than most haunted itself. Why would u take down a blog that exposed fakes when u would of won the case by proving the truth? Utter unproved, no facts crap is this article just like most haunted itself is.

suzanna said...

I disagree. I see nothing at all on this blog that contains any proof whatsoever that MH was a fake. In fact the moment they found out Acorah was one they got rid of him. I don't mind honest debate but the person running this little blog does not personally know any of the people involved and can only go on supposition and rumour. They're a nobody wanting to be a somebody online. Get some proof and maybe i'll listen. No idea what your credentials are but would love to.

JD said...

aaahhh Suzanna, you poor naive little girl.

There is plenty proof of fakery on the show by everyone from Yvette to Karl.

And they NEVER got rid of Acorah! He had a direct contract with Living TV and NOT ANTIX!

Acorah had in fact been trying to leave the show for years at the point, but LivingTV basically paid him more money to stay, since he was teh reason people were watching!

Anyway Most Haunted is faked, always has been from the very first series.

Please go to our forum, and we will share everything you could ever want to see

suzanna said...

So your grown up response is to call a 54 year old woman a 'little girl'? I run a multi million pound business hun and have raised 4 childen without the aid of anyone. I don't need a nobody telling me to go to some little forum online I have no interest. Acorah had not been trying to leave the show for years. Thats incorrect. Yet again i'll repeat i have no interest in going to your little forum. You haven't responded with your credentials. Unless you were there. A member of the team. Know any of them personally etc? You're a little uneducated man trying to gain attention online. I say again as I said before. Where is your proof? Not rumour but actual proof? You are a total moron.

JD said...

OMG, you are a 54 year old woman with a successful business, and you think Most Haunted is real! How on earth are you still alive? How do you function as an adult being so incredibly gullible?

Ok, did you read my old interview with David Bull whereby I caught him lying?

They presented pre-recorded footage, but a green filter on it and then pretended it was live! I PROVED they lied to their audience. I got hold of the footage in FULL COLOUR recorded in the DAY! The famous Mary Loves Dick footage!

That was aired with a green filter and we were told it was live, yet it had been recorded and REHEARSED hours earlier!

And yes I do know a member of the team personally! I know Derek Acorah for a start, and his wife! I know Richard Felix too.

You see you call me a moron, yet I can back up EVERYTHING I have ever said about Most Haunted, and I have to be able to back it up as otherwise I would have been sued years ago!

Anyway you have given me a good chuckle. a 54 year old woman who believes in Most Haunted. Seriously that is a classic. You genuinely come across as some 13 year old fangirl!

Your poor kids having a mom like you! Wow!

AndieJJ said...

Never been here before. Won't be back either, so don't bother replying to this Jon, as I'm not interested in your opinion.

I read about half of the comments and got bored reading "it's all based on Ghost Watch, don't you know'!

That seems to be your - go too response!

Why are you getting your knickers in a twist about a TV show? Fact or Fiction, there is this thing called real life going on out there.

I don't understand someone whining to such a degree about something so irrelevant!

Ask yourself Jon, why do you need to attack or expose others for whatever you have perceived as a personal attack on your intelligence! As you keep telling us, it was ran as an entertainment programme, so why the fuss?

Ok, out of here, good luck with your pointless debates.

JD said...

Oh dear. You moan at me, yet you are the person who has come to MY website, and posted a comment, that makes you ten times sadder than me! lol

Thanks for joining in on this pointless debate,a along with the hundreds of others.

Did you know this article has had over 200,000 unique views! It really is that pointless

Unknown said...

As its soon Halloween, I decided to rewatch Pendle Hill on Youtube. Most Haunted certainly was entertaining in a strange way. Reading your post here, I am super curious to hear what Derek had to say about Most Haunted.. Guess i'll never know..

JD said...

Well he was employed to play the part of a medium, and he did what he was DIRECTED to do. That is it.
He was an actor just like everyone else on the show

suzanna said...

Yet again an insult for an answer. I dislike MH intensely little boy but absolutely believe David Wells is genuine. Acorah has and always will be a fake. Richard Felix is perhaps the most annoying man on television seeming to have to take a two second break between every word he speaks. Now you're calling me a poor mother because i disagree with your little blog? Get a grip and I repeat WHERE IS YOUR EVIDENCE. WHERE ARE YOUR CREDENTIALS? And no sweetie they wouldn't sue you. I doubt they know your little blog even exists.

suzanna said...

Oh and Derek Acorah and his wife? That's your claim to fame? Kreed Kafer himself? And just how did he explain that little faux pas to you? Your poor kids having a parent like you hun. You see conspiracies everywhere. You are a nobody and your blog is one little blog amongst millions online. I'm sure MH are quaking in their boots. Only came across this again by accident so doubt i'll return but they only spoof thing in the whole conversation is you trying to come across as some sort of professional debunker. What are your qualifications, training, evidence. Anything except gossip? Could care less about what those fired from the show are whining about. Where's your evidence? Lets have further personal insults back. You're funny.

JD said...

Did you know that David Wells founded the Psychic TV Channel, the same one that got exposed as fraudulent by the Daily Mail! Whoops!

As for them not knowing my site exists, infact quite the opposite, and there are plenty of interviews with Yvette whereby she is asked about this site and our claims!

So yeah, everything I say I can back up, and the fact this site gets so many hits, means it is incredibly popular!

Most Haunted is faked, always has been faked. And like I said a grown woman who thinks it is real is truly ridiculous.

I provided a link in my previous reply that proved 100% the show is faked, yet you conveniently ignored that! Kinda proves my point about you being blinkered!

And yes you have to be a poor mother since you lack such basic critical thinking skills, you believe in fairy tales and magic. I hope your kids at least take after their dad if they are to have any hope of developing enquiring minds.

Unknown said...

I certainly hope the father(s) of Suzanna's kids is/are a tad more skeptical and rational than Suzanna is. Then maybe the kids will have a better shot at being able to tell what is and is not real.

The sad thing about Suzanna is that there are two options here about what's going on. One, she does not care whether or not the things she believes are true. At least not enough to apply critical thinking to them and come at them with a skeptical mindset, which is absolutely necessary if you want to live your life in accordance with reality. And to anyone who thinks skepticism is not valuable in life, let me just inform you that I have a flying Cadillac. It's a black Eldorado and it flies. It's very beautiful and it does not need gas to run. It's magic. Do you believe me? Think about your answer and why it is you've answered this way. Or two, she just doesn't have the critical thinking skills to figure out that she's being taken for a ride. She either wants to believe whatever sounds good to her and doesn't bother to think about why she believes these things or she just doesn't have the kind of brain power to sort this stuff out for herself.

Many people clearly just don't care about the truth of their beliefs all that much. I find that sad but if that's the way they want to live that's their business I suppose. Their kids, though, That's different. Now there are other people involved being taught that this extremely poor reasoning is perfectly acceptable. That's wrong. Now other people are being harmed and Suzanna and her ilk should be ashamed. They're not, of course, but they should be. At least if the truth is they're smart enough to know better but just don't care. I hope the kids able to see things for what they are. To say Suzanna is a poor mother in that regard is simply the truth. If she can't see that I'm sorry but if she chooses to live her life this way and that simply makes her a poor role model for her kids and if she just doesn't have that much juice up there she's clearly taken on a job for which she's inadequate.

People like this are why these charlatans should be prosecuted for fraud. They're taking advantage of people who clearly either lack critical thinking skills or just don't really care if they believe nonsense for no good reason or not. They use people who don't know any better or are deluded enough to talk themselves into this nonsense and that's wrong. It's no different from televangelists bilking old women out of their money with promises of blessings and flowery speeches about "doing the Lord's work." They are taking advantage of feeble-minded people. We're supposed to protect people like Suzanna in our society. We're not supposed to let people take her for a ride. I mean listen to her, she doesn't even realize it! And the mere suggestion that she is gets her all hot and bothered so clearly she's just not capable of protecting herself from fraud like this. We're supposed to step in and prevent predators like this.

This poor woman is being conned and our governments are letting it happen. And she's not the only one. Millions like her are being preyed on. These people should be in prison. Suzanna either can't or won't help herself and our society is not willing to help her. This is wrong. And it doesn't matter which one it is. We're supposed to look out for people. There's a limit to that, yes. But we're not talking about protecting her from herself here. We're talking about protecting her from con artists. If she got taken in by one of those Nigerian emails we'd step in. This should not be different. Just because someone may choose to throw caution to the wind does not mean the people who prey on them deserve to get away with it. They're still doing a bad thing, no matter how "willing" their victims might seem.

Unknown said...

Man don't belittle your readers its just unprofessional and makes you look bad. I enjoyed reading some of your blogs but your comments show the real you and have now put me off reading anymore on this site.

JD said...

That is fine with me, your place is with your head in the sand clearly

Kev's Considered Opinions said...

That's something of a non sequitor. The whole MH fiasco has seriously dented my belief in the paranormal. I believe the evidence you present and I agree with your analysis. Therefore, my perception that you are being unnecessarily rude is not a reflection of my 'head being in the sand'

JD said...

Like arseholes everyone has an opinion

Unknown said...

For laughs and personal reasons, I'm watching reruns of MOST HAUNTED, 'Prideaux Place' (get it, pride-of-place). Whilst I liked Acorah's voice, well, I am the world's sceptic. It saddens me to see the treatment you've got here by gullible boneheads. As an American, I'm ashamed of the paranormal boom were suffering. When will it end....even Houdini couldn't stop it a century ago!

Unknown said...

Weather most haunted is fake or not this website doesn't give much of a compelling argument. It's badly written, full of spelling mistakes and just seems to be the ramblings of a bitter mad man. Can we see these videos of the fake stuff please???

Unknown said...

I USED to love Most Haunted. I grew up in a haunted home and Karl and Stuart are the ones that made me want to get into investigation the paranormal. I first saw MH in 2002 and was hooked. Their reactions seems honest and raw. True mediums are rare and you can't trust many. After the Derek scandal I thought okay so he faked stuff, move on. I became a paranormal investigator and have been doing it for over 10 years now. I started noticing little things that just didn't add up none of Karl and Stuart "attacks" EVER showed up on video even when they had a camera with them and flying objects were never seen but you just saw them react and a bang on the floor where it landed. I have since told them all what I thought about them and how the give paranormal investigators a bad name and tarnished the entire field's credibility. Because I have been punched and thrown against a wall by something unseen. When I was punched in received 2 cracked ribs as a result but one thing I will NEVER do is fake evidence. To be a good investigator you need to go into every investigation with a healthy amount of skepticism. Because there very well could be normal provable evidence to explain what is happening. I do many homes where families truly believe that they have activity in their home and my number one priority is to help them. If I find a rational explanation for things I tell them what it is and how to fix it or recommend someone who can. Many times people are sensitive to high EMF. Other times it could be pareidolia. When there is activity we have to figure out whether it's residual or intelligent. After that it's a matter of helping the family cope if it's residual and if it's intelligent we try to figure out a way for them to either coexist or try to help the spirit move on.
The biggest thing I can proudly state is that I have never and will never fake my evidence. But I can thank Karl, Stuart and Yvette for is to get me into this field. I love the work (being a bit of an insomniac helps) love helping people but most of all I love that I know, any evidence I have captured is 100% legitimate.

Unknown said...

Suzanna, look up on YouTube Most Haunted 2015 fake. There are a bunch of clips about it on there. In the video you will see Karl walking around a corner and down the stairs. When he gets down about 3 steps he is suddenly pulled back up the stairs and around the corner. What the editors missed was the rope around his waste. They slow it down and zoom into his waste and you can clearly see the rope leading from his waste and around the corner

JD said...

Well no you cant because you just insulted me, why should I make any effort to please you when you just came on here and insulted me.
If you are so dumb as to think for one second Most Haunted was ever legit in its entire history, then anything I showed you you would dimiss anyway because you dont have the intelligence to understand basic critical thinking clearly. Good bye

JD said...

Hi Tom.
Thanks for your replies, I would love to see some of what you believe is evidence of the paranormal, click the link to the forum and post what you have, I am sure you would appreciate my opinion on such things, afterall I exposed the very thing that got you interested in the paranormal in the first place

Working Title said...

My 16 daughter has just rediscovered MH, we used to watch it when she was little, and she is really enjoying it. For the entertainment value ... she just said "well it's not real" when I asked her what she thought of it. I enjoyed Richard's history lessons the most and Derek was really quite amusing, I'm afraid I have always thought Yvette is one of the most irritating presenters I've seen but I suppose she played a good part on the show.

SarWah Joi said...

Hi Jon. I first found you last week but today I decided to read your blogs in chronological order to get the most out of it all.
In this blog you wrote "From pretty much the very beginning of Most Haunted, the good folk here at BadPsychics have exposed the show at every turn, from cover ups like Coingate to the most famous incident of all the Kreed Kafer incident, .." and you also mention videos to watch. Is the best place to go for all this information the forum? If so could you post me a link please.

JD said...

Hi the forum can be found by clicking "Forum" tag in the menu, or by going to

There was an old BadPsychics site that was started back in 2003. It was closed down for a few years and some stuff was lost, but most was already on the forum, so if you check that out and the Most Haunted section you will find most things.

Ask questions on there too and I will do my best to help you

SarWah Joi said...

That's great. Thanks!

Jatok said...

So MH & All participants are Fakes
but you got a "message from Sam"

JD said...

Yes thats a joke mate

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