9 September 2012

Just another Sylvia Browne victim

This is the heartbreaking story of what is now sadly known as just another Sylvia Browne Victim.

Psychics/mediums are doing harm. They may wrap up their lies and fraud in a false justification of helping people, but to believers their words are so strong, to them its real. And all it takes is one wrong word from a psychic, and you are left with an eternity of hurt and regret.

Here is a news story from KMOV on just such a victim.

KMOV's hidden cameras capture self-proclaimed psychic Sylvia Browne making bold predictions about a mother's dying son. Not one of Browne's predictions came true. The woman's son died two days later. This story was on KMOV-TV in May 2010.


Anonymous said...

Sylvia Browne doesnt possess any psychic ability which is why she does so much harm!

Anonymous said...

No one in the world possesses any psychic ability full stop!
Sylvia Browne is just one of the more despicable proponents of it

dollydaydream said...

why would Sylvia Browne care she's making lots of money
and as the saying goes I fool and he's money are easily parted
if people stopped going then she would be know more

Woody said...

Although I always had a healthy dislike for cold-reading frauds, I didn't know what an evil monster Sylvia Browne is until I read Robert Lancaster's site 'StopSylvia'. It's painful to see yet more horrid effects from her readings.

JD said...

I'm good friends with Robert and respect him a great deal, and in fact many people dont know when he first started his StopSylvia site I helped him get started with some articles I had published on BadPsychics.

It is a shame that bad health affected Robert when it did, as he really had Sylvia on the run at his peak

Woody said...

I should have guessed you were friends with Robert Lancaster, you both seem to take a moral objection to the scam that is 'psychic power', both understand the many foul techniques used by the fraudsters and both produce very readable and fair sites for us to enjoy.
Thank you both.

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