9 February 2012

Colin Fry was nearly on Derren Browns Experiments show about Luck!

Remember the TV show that Derren Brown did The Secret of Luck? You will remember a brief appearance of Sally Morgan on the show where she was totally humiliated after claiming she could pick up psychic feelings from the so called Lucky Dog in the village. Well what she didn't know (despite claiming to be psychic) was that the dog was not lucky, and instead was a gimmick set up by Derren Brown. As usual Sally ended up making a fool of herself and further cementing her reputation as one of the worst psychics in the country.

Well did you know that Channel 4 and Derren Brown had originally put psychic Colin Fry in the position to be setup!

I recently sat down to speak with Colin Fry about a number of topics and Sally Morgan came up. Colin told me
"Last year I was approached by channel 4 to appear in a program about luck , I booked two days to cover filming they sent confirmation day before I was due to go up a researcher called me to ask me my angle on this, I explained I did not believe that luck was a force or power but people create their own luck by thinking positive , they asked me if I would do my "thing " over a supposed lucky bronze dog in a park up north!"
Colin goes on to tell me...
I burst out laughing and said if there was any luck it was only because people had convinced themselves their good fortune was down to the bronze dog and it was bullshit, but harmless if it gave them the feel good factor, the researcher said she was surprised and I had not given her the respounce she had expected. 
Later that evening she phoned back and cancelled me - I was f*cking furious as I had cancelled two days bookings to accommodate them, we invoiced them for 50% of the agreed fee for wasting my time! 
However in my fury I told them they had played the typical channel 4 tactic of trying to stitch up a medium and the only reason they had cancelled me was that I was too clever to be made a fool of and if they wanted a someone they should call Sally Morgan, which is what they did.
Colin finished by making a very astute observation
I dispair we idiot mediums will do anything to be on TV.
And there you have it. Colin Fry was the original person chosen to be stitched up by Ch4 and Derren Brown, but "luckily" he didn't play along and instead Sally Morgan ended up being humiliated.

Funny how Colin Fry ended up being quite lucky with regards to a show about luck!


Yuri Romanov said...

There is a lot of skepticism about Sally Morgan nowadays. it seems as if many folks aren't taking her seriously anymore. Recently she was given a chance to clear her name but she filed a suit against Daily Mail instead. Something is fishy.

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Unknown said...

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WelshChappie said...

I want to know how it is that Colin Lincoln, sorry I mean Fry, can stand in front of hundreds of people and claim "I can hear voices speaking to me" and he's applauded and paid tens of thousands of pounds for it and yet, a friend of mine back from school days made this very same claim, but he didn't seem to get this same reaction as Fry, but rather, my friend was awarded being sectioned under the mental health act for suffering from psychosis with psychotic and paranoid delusions. Any can we please remove that photo of Fry-up at the top of this page as I fear it may instigate an epileptic seizure. Detest his smug arrogant face being anywhere visible! I hope he gets sent to Broadmoor Mental Hospital to share a cell with Peter Sutcliffe but before he goes in under section, he must be arrested and charged with impersonating a rather ugly looking Garden Gnome.

JD said...

Actually I can answer that Alex.
Your friend was telling the truth when he said he was hearing voices, and thats why he was sectioned. Colin Fry is lying when he makes the same claim, therefore he is not suffering from psychosis or mental illness, instead he is simply playing the part of a medium.

He is acting, and since he admits his shows are "For Entertainment Only" that means he is admitting he is no more than a magician, or an actor playing a part!

There is NO LAW forcing mediums to make such disclaimers despite what they say. Any real medium can clearly and easily claim to be the real deal, and if they are real, they have nothing to fear from the law!

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